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Catholic Espresso

Catholic Espresso

By Fr. Pawel
A podcast that will energize your faith and help you in your spiritual journey; hosted by Father Pawel.
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Episode 3 - Welcoming parishioners back into Church and marking one year of the Covid-19 pandemic
It's not just a cup of espresso that has Fr. Pawel full of energy on this week's episode; parishioners were welcomed back into St. Mary Immaculate as lockdown restrictions eased in Richmond Hill! We talk to a few of them on what it meant to be able to celebrate mass in person during this spiritual season of Lent. It is hard to believe that we are coming up on one year since the pandemic started and changed our lives in a number of different ways including working from home. We welcome three guests to the show to discuss how they've been able to balance their work, family, and spiritual lives while working from home. Christina Doyle is back to bring us up to date with News of the Church, including the latest on Pope Francis' historic visit to Iraq. That's all on this episode of Catholic Espresso!
March 7, 2021
Episode 2 - Reflecting on events from Marriage Sunday and Ash Wednesday
On this episode we're going to reflect on some major events that took place in the Church during this first week of Lent, Ash Wednesday and Marriage Sunday. Fr. Pawel discusses the importance of Ash Wednesday and spoke with parishioners of St. Mary Immaculate on what it means to them as they embark on their own individual journey during this season of Lent. Christina Doyle will join us with her regular segment called "News of the Church." Fr. Pawel then welcomes Deacon Joseph and his lovely wife Violet to the podcast and learns what's made their marriage so successful after so many years. They also offer advice to other couples who are preparing for marriage as well as those currently going through their own challenges amid the pandemic.
February 21, 2021
Episode 1 - Getting the most out of Lent in 2021
Welcome to the Catholic Espresso Podcast! In our premier episode, Father Pawel discusses how to have a spiritually fulfilling season of Lent in 2021. Book discussed in this episode: Give up Worry for Lent: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ by Gary Zimak
February 11, 2021