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Cat Out of the Bag

Cat Out of the Bag

By Cat
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Content warning: lots of cursing, recounts of abuse, sexism, racism, ableism. Listener discretion is advised.

A platform for the marginalized: We hear about the vast experiences of people in tech and discuss how we can better handle the issues of racism, sexism, and bigotry in the industry.

Updates biweekly (every other week) on Fridays.

Music: "Glider" by INTL.CMD
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Episode 02 - Catie De Mesa
Transcription available (powered by Descript)! Catie De Mesa is a university student who already has a couple of years of tech industry experience so far. She shares with me her trials and tribulations as a computer science Discord server admin, and advice her coding mentor gave her. Even this early in her career, she experienced sexism and racism. How can we make tech a more inclusive space? Click here for more info on the MicrosoftTEALS program. Contact Catie through Twitter, Instagram, and GitHub! Music: "Glider" by INTL.CMD (Soundcloud)
January 29, 2021
Episode 01 - Scarlett Kelsey
Transcript available (powered by Descript) An interview with Data Analyst Scarlett Kelsey (she/they)! We talk about what biases they have experienced in their previous workplaces and the abuse they endured. You can reach Scarlett on Twitter @Scar_Data ! Music: "Glider" by INTL.CMD (Soundcloud)
January 15, 2021
Episode 00 - Intro
Transcription available! (Powered by Descript) In this episode, I introduce myself, my background, and why this podcast was created!! You can DM me at: - Twitter - Instagram If you are interested in sponsoring this podcast or would like to be a guest, please reach out to me by email: hello (at) catcarbn (dot) com. Music: - Intro/Outro: "Glider" by INIT.CMD - Storytime: "Lazy Afternoon" by ESCP Transcription 
December 31, 2020