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Caty’s Christian Chat

Caty’s Christian Chat

By Caty’s Christian Chat
Caty’s Christian Chat is all things Jesus! All about Jesus and His story while I share my story. We will Chat about topics like God’s love, faith, joy, peace, and so much more. I hope you tune in and enjoy! I love you all❤️
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Chat about My Testimony
Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I am telling my story and my testimony. I also want to encourage you that no matter what you are going through: you can and will get through this with God On your side❤️ I love you all❤️ -xoxo Caty❤️
June 4, 2019
Chat About It Was God, Not You
Hey everyone! In today’s episode I talk about how when we have a victory, it was God who gave us that victory. It is God who we need praise and thank. Because it not all about ourselves it all about God and bring glory to His kingdom. God is good even when life isn’t. It was God, Not you! I hope you enjoy! I love you all❤️ -xoxo Caty❤️
May 22, 2019
Chat About Paul And Thorns In Your Side
Hey everyone❤️ today I am talking about Paul. Paul was a hero of the Bible but he had a thorn in his side that God would not removed. You can read all about Paul in Acts 12-19. I am also talking about that no matter what your thorn is: depression, anxiety, anger, etc. That God CAN and WILL use YOU to build God’s kingdom. I hope you enjoy❤️ -xoxo Caty❤️
May 21, 2019
Chat About Doubt
Hey everyone! In today’s episode I am taking all about doubt. How doubt is normal, you are not alone, and how your doubt can bring you closer to God. I also talk about Thomas, a disciple, hero of the Bible, and he struggled with doubt. Thank you so much listening! I love you all❤️ -xoxo Caty❤️
May 19, 2019
Welcome To Caty’s Christian Chat!
Welcome everyone to my podcast: Caty’s Christian Chat! In today’s episode I talk about myself and what you can see on here. I am so excited to be doing this podcast. Remember: God Loves you. You can get through anything with God By your side. You can always message me as well! Thank you so much for listening! -xoxo Caty❤️
May 8, 2019