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CaucasusTalks Podcast

CaucasusTalks Podcast

By CaucasusTalks
CaucasusTalks is a platform that gives voice to young researchers, practitioners, & activists from the S. Caucasus to conduct alternative & informed discussions.
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The Udis of Today and Caucasian Albania of the Past
The Udi communities are one of the smallest in the South Caucasus, but their importance in terms of the history of the region and the historiography of Caucasian Albania is significant. Alexander Kavtaradze discusses his research on the Udi communities of the region and how the Udi culture and identity transcend the borders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. The photo on the cover: The Udi girls of Zinobiani playing table tennis (The photo archive of Ana Patchikashvili)
March 8, 2021
"History Textbooks in Schools in Armenia and Azerbaijan"
Flora Ghazaryan and Mirkamran Huseynli discuss the teaching of history in schools in Armenian and Azerbaijan, focusing on the content of history textbooks in both countries, how it affects the societies in general, and how an alternative teaching of history is possible. Time Stamps: - What periods of history do school textbooks focus on? 2:35 - Stereotypes in history school textbooks 9:40 - Omissions of history in the textbooks 16:35 - Alternative history teaching in schools 33:00
January 12, 2021