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CBETS Podcast

The CBETS PODCAST is all about helping you understand the different topics, themes, and passages related to the second coming of Jesus. There are so many things to talk about, so many different topics to study, but sometimes all we need to do is slow down and chat to grasp what is true. Our CBETS PODCAST team strives to bring these often inaccessible topics into a friendly living room setting. We want anyone, from any walk of life, from all ages, to join in our conversation as we discover together this hope we've been called to.
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E78: "Fixated on Hope - Attaining Rest" with Nayomi Thomas
December 4, 2020
E77: "One Hope"
November 27, 2020
E76 "Have you been blinded? - Habakkuk's Song" with Samuel Whitefield
Continuing this very timely conversation with Samuel about his newest released book "Have You Been Blinded" Facing your assumptions about God's leadership. LINK to Book: Link to episode 18 with Dale Anderson:
November 20, 2020
E75: "Have You Been Blinded? - Habakkuk's Crisis" with Samuel Whitefield
Continuing this very timely conversation with Samuel about his newest released book "Have You Been Blinded" Facing your assumptions about God's leadership. LINK to Book:
November 13, 2020
E74: "The Victorious Church" with David Sliker
Link to book:
November 6, 2020
E73: "The Three Storms" with David Sliker
Link to Book Resources of "The Millenial Temple" by Dave Sliker
October 30, 2020
E72: "The Nations Rage" with David Sliker
LINK to Book:
October 23, 2020
E71: "The Great Intercessor" with Samuel Whitefield
October 16, 2020
E70: "Will You Contend For Mercy?" with Samuel Whitefield
Join with us as we discover more about the mercy that God is calling us to contend for and his eternal purposes.   Link to book
October 9, 2020
E69: "Mercy Before Judgment” with Samuel Whitefield
We are starting a new conversation with our dear friend Samuel who recently released his new book titled "Mercy Before Judgment ". Join with us as we discover more about the mercy that God is calling us to contend for and his eternal purposes.  Link to book
October 2, 2020
E68: "One New Humanity" with Damian Cooper
Join us as we bring this conversation on the ministry of reconciliation to a close with our friend Damian Cooper. 
September 25, 2020
E67: "Shepherds Smell Like Sheep" with Curtis Wright
One of the fruits of being reconciled to God is the ability to lead others into that reality as well, as we now become agents of reconciliation.  Join us as we have this conversation with Curtis Wright. He is a father, a husband and a prophetic singer in the International House of Prayer.
September 18, 2020
E66: "No One is Innocent Pt. 2" with Rick and Thiersten Bowden
Join us as we continue in this new series on the ministry of reconciliation
September 11, 2020
E65: "No One is Innocent Pt. 1" with Rick and Thiersten Bowden
Join us as we continue in this new series on the ministry of reconciliation 
September 4, 2020
E64: "Intro - Ministry of Reconciliation"
Join us as we begin to chat about this new series on the Ministry of Reconciliation. 
August 28, 2020
E63: "Apostolic Power" with Jakob Pilz
Did you know that the same power expressed through the New Testament by the Apostles is alive and available for us today?. Join us as we talk to our guest Jakob Pilz about the Power the Apostles walked in. 
July 31, 2020
E62: "Apostolic Message pt.2" with Samuel Whitefield
Join us as we continue with the pt. 2 of Apostolic Message  Mercy before Judgement coming soon OneKing
July 24, 2020
E61: "Apostolic Message pt. 1" Samuel Whitefield
As we look into the lives of the apostles, we see that they interact with people through love and with a spirit of servanthood. Join us in this conversation as we look deeper into the message that burned in their hearts leading them to live so selflessly.
July 17, 2020
E60: "Apostolic Servanthood" with Nayomi Thomas
Join us in this heartfelt conversation as we talk with Nayomi Thomas about the spirit of servanthood that over shadowed the lives of the apostles. We are all called to live lives of humility and serving through the spirit of love.
July 10, 2020
E59: "Apostolic Prayer" with Benjamin Nuñez
What made the Apostles pray the way the did? What do their prayers tell us about their theology and what can we learn from it in our time? Join us with Benjamin Nuñez as we dive into the intercessory heart of the early church apostles.
July 3, 2020
E58: "Apostolic Love" with Isaac Bennett
What did love mean to the apostles? What kind of love did they walked on? Join us as we continue in this "Apostolic Impact" journey, where we want to seek to understand the apostolic foundations that would eventually be manifested through power.
June 26, 2020
E57: "Apostolic Impact"
Join us together with our CBETS Podcast Team as we begin a new conversation on "Apostolic Impact". We are looking forward to looking into what scripture has to say about the role that we have as believers carrying the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.
June 19, 2020
E56: "Controversy of Justice - In a Flash Point Moment" with Dave Sliker
Is the gospel enough to answer to the many questions that rise up in times of crisis and conflict? Joins us with Dave Sliker as we talk about the controversial topic of justice according to the gospel of the Kingdom.  Link to "Now with Mike Bickle"
June 12, 2020
E55: "Ethnic Hostility" with Thiersten Bowden
The world is going from crisis to crisis. Thiersten Bowden, a wife, a mother, and most importantly, a daughter of God, teaches us how to be gospel centric in a time when the narrative of Ethnic Hostility is on the world stage. Symposium link:
June 5, 2020
E54: "Our Hope in the Midst of Crisis" with Isaac Bennett
Together with our guest Isaac Bennett, we jump into what the word of God says about our eternal hope in Christ. There are so many practicals the Lord gives us to keep our heart steady in the midst of difficulties and ultimately in the midst of global crisis.
May 29, 2020
E53: "Biblical Responses to Global Crisis" with Dave Sliker
Join us in this conversation where we talk about biblical responses to global crisis having a biblical understanding of its origin. 
May 22, 2020
E52: "What Causes Global Crisis" with Dave Sliker
Today we are starting a new series on "The Coming Global Crisis". To help us jump into this conversation, we have Dave with us. Join us as we talk about the nature of God related to the cause and the drives for crisis.
May 15, 2020
E51: "Speak Boldly Pt.2" with Joel Richardson
In this episode we are wrapping up the Forerunner Lifestyle series, having conversation with Joel Richardson about his journey as a writer and speaker. Join us as we talk about "Speaking Boldly" one of the many fruits of living a forerunner lifestyle. Joel Richardson
May 8, 2020
E50: "Speak Boldly Pt. 1" with Andrew and Norine Brunson
In this episode,  we are discussing the topic of  "Speaking Boldly",  the 7th and final commitment to a forerunner lifestyle.  We have invited Andrew and Norine Brunson to help us tease this topic out and to share some of their life stories on taking this principle into practice.  Andrew Brunson's Book "God's Hostage"
May 1, 2020
E49: "Give Extravagantly" with David Park
David Park is a very dear friend and leader in our community, in this episode he shares with us how the Lord transitioned him and his family to our community and what it has looked like for him to lead people into a lifestyle of giving freely in partnership with the Lord and to advance His kingdom and His purposes.
April 24, 2020
E48: "Lead Diligently Pt.2" with Clay Edwards
Today's podcast is a pre-recorded episode with our dear friend Clay Edwards. Together with his wife Sarah, they have been serving in the International House of Prayer as a worship leaders in the prayer room. Today we get to hear what have been some of the major truths and pillars that have given him vision and sustenance in his jourmey as a leader
April 17, 2020
E47: "Lead Diligently Pt.1 - Racial Conflict" with Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim helps us understand what biblical leadership looks like in the day to day.  Even in the light of the cultural conflicts and racial battles that come to the surface as consequences of the Corona Virus. 
April 10, 2020
E46: "Do Justly Pt.3 The Moral Outcry" with Denny and Melinda Thybault
Denny and Mindy join us today to chat about their journey of doing justly in loving the orphan and the fatherless. Join us as we hear the ways the Lord has stirred up their hearts to joyfully serve in doing justly to the fatherless.  Sign the petition and End Abortion at
April 3, 2020
E45: "Do Justly Pt. 2 - How to be a Daniel in a Modern Day Babylon" with Dr. Ken Lim and Daniel Lim
Doing justly looks different throughout different seasons of our lives yet it always has the same plum line - love. Dr. Lim takes us through his journey of doing justly by living by faith, being fueled with love as a child of God,  walking out his profession with excellence and being a witness of the Kingdom of God.
March 27, 2020
E44: "Do Justly Pt. 1 - Our Response to the Corona Virus" with Dr. Ken Lim and Samuel Lim
Joined by Dr. Kenneth Lim and Samuel Lim, we discuss a biblical and practical response to this pandemic crisis in the context a forerunner lifestyle. 
March 20, 2020
E43: "Live Holy" with David Sliker
Do you feel you are doing everything you can to live a Holy Life? David Sliker helps us to break down how to Live Holy as we live in the beauty of the love of God.  On Demand Course "End Times Simplified" Free Digital Fasting Guide
March 13, 2020
E42: "Fasting-The Gift of Hunger" with Dana Candler
Are you hungry for the more? Dana Candler goes into the depths of the word as we discover what is in store for the believer when they hunger and thirst for righteousness.   Free Digital Fasting Guide   Resources by the author Dana Candler   Deep unto Deep:  Entirely:   Longing for His Return:
March 6, 2020
E41: "Fast Weekly" with Matt Candler
Matt Candler joins us this week as we converse over the topic of Fasting Weekly. We uncover the truths and joys the Lord has in store for us as we journey through a fasted lifestyle.  Free Digital Fasting Guide -
February 28, 2020
E40: “Pray Daily” with Dr. Charles Matteer
What does it mean to pray daily? Why is it important? And how can I make this work in my life without feeling like it is too hard to attain?As we begin this journey on the seven commitments for spiritual growth or what we called “Forerunner Lifestyle”, prayer is the first commitment and that is why we are having Dr. Charles Matteer as our guest today. He has focused his studies on desert spirituality and is the Dean of faculty here art the International House of Prayer University. Join us as we discover how to walk in this reality also known as the first commandment. Link to Book:
February 21, 2020
E39: “Forerunner Lifestyle”
We are starting a new season about the "ForerunnerLifestyle" and we are so looking forward to it! As you know, we've talked in previous series about the message of the gospel and the importance of studying the word of God and knowing Jesus as bridegroom, a king and a judge. Well now we want to be wise to know how to practically position our lives into a lifestyle that will cultivate a life of seeking and experiencing the nearness of the Lord. Join us as we go quickly go through the 7 commitments of a forerunner lifestyle as an introduction to this new series. Link to Book:
February 14, 2020
E38: "Pastoring a Messianic Jewish Congregation" with Rabbi Boris Grisenko
In this episode we are honored to have Rabbi Boris join us from Kiev, Ukraine. Boris has been pastoring one of the largest congregations of Messianic Jews with over 2,000 members for the last 25 years. Join us as we discover through his experience what this journey has meant to him and what the Lord has shown him concerning His own people in relation with the church being now joined to the promises of God.  Link to Rabbi Bori's Ministry
February 7, 2020
E37: "Revival-When God Shows Up" with Dr. Michael Brown
Today we have the privilege of having Dr. Michael Brown. Dr. Brown got to be part of the "Brownsville Revival" back in the 1990's. This experience was not only amazingly filled with stories of spiritual transformations but also took him on a journey in  discovering more about this topic.  Join us as we converse about what it means when God shows up, what scripture says about it and how to better positioned our hearts for the next move of God.  Link to Symposium "The Glorious Return of Our King"
January 31, 2020
E36: "Netflix's Messiah" with Daniel Lim
Netflix came out with a new show "Messiah”, where they have created a modern day Savior. This series has been stirring up a new conversation for both believers and unbelievers about faith, truth and the events concerning the second coming of the Messiah. Join us today as we respond with the help of Daniel Lim, to bring scripture backing to the biblical narrative of the End Times through the conversation Netflix has created. Link to free course "End Times For Beginners" Link to the "Forerunner Study Groups"
January 24, 2020
E35: "The Mystery Revealed to Ephesus" with Dr. Clinton Arnold
We are delighted to have Dr. Clinton Arnold with us today. Arnold is a scholar of the New Testament, and he has focused his studies on Paul’s epistles. Join us today as we talk about Paul’s heart and the revelation he received when writing to the church in Ephesus concerning the unity of the body of Christ and how it relates with God’s promises being fully fulfilled.
January 17, 2020
E34: “What God is Doing in a Global Scale” with Christophe Domes
All the way from Berlin Germany, we get to have Christophe Domes in our living room. Husband and father - together with his family he has been pastoring the praying church in Berlin for years. Join us as we get to learn about his journey. What the Lord is doing Germany as it relates to what God is doing in a global scale - establishing the first commandment through a praying church, growing in the revelation of Christ and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom: the power of Christ’s first coming and the hope we have in His return. Link to “The Glorious Return of our King” Symposium Link to blog by Sam Storms
January 10, 2020
E33: "Love Through War" with Dr. Medine Keener
In this episode we have the privileged visit of Dr. Medine Keener,  join our conversation as we learn about how Medine, a Congolese refugee came to learn  about Christ, and believe in Jesus in the midst of a national crisis.  Dr. Medine and her husband Dr. Craig Keener wrote more about their story of persevering in faith and believing in love in the midst of the pain and separation that national conflict creates. Find their book by clicking the link below.
January 3, 2020
E32: "How Media Impacts Our Theology" with Mike Bickle
Join us for the last episode of 2019- wow! Media has greatly influenced our society over the last few decades both for believers and unbelievers more than any other time in history. In light of a few films soon to be released that may distort the person of Jesus, we invited our friend Mike Bickle to have a conversation on how to as believers be aware of the increase of the blaspheming of Jesus through media and how our hearts should response to not fall into the F.O.L.D acronym (fear, offense, lust and deception). Link to “End Times For Beginners” free course Link to Forerunner Study Groups
December 27, 2019
E31: "A Son Is Given" with Justin Rizzo
What a better way to do our last podcast on “Advent” than having Justin Rizzo with talk about his Christmas album. Join us as we hear about this album and what inspired him to make these creative songs with other IHOPKC singers and musicians. Looking for songs to play this season? We’ve got you! Enjoy these beautiful songs that were inspired in the place of prayer as we celebrate and receive the very gift of God to us- His son. Feliz Navidad! Link to Christmas Album Youtube Channel  Website
December 20, 2019
E30: "Armies We Have Heard On High" with Matt Candler
As we continue our conversation on "Advent" in this episode with the help of our special guest Matt Candler, we will be talking about the glory of the babe in the manger, how He was known to the singing armies of heaven as their Lord who had previously lead them into battle, and will again. Article: in the Calvin Theolgoical Journal from 2008, Verlyn Verbrugge - “The Heavenly Army on the Fields of Bethlehem”  Link to Christmas Album by Justin Rizzo -
December 13, 2019
E29: "What the First Advent Reveals About the Second" with Isaac Bennet
Woohoo, new month = new series here at the CBETS Podcast. As we approach the remembrance and celebration of Jesus first advent/coming, we want to with the help of our lead pastor at IHOPKC Isaac Bennet, dive into some truths about this season that points us to Christ and His second advent. Join us today as we seek to do so.
December 6, 2019
E28: "The New Jerusalem" with Dr. Craig Keener
Here at the CBETS Podcast we are thankful for so many reasons, and today that we get to have our dear friend Craig Keener on this episode. “The New Jerusalem”; Is it a real city? Is God the maker of it? The Lord has prepared a city for us to dwell forever with Him, this has been a dream in His heart and we are seeking today to understand a little more about what this place means to Him. Join us as we intend to understand and grasp the beauty of this Holy City that one day will be a tangible experience for all those who long for the glorious return of our King.
November 29, 2019
E27: "The Jewish King" with Dr. Michael Brown
Welcome to the CBETS podcast! This time around we have Michael Brown with us again. This time chatting about the jewish culture and background of the one who is our blessed hope and the importance of understanding Him as the King of the Jews.
November 22, 2019
E26: "Not Afraid of the Antichrist" with Dr. Michael Brown & Dr. Craig Keener
What a privilege it is to have Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Craig Keener with us on this week’s podcast! Join us as we talk about their recently published book “Not Afraid of the Antichrist” the importance and value of having the biblical understanding and response to persecution in a time when security and safety seem to only be relative.
November 15, 2019
E25: "Our Blessed Hope" with Francis Chan
During this series on "The Glorious Return Of Our King" we have the privilege of having Francis Chan in the house.  Join us as we talk about that which Titus calls "Our blessed hope and  the glorious appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ".  
November 8, 2019
E24: "Eschatology For Today"
We are starting a new conversation titled "Eschatology For Today". In this first episode of this new season we are taking a few calls from you guys and dialing down things that we have shared throughout previous podcasts about the relevance of eschatology (studies of the end-time) for our daily lives.   There is still time to register for the Symposium coming up next week! Link below
November 1, 2019
E23: "The Divine Warrior" with Matt and Dana Candler
An excellent way to finish this series on "The Divine Warrior". In this episode Matt and Dana help us understand Jesus as a judge by giving us  a picture of their own experience in knowing Jesus as a bridegroom who is zealous for His bride and will not relent until He delivers every promise He has made to her.  There is still time to register for this EPIC event Symposium "The Gloriuos Return of Our King" "Longing for His Return" by Dana Candler
October 25, 2019
E22: "The Mighty One" with Rachel Faagutu
Join us live as we continue this EPIC conversation on “The Divine Warrior” this time around with Rachel Faagutu. Symposium "The Glorious Return Of Our King"
October 18, 2019
E21: “The Shepherd Of Our Souls”with Isaac Bennett
Join us as we continue this conversation on “The Divine Warrior”. This time we have Isaac Bennet with us. He is the lead pastor here in our community and we are excited to have him share and answer questions related to this man who will defeat all of His enemies in order to bring forth His eternal promise.  Link to Symposium "The Glorious Return of Our King"
October 11, 2019
E20: "Salvation Through Judgement" with Samuel Whitefield
LIVE from the CBETS Podcast Studio. From wherever you are, join us and interact with us through the conversation as we begin this new topic of conversation on “The Divine Warrior” with our guest of the day Samuel Whitefield.
October 4, 2019
E19: "Keys to Unlock End-Time Prophecy" with Daniel Lim
In this episode we have Daniel Lim share three major keys or principles that will help us establish a solid hermeneutics and therefore solid understanding of the end-time prophecies. LINK FOR REGISTRATION "The Glorious Return of Our King" Virtual Summit
September 27, 2019
E18: "Wrestling Through the Text" with Dale Anderson
Join us as Dale Anderson is with us again, this time bringing some practical tools to interact and engage with the Word as we wrestle to understand the word the way it was given and the prophecies concerning the times.
September 20, 2019
E17: "Reading The Word The Way It Was Given" With Elijah Choi
Join us as we continue this conversation in "How to Interpret End-time Prophecy". Today we have the privilege of having Elijah Choi come and share with us about his own journey in drawing close to The Author of life as he discovers truth related to the narrative of the Bible and the storyline of the Gospel that empower him to receive His word the way it was intended to be received. 
September 13, 2019
E16: “Approaching the Bible” with Dale Anderson
What a better way to introduce this new series on "How to Interpret End-Time Prophecy" than with one our dearest bible teachers here at the International House of Prayer, Dale Anderson. Join us as we have an introductory conversation with Dale on how to position ourselves as we approach the word of God and what are some helpful tools in dealing with the very word of Life, The word of God. THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF OUR KING | CBETS Symposium
September 6, 2019
E15: “Israel According to Romans 9-11” with David Sliker
Join us in this fascinating conversation as we discuss with our dear guest David Sliker what the author of Romans as a jew himself has to say about the jewish people to the gentile church in Rome. On Demand Course with David Sliker on "End-Times Simplified" link below IHOPU link below
August 30, 2019
E14: "Why Do the Nations Rage" with Gabrielle and Benjamin Nuñez
As we continue with our conversation in “Israel and the Church” we have the privilege of having Benjamin and Gabrielle again this week with us. Join us as we discuss some of the biblical reasons of why there is a hate towards Israel. We see this in our times and throughout history, and we believe that as this perpetual hate increases, the church needs be aligned with the zeal of God towards Israel in understanding the pivotal role she displays in His return.  Return Podcast by Gabrielle Find more material in Spanish from Benji's Website
August 23, 2019
E13: "God's Zeal for Jerusalem" with Gabrielle and Benjamin Nuñez
Today as we are in the middle of the series “Israel and the Church” we have the privilege of having Benjamin and Gabrielle talk with us about the love and zeal God feels for Jerusalem. Join us as we discover the heart of the Lord, the fiery zeal He feels about His people and how we are to respond to it as Christians. On Demand Course "Intro to End Times" with Gabrielle and Benjamin Nuñez
August 16, 2019
E12: "Should the Church Care About Israel?" with Samuel Whitefield
Today, here at the CBETS Podcast, we are continuing this conversation about Israel and church. Specifically the relationship between Israel and the church with Samuel Whitefield as our special guest, join us as we talk about how the church is to respond to the Lord’s leadership over Israel in partnership with His heart.  We are also starting the “Forerunner Study Groups” on August 21st find more information by clicking in the link below.
August 9, 2019
E11: "Who is Israel?" with Chris Tofilon
In this episode, IHOPKC Worship Leader, Chris Tofilon, joined us in a conversation about "Who is Israel?" If you ever wondered what Israel is all about, then you will want to listen to this episode where we dialogue about this very topic. Mystery of the Gospel: Join us on Tuesdays at 10am CST to pray for Israel:
August 2, 2019
E10: "The Mystery of the Gospel" Pt.2 with Stuart Greaves
In this last episode of our series "The Gospel of the Kingdom", we continue this conversation on the mystery of the gospel which centers on Jesus' self-emptying and humbling himself, becoming a man so that the fullness of God would dwell in him and how that impacts our lives.
July 26, 2019
E9: "The Mystery of the Gospel" Pt.1 with Stuart Greaves
In this episode we had our dear friend Stuart Greaves join us as we are diving into the meaning of "The Gospel of the Kingdom". Join us as we discuss how understanding the gospel of the kingdom influences our perspective on current events, and truly gives us an eternal hope.
July 19, 2019
E8: "Bridegroom, King and Judge" with Mike Bickle
We are delighted to have Mike Bickle in CBETS Podcast today. As we are going through this new series tilted; "The Gospel of the Kingdom" in this episode we are expounding on Jesus' attributes as Bridegroom, King and Judge and the meaning of the Gospel of the Kingdom seen in Matthew 24.
July 12, 2019
E7: What is the "Gospel"?
Welcome to the first episode of this new season "The Gospel of the Kingdom". Join us as we begin a conversation that we believe the Lord is highlighting to His church in the times we live in regarding the good news. This is not only about salvation but also the good news that He will end all wickedness and establish God's kingdom of righteousness in all the Earth. In this episode we discuss the historical background of "gospel" and what that means for us today. 
July 5, 2019
E6: "Sharing the Forerunner Message" with Laura Hackett Park
Join us in this episode as we have a candid conversation on "Sharing the Forerunner Message"  with one of our dearest worship leader from the International House of Prayer, Laura Hackett Park. In this episode we get to hear from her story and journey as a prophetic singer. She shares some of the challenges and joys of being a prophetic voice in the music industry as one that seeks to keep her heart alive and tender to the voice of God and His word and plans of redemption.
June 28, 2019
E5: "Cultivating the Forerunner Message" with Dana and Matt Candler
In this episode, we discuss the practicals of how to cultivate a life in God that results in longing for his return and how to sustain it for years. Dana describes the importance of knowing God and being known by him. Matt gives great insights on the fear of the Lord and on the assault against our attention. 
June 21, 2019
E4: "Raising up Forerunner Messenger"s with Mike Bickle
In this episode, we had a candid conversation with Mike Bickle about the importance of studying what the Bible teaches regarding his glorious return. He shares about how we need the biblical narrative as it relates to his return or else we will by default embrace the secular narrative that produces Fear, Offense, Lust, and Deception (F.O.L.D.).  He shares his personal journey choosing to embrace Jesus as the Judge who will remove everything that hinders love as well as Jesus as the Bridegroom and King.
June 14, 2019
E3: “Son of Man” with Samuel Whitefield
In this episode we explore the significance of Jesus using the title "Son of Man" from Daniel 7 more than any other title.
June 8, 2019
E2: "Why Does Studying End-Times Matter" with Daniel Lim
On this episode, Daniel Lim who is the CEO of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City joins us for a candid conversation about why we should even care about the end times.  He talks about how we need to be Christo-centric in person, Jerusalem-centric in geography, and gospel-centric in message.
May 31, 2019
E1: "What We Are All About"
Welcome to our first CBETS podcast! In this episode, we give an in depth break down of the heart behind CBETS as we begin a conversation around topics that the bible proclaims necessary for our understanding of the return of Jesus.
May 25, 2019
E0: "Getting Acquainted"
This is a pre-launch episode where we lay out our reason for starting this podcast and where we get to know our hosts, Ruben & Georgina!
May 20, 2019