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C&C Sports Show

C&C Sports Show

By Stacey Collier
The dynamic duo of Stacey COLLIER II and Natasha CLARE returns with an all-new show. We will be discussing trending topics regarding the major sports and bring fresh ideas to brighten the listener's experience.
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Stacey Own Sports Episode 4
This week, Stacey and special guest, NBA Writer Matt Huff (@MattHuffNBA) team up to break down this year's NBA free agency moves. Also, Stacey brings back his Fun Time segment.   Follow Stacey on Instagram and Twitter @SCTheSecond Follow Stacey Owns Sports/Collier & Clare on Instagram and Twitter @CCSportsShow
November 24, 2020
Stacey Owns Sports Episode 3
This week, Stacey is joined by CrownHoops CEO/Founder Jordan Daly (@JordanDalyNBA). Stacey and Jordan break down the biggest NBA Trades and Rumors and look ahead to Free Agency.   Follow Stacey on Twitter and Instagram @SCTheSecond
November 19, 2020
Stacey Owns Sports Episode 2
This week, Stacey is joined by Ben Okazawa (Twitter: @OkazawaBen) from CrownHoops. Stacey and Ben give their reaction to the Russell Westbrook Trade Demands and talk about the NFL Season.    Follow Stacey on Twitter and Instagram @SCTheSecond
November 12, 2020
Stacey Owns Sports Episode 1
Stacey begins his spin-off show with special guest Mo and Mel from Girl Chat Sports. The three discuss the 76ers wanting James Harden, the NBA season start date, the Warriors, Jimmy G and Stacey challenges Shaq's all-time starting five.   Follow Stacey on Twitter and Instagram! @SCTheSecond Follow Girl Chat Sports on Twitter and Instagram! @GirlChatSports
November 6, 2020
NBA Finals 2020: Lakers vs. Heat
Stacey and Natasha talk about the highly-anticipated NBA Finals. They talked about the keys for both teams, LeBron's GOAT status (if he wins), make their predictions and more! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond @dassamack Subscribe to our YouTube channel CCSportsShow
September 30, 2020
Under Pressure
This week, Stacey is joined by published author, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and award-winning artist Jakal Burrell (JMalikTeaching). The two discuss the Conference Finals, the injury-riddled NFL week two, Russell Wilson being the best QB, Bronny James and more.  Follow us! @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond @dassamack 
September 22, 2020
Jacob Blake and the NBA
This week (which is the show's one year anniversary), Natasha and Stacey are responding to the Jacob Blake shooting and the NBA's response. Then, the duo break down the second round of the NBA Playoffs.  Follow us on our Twitter/Instagram pages @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond and @dassamack.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel: CCSPORTSSHOW
August 31, 2020
Mamba Mentality
This week, Stacey and Natasha starts off the episode by honoring the legendary Kobe Bryant. Then, they discuss the 76ers problems, debate whether the Clippers can win with Paul George struggling, evaluate the Lakers and the Ravens cutting Earl Thomas. At the end, Stacey dedicates the episode to his late sister, Tamara.  Follow us on our social media pages @CCSportsShow @dassamack and @SCTheSecond
August 24, 2020
NBA Playoffs 2020: First Round
This week, Stacey and Natasha are covering every matchup in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Also, the two discuss the pressures on the Lakers and Clippers to reach the Finals and question whether this is do or die for the Bucks. 
August 17, 2020
The Bubble Troubles
This week, Stacey and Natasha discuss the NCAA Power 5 Conferences different paths, the Lakers issues in the NBA Bubble, the Phoenix Suns rising, Dame Time, MLB's outbreak concerns and more. Follow Us on Social Media! @CCSportsShow @dassamack @SCTheSecond
August 13, 2020
The Immaculate Two
This week, Stacey and Natasha discuss the Jamal Adams trade, the Knicks hiring Tom Thibodeau, Magic Johnson's NBA Award Winner, the Miami Marlins dealing with COVID, Start/Bench/Cut with WNBA greats and more!
July 29, 2020
Welcome to the Season Two Premier Episode! In their highly anticipated return, Stacey and Natasha tackle the NBA and WNBA bubble season, Charles Barkley's bold prediction, Elena Delle Don, Atlanta Dream Owner Kelly Loeffler, the Washington NFL Team controversy and Cam Newton. 
July 20, 2020
NBA Trade Deadline 2020
In the final off-season episode, Stacey and Natasha talk about the major trades that happen before the deadline. This episode puts a spotlight on D'Angelo Russell, Andrew Wiggins, Andre Drummond, and more. Also, the duo gives their biggest winners and losers of the deadline.   Follow us on Twitter and Instagram! @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond @dassamack
March 20, 2020
Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs. 49ers
Stacey and Natasha break down the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes' contract situation, Richard Sherman's beef with Jim Harbaugh and more.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram! @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond @dassamack
January 31, 2020
NFL Conference Championships (featuring Clutch Crew Sports Podcast Show)
In this mega episode, Stacey, Natasha, Connor, and Zach break down both the NFC and AFC Conference Championship games. Also, the four discuss the Titans' surprising performance, the Chiefs becoming the favorites, Aaron Rodgers and the 49ers possibly becoming a dynasty.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram! @CCSportsShow @SCTheSecond @dassamack.  Follow Clutch Crew on Twitter @clutchcrewsport. Follow Connor @mrcdog54 and Zach @guacfolife
January 17, 2020
NFL Divisional Round
Stacey and Natasha discuss all four NFL Divisional Round games. Also, they answer whether an early exit would hurt Lamar Jackson and would a second ring cement Aaron Rodgers' GOAT status.
January 9, 2020
NFL Wild Card Round
Stacey and Natasha discuss all four Wild Card games. The duo goes over the key match-ups, what to watch for and predict the winners. Also, they debate whether the Patriots Era is finished and the legacy of Drew Brees. 
January 4, 2020
Come Get Me
In episode 13, Stacey and Natasha talk about the NBA Trading Season by highlighting some of the players who are linked to trade rumors. Other topics include the Dallas Mavericks, the Cleveland Browns, Josh Gordon, and Eagles vs. Cowboys.
December 18, 2019
Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady
In episode 12, Stacey and Natasha discuss the Patriots' video controversy, Gerrit Cole signing to the Yankees, Kevin Love, Odell Beckham Jr., the College Football Playoffs, and more.
December 12, 2019
Did You Miss Us?
In the return episode, Stacey and Natasha discuss the Houston Rockets filing a protest against the NBA, the Carolina Panthers firing Ron Rivera, Jameis Winston's future, the NBA rating issues, Luka Doncic and more! 
December 7, 2019
The Perfect Score
In the tenth episode, Stacey and Natasha discuss Colin Kaepernick's private workout for NFL teams, followed by Paul Geroge's return, Dave Fizdale and the state of the New York Knicks, injuries to star NBA players and Lamar Jackson vs. Russell Wilson. The duo ends the episode with two topics surrounding the number 10. 
November 14, 2019
Going Back To College
This week, Stacey and Natasha talk about the initial College Football Playoffs rankings and preview the college basketball season. Also, the two discuss Odell Beckham Jr., Steph Curry and the Warriors, and Anthony Davis' possible return to Chicago.
November 6, 2019
Time To Overreact
This Week's Topics: First week of the NBA season, Kyrie Irving being moody, DeAndre Ayton's suspension, NFL Trade Deadline, Fire Freddie Kitchens and the NCAA ruling. 
October 30, 2019
2019-2020 NBA Season Preview
This week's episode is dedicated to the NBA Season, which begins October 22nd. The following topics in this episode are: Season Expectations, The Battle for Los Angeles, Teams & Players to Watch, Rookie of the Year, MVP Candidates, and Playoff Teams. 
October 22, 2019
The NBA-China Fallout
This week, Stacey and Natasha talk about the ongoing NBA vs. China controversy, the Lakers and Zion Williamson taking NBA Preseason by storm, the Cleveland Browns, the Redskins firing Jay Gruden and more! 
October 10, 2019
Red Birds and Pinstripes
In episode five, Natasha and Stacey sound off on their NFL teams losing in Week 4. Then, they dive into the MLB Playoffs, representing their teams. Later in the episode, the duo discusses the Battle of Los Angeles, Kyrie Irving, the best NBA duo and California passing a law to pay student-athletes. 
October 3, 2019
No Money for Melvin
In episode four, Natasha and Stacey discuss Melvin Gordon III ending his holdout, another chapter in the Antonio Brown saga, Calvin Johnson's revealing interview, NBA's tampering rule, and more.
September 26, 2019
The New Era Begins
In Episode 3, Stacey and Natasha discuss Jalen Ramsey and his potential suitors, Eli Manning getting benched, Drew Brees' injury impact, Team USA Basketball's future and the Sports Illustrated Top 100 NBA Players. 
September 19, 2019
Antonio Brown Saga
This week, Stacey and Natasha cover the ongoing Antonio Brown story. Also, the duo discuss Week One of the NFL season, Derrick Rose's resume, and Dwyane Wade's possible return. 
September 12, 2019
The ReIntroduction
In the debut episode, Stacey and Natasha discuss the 2019 NFL Season. Both picked their division winners. Also, the two discuss Andrew Luck and the Jadeveon Clowney Trade. 
September 3, 2019