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By Rebecca McCloskey & Matt Fox
A light hearted look at millennial life in Northern Ireland. Rebecca McCloskey and Matt Fox discuss the many highs and lows of the 90s & Noughties and what it means to be a “ceasefire baby” as they now attempt to navigate adulthood . Disclaimer - anything you may take offence to is (allegedly) all comedic and we don’t respond kindly to negative feedback. We’re very fragile you see! Thanks, enjoy xx . . . 0808 808 8000 - LIFELINE 24/7 Hotline 0818111126 - 24/7 ROI
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#7 - ‘Have Ye Heard The Latest?’
We’re back with a newsround special deep diving into some of the 90s and Noughties news stories that rocked our world, from the People’s Princess to Frankenpenis. Trigger warnings for domestic abuse, bullying and murder - special mention to Sophie Lancaster foundation for their incredible work - resource @
February 26, 2021
#6 - Lights, Camera, Friction!
It’s movie week... join us as we skip down the aisles, no bombscares tonight, fingers crossed! This week we set each other the task to watch a cult 90s film classic that the other had never seen - Matt selected the indie coming of age ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ whilst Rebecca took a softer approach with lesbo-drama Fried Green Tomatoes. Sorry if you haven’t seen them but settle in anyway we’ll all have a nice time x
February 20, 2021
#5.5 - Minisode
Mini follow up to Episode 5 “None Like Miss McKenzie” , our school episode featuring our listener stories
February 16, 2021
#5 - None Like Miss McKenzie
Back to the classroom this week as we reminisce on all things education... Matt's Geography teacher was a sizeist bastard and Rebecca was always the main character, even when narrating! Bonus episode coming this Sunday discussing your school horror stories - keep your ears to the ground and your lungs away from that chalkboard!
February 13, 2021
#4 - The Bourgeoisie and The Rebel
It's music week part 2! Don't believe the Hear'say (or Jim Corr) we're back with some truly entertaining content and Rebecca is working her way through another six degrees of seperation-anxiety PTSD. New microphones, merchandise coming, very nice well done to all involved. Thanks for the love. We touch on topics of domestic abuse in this episode - resources available across our social media (FU Manson etc). Stay safe and keep Fridays Good - Matt & Rebecca x
February 5, 2021
#3 - Now, Mr DJ, I've Asked You Three Times...
It's music week! We're working our way through some throwback hits with six degrees of separation-anxiety
January 29, 2021
#2 - “Is it one of them Limewire viruses?”
We’re back to discuss the early days of technology! Dial up internet, Gameboys and robot dogs. Anyone else have a secret MSN boyfriend? Did your Mum money transfer to a Nigerian Prince? Feed your Neopet, pour yourself a drink and join us as we rewind the years
January 22, 2021
#1 - Come On, Vogue
Bucket hats and burgundy! Colours of Benny and Claire's! We're tearing our way through the wardrobe with some hazy recollections on 90s and Noughties fashion. What did your ma stick you in? And would you wear it again?
January 15, 2021
#0 (Is this thing on?)
Listen as Rebecca McCloskey and Matt Fox delicately tread the waters of podcasting in this brief introduction to Ceasefire Babies, a new, weekly podcast discussing millennial life in Northern Ireland as we digest the highs and lows of the 90’s and Noughties
January 13, 2021