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Celestial Symphony Podcast

Celestial Symphony Podcast

By Awen Sophia Rose
Guided meditations + bitesize wisdom to help you live a life of grace. Each episode also doubles as a mini sound healing session. Hosted by the Soul Whisperer Awen Sophia Rose.
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11. Lifting The Veil - 3 Tales of Divine Manifestations
My love, does your heart yearn for passion + magic under the Leo New Moon? Let me weave you tales of how the Moon, in her desire to transform, rouses the heart of a cosmic serpent, and the thoughtful gods gift the hero (you) a fire chariot with good brakes on it. In this Astro Oracle, I lift the veil to show you a glimpse of the divine plan at play.
August 19, 2020
10. Gemini In Suspense
Are you holding your breath waiting for the penny to drop? 👀 We live in a universe in which everything is interconnected and everyone’s free will intertwine to form the collective experience. Because of the complexity of all these moving parts, nothing is ever be or end all. We can despair at life as being existentially futile, or we can delight at our freedom to live in a mutable kaleidoscope. The water is in the glass nonetheless. Each choice we make adds a stone to our house. Whilst some stones are more vital to the foundation than others, no single stone manifests the entire house. If we only look at the stones (options) and never pick one up, the house (soul) will never get built. A shadow influence of Gemini North Node on the collective psyche is that we may be enticed by many options, yet unable to commit to any. It’s worth noting that what we get out of a choice really depends on what we put into it, and chances are many of the options will lead to the same destination anyway. So which path we choose is only a matter of style, what’s important here is that we mobilise to take a step. If you’d like to embark on a soul dive with me, to understand your karma and to reach for the stars, please take a look at Soul Whispering on my rose quartz temple. I’m growing with you + at your service 🔮🤗💕
July 13, 2020
9. Sirius Gateway Eclipse
The recent eclipses all bear far-reaching spiritual significance on the ascension path. Archangel Uriel, Fire of God, chaperoned the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse a month ago, igniting truth + sacred rage. Osiris, lord of death + rebirth, presided over the Cancer Solar Eclipse at the June Solstice portal to baptise our souls. The upcoming Capricorn Lunar Eclipse this weekend coincides with the Sirius Gateway to trigger a wave of mass awakening. The upcoming Capricorn Lunar Eclipse this weekend completes a 2-year eclipse cycle along the Cancer-Capricorn karmic axis. With Cancer symbolic of the mother and Capricorn the father, it had been 2 years of harsh lessons to integrate the duality of feminine + masculine. The tension between compassionate nurturance and ruthless perseverance was felt in our personal spheres as well as on the worldly stage.
July 03, 2020
8. Inspiration vs Imitation
There are some profound differences between inspiration and imitation that determine the level of manifestation we are able to reach.⁠ ⁠Inspiration begins with curiosity and blooms into epiphany to set us off on a creative journey. What we are inspired to create is infused with our own genius. It evolves from the original blueprint to become something that bears our own unique signature.⁠ Imitation tries to be a carbon copy of the original without breathing our own life into it. It is triggered by a scarcity belief that our own creation is unworthy of the same success, and that the only way to survive is to steal a slice of someone's cake. ⁠ What needs to be understood is that it is the essence not the form that ensouls an offering. When we imitate a form, it feels empty because it is devoid of essence. The essence is our divine spark, a unique facet of the celestial diamond, which cannot be copied.
June 26, 2020
7. Solstice Eclipse : An Ode To Cancer
June Solstice is a cardinal (initiation) portal ignited by the Sun ingress Cancer. We are at the half way point in a fateful year, playing out the ancient prophecies of mass awakening. The sky dance is littered with omens, serving us many clues to our human puzzle. Most of the planets are stopped in their treks, either in retrograde or stationary. It is as if the gods are fixing their gaze upon Earth, directing their energies like laser beams burning holes in the collective psyche.
June 22, 2020
6. Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse : Archangel Uriel + War
More shit is hitting the fan. Generations of prayers are being answered in one supernova. Supernova creates new nebulae. We are at the convergence of many epochal cycles; in a melting pot to merge timelines and dissolve age old structures. Such nebulous times are like molten metal, to be shaped by the hammer of humanity. Whichever side of injustice we are on, sorrow and shame turn to rage. What settles after the storm depends on how evolved we are to exercise our free will.
June 22, 2020
5. Choice Point
You are at a choice point. You can probably feel it in your bones already. It’s been building up, hasn’t it? Drop me a love note if you would like to brush off some karmic dust bunnies 🐰 and explore your unique soul expression. I’m here for you 🤗💓
May 29, 2020
4. Lunar Guidance: Gemini New Moon + Divine Spark
Pardon my excitement. Before we dive into the lunar guidance, I just have to tell you about my favourite solar angel, Heidi Abreu of Lotus Blooming Ayurveda. Heidi is an Ayurvedic spa goddess, Vedic astrologer, herbalist, sound healer, and a pretty mind blowing psychic. She is the starseed physician I call when my meatsuit has boo boo,or when I need a soul sister to see through my blind spot. Her infectious laughter is pure gold to the soul. Our rahu (dharma) + ketu (karma) divinely mirror each other, so it is literally written in the stars that we would support each other to fulfil our destinies!
May 23, 2020
3. Inner Light Guidance
I wish to serve you intimately. I wish for you to feel you have a guardian angel who cares for you and witnesses your divine spark. Maybe Gemini is also helping me find the words to explain what I do. Seeing as I’ve been writing an Inner Light Guidance for a daughter of Venus, let me start by telling you about this sacred service.
May 23, 2020
2. The Spiritual Closet: My Love Letter To You
My love, can you relate? You went to a heartfelt retreat or had a great yoga class. But the moment you roll up the mat and emerge from the bubble, you struggle to reconcile your spiritual practice with everyday life.
April 30, 2020
1. Glowing Dot: A Guided Meditation For Emotional Safety
A guided meditation to reconnect with the body, featuring Awen Rose Aura Elixir. Using the fragrance as a conduit to cultivate body awareness, and allow a sense of safety to bloom within a beautiful grid of light.
December 15, 2019