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Port of call with Riva Schoeman and the Centurion Hospice

Port of call with Riva Schoeman and the Centurion Hospice

By Centurion Hospice

Well-known radio and television Riva Schoeman is the voice behind the microphone in a series of podcasts that will be a first for any Hospice in South Africa.
The new podcasts series called: Port of Call from Centurion Hospice, will connect listeners with experts as well as leaders in hospice and palliative care, with pertinent and heart-warming discussions about timely issues that patient’s, family members and friends are faced with when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
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The role of Death Doulas in South Afica
The ancient Greeks believed that Hermes, the messenger of the gods r, was a spirit guide. His role was to escort souls into the afterlife. But it was not just the Greeks who believed that a being - whether it was the archangel Michael, a goddess or a deceased family member – had to assist them while making the transition from living to dying, modern human beings don't want to die alone. Therefore, terminally ill patients often recruit a death doula to guide them spiritually or prepare them for what they do not understand – the world beyond. Mothers, who have had a miscarriage or a stillbirth, will enlist the services of a bereavement doula. The word Doula is derived from Greek  and means "women who serve." In the studio today, we have two extraordinary women. Nicci Coertze is a well-known bereavement doula and Vivienne Katz, a death doula who assists people in making the transition from their physical body into the next realm. She is also from Doula Givers South Africa. Welcome, Nicci and Vivienne and thank you for educating us about the role of doulas in South Africa.
January 15, 2021
In the last episode, dr. Petrus Moolman helped us to understand the ageing process and how to live a meaningful life until the end. But that aside, he is an ordinary man with an extraordinary love story. His wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007.  She died six years later. He was her caregiver, a role that does not come naturally for a man. After her death, he made it his life mission to understand Alzheimer’s and dementia. Welcome again, dr. Moolman and as usually our guest Philip Aucamp, a social worker at Centurion Hospice.
December 8, 2020
Dr. Petrus Moolman is a well-known author, theologists and gerontologist. He believes in meaningful ageing, and for that reason, he pursued a doctoral degree at the age of 72 and graduated at the age of 76. He is almost 80 years old and still lives a meaningful life. He mastered the cello; he always attends to the spiritual and emotional needs of the elderly. And last year he wrote a highly recommended book Meaning full ageing – a book that resulted from his doctoral studies.
November 26, 2020
The day-to-day running of a Hospice. It requires an incredibly special person to work at a hospice. Hospice’s are often misnomer as a “place that kills you” but that is not what a hospice is. A hospice is in fact, a place where you can live your last days with dignity and humanity. Patients who are admitted to either the home-based care programme or the IPU are often close to the end of their lives. The day-to-day running of a hospice is shrouded in mystery for many, and therefore there are many misconceptions. That is why, today I will be talking to experts in this field, in order to give us some clarity on what exactly it is that hospice offers a patient and their family in a time in which they really need support.
November 6, 2020
An emotional tsunami - Covid 19
A recent survey conducted by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) found that nearly half of the 1 214 respondents felt that financial stress and pressure were one of the main challenges during the lockdown. Adding to this, over half of respondents cited anxiety and panic as a major challenge. In short, the pandemic did not only cause the loss of lives, but it also had a tremendous impact on the mental well-being of South Africans. In studio today is Elize Thirion, a psychologist from Centurion and Philip Aucamp, a social worker at the Centurion Hospice. Our telephonic guest is the singer and writer Tobi Jooste who wrote a motivational book about the emotional impact of the pandemic on people.
October 23, 2020
Kanker Schmanker, sê die Afrikaanse skrywer Madelein Rust
Die bekende Afrikaanse krimi-skrywer Madelein Rust is op 20 Januarie vanjaar met beenkanker gediagnoseer - dit nadat sy vier jaar gelede "skoon" verklaar is. "Ek het gedog ek is klaar met kanker," het die brawe vrou aan Riva Schoeman gesê.  Luister na die harthoerende dog postitiewe onderhoud. Dit is 'n vrou - al het die dokter haar net 'n paar maande gegee het het om te leef - wat steeds sê "kanker schmanker." 
October 9, 2020
Death of a child
Riva Shoeman says: “The interview I had with the Prinsloo family not only pulled at my heartstrings, it taught me valuable lessons.  I have the utmost respect for the staff at Centurion Hospice, may we all learn from them, mostly, what it means to be truly caring and to have real compassion. It is an enormous privilege to be a part of this amazing project. I look forward with great anticipation to the next interviews. You will not regret tuning in for these podcasts. Raw emotion, the honest truth and, as I mentioned, valuable lessons are just some of the things you can expect. Do not miss a single podcast. Thank you, Centurion Hospice. “
September 25, 2020
Annette Reed, die algemene bestuurder van die Centurion Hospice, in gesprek met Jaco van Overvaal Stereo
Die Centurion Hospice, in samewerking met NB-Uitgewers, het weer aanlyn kragte saamgesnoer om ouers en tieners bewus te maak van nuwe Afrikaanse jeugverhale en volwasse romans wat die jaar op die winkelrakke verskyn het. Die Centurion Hospice het in Junie vanjaar hande met NB-Uigewers gevat en unieke aanlynleer- en leeservarings vir kinders gebied. Bekende sangers soos ander andere Jak de Priester en Riaan Grobler het voorlesings uit onder meer Liewe Heksie en Pippie Langkous gedoen. Dit was die eerste keer dat ‘n Hospice in Suid-Afrika so ‘n tipe aanlynleeservaring aangebied het. Die formaat van die aanlynleeservarings het ‘n bietjie verander, maar dit gaan dieselfde opvoedkundige- en vermaaklikheidswaarde as die vorige boekvoorlesings hê, sê Yolanda Barnard-Lemmer, die skakelbeampte van die Centurion Hospice. Barnard-Lemmer voer onderhoudende en vermaaklike onderhoude met die skrywers en ‘n bekende persoonlikheid (hetsy dit ‘n hoërskool se hoofdogter is of ‘n sanger) gaan die boekvoorlesings waarneem. William Oosthuizen, die skrywer van die jeugverhaal Die wêreld volgens Wim Vermaak, het eerste onder die loep gekom. “Dit was baie interessant om terugvoer op die boek te kry en ek hoop mense geniet die boek soveel as wat hy dit geniet het om dit te skryf.” Die bekende radiopersoonlikheid, Riva Schoeman, het die boekvoorlesing behartig. “Dit is ‘n heerlike storie en skreeusnaaks. Ek het dit baie geniet om deel te wees van die ervaring,” sê sy. “Tydens die inperking het mense opnuut besef om te lees is lewe en NB-Uitgewers deel graag hul skrywers se stories om lewens te verryk,” sê Henk Viljoen, streekverkoopbestuurder van NB-skole. Volgens Barnard-Lemmer is daar ‘n tweeledige doel met die skrywersonderhoude en -voorlesings: “Ons wil eerstens die publiek (veral die jeug) bekendstel aan al die wonderlike nuwe titels wat op die rakke verskyn, en ook om hulle aan te moedig om die Centurion Hospice te ondersteun, en uit te reik na ons pasiënte deur middel van boekvoorlesings, besoeke en so meer.” Die eerste onderhoud en voorlesing word die komende Maandag op die Centurion Hospice se Facebook-blad geplaas. Ons gaan deur die loop van die volgende paar maande verskillende boeke (jeug- en volwasse romans) bespreek en onderhoude met die skrywers voer. Dit gaan om die beurt in Engels en Afrikaans verskyn.
September 17, 2020