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The Cereal Show

The Cereal Show

By Seth Trojcak & Quinn Norman
The Cereal Show is hosted by Seth, Quinn and Drayton, providing critically chill movie reviews, interviews with creatives, and occasional tech news round-ups!

So make yourself a bowl of breakfast,
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Movie Review - Shrek
We’ve been looking forward to this movie review for quite some time. In this episode, we discuss Shrek, coincidentally too in the same week as it’s 20th Anniversary. Do you feel old yet? Join us as we share stories of nostalgia, discuss why lawyers were made to watch this movie and something about donkeys and cones. Followed by some amazing community takes; get ready to be grooving. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: (3:01) - Ratings and Taglines (6:05) - Synopsis and Parents Guide (8:31) - Initial thoughts after the movie (13:40) - The voice actors (15:53) - The music and lawyers (22:04) - Shrek and Donkey - Character breakdowns (27:28) - Donkeys are colourblind - Quinn Fun Fact (34:03) - First five minutes of Shrek and the “I want” song (36:55) - Can you hold a movie’s success against it? (43:13) - Why this movie is not perfect - Seth (59:42) - The Lonely Outro & the next movie Community Takes: (47:19) - Benji (48:50) - Cameo (did someone say kazoo?) (49:58) - Phillip (57:05) - Mark (and The Windstabbers??) Next Movie Review: A Spiderman Movie (visit our Instagram to have a say in which one we pick) Instagram: Windstabbers Instagram: @the_windstabbers Share your thoughts and suggestions:
April 28, 2021
Movie Review - Solo: A Star Wars Story
Another Star Wars movie, because who doesn’t like a little controversy. Did Solo become a Cereal Show favourite or fall flat? We discuss fan service, the “all is lost” part of a good story, how the expanded universe snuck in, and if Qi’ra was really a bad guy. If you like banjo music, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: (2:31) - Ratings and Taglines (7:11) - Synopsis and Parents Guide (8:37) - Initial thoughts after the movie (12:05) - The good (16:06) - L-3, best or worst robot? (18:01) - Directors, Lego Marvel and Marvel (20:53) - Who is the antagonist? (22:41) - Is Qi’ra a bad guy? (28:15) - Fan service (31:40) - Does Solo have an “all is lost” point? (39:21) - Did the release date kill it? (44:14) - Supposed to be part of a trilogy (49:08) - This is a good movie… but every movie sucks. (52:06) - Was it necessary for the Star Wars universe? (58:16) - EU’s cameo (01:00:17) - Dribby’s biggest fact (01:01:41) - Quinn fun fact: Explosions Community Takes: (01:04:07) - Mark Johnson (01:11:11) - Jordan Crumpton Next Movie Review: Shrek Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
April 14, 2021
Movie Review - The Truman Show
Is this podcast real? Is it just something presented to you in order to make you accept this reality in which you are living? That’s a bit too deep, what I can answer, however, is that we’re discussing the Truman Show in this episode of The Cereal Show! Does it fall flat on its philosophical face, or is there some true substance, comedy, and themes to the movie?  Also, applejacks anyone?  (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps:  (2:09) - Ratings and Taglines (6:04) - Synopsis and Parents Guide (9:08) - Quinn murders Seth in front of witnesses (9:52) - Initial thoughts after the movie (15:53) - Comedy or tragedy? (16:36) - Jim Carrey (21:20) - Truman syndrome (22:35) - The camera work (27:18) - Could you be on the Truman Show? (29:49) - Christof, how bad is this guy? (33:24) - We accept the reality of the world in which we are presented  (36:24) - How the movie ends (41:26) - Dray’s facts Community Takes: (44:22) - Eli’Jah (47:15) - Jordan (his 'side' of the story) Next Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night
March 31, 2021
Movie Review - The Iron Giant
In this episode we take on one of Seth and Quinn’s childhood movies, is it a nostalgia-filled dumpster fire, or does it still hold up as a sensitive beautiful movie with deep themes? Seth receives a death threat in the mail and also seems to hate children, all that goodness and more in this week’s movie review. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: 0:44 - Storytime with Seth 4:36 - Ratings and Taglines 9:03 - Synopsis and Parents Guide 12:46 - Initial thoughts after the movie 20:09 - Does nostalgia help or hinder a movie? 27:05 - Our (not so) fun first fact 30:59 - The Iron Giant - The Musical 33:06 - Seth’s two nitpicks 34:50 - Nitpick #2 - Seth hates children 35:35 - A lesson on pride 39:11 - The giant - a man of few words 43:10 - Dray’s facts Community Takes: 47:14 - James 51:25 - Bill 55:08 - Mark Next Movie Review: The Truman Show - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
March 16, 2021
Movie Review - TRON: Legacy
We are still alive! And just as importantly, still watching movies! We’re back and this time discussing Tron, was it ahead of its time? Or destined to be forgotten? From fangirling over light cycles, falling in love with the soundtrack, and fixing the storyline ourselves, we cover the ins and outs of this movie as well as hear about what you guys think of it from our guests Jalen and Devin. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: 2:14 - Our Ratings and Taglines 5:55 - Synopsis and Parents Guide 8:40 - How did you feel right after this movie? 11:23 - Light cycles and disk battles 17:12 - The Soundtrack 20:54 - What songs from the soundtrack are in our playlists? 24:08 - Daft Punk in their element 25:50 - What held this movie back? 31:15 - We fix this movie 40:24 - Zoomer disclaimer 41:16 - Back to fixing things - Tron himself Community Takes: 45:27 - Jalen 50:24 - Devin 57:36 - Lights, suits, and Quinn’s money 01:01:36 - Iron Giant vs. Treasure Planet Next Movie Review: The Iron Giant - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
February 28, 2021
Movie Review - Fantastic Mr. Fox
What’s the opposite of Star Wars? Probably something like the movie we discuss in this week’s episode! Changing things up a bit we dive into the world of Wes Anderson. Is it The Cereal Show’s cup of tea or does it get a hard pass? (let’s just hope it gets higher than a 6.8) Also, what’s up with the wolf? You’ll just have to listen to find out. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: 0:53 - Our Ratings and Taglines 6:10 - Parents Guide and Synopsis 9:16 - How did you feel right after this movie? 16:08 - Quinn says some fighting words about character arcs 18:14 - Is this movie, a children's movie? 20:50 - Why did Seth’s rating go up? And his fear of 10 25:50 - Not a scene was wasted 28:15 - Quinn’s bad guy hot take & what is the wolf? 34:15 - Nikon D3 40:13 - Favourite little things 43:48 - What character do you most relate to? 43:56 - Drayton 45:14 - Quinn 45:49 - Seth 46:43 - Fox years 48:08 - Community Takes 48:34 - Benji 50:55 - Cameo 53:24 - Darius 55:37 - Jeremy 57:40 - Jordan 1:02:07 - The next movie, and one after that Next Movie Review: Tron: Legacy (2010) - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
February 2, 2021
Eli’Jah Del Villar - Filmmaker
It’s been a while since our last interview! In this week’s episode, Seth and Quinn get the chance to chat with Eli’Jah, a filmmaker among other creative pursuits, who started making movies as soon as he picked up a camera. We discuss the benefits of stop motion, how to stay motivated and a cinematic universe like Marvel's. Pulling back the curtains on creating on the fundamental level, this interview gets you ready to go out and make something! Eli’Jah’s Instagram: YouTube & Spotify: @Congruity Productions - Timestamps: 0:19 - How would you classify your creative pursuits? 1:11 - How did you get started with filmmaking? 9:20 - Creative roadblocks and struggles 12:28 - How did you overcome those challenges? 17:00 - Creating during a pandemic… possible? 21:25 - Any projects in progress? 28:18 - What’s your camera gear? 34:53 - Advice for other creatives. 39:11 - Being a filmmaker ruins movies… but also makes them... better? 40:46 - Where can we find your stuff? 42:07 - What energy do creative people run on? - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
January 26, 2021
Movie Review - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
There’s nothing more peaceful than dissecting a much loved Star Wars movie… right? In today’s episode, we do exactly that, sharing our thoughts on Rogue One. From Darth Vader inspiring fear to 13th-century chant Dies Irae, Chekhov’s Gun, K-2SO, and you guys! As a Cereal Show first, we included six hot takes from our listeners, contributing to a well-rounded discussion of what is arguably considered one of the best Star Wars movies ever made. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) - Timestamps: 1:01 - Our Ratings and Taglines 6:29 - Parents Guide and Synopsis 8:46 - How did you feel right after this movie? 12:22 - The music composer who is not John Williams 19:14 - K-2SO: A Fan Favourite 21:08 - Other things we enjoyed 31:35 - Will Quinn change his rating? 33:49 - Seth’s Dislikes… Emperor’s Groove all over again? 34:12 - #1 Wouldn’t the explosion have killed them? 36:39 - #2 “I have so much to tell you” 37:26 - #3 Flat characters 45:12 - #4 Jyn Erso, a passive protagonist 50:01 - All dislikes lead to a… resolution? 53:33 - Chekhov’s Gun & why a man should be insane. 56:59 - Darth Vader kicking butt 1:03:59 - Hot Takes! 1:05:11 - Devin 1:10:18 - Angel 1:12:04 - Michael 1:14:38 - Jordan 1:18:16 - James 1:19:49 - Jonathan 1:20:53 - How should Rogue One have ended? 1:26:04 - How will this episode end? Next Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox - The Star Wars Soundtrack video referenced: A doc of Seth’s story thoughts with references to the terms used: - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
January 19, 2021
Ep.23 - The Apple iFold, AirPods Max are Unintentional Swimming Pools, Tesla News & New FAA Drone Law
We have a bit of a shorter episode with this one, discussing Tesla’s almost 500,000 cars delivered in 2020, Musk the world’s new richest man, Apple’s rumoured iFold, and that some people are finding their Apple AirPods Max’s double as swimming pools. Wrapping up with the nitty-gritty on an upcoming law change that’ll impact almost all drone pilots in the U.S. - Timestamps: 1:16 - 500,000 Tesla Cars 3:56 - Musk is the richest man in the world 6:30 - Apple iFold 11:33 - AirPods Max Swimming Pools 18:09 - FAA Drone Law Change - Link to the Sources: - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
January 8, 2021
Movie Review - The Emperor’s New Groove
In today’s episode, Quinn, Seth, and Drayton talk about a movie that on the surface seems quite innocent, but proves to be quite divisive, it’s The Emperor’s New Groove. From plot structure, character arcs, and themes to Kronk’s one-liners, we explore every bit of this movie. And perhaps Quinn and Drayton want to turn Seth into a llama by the end of it, you’ll just have to find out. - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
December 30, 2020
Ep.22 - SpaceX gets flush with cash, an observatory dies & no more physical Ikea magazines.
What’s in store in this episode? Well, keeping up with the theme of the last episode we try to breeze through our tech topics, ranging from SpaceX’s hop and cashing in, to an observatory gets destroyed, Apple Music on Google, and the death of Ikea Magazines. Rounding out the episode with another, upset Seth and frustrate Quinn. - Timestamps: 1:08 - SpaceX Hop 5:54 - SpaceX’s Payday 8:06 - Google Pixel Drop 13:49 - James Bond 17:22 - The Observatory 22:34 - Goodbye Physical Ikea Magazine 26:51 - Goodbye Drive-In Theatres 29:33 - Upset Seth & Frustrate Quinn - Link to the Sources: - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
December 8, 2020
Movie Review - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
In today’s episode, Quinn, Seth, and Drayton talk about a movie that puts a smile on all of their faces, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. We talk story structure, details, animating, soundtrack and John Mulaney. As well as reading this movie’s one-star reviews, making for a great time. (Please check the parent’s guide on IMDB before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) Timestamps: 1:58 - Our Taglines 4:01 - Our Ratings 5:46 - Parents Guide (Spoilers: PG) 6:49 - Synopsis 10:34 - Drayton’s one complaint 15:41 - Seth talks story structure 17:41 - It’s all in the details 36:08 - Animating on twos, and not… illegally… watching the movie 40:40 - Reading negative reviews 52:49 - John Mulaney 54:02 - Conclusion (and movies Quinn hates) Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: Movie articles/video resources: 
December 4, 2020
Ep.21 - Mandalorian’s Jean-Guy, Tesla & S&P 500, Snapchat is TikTok? & A New Segment!
What’s in store in this episode? Well, we change things up a little, breezing through our tech topics yet keeping them full of banter. Tesla to the moon, Snapchat is a TikTok tryhard, Mandalorian’s Jean-Guy, and Wonder Woman 1984 coming to HBO Max, what does that mean for the future of movies? We also introduce a new segment! “Unsettle Seth and Frustrate Quinn,” Seth and Quinn may or may not still be friends afterwards. - Timestamps: 1:04 - Movie review news 3:36 - Tesla and being included in the S&P 500 7:33 - Snapchat trying to be TikTok 12:40 - Mandalorian’s Jean-Guy 18:12 - Apple’s M1 Chip 21:58 - Wonder Woman and HBO Max 26:27 - Unsettle Seth & Frustrate Quinn - Link to the Sources: - Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
November 24, 2020
Ep.20 - Milestone Recap! “One more thing,” Mavic Mini 2 & DaVinci Resolve 17
In today’s episode, we walk down nostalgia st. talking about Cereal Show stats, past episodes, and the direction we’re heading in the future. But it’s not a Cereal Show episode without tech news! From Covid-19 vaccine news to Apple’s “One more thing” event, DJI Mavic Mini 2 and DaVinci Resolve 17, lots of exciting things on the agenda, represented by how long this episode went... - Timestamps: 1:31 - Two & Zero 10:28 - COVID-19 Vaccine News 14:14 - Apple’s “One More Thing” Event 18:54 - DJI Mavic Mini 2 29:54 - Are $100 drones worth anything? 32:45 - Spotify and podcast only subscriptions? 38:20 - Quibi is dead 39:38 - DaVinci Resolve 17 53:12 - Outro - Link to the Sources: - Instagram: @thecereal.showShare your thoughts and suggestions: 
November 11, 2020
Movie Review - I Am Mother
In today’s episode, we have on a guest we’ve had before, Drayton. But we’re not talking about Tesla’s battery day this time, no instead we have our very first movie review on the Cereal Show! This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but how do you pick what movie to do first? Well, we didn’t have to pick, Quinn’s patience did that for us. For 9 months he’s been asking Seth to watch this movie, and finally, finally, Seth got around to doing it. So in this episode Seth, Quinn and Drayton discuss the Netflix darling, I am mother. (Please check the parents' guide on IMDb before deciding if this is a movie you would be comfortable watching) Timestamps: 0:41 - How did we choose this movie? 2:16 - Our ratings and slogans 8:10 - Disclaimer / Parents guide 9:40 - Movie’s Synopsis 12:44 - The discussion begins 52:30 - Did you like this? And what movie we could do next.   Instagram: Share your thoughts and suggestions: 
November 4, 2020
Ep.19 - New iPhones! A homepod mini & Tesla / SpaceX news.
In this episode, we discuss Apple's newest phones (spoiler: we like them) Tesla S’s new pricing, Tesla 3’s refresh, SpaceX news, and why you should watch WALL-E.
October 27, 2020
Angel Cano - Photographer & Videographer
In this fourth interview on The Cereal Show, we chat with Angel Cano, a photographer and videographer with an amazing creative vision. Don’t miss the great conversation and light shed on the highs and lows of both photography and videography.
October 13, 2020
Ep.18 - Unpacking the Google Event, Selling Tesla Semi Trucks & Quarantine Content
In this episode, we unpack the Google “Launch night in” event, pile on some Tesla news, TikTok update, and discuss why rockets launch from Florida.
October 6, 2020
Ep.17 - Tesla’s Battery Day Breakdown with Drayton
With this special episode, we take apart and analyze Tesla’s Battery Day that occurred last week. With tons to unpack we enlisted the help of Drayton, so strap yourselves in and get ready for a rollercoaster of topics like future thinking, chemistry, drag racing and of course batteries.
September 29, 2020
Mark Johnson - Singer-songwriter
In this third interview on The Cereal Show, we chat with Mark Johnson, a musician and singer/songwriter. Don’t miss the great conversation and light shed on how music comes together and albums get made. Also, find out why Seth will be starting a yodelling Jamaican metal band.
September 23, 2020
Ep.16 - Apple’s New Devices, Sony’s a7C & SpaceX News.
In this episode we cover all things Apple with their latest tech event! Sony’s new camera too and some SpaceX news!
September 16, 2020
Gabriel Verdugo - Photographer
In this second interview on The Cereal Show, we chat with Gabriel Verdugo, a photographer with an amazing creative vision. Don’t miss the great conversation and light shed on the highs and lows of photography and shooting film.
September 8, 2020
Ep.15 - Amazon’s Halo Wearable, Fortnite Vs. Apple, Neuralink & Tesla’s James Bond Story
In this episode: Apple hates Fortnite, and Amazon wants to take pictures of you in your underwear. But that’s not all, Tesla teams up with the FBI to thwart a cyber-attack. Neuralink likes wires, and brains, especially the two together. And birds have a toxic relationship with wind turbines.
September 1, 2020
Jordan Crumpton - Music Producer
In this first interview on The Cereal Show, we chat with Jordan Crumpton, a musician who's recently found a love for producing. Don’t miss the great conversation and light shed on the world of producing music.
August 25, 2020
Ep.14 - Starlink’s Leaked Internet Speeds & Microsoft’s Folding Phone!
This episode features two main subjects, Starlink, their next launch and leaked internet speed tests as well as Microsoft joining the folding smartphone ring! Will it rise above or ‘fold’ under pressure?
August 18, 2020
Ep.13 - Samsung Unpacked! SpaceX’s Starship Hop, and TikTok Updates.
Samsung has released a ton of new devices! We let you know what’s what and fill you in on TikTok’s still very uncertain future. Coupled with Pixel 4a and SpaceX’s Starship hop!
August 11, 2020
Ep.12 - Is TikTok getting banned? Sony a7S III, Pixel 4a Leaks & Tech Antitrust Hearing
In today’s episode, we dive into the quickly developing news on TikTok’s future in America, from being banned, to Microsoft pursuing a deal with them. Bob and Doug return from their trip to the ISS! With the Pixel 4a unveiling around the corner, we talk leaks and hype. Talking about hype, the opposite is a congressional antitrust hearing, so we chat about that and the results. Finishing off with a healthy dose of nerding out over the Sony a7S III. Timestamps: 0:58 - What is going on with TikTok? 9:54 - Bob and Doug return from the ISS 14:27 - Pixel 4a Leaks 21:07 - Congress’ Tech Antitrust Hearing 30:13 - Sony a7S III 48:24 - End of Show Updates Link to sources: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
August 3, 2020
Ep.11 - The Scoop on Quibi! The New OnePlus Nord, Tesla News and r.i.p Intel
In today’s episode, we give you our honest thoughts on Quibi, their content, and why Quinn and Seth are cancelling their subscriptions. Then we talk about the possible new smartphone budget king, the OnePlus Nord! Lots of Tesla news, some rambling and Intel’s latest fall, making AMD look really good. 10/11 dentists recommend you listen to this week's dose of tech news on The Cereal Show. Timestamps: 1:04 - Quibi! 11:34 - OnePlus Nord 21:49 - Tesla News! 28:45 - Postponed movies of 2020. 33:40 - We want our listeners to join the show! 36:00 - DJI Mavic 3 Rumours and Quinn’s thoughts. 43:15 - Intel’s fall is AMD’s gain Link to sources: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
July 29, 2020
Ep.10 - 2 for 1 Bitcoin from Elon Musk… NBC’s Peacock, Netflix’s Big Bet and a 12K Camera!
9/10 dentists recommend you listen to this week's dose of tech news. In today’s episode, we talk about Twitter’s security blunder leading to CEOs, billionaires and past presidents asking for your bitcoin. NBC has launched its streaming service, Peacock, what makes it special? Netflix is hoping to make the next Marvel franchise, and they’re betting 200M on it. To top off the episode with some space news and a newly released 12K camera! Timestamps: 1:44 - NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service 17:34 - Netflix’s 200M bet, The Gray man. 20:46 - From the ISS back to Earth. (Space News) 26:00 - Twitter, Bitcoin and Hacking, the scandal. 35:55 - Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K (nerd alert) Link to sources: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
July 21, 2020
Ep.9.5 - Spotify and it’s Podcast Monopoly, Playstation 5, and Dancing Robot Dogs!
You bring the cereal, we bring the tech news, that’s how this works. In today’s episode we dive into some crazy Spotify podcasting news, Apple’s WWDC rumours, Playstation five, and Boston Dynamic’s Spot! “The future is now old man.” Timestamps: 0:50 - Changes possibly coming to Apple’s podcast app. 4:11 - Is Spotify the podcast king? 12:01 - Everything you need to know about the Playstation 5. 29:28 - Boston Dynamic’s Robot, Spot. 40:48 - Blurred backgrounds coming to Google Duo. 41:03 - SolarCity’s more efficient solar panels. 41:45 - Google Keen, Pinterest, no Keen. Link to sources: Share your thoughts and suggestions:
June 26, 2020
Ep.9 - More People and Satellites in Space. SpaceX, Starlink, and Tesla news
In this first part of episode nine, we talk about what’s been happening in the past month of SpaceX, Starlink, and Tesla news.
June 23, 2020
Ep.8 - DJI's Mavic Air 2, Elon news & is HBO Max the new Netflix?
We discuss all you need to know about the DJI Mavic Air 2 & some non-controversial Elon news. Sprinkle some HBO Max talk in, and wrap up with facebook's recent acquisition, and video game spending.
May 19, 2020
Ep.7 - Folding@Home taking on COVID-19, Disney remaking Robin Hood & Tesla news.
What is folding at home? How is it fighting the Coronavirus? We'll look at that as well as Disney's new Robin Hood movie, phone calls at an all-time high, and a fresh batch of Tesla News.
April 13, 2020
Ep.6 - Tesla's 1st Quarter, Newly Leaked iPhone SE, Youtube's "Shorts" vs. TikTok.
After two weeks we’re back with a new box of tech news cereal. In today’s episode we talk about Tesla’s first quarter in 2020, production and sales. The newly leaked iPhone SE. Also should TikTok be quaking at Youtube’s rumored competitor, Shorts? Wrapping up with some tech nuggies on Amazon’s delayed Prime day, what telcos are doing in the face of Covid-19, and the iPad Pro’s security features. Ever wondered what a bear market rally is? No? Well you’ll find out anyway on this episode of The Cereal Show.
April 8, 2020
Ep.5 - New iPad Pro & MacBook Air, SD the new HD? R.I.P Google I/O & Falcon 9 Rocket.
Streaming services to change the default quality from HD to SD. Apple releases a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air. The Falcon 9 rocket who took social distancing too literally, a cancelled Google I/O, and Window’s teased new UI.
March 25, 2020
Ep.4 - Gigatexas? Pixel 4a, IOS 14 features, Window's 10 critical bug & COVID-19 scams.
Let's explore Elon Musk's tweets, from "Gigatexas" to "Coachella sucking". Pixel 4a's leaked specs. IOS 14's leaked features. A critical Window's bug that was discovered and patched earlier in the week, cancelled events, and COVID-19 email scams.
March 16, 2020
Ep.3 - Space Tourism, Quibi vs. TikTok? Apple's $500M lawsuit & no more toilet paper.
In today's episode we dive into Axiom sending people to the ISS in 2021, Quibi another new streaming service, Apple's $500 million lawsuit and how you could cash in, then Australia's toilet paper shortage.
March 8, 2020
Ep.2 - Space X, Fujifilm X-T4, Apple's $400 wheels & bad guys.
In today's episode, we dive into Space X's recent booster landing failure, the Fujifilm X-T4. As well as Apple's $400 Mac Pro wheels, bad guys not being allowed to use iPhones in movies, and Seth's recent venture into the stock market.
March 3, 2020
Ep.1 - (subpar audio quality) - Samsung's latest phones, Tesla's super stock & PS5 pricing.
In today's episode we dive into Samsung's latest releases, the S20, S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip. As well as Tesla's recent stock surge, and over-the-air range improvements for Model S & X. Touching briefly on the PS5 pricing concern, and the Canon EOS R5. Share your thoughts and suggestions:
February 17, 2020