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into the WILderness

into the WILderness

By CEWIL Canada
Into the WILderness is weekly, topic-driven show where we dive deeper into the world of Work Integrated Learning or WIL.

Brought to you by CEWIL Canada, the lead organization for Work Integrated Learning in Canada.
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The Deathly Hallows of Experiential Learning
Explaining experiential learning and work integrated learning is not as simple as one may think. The approach and way you do it must be tailored to your audience; students, faculty, employers, community partners. On this episode I dive into how we talk about WIL and uncover an approach that is resonating with students - at least those born before the year 2002. Is it possible that the three critical components of experiential learning, academic content, an authentic experience, and reflection can be closely linked to three highly powerful magical objects? Guest: Sarah King, Director of Experiential Education, University of New Brunswick, NB "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
March 23, 2022
Maintaining Quality While Increasing Quantity - A Look Inside the World's Largest Co-op Program
25,000+ students, 7100+ employers, 60+ countries. The University of Waterloo boasts the largest cooperative education program in the world! We're going big to kick off National Co-op and WIL month here at CEWIL. On this episode I explore how Waterloo grew from its co-op roots in 1957 to the machine it is today. It hasn't come without its fair share of changes and challenges including a large department reorganization and my guest walks me through how his team navigated this journey. We also chat about co-op fees, the emergence of virtual work terms, virtual site visits and the future of cooperative education. Guest: Ross Johnston, Executive Director, Cooperative Education, University of Waterloo, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
March 01, 2022
Good WIL Hunting - Faculty Barriers to Engaging in Work Integrated Learning
I've discussed a number of barriers to work-integrated learning on previous episodes, but this one gets to the very core especially when it comes to course-based WIL. Faculty members and instructors typically hold the keys to their own courses and introducing a new WIL component takes time and thoughtful consideration. It also can require assistance, from another staff member, a community partner or a combination of the two. On this episode I dive into a handful of barriers that presented themselves at a research-heavy institution when the goal was set to get 100% of management students at least one WIL experience before graduation. Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time. Guests: Christine Arsenault, Managing Director of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough, ON // Dave Fenton, Lead Industry Partnerships, Innovation and WIL, University of Toronto Scarborough, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
February 15, 2022
Where There's a WIL, There's a way to...Greater Employability???
It's the age old question...well maybe not "age-old" but it's been floating around for a while; does the number of work experiences and WIL opportunities lead to greater employability in students? This week I revisit the topic of competency development and my guest helps unpack some of his latest research in the attempt to answer that question. Is it an exact science? Does more WIL mean more job opportunities? Or is it deeper, more complex than that? Is it, perhaps, more deeply rooted in lifelong learning and the notion of quality over quantity?  Guest: Dave Drewery, Senior Research Associate, Work-Learn Institute, University of Waterloo, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
February 08, 2022
Tough Conversations - Ending a Community/Industry Partnership
Despite all the planning and expectations ironed out well in advance, there are times when a community partner or employer situation just isn't working out. Sometimes you can ride it out until the end of the course or work term, but other times require an intervention and in some cases, a termination of that relationship mid project or mid work term - often an tough conversation to have! On this episode my guest and I explore multiple examples of when this has happened to us and offer up some strategies and best practices if you find yourselves dealing with this difficult situation. Guest: David Di Pietro, Senior Experiential Education Coordinator, Brock University, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
February 01, 2022
What's Wrong with the word 'Placement'?
Irish novelist Samuel Beckett once said "Words are all we have", well on this episode I dive into one of those words that seems to be a fixture in the Work Integrated Learning space; Placement or Placements. Starting with the definition of the word and moving along to why this word can lead to assumptions, misunderstandings and potential issues, especially when it comes to Co-operative Education. So let's take a leap forward and stop using this word...just like the leap my guest took while bungee jumping in New Zealand! Guest: Robert Wooden, Director of Management and Career Services, Dalhousie University, NS "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
January 25, 2022
Driving into 2022 - A SWPP Feature with Trucking HR Canada
WE'RE BAAAACK! It's our first episode of 2022 and we're picking up right where we left off. This week I sit down with Trucking HR Canada to talk about the recent federal vaccine mandate on Canadian truck drivers, the 23,000 job vacancies across trucking and logistics, student talent opportunities and improving HR best practices across the industry.  For more information about Trucking HR Canada and their funding opportunities, check out their website.  Guest Angela Splinter, CEO, Trucking HR Canada "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
January 18, 2022
Institutional Inertia and Navigating Internal Barriers to WIL
We've discussed external barriers to WIL, but we've never taken an inward look at institutions when they become the barrier. That changes today! On this episode I'm joined by Charlene Marion - Director of WIL, CEWIL Canada to have an open an honest conversation of our experiences in the WIL space and how post secondary institutions can become the barrier to new and innovative types of WIL. It's not all doom and gloom though, we dive into many highlights and ways that WIL champions have navigated around these barriers to make an impact on their students and communities. "Fallen Leaves" - Electric Wildlife
December 07, 2021
AgriTalent: Growing our People - A SWPP Feature with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Growing plants in your backyard is something, growing careers in the agriculture sector is something else! On this episode I sit down with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) to talk about their AgriTalent program and the Ag-tech industry. We chat about the challenges finding good talent, the intense labour shortage the industry is facing, and how to expand student awareness to other parts of the sector. For more information on the AgriTalent program and funding check out their website. Guests: Jennifer Wright, Director Operations, Programs and Partnerships, CAHRC // Colleen Coats, VP of People and Culture, Farmer's Edge "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
November 30, 2021
WIL from Home - How COVID Changed the Co-op Process
Prior to March 2020, remote work terms were a rarity, an exception to the norm. Fast forward 20 months and they have become a staple in co-op programs across the country. On this episode we explore the assumptions, realizations and new realities of remote work terms; how they have reduced barriers to access and levelled the playing field for students. While there is no black and white solution, we discuss best practices, new hybrid models and how trust in your employees is critical to the entire process. Guests; John Daggett - Manager, Co-operative Education and Career Success, Georgian College, ON // Ryan Larouche - Talent Partnerships Consultant, Brock University, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
November 23, 2021
WIL Types - Community and Industry Projects
At CEWIL we have defined 9 types of curricular WIL. While they all look a little different at each institution, there is consistency at the core of each type. This episode dives into the world of Community and Industry Research and Projects (CIRPS) to explore best practices, cultivating and nurturing community relationships and discovering what makes this type of WIL so interesting and innovative. We also have a healthy conversation about pet ownership and how many shoes is too many shoes! Guests; Ashley Nguyen - College Innovation Network Coordinator, College of the North Atlantic, N.L. // David DiPietro - Senior Experiential Education Coordinator, Brock University, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
November 16, 2021
Planting Seeds and Growing Careers - A SWPP Feature with ECO Canada
Championing the end-to-end career of environmental professionals is no small task. On this episode I sit down with ECO Canada to talk about their Student Work Placement Program, training and mentorship and the value of obtaining program accreditation. For more information on ECO Canada's SWP Program and funding check out their website Guests: Sarah Casorso - Senior Manager, Employment Programs, ECO Canada  // Yana Jay - Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales, ECO Canada "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
November 09, 2021
A Changing of the Guard - Prepping for the CEWIL Canada AGM
CEWIL Canada has seen a lot of changes over the past two years! As the organization prepares for it's Annual General Meeting (AGM) it's time to reflect back on these changes and look forward. On this episode I sit down with the current President and President-Elect of CEWIL Canada to chat about challenges, rewarding moments, insights for those looking to get involved, celebrity cooking and e-gaming. Guests: Cara Krezek - CEWIL Canada President, Director, Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON // Dr. Matt Rempel - CEWIL Canada President-Elect, Director, Career-Integrated Learning, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
November 02, 2021
Empowering Futures in Electricity - A SWPP Feature with Electricity HR Canada
If you want insights into an industry that literally keeps the lights on in this country - this one is for you! On this episode I sit down with Electricity HR Canada (EHRC) to talk about their Empowering Futures program, discuss the unique competency framework they have developed, and take a deep dive into the electricity industry and the vast array of opportunities that exist for students and new grads - they don't stop at the meter! For more information on the Empowering Futures program and funding check out their website. Guest: Mark Chapeskie, VP of Program Development, EHRC "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
October 26, 2021
WIL Types - Community Service Learning
At CEWIL we have defined 9 types of curricular WIL. While they all look a little different at each institution, there is consistency at the core of each type. This episode dives into the world of Community Service Learning (CSL) and Community Engaged Learning (CEL) to uncover some of the truths behind this type of learning, explore the nuances of the terms themselves and question if they are truly a type of WIL or not.  Guests; Dr. David Peacock - Director, Community Service Learning Program, University of Alberta, AB // Rhianna Nagel - Community Engaged Learning Coordinator, University of Victoria, BC "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
October 19, 2021
Propelling Careers in Tourism & Hospitality - A SWPP Feature with Tourism HR Canada
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a number of industries across the country and the tourism & hospitality industry is near, if not at the top of that list. The challenge now is how to address the labour crisis this industry is facing. On this episode I sit down with one of the newest Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) partners, Tourism HR Canada, and talk funding opportunities, COVID impact, empathy, workplace culture and most importantly - where WIL fits in this industry. For more information on the Propel program and funding check out their website or watch their most recent webinar. Guest: Joe Baker, Director, Tourism HR Canada "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
October 12, 2021
There's an "Art" to Skill Articulation
WIL often leads to the development of new skills or the strengthening of existing ones. The challenge for students is realizing this in the moment and taking the time to reflect. On this episode we explore the challenges that arise for students when trying to articulate skills and competencies on their resumes and during interviews, exploring solutions and different strategies for WIL practitioners and educators along the way.  Guests; Kerri Zold - Manager, Career Development and Experiential Learning, University of Windsor, ON // Laura Fyfe - Skills Translation Coordinator, Brock University, ON "Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife
September 07, 2021
What is WIL?
Join Dan Lonergan as he takes a deeper dive into the world of Work Integrated Learning (WIL).  Before diving into WIL, we take a step back and talk about what WIL is, what it means, who’s involved, and what it means for industry and WIL partners. Guests Dr. Nancy Johnston - Past President of WACE, former Vice Provost, Students, Simon Fraser University, BC // Scott Davis - Faculty Relations Manager, University of Waterloo, ON "Fallen Leaves" - by Electric Wildlife
August 31, 2021