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By Christ Fellowship Miami Young Adults
adult-ish is a Young Adults Podcast powered by the Christ Fellowship Miami Young Adults ministry. Through this podcast, we tackle relatable (and sometimes sensitive) topics experienced by Christian YA's in today's society.

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adult-ish S2E6 - Christian Dating In A Modern World
Dating can sometimes be such a grey area of conversation in the Christian world. There are many views on how we are to go about dating as Christians; who to look for, when to look for them, what appropriate boundaries to set; and since dating is not explicitly addressed in the bible or really discussed in churches, many Young Adult Christians often turn to the world to understand what dating should look like. In today's episode we'll delve into what dating as a Christian should really look like in this modern society.
February 13, 2021
adult-ish S2E5 - Seasons of Singleness
February is, what a few may call, the month of LOVE. At least for some of us. For those of us who find ourselves single during this approaching holiday, how do we avoid this "forever alone" feeling? In this episode, we discuss some struggles all single young adults might face and how we can overcome them!
February 5, 2021