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Ramblings & Random Rants

Ramblings & Random Rants

By Clyde Goodenough
"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." - Anais Nin

Just the ramblings (and sometimes rants) of an everyday, average Joe. Sometimes this podcast may dip into readings from the works of published writers reviews and even my take on everyday or topical issues.
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Something’s Got To Give
This episode focuses on a short biography of Marilyn Monroe. It deals with her personal life rather than her on screen persona. I wanted to tell the story of a person who was smarter than everyone thought she was and look at the human qualities of this woman's short life.  This episode is also available as a blog post:
June 5, 2021
The Lottery
In this episode, I share a short story I wrote a while back about a man who thinks that he has won the lottery. He dreams about what he could do with his winnings and is amazed at how his luck has changed...or has it?  This episode is also available as a blog post:
May 29, 2021
A Fine Romance
In this episode, I read an experimental short story I wrote about relationships. It is a twelve line narrative and each line relates to a month of the calendar year. It explores the fragility of the human experience and how quickly it can move from blossoming love to the end of something that was promised to last a lifetime. This episode is also available as a blog post:
May 6, 2021
The following is my thoughts on the idea of 'difference'. I've been thinking about this a lot lately after all thats's been happenng in the news about 'Black Lives Matter'  and the very recent judgement handed down in the George Floyd murder case. I'm trying to get my head around the necessity to categorise people. Why is it bad to be different? If someone is different to you, then surely, you are different to them too? So does this mean that you should been seen in a negative way too? Anyway, this episode is just my thoughts on the subject. No definite conclusions. That's why I called it 'Maybe.' This episode is also available as a blog post:
May 3, 2021
C’est la Vie
The focus of thiis episode is a short story about a high school football (soccer) player watching a match being played .It was originally written in the three part narrative structure and moves from present day 3rd person point of view to a 1st person flashback and back to a 3rd person present day setting once again. This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 28, 2021
The Girl at the Window
This is an original short story based on a scene from Australian author, Craig Silvey's novel, 'Jasper Jones'.  This episode is also available at and as a blog post:
April 20, 2021
This is all about the art of storytelling- the processes and the pitfalls. How we move from a blank sheet of paper to a vibrant story. This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 14, 2021
Freedom is Slavery
The reading of a poem, Freedom is Slavery, that I wrote in 2019 about the school system in Australia in the 21st century. Even in this day and age- the era of technology, advancements, new ideas and new ways of thinking, our school system has not changed since the Victorian age- We expect our children to be individuals, but they MUST conform to do so!
April 14, 2021