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Educationomics: Somewhere in the Middle

Educationomics: Somewhere in the Middle

By Charles E. Gramatges
Educationomics is a website and podcast which focuses on the metrics for building better schools by analyzing relationship theory, pedagogical practice, innovative mindsets, and dynamic spaces. The podcast hosts a variety of educators, learning leaders, students and community members to share opinions and research about valuable learning practices alongside with stories and experiences.
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"What I'm teaching you is a set of tools; and, I'm giving you those tools to problem solve."
This episode offers an intriguing interview with Mrs. Crystal Frommert, Instructional Coach at River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, TX.  She is a math teacher, instructional leader, and writer for Edutopia, an online resource for all thing education. I invite you to listen to Crystal's unique perspective on education from the point-of-view of a "teacher of teachers", and enjoy the development of her career as she plans for a move to, Annunciation Orthodox School (AOS), another independent school here in Houston in the Fall of 2021. Topics Links covered in this episode: River Oaks Baptist School Annunciation Orthodox School Presbyterian School Edutopia - Crystal's Publications can be found here. 4 Ways to Maximize the Benefit of Having an Instructional Coach The Benefits of Guiding Students to Develop Good Habits 5 Keys to Successful Homework Assignments During Remote Learning A Strategy for Building Productive Relationships With Parents Sponsorships: off for this episode
April 06, 2021
"It's a lot of love, and it's a lot of respect..."
This episode dives into the mind of Mrs. Cortney Kindall-Ritchey, our MS Counselor.  She is the FIRST-ever MS counselor, and has already built various programming that has proven vital and pivotal in the success of each child as they travel through the middle school years.  I am excited to share her story and her Presbyterian School experiences.  Thanks for listening! Topics Links covered in this episode: Dr. Crystal Collier - Social Media and Screen Time (PS Parents can access these presentations on the Parent Portal)
February 19, 2021
Cognitive Load - What is it, and how can we do better?
This episode covers Cognitive Load, a topic that I have recently learned about in more detail.  Dr. Ian Kelleher, Mind, Brain, and Education researcher at The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning offered a wonderful review of CL and inspired me to do some deeper thinking on the topic.  This week's podcast is a solo, shorter podcast, so I hope you give it a listen!  More interviews on the way!
February 06, 2021
"Every teacher I met seemed like a rockstar..."
This is an interview with Danielle Filas, 8th Grade Dean and Middle School Humanities teacher of English to our 8th grade students.  Give it a listen and receive a basic introduction into our Humanities program followed by a glimpse into the authentic way that Danielle connects to her students and colleagues. Punchy Penguins used Icebreaker cards from BestSelf. Danielle's article for WipeBook can be found here. Her publication on PowerSchool/Schoology can be found here.  And for more information about the Cue Conference can be found by going here.
January 31, 2021
Community Culture and Mind-Brain Education
Educationomics: Somewhere in the Middle is a podcast that focuses on all pieces of educating and inspiring young people to become the very best version of themselves. The stories and interviews and opinions that appear in this podcast are not representative of one single institution, but the collective thought and research of many educational experiences. The concepts, logistics, efforts, failures and successes in the world of engaging young minds to pursue their learning passions is a story worth sharing and hearing. This podcast is the first installment to the new production effort. In a world where everyone seems to have a podcast these days, I am excited to join the fray, and I’ll start it off talking about community culture and the need to fix one’s morals and values closely together. I’ll also dive into concepts that center around belonging in school community, particularly during the COVID-19 protocol world that we live in today.
January 27, 2021