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Chakras 101: Heal from within

Chakras 101: Heal from within

By Janine Petty

💫 Introducing Chakras 101: How to Balance and heal Your Spiritual Energy for Better Sex, Better Energy, and Better Mood ad ultimately a better life✨

Do you ever get the sense that your life just isn't fully turned on? (Feeling tired or lacking energy, stuck or directionless, lost, are tell-tale signs.) join me to learn about chakras, energy and reiki, spirit guides, tarot with a little of my journey mixed in...
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Energetic Protection
In this episode I discuss energetic tie cutting, what methods I use and how you know when you are picking up on someone else's energy. I talk you through a tie cutting exercise I’ve personally used for over 20 years, which I find really effective. You can read more details in my blog post via.
September 02, 2021
The Heart Chakra
In this episode I discuss the Heart Chakra, the first of the higher chakras but also the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  The blessed heart chakra is all about love, self love, love of mankind.  In this episode I discuss how you can recognise hone you are out of balance, how this presents both physically and psychologically.  For details of my chakra course and reiki have a look at my website
June 24, 2021
The Cosmic Planetary Aspects
In this episode, I discuss the Cosmic aspects, which are influencing the world right now. All of the retrogrades, the full moon on 24th June and more. It's a time to look inwards and reflect on where we are and where we want to be. It's a magical time and my brief discussion highlights how you can navigate this time.   If you would like to be on my podcast please email on
June 21, 2021
Super full moon eclipse May 2021
Welcome to the May's podcast all about the Super full moon on 26th May, in Sagittarius. Time stamps: 0.00-0.38 Trailer 0.39-1.07 Introduction 1.08-11.15 Discussing the details of this Super Full Moon 11.16-12.26 Journal prompts & positive affirmations 12.27-21.03 Full Moon Mediation This Super full moon is particularly significant because it a total lunar eclipse and it will be the closest the moon has been to earth in 2021, it will appear bigger.  We also feel the energetic affects of the moon more, along with the eclipse, which brings things up to the surface. Eclipses illuminate this further, you may be called to be radically honest with yourself, this is especially relevant for this super moon being in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the truth seeker. If you can go outside on the night of 26 May so you can see the year’s closest supermoon for yourself, in all of its cosmic beauty.
May 25, 2021
The Root Chakra - Life Supports me
 Once again thank you for listening and allowing me to have a voice   You can book chakra healing, reiki and card readings here 
February 01, 2021
What the Hell are Chakras? Why do they need to be balanced?
Today I talk about what are chakras anyway? I go into the history, and a their back story too.   I explain why we need to balance them and how this helps protect our energy and ultimately our health, against illness.  Once again thank you for listening and allowing me to have a voice   You can book chakra healing, reiki and card readings here  I'm running a live Facebook healing event on 7th January please join me by clicking the link below or on facebook
January 04, 2021
Throat Chakra part 2
In this episode i continue to talk about healing the throat chakra, having a voice and living in integrity, boundaries and different ways you can create balance.  We end the episode with a throat chakra healing and balancing meditation. Once again thank you for listening and allowing me to have a voice  You can book chakra healing, reiki and card readings here or on facebook
December 16, 2020
My journey, where my healing started and why?
You can find all my links
December 14, 2020
Throat Chakra- part 1 my journey to balancing my throat chakra.
You can find details of chakra healing and balancing on my website
December 14, 2020