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Champion Hope with Lantz Howard

Champion Hope with Lantz Howard

By Lantz Howard
Welcome to the Champion Hope Podcast with Lantz Howard where we coach ambitious Kingdom leaders to be self-aware, assertive, and fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom. Follow the journey and hear real coaching conversations that help you elevate your life.

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Is Your Ego in the Way of Receiving Compliments?
How did you respond the last time someone gave you a compliment? Did you respond with a simple, "Thank You!" If not then this conversation is for you.  In today's coaching conversation, we explore the tension that exists for leaders to receive praise. Your executive presence matters to your team and when you are unable to accept their compliments it is indirectly affecting your ability to give genuine praise back to your team.
April 21, 2022
The Biggest Lie to Overcoming Change and Transformation
You are living the exact life that you have created. Period. Stop blaming everyone else for your life and circumstances. We live in a "do it to me, do-it-for-me, but don't make me do it" culture. This belief is keeping many people back from making meaningful change and transformation. In this episode, I share why the path of suffering is the path to transformation.  What beliefs are you holding on to that are no longer serving you? What decisions do you need to make to get to your desired destination? How much are you willing to suffer to experience long-term transformation? What needs to shift in you to overcome the "do it to me, do-it-for-me, but don't make me do it" mindset? Come join the Champions Circle and get on a path of growth and encouragement with like-minded Kingdom men.
April 14, 2022
Logan Stout: How to Stay in Alignment, Be Present, and Listen to God in Your Marriage and Business
Curated conversations and customized coaching to help you elevate your marriage, business, and life.  Join this Champion Hope podcast and this curated conversation with Logan Stout. Logan is an avid entrepreneur who has made millions at a very young age, played professional baseball, actively coaches baseball, and has founded several companies, including the Dallas Patriots, and Premier Baseball Academy. He is the Founder and Chairman of ID Life a wellness company that optimizes your health based on your DNA.  Logan makes no excuses for staying in alignment with the Kingdom of God, leading his wife, raising two young men, and multiplying his time, talents, and treasures all at the same time.  You can learn more about Logan and follow his social links at and grab a copy of his best-selling book Grit Factor. Learn more about DNA Based Nutrition and Health Coaching and take a free health assessment. Download your free Jump Start guide at and start your Five Habits of a Champion Husband at Join The Champions Circle group coaching cohort and get on a path to overcome the obstacles in your marriage, business, and life.  Building Wholehearted Leaders "Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside." Lead Full. Live Free.
April 07, 2022
Coaching Conversation: Stop Leading Using the Whack-A-Mole Style and Lead with the End in Mind
Do you struggle with the whack-a-mole leadership style? Listen to today's coaching conversation and apply the same principles to your marriage, business, life and leadership.  Hear why I believe every leader needs to write his or her eulogy.  Grab your free resources and guides  Jump Start book and 5 Habits of Champion Husband Free Video Course   at
April 04, 2022
Jordan Raynor - Redeeming Your Time, Marriage Date Ideas, and Your Influence with Your Children
Join the conversation as Lantz Howard sits down and asks him eight questions about his marriage, leadership, life, and how he desires to learn how to play as a spiritual practice. Your life will be enriched by getting Jordan's book Redeeming Your Time and get a copy of his latest children's book at  Here are the eight questions we explored together:  One of the greatest adventures we are on is to love, serve, and lead our spouse in meaningful ways. Tell us about a recent date and how that reveals more about your life? After a great date with your spouse and you need to work off the extra food you consumed and the desert, what is your preferred style of workout and what does that say about your leadership? It seems everyone wants to talk about winning but rarely do we want to talk about the process that got us to the winning season of life. One of the complexities of life is learning to embrace suffering and how suffering can refine the character that helps us grow endurance and how that shapes our hope and Kingdom ambition. Can you share about one of your suffering moments and how that has defined you and points to your desire, design, and destiny? Every ambitious leader has dreams and fears. What are your secret fears? And how does it hold you back? When you are out of alignment with Jesus, how do you know? What spiritual practices help get you back into alignment? God's desire is that we live fully alive and yet we know that tension that there is one seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. What are three resources that have helped you in your marriage and/or business embrace being fully alive? Tell us about what has your focus, passion, and attention right now? Why should it be ours? Everyone is moving forward. What are your secret dreams? If that becomes true what story would you share three years from now about how that champions hope? --  -- Overcome your shadow self and stop playing small. Discover your hidden strength to lead in spiritual and sexual intimacy.  Join the FREE Five Day Champion Husband Challenge Course with Lantz Howard -- Executive Lifestyle Coaching, Training, and Community for GUIDING AMBITIOUS KINGDOM LEADERS TO BE SELF-AWARE, ASSERTIVE, AND FULLY ALIVE FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE BOARDROOM. Are you ready to overcome the obstacles in your faith, family, fitness, and finances? Try the Champions Circle Coaching Cohort --
March 28, 2022
Seth Buechley: Becoming a Spirit Led Kingdom Leader and CEO
Join in today's episode with Seth Buechley. We dive deep into what it means to be an ambitious Kingdom leader who is focused on being fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom. Seth is the CEO of Cathedral Consulting, author of Ambition: Leading with Gratitude, and podcaster at Business Done Right. Seth started as a coaching client earlier this year and has become a friend that I was humbled and honored to journey with this year. You can join in on today's conversation to hear what it is like to be coached and learn why Champion Hope is focused on helping ambitious Christian leaders become fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom in the adventure of following God.  Here are a few ways to get started in coaching when you are ready.  Download Jump Start book at and explore 46 ways to get quick wins.  Join the Five Habits of a Champion Husband Challenge Course at Set up Ask Lantz Anything call at Join The Champions Circle Mastermind. The path for a few is a deeper dive into one on one coaching like Seth did this year. 
December 27, 2021
John Eldredge on Marriage, Mental Health, Grief, and Living Life with Your Wholeheart
John Eldredge has been on my nightstand for over 20 years. He has impacted thousands of lives across the world. John leads the Wild at Heart Team to help men and women recover their hearts for life and for Jesus. Your life can grow by downloading their Wild at Heart app and the new One Minute Pause app. These are life-giving resources that will impact you and generations to come if you are willing to put in the work. His daily prayer has been a cornerstone in my life for a decade and how I set the foundation for Champion Hope Podcast. I could tell you about how every single book has shaped me in various ways. My top three books would be Wild at Heart, Walking with God, Beautiful Outlaw, and to dive deeper into how God moves in prayer check out Moving Mountains. We discuss why men are struggling to live meaningful lives. We discuss his life-giving and joy-filled way of how he writes his books. We talk about his latest book that will come out in the summer of 2022 and how you can build mental strength back into your life after the grief and global trauma we all have experienced. If you are like me and you want quick wins I have created a book you can download for free to help you become fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom. Jump Start is filled with 46 ways that the modern Christian man can win today. For example, did you know that cold showers have a real impact on your total health, build your immune system, and a stronger libido. Are you looking for ways to calm your monkey mind and be fully present? I share in Jump Start a simple practice of Centering Prayer. These two alone could help move your heart and head closer together and engage those you love the most with meaning and purpose. Follow or DM Instagram | LinkedIn When you are ready there are two ways I help ambitious men who are spread thin become fully alive. One on One Coaching - Professional Coaching Apply Now Mastermind - The Champions Circle
November 17, 2021
Coaching Conversation: What to do when your wife is always holding her phone?
Is your spouse 'always' on the phone? Do you feel disengaged from your spouse? Wondering how to have the difficult conversation to seek emotional engagement with her? Is this driving a wedge in your sexual intimacy as well?  Join this real-time coaching conversation with a recent client as we dive into conflict resolution and engaging your wife on a growth journey.  You will hear in this conversation that the change is closer than you realize. How to build an atmosphere of spiritual intimacy that leads to emotional and sexual intimacy.  Listen in if you are avoiding having a difficult conversation with your wife. Apply a few of the principles and see how it begins to turn up the heat once again in the bedroom. If you are ready for quick wins then download an ebook I created for you, Jump Start, and get started on these principles today. Remember, champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.  Schedule your Ask Lantz Anything or if you are among the few you can apply to get started with coaching today.  Ready to conquer the growth you set out to achieve, join The Champions Circle and get surrounded by like-minded men moving towards wholehearted living.  If this is helpful to you please share it with a friend that would be encouraged and hit the five star button and leave a quick review to spread the hope around as we build champions together. 
November 16, 2021
Two Questions Every Man and Woman Is Seeking to Answer
These two questions are powerful to unlock unhealthy narratives and set you free to be restored in wholehearted living.  - If you are like me, you like to take action and cut out all the fluff that helps move your life forward. Would you download a free ebook I created for you Jump Start: 46 Quick Wins for the Modern Christian Man and How to be Fully Alive from the Bedroom to the Boardroom? You can find a journaling copy on Amazon as well. - If you find these two questions helpful please like, share, leave a review, and 5-star rating to help the message spread. - The Champions Circle has been created to help men grow in an intentional way every month with practical challenges, live coaching, and private Telegram channel.   - Podcast listeners can receive a free 90-minute coaching conversation. Your next step is to apply and set up a time on the calendar. This is not a sales coaching conversation. This is an all-out goal-setting conversation to help you be fully alive.  - "Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside."
October 22, 2021
The Divided Life and A Path Towards Courage
Are you experiencing living a divided life? Or do you feel like you are never fully present?  The exhaustion of modern life is robbing your soul of living with your whole heart.  In this episode, you will be guided in three steps on a path toward integration and wholeheartedness.  Download the Jump Start book now.  Schedule your Ask Lantz Anything at Join The Champions Circle to step into wholehearted leadership. 
October 14, 2021
How to Write a New Story with Dr. John Delony Mental Health Expert over at Ramsey Solutions
In this Champion Hope Podcast episode, we explore how to write a new story, the importance of sleep, nutrition, and establishing the small wins that you do every day that make a difference over time. Dr. John Delony is the Mental Health Expert at the Ramsey Solutions team with Dave Ramsey. You can grab his book Redefining Anxiety at Amazon and check out the Dr. John Delony Show. -- Are You Ready To Win At Work And At Home? Jump Start Gives You 46 Prompts To Establish Quick Wins Is it time for you to level up in life and live into your God-given design? If you are like me you like to get straight to the point and learn the tools and tips. I have created a book for you that you can download for FREE called Jump Start: 46 Quick Wins for the Modern Christian Man and How to Win from the Bedroom to the Boardroom. What Do You Get? How to Lead Your Wife in Intimacy and Sex How to Calm Your Anxious Mind How to Design Your Life How to Become the Dad Your Kids Deserve How to Say No and Get Stuff Done How to Hear the Voice of God Jump Start is a journaling-based book. You can get a print version on Amazon. Check out the Champions Circle over at to join a group of like-minded men seeking intentional growth and wholehearted living. 
September 30, 2021
Famous at Home with Dr. Joshua Straub
Cultivating an environment of emotional awareness is one of the greatest works we can do, but is often neglected. Today Josh and Lantz share a few ideas about creating a home that is emotionally aware and will be helpful to your family. As Josh says, "The greatest red carpet you will ever walk on is through your front door." In Dr. Joshua Straub's reflective question at the end of the podcast. "What do you need to do to show up as the best version of yourself on that red carpet that enters your home?" Josh is most renowned for his role as a husband and dad. He is also a recovering human, an ongoing journey that includes therapy, coaching, a tight-knit faith community, and staying fit. On stage, Josh is a speaker, author, marriage and leadership coach, and podcast. He and his wife, Christi, lead Famous at Home, a company equipping leaders and corporations in emotional intelligence and healthy family systems. -- Download a free copy of Jump Start. Jump Start is 46 quick wins for the Modern Christian Man and discovers how to be fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom. Schedule your coaching call with Executive Coach, Marriage Therapist, and Spiritual Guide Lantz Howard at
September 16, 2021
Becoming a King with Morgan Snyder
I am deeply honored to bring to you a man who is living on a path of wholeheartedness and Kingdom living and believes “desire reveals design, and design reveals destiny.” What are you designing? Are you designing a life worth living? What do you desire? Are your desires pointed towards the right destiny? Morgan Snyder has been on staff with John Eldredge and the Wild at Heart team for two decades. This is how he describes his life’s mission on his website. “Make no mistake, this is for the few. Become Good Soil, the comprehensive apprenticeship track for the mission of Wild at Heart. It is a gateway to the quest to recover the path and process of masculine initiation.” You can find Morgan Snyder and his work over at I highly recommend that you invite men into your life and begin the slow journey of working through his new book Becoming a King: The Path for Restoring the Heart of Man. — Who are the men in your life that are helping you pursue wholehearted living? Living a life that points towards being fully alive? You need a circle of men around you. I have created the Champions Circle for men like you. A circle of like-hearted Kingdom men conquering the growth they set out to achieve at work and home. If you are looking for a few quick wins to move the needle in your life I invite you to download the free book and guide I have created for men like you. Jump Start: 46 Quick Wins for the Modern Christian Man.
September 02, 2021
Get Your Marriage On with Dan Purcell
Join us as I talk with Dan Purcell from Get Your Marriage on and the creator of the Intimately Us App. Need a council of like-minded men to help you grow in all areas of life. Join The Champions Circle over at May you have the courage to share this podcast with a friend or your spouse. 
August 17, 2021
Living an Uncommon Life with Former Navy Seal Garrett Unclebach
Join us in today's episode with former Navy Seal Garrett Unclebach about what it means to live an Uncommon Llife. Garrett is a man full of courage and humility. You can find out more about Garrett at  Come hear Garrett speak in Denison, TX at the men's event the first weekend in December 2021.  Head over to to download your free guide to Jump Start your life and how to be fully alive from the bedroom to the boardroom.  Please share today's episode with others if you found it helpful and hit the subscribe button.
August 10, 2021
All it Takes is 3 Seconds of Courage
Join your host Lantz Howard for a quick episode about having 3 seconds of courage. Find more at and while you are there download the free book Jump Start: How to be Fully Alive from the Bedroom to the Boardroom. Listen until the end to hear about upcoming episodes you will not want to miss.
August 05, 2021
The Ache of the Modern Man and Recovering an Enchanted Faith with Dr. Richard Beck
My guest today is the author of numerous books and a professor at Abilene Christian University. His recent work titled, "Hunting Magic Eels: Recovering an Enchanted Faith in a Skeptical Age" is about exploring this ache many of us feel and how to become alive in the adventure of following God.  "We live in a secular age, a world dominated by science and technology. Increasing numbers of us don't believe in God anymore. We don't expect miracles. We've grown up and left those fairytales behind, culturally and personally. Yet five hundred years ago the world was very much enchanted. It was a world where God existed and the devil was real. It was a world full of angels and demons. It was a world of holy wells and magical eels. But since the Protestant Reformation and the beginning of the Enlightenment, the world, in the West at least, has become increasingly disenchanted."
June 30, 2021
How Cold Showers Improve Bedroom and Boardroom Performance
For over a year I have been doing daily cold showers. Tune in to hear what the three benefits are that I find helpful. Schedule Ask Lantz Anything at
June 18, 2021
How You Can Change Your World 14 Minutes at a Time with Chris Field Founder of
Are you looking for your confidence and clarity to do the things that you value the most? Are you struggling to find time or money to show up and make a difference? Chris Field and Lantz Howard dive into a conversation about changing your world and why we need to see failure as an opportunity. Chris is the Founder of and author of the new book A Billion Hours of Good: How to Change Your World 14 Minutes at a Time. Chris was adrift, depressed, and gaining weight when he realized that he was not living in alignment with his best gifts. Since that time Chris and Mercy Project have rescued and reintegrated 181 child slaves from Ghana, Africa. Chris debunks the myth about why we don't give up our time and money more often in order to show up in the world and make a difference. Grab a copy of the book and begin to clarify your best YES so you can say no to the noise and gluttony that modern life offers. You are a champion and others need your presence to offer hope.  "A billion hours is equivalent to 114,000 years. That's how much good we're going to do together. Just 14 minutes at a time. You don't need more money, or time, or even another election cycle to bring transformational change to your community. What you need is to believe that daily microdoses of good over years and years can create a great return. Stop waiting for the big change moment and seize the good that you can do today. Join Chris in pledging 1 percent of your time (14 minutes a day) to make the world a better place. Learn how to solve old problems in new ways, and walk with Chris as he shows you how he started Mercy Project-a nonprofit committed to ending child trafficking in Ghana. See how compassion and care can serve as rocket fuel for deep courage and untapped creativity. Our responsibility in a world filled with suffering is to care, show up, and act. Not once, not twice, but a little bit every day for the rest of our lives. Accept this invitation and join a global movement for extraordinary good. Impossible alone. Transformational together." Wow. This book came at just the right time for me. In fact, it is probably just the right time for our world. I found myself smiling and nodding as I quickly turned page after page. Chris Field inspires through excellent story-telling but also provides a practical blueprint for us all to follow to create A Billion Hours of Good 14 minutes at a time. I want to share this book with everyone. ―Terri Dorsey, Director of Executive Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of America In A Billion Hours of Good, Chris pilots a metaphorical lawnmower. He clears a path by anticipating excuses and mowing them over. Chris started with my heart and then nimbly made his way into the part of my brain that too easily generates retorts-and in that very spot he worked his magic. Using pragmatism and relatable stories, Chris showed me I am capable of doing hard things, motivated me to do hard things, and helped me believe in my ability to make a meaningful impact in the world-in just 14 minutes a day. ―Corey Oliver, Former Senior HR leader at Nike and Deloitte -- You can find out more about Lantz Howard at and schedule your free Ask Lantz Anything at
June 08, 2021
How to Create an Epic Summer
Join in and hear about why creating a summer plan is essential to you and your family. This is in reflection of the last episode about Goal Fatigue and moving in a direction to replenish the soul and keep doing good work. Do you have a summer plan? How are you creating and recreating a summer worth living? A man's heart is not intended to find life in a concrete jungle.  Schedule an Ask Lantz Anything at and find out more about an exclusive circle of men in the Champions Circle who call each other to higher standards of living from the bedroom to the boardroom. 
June 04, 2021
Goal Fatigue and The Question Every Man Ask
Have you ever hit a wall after conquering meaningful task? How do you receive the gift from God that you can accomplish more than you realize? Join me in this episode about overcoming goal fatigue, conquering my first Spartan Race, the question inside every man, and how to reset for the summer. If you find this content helpful please like subscribe and share. Take a next a step at by scheduling an Ask Lantz Anything session.
May 29, 2021
Coaching Conversation: An Enneagram 2 Becoming the CEO and Leading the Team
Listen in on this live coaching conversation with a long-term client. Exploring the tension that exists for a young start-up company and leading the team as an Enneagram 2 and how to navigate the healthy side of team relationships.  Book an Ask Lantz Anything Session at Guiding the ambitious man to be fully alive. 
May 20, 2021
Three Keys To Discover Yourself
Discovering yourself is not overrated. In fact, many think we have discovered ourselves, but the reality in most of our lives is that we are living someone else's version of our life.  What is self-awareness? Where do we begin the journey? In today's episode, we explore the concept around three essential questions about self-awareness an example of how to develop self-awareness.  “When we become aware that we do not have to escape our pains, but that we can mobilize them into a common search for life, those very pains are transformed from expressions of despair into signs of hope.” Henri Nouwen Schedule Ask Lantz Anything at and Join The Champions Circle Mastermind  If this is helpful to you please like, subscribe, and share the content to spread the message. 
May 11, 2021
Big A - Aaron Walker Shares about Living a Significant Life and the Value of a Deep Mastermind
Join us in today's podcast episode with Aaron Walker and Lantz Howard. Big A runs a successful Mastermind called Iron Sharpens Iron for Kingdom-minded men who are on a mission to level up and serve others.   For a link to the podcast and transcription, you can go to   I am indebted to Big A for his time and his impact on my life. This is what he had to say about our time together.  "I have absolutely no reason to say what I’m about to because it wouldn’t benefit me in any manner. I’ve done just shy of 3000 interviews over the course of seven years. This could be in the top 10 most enjoyable interviews from my perspective that I’ve done. There was a sense of the spirit there like I rarely get to enjoy. I just thought I would tell you. I’m not sure how long you’ve been doing podcast interviews but you’re a champion. If there’s any way for me to get a copy of this interview I would love to have it." Big A  If you are like me you like to get quick wins and keep moving then this is for you. I have created free resources and an ebook you can get at   The resources will help the ambitious man become self-aware, assertive, and fully alive in the adventure of following God.    You can find out more about Professional Executive Coach Lantz Howard at and The Champions Circle Mastermind    You can find out more about Aaron Walker at and his Mastermind Iron Sharpens Iron.   If you enjoyed this episode I would be honored to have you like, subscribe, and share the content. A 5-star rating with a kind comment goes a long way to keep the fire going to reach more men with the message.  Follow and Subscribe to Lantz Howard and Podcast​ LinkedIn ​Instagram​ Facebook​
May 04, 2021
Longing for Home: Build a New House or Repair Cracks in the Foundation
Reflection from a journey and a longing for home. A brief devotional and encouragement from John 14:21,23 You are where you go. You may not need to leave your current home. Simply fix the cracks in the foundation. "Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside."
April 29, 2021
Five Questions to Help You Win, Upcoming Guest, and Roadmap of Content Coming
Listen in for today's episode to hear about the upcoming guests, coaching conversations, and a new resource designed to activate men. This is a precursor episode to the next five in a series about The Man in the Arena Dashboard. A dashboard designed to help men stay alert on the mission and live with full hearts. I share one of my all-time favorite quotes and give you five questions about the foundation of this dashboard. If you are like me you like to find quick wins, take action, and have momentum. I have designed an ebook for you that you can get for free at Thanks for listening and if you have questions please submit those via the "message" icon on the page. Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside. 
April 22, 2021
Three Circles of Your Life to Make an Impact
These three circles of your life define the direction of your life and influences the dreams and decisions of others. The impact you can have is knowing who is inside each of these three circles.
April 10, 2021
Crapshoot, Goals, and The Strategy
On a mission to reclaim hope and position hope as a clear choice. In today’s episode join in to hear about Brene Brown, Michael Jordan as we anchor Champion Hope in a foundational scripture.
March 31, 2021
Coaching Conversation: Exhausted, People Pleasing, and Married Sex
Welcome to another episode of ChampionHope. Helping men fight for the freedom in their heart and become fully alive in the adventure of following God. In this live coaching conversation, you will hear a client who is feeling numb, exhausted, and tired of people-pleasing to get the results he wants. Our conversation turns towards the marriage to see where the feeling of being tired and not getting what you want is showing up. Oftentimes ambitious men become great leaders and servants and forgo their own desires, wants, and needs. However, to last for the long hall and live up to your fullest potential we need to listen to how this is an opportunity for us to grow as men. Listen in to see what you hear that applies and how you can take action this week to be more assertive and self-aware in the adventure of following God. Submit a question and in an upcoming episode, I will explore the common topics. Schedule your coaching call at
March 18, 2021
The Daily Prayer by John Eldredge and Wild at Heart
The Daily Prayer is a guide for the journey. This prayer and Wild at Heart has allowed me to see Jesus more fully the last 20 years. The Daily Prayer is anchor to return to daily that allows you heart, mind, body, and will to be aligned with the Kingdom of God. You can find this and other prayer resources at - To connect with future episodes, free resources, subscribe to the Field Guide at
March 16, 2021
Welcome to Champion Hope with Lantz Howard
An introduction and an invitation to join others on the journey to champion hope. Champions on the outside are built with hope on the inside.
March 15, 2021