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Living in Light

Living in Light

By Chandra Easton
Chandra Easton is an Esoteric Astrologer and Healer; wholistic educator, group facilitator and author based in Australia. She works globally, within the Spirit of the Heart, to empower and support your journey to wholeness. Ancient Wisdom Teachings on various subjects, as well as guided meditations can be accessed here.
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Holy Mothers of Earth

Living in Light

Holy Mothers of Earth

Living in Light

Festivals of Light: Easter - Sun in Aries Moon in Libra
1. Easter Festival of Resurrectionž with Lord Jesus 2. Easter - Light of the Grail (press fast forward to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020
Holy Mothers of Earth
1.  Meditation into the Heart of Quan Yin  2. Meditation into Light of Truth - Lady Pallas Athena 3. Healing Breath of Dragon Mother - through chakras 4. Healing Heart of Lady Pallas Athena (press fast forward to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020
One Heart One Earth
1. Healing Meditation into the Heart of Earth 2. New Earth Meditation 3. Sorry Day Meditation:  Australian First Nations 4. Sacred Hoop Vision Quest Meditation 4.Talk:  One Voice One People.  (press fast forward to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020
Into the Light of your Soul
1. Heart lotus meditation (press fast forward to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020
Lady Isis & Her Ascension Angels
1. Starlight Healing Meditation:  Intro, prayer, song (19 mins) - guided meditation (20 mins) 2. Attunement to the Heart of Lady Isis 3. Talk  Lady Isis: Rose of Ascension.   1 hr 12 mins (press fast forward to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020
Healing through the Heart of Magdalene
1. (attune)& 2. Mother Creator Meditation 3. Sacred Woman Healing Meditation  4. Lady Magdalene and Her redemption Angels (press fast forward  to access relevant track)
March 20, 2020