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Conscious Creators - Change Your Mind with Flora

Conscious Creators - Change Your Mind with Flora

By Change Your Mind with Flora
The podcast for musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and other creatives (and for those who love them).

Do you want to understand yourself a little bit better, embrace your unique strengths, and find a way to thrive that makes you feel alive?

In this podcast, we'll be talking to different Conscious Creators about passion, psychology, personal growth, and more, to keep you happy, healthy, and inspired while you share your gifts with the world.

Tune in, and don't be afraid to change your mind!

With love,
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Bonus: guided visualization with Pami Parker (episode #6)
Bonus episode #6 of the Conscious Creators podcast.  In this bonus episode, Pami Parker takes us on a ride through Northern California.  Sit back and relax for this guided visualization.   Find the whole podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, or Love, Flora
March 14, 2021
The journey to joy. Connect to your soul and choose peace with Pami Parker
In episode #6 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to Pamela (Pami) Parker. Moving through life with curiosity, openness, and a strong commitment to lifelong learning, Pami is the queen of constant redevelopment, and full of surprises. In this episode, we discover joy as a gift and a necessity as we meet Sergeant Pami, explore the process of self-mastery, and journey through different stories, reflections, and practices. Connect to yourself and get ready to create your own joy. With love, Flora In this episode: 00:00 Intro + deep breaths (calm and connected) 01:34 Conscious Center Academy + 3 steps of expansion 07:35 How we think we “should” be + what is your truth + self-mastery 10:56 Start with you (take care of yourself first) 14:25 Let go of the outcome 17:22 Reflection: how does this feel for you? 18:20 Not caring vs non-attachment + bringing it into your daily life 21:15 Dreams + restarting the day 26:23 Short practice: owning your feelings 29:19 Non-violent communication 30:30 Get support when you need it 32:32 Corporate America + getting out of the fast lane 34:13 Practice: how to hold space for a loved one 38:35 Loving boundaries + clear intentions 42:10 Reflection: relationships + triggers 43:05 Taking yoga (and other practices) off the mat 45:45 The physical practice as a mirror (e.g. balance) 47:25 Trust + having faith in something 50:12 Beyond the bio: Sergeant Pami 53:04 Faith and fear: the ability to harm vs choosing peace 57:18 Repeating life lessons + embracing yourself as a multifaceted being 1:00:00 Spiritual bypassing + your unique needs 1:02:13 Short practice: sound and other senses 1:03:43 Fun as a spiritual practice 1:04:59 Reflection: what sounds do you incorporate into your practice? 1:05:35 First awareness: memory of sound and joy 1:09:50 Allowing yourself to experience joy + personal story 1:12:53 From high & happy to sitting with the pain 1:14:14 “Being the corporation” + giving your soul to the job 1:15:37 Show before you tell (bonus episode) 1:17:00 Constantly redeveloping yourself 1:19:35 Grief and living for someone else 1:12:38 Being your authentic self + letting go of someone else’s definition of success 1:23:00 Authenticity in relationships 1:24:45 Finding courage and owning your power 1:26:17 Thrive (level 3) 1:30:04 Invitation: collaborate with Pami 1:31:55 Outro Go to for the full list of time stamps and links :-) More about Pami: Website Facebook Connect with me here: Website: Instagram: @changeyourmindwithflora  Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
March 14, 2021
The Wired Boy. Creating freedom and coming home to yourself with Reinier van Harten (REINDIER)
In episode #5 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to multimedia artist Reinier. Under the moniker “REINDIER”, he just started a new adventure. His brand-new project Obsidian // Silk will be released as a stage production, album and short film. Reinier created a poetic, multifaceted, immersive experience, with a heavy focus on stage design, costume, styling, light production and choreography. In this podcast, we start to uncover some of the layers, and dive into topics like creative freedom, sexual identity, and resilience. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be enchanted. With love, Flora In this episode: 00:00 Intro (Music: About a Boy - REINDIER) 01:51 Breaths and feelings 03:48 Show before you tell: secrets in the spotlight 08:40 REINDIER’s newest project: Obsidian // Silk 10:29 Polarity in art + gender expression 16:31 The process of coming home to yourself + removing the armor 20:00 Are you connected to Donald Trump? Connection and conversation 22:00 Vulnerability and emotional intelligence (+ depression in men) 25:10 New release: Aphrodite & Tentacles (Spotify and YouTube) 30:20 Processing emotions through fairy tales + being in control + vocal cord paralysis 34:00 Surrendering + identity changes 36:00 Music: it’s everything (and it’s not) + performing for yourself 38:00 Helicopter view vs living inside the music 40:00 Meditation for perspective + separating yourself from your art 41:50 Releasing a debut album + letting go of stress 42:42 Validation in art + letting go of your babies 44:12 Redefining bravery + enoughness 45:25 “Fear is excitement without the breath” 48:40 Reinier’s favourite thing about the new release 50:05 Imagination: connecting to the magic in the mundane 52:21 Beyond the bio: gymnastics + growing old 53:53 Boys won’t be boys 57:50 Shoutout to Tanja Busking + professional dating 1:00:58 Thrive: three levels of advice from Reinier 1:01:25 Staying afloat: out of your head and into your body (running, yoga and dance) 1:09:39 Learning to swim: learn + listen + commit 1:14:47 Exploring the ocean: freedom + making your own rules + big dreams 1:20:22 Outro (Music: Tentacles - REINDIER) Go to for the full list of time stamps and links :-) More about Reinier: Website Instagram: Reindier Connect with me here: Website: Instagram: @changeyourmindwithflora  Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
February 01, 2021
Dream big, fail big, win big! Change your mind(set) and create your own success with Samuel Vekeman
In episode #4 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to musician, actor, and entrepreneur Samuel Vekeman. We talk about the benefits of teamwork, being brave, and showing up for yourself. Sam teaches us to "Dream big, fail big, and win like never before". If you were looking for a sign to chase your dreams in 2021: this is it! Love, Flora In this episode: Go to for the full list of time stamps and links :-) More about Samuel:  Website  Instagram: Samuel Vekeman Instagram: Sam Renascent Connect with me here:  Website:  Instagram: @changeyourmindwithflora  Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
January 09, 2021
What if you could have it all? Let go of what doesn’t serve you and build the life you deserve with Paige van der Wolf
In episode #3 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to creative business owner and international relocation coach Paige van der Wolf. Her business, BrightWorks Coaching, was born out of the idea that relocation is an opportunity to let go of the things that no longer serve you and build the life that you deserve. In this podcast, we uncover some underlying elements and strategies you can use to start changing your life, whether you move across the world or stay right where you are. If you are ready to set some intentions for 2021, this podcast is going to help you get started! Love, Flora In this episode: Go to for the full list of time stamps and links :-) More about Paige: Website Instagram BrightWorks Instagram paintings Connect with me here: Website: Instagram: @changeyourmindwithflora Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
December 22, 2020
How do you feel about it? Amplifying (female) voices and telling your story with Marlou Vriens
In episode #2 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to songwriter, music teacher and choir conductor Marlou Vriens. As a talented artist and a kind human, Marlou teaches valuable life lessons through the power of music. She shows how we can model social justice in our immediate environment, and reminds us that we can both find our own voice and amplify others in the process. Her own songs had always been a refuge, but one day the expectations of others leaked into the bubble she had created for herself, and Marlou stopped writing. It took a few years of empowering other women before she found her spark back, and she promised she’d never let it go again. She recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, and released her album Vəʊkəˈliːz. She’s ready to share her own voice with the world, and now there is just one question left: “How do you feel about it?” Love, Flora In this episode: Go to for the full list of time stamps and links :-) More about Marlou: Website Instagram Spotify Connect with me here: Website: Instagram: @changeyourmindwithflora Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
December 09, 2020
Giving up the private jets? Embrace your calling and learn to fly with Jordi Martin
In episode #1 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to upcoming artist and songwriter Jordi Martin. As a guitarist for Sam Feldt, Jordi got to tour the world and play in front of amazing crowds. In between private jets, expensive evenings, and more rock’n’roll, Jordi found out that his happiness didn’t lie in any particular corner of the world. In the blazing spotlight, he discovered his shadow. Finally facing all parts of himself, Jordi found acceptance, rediscovered his passion, and - as he explains in his latest single - “I was getting to know me”. Love, Flora In this episode: 00:00 Intro 02:00 New Year's Eve 2019 + goals for 2020 05:10 Jordi's quarantine-routine 08:15 Feeling inspired to write 11:40 Advice for when you don't want to do The Thing 12:50 The songwriting process 17:00 Trusting someone else with your story (songwriting as therapy) 19:39 The story behind the song: Getting to Know Me (part 1) 22:40 Meeting Ed Sheeran + a new vision 28:45 Touring the world with Sam Feldt (+ giving it all up) 32:01 The story behind the song: Getting to Know Me (part 2) 35:37 Wim Hof: crashing the car + breathing through your balls 39:10 About the podcast 40:50 Mental health in the music industry 45:52 Dealing with criticism 47:32 Meeting yourself where you are (story time!) 39:20 Disappointment and motivation 54:15 Jordi's favourite thing about working in music 55:50 Science break: the psychology of music (Source: The Brain's Way of Healing - Norman Doidge) 57:10 Show before you tell: Jordi takes us to Pinkpop 1:03:03 Beyond the bio: something most people don't know about Jordi 1:07:19 Thrive: three stages of advice from Jordi 1:08:45 Part 1: staying afloat (if you're struggling) 1:14:15 Part 2: learning to swim (how to do what Jordi does) 1:20:02 Part 3: exploring the ocean (big dreams for the future) 1:24:31 Not fitting in + a sense of belonging 1:27:27 Deni Kukura + the importance of a supportive community 1:29:00 Learning from each other (part 1) 1:29:29 Jordi's musical timeline 1:31:41 Parents and mentors + (almost) quitting high school 1:35:35 Coach Bennett (Nike) 1:37:17 Learning from each other (part 2) 1:37:50 Final takeaway from the podcast 1:40:30 Getting to Know Me (music preview) More about Jordi: Website Instagram Connect with me here: Website Instagram Inner Circle (free private facebook group)
November 24, 2020
Welcome to the Conscious Creators series (Change Your Mind with Flora)
Welcome to the Conscious Creators series from Change Your Mind with Flora. Listen to the trailer to learn more. I hope to see you inside! Love, Flora
November 23, 2020