ChansLogic Culture of Care

ChansLogic Culture of Care

By Chandler Walker
The #ChansLogic project is dedicated to helping people chase their dreams and to give them the courage, guidance, and knowledge to pursue it relentlessly and become the best leader possible all by following the 6 Pillars of wellness:

1. Mental Health
2. Social Health
3. Nutrition/Gut Health
4. Fitness
5. Sleep
6. Wealth
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The #ChansLogic project is dedicated to helping people chase their dreams and to give them the courage, guidance, and knowledge to pursue it relentlessly and become the best leader possible all by following the 6 Pillars of wellness:

1. Mental Health
2. Social Health
3. Nutrition/Gut Health
4. Fitness
5. Sleep
6. Wealth

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Why Business to Individual is the Future
It's not business to consumer or business to business's business to the individual. People need and want to be heard, and at the heart of it all, you are focusing on each human who needs your products or services. Listen in to hear my four tenants on why business to the individual is the way forward and how this creates the best experience for the customers in the long run. Subscribe to my CarePackage Digest -->
December 5, 2019
The Mental Health Comedian - Frank King | People Project
Frank King, Suicide Prevention and Postvention Public Speaker and Trainer, was a writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years, is a Corporate Comedian, syndicated humor columnist, and podcast personality, who was featured on CNN's Business Unusual. Depression and suicide run his family. He's thought about killing himself more times than he can count. He's fought a lifetime battle with depression, and thoughts of ending his life, turning that long dark journey of the soul into a TED Talk, "A Matter of Laugh or Death," and sharing his lifesaving insights on Mental and Emotional Health Awareness, with corporations, associations, youth (middle school and high school), and college audiences. As an Inspirational and Motivational Public Speaker and Trainer he uses the life lessons from the above, as well as lessons learned as a rather active consumer of healthcare, both mental and physical, to start the conversation giving people who battle Mental and Emotional Illness permission to give voice to their feelings and experiences surrounding depression and suicide, and to create a common pool of knowledge in which those who suffer, and those who care about them, can swim. And doing it by coming out, as it were, and standing in his truth, and doing it with humor.
November 14, 2019
How to Break Free of the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle of Suck
How to break free of the paycheck to paycheck cycle of suck. Life is about searching for a way to live your dream. While at the same time trying to find a way to finance that dream.  You’re taught to find a decent job, buy a house, and go to college.  But in the process, you sometimes fall short of exactly what you want.  Credit cards begin to pile up, balance transfers are used, more cards pile up. And you spend your paycheck before you even receive it. This cycle continues and continues until you simply give up and see this “rat race” as how it’s supposed to be.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can break the chains of being stuck.  Focus on removing debt and breaking free of the chokehold credit cards have on you.  And finally, learn to embrace the life that you know you wanted all along.  Stop settling. Start planning. Listen to this podcast for a few simple tips and strategies you can use to get out of the paycheck to paycheck rat race!
November 8, 2019
How Your Brain Sabotages Your Career and Business...And What You Can Do About It
Inference observation confusion in business... When looking at the world from the eyes of your career or business it's easy to think with only your viewpoint. and that forces thoughts like... That'll never work. People won't buy this. It's too expensive I wouldn't pay that. and a host of other thoughts. But this is a fatal error because in business you have to think in the mindset of the market and go as deep and granular as possible. It's the business to individual mindset that helps you work through this. What does that even mean? Well... It means that you must remove your own personal bias and thoughts away from the equation and only thing in terms of what the individual wants and needs. Then you create solutions to pinpoint that need and provide unbelievable service and support. Watch this video to learn more about my concept of inference observation confusion in the career and business world. Watch my simple 5 Step strategy my online course creator clients use to sell out their courses -->
October 24, 2019
The Real Reason You Need to Say No Right Now
I’m not gonna take it!! Getting pushed around, told what to do and cornered until you agree is never a good place to be. But in life, you find yourself in this predicament every single day. You halfway agree to simply get out of the situation and to get the pressure off of you. But afterward, you rehearse the situation in your head. I should have said no way. I should have stood up and told them what I really think. Next time I’m going to stand up for myself for sure. The big problem with this scenario is that you never actually stand up for yourself. Because the thought of it is terrifying. But it shouldn’t be the thought of standing up for yourself that is terrifying. It should the thought of never doing it and consistently letting people walk all over you. It’s time to say no, time to put you first and time to let the world know that you are no longer a doormat! Be sure to subscribe to my CarePackage Digest -->
October 11, 2019
Introducing the Business of Care
I'm excited to introduce...or reintroduce if you've been following me for a while the Business of Care. This show is devoted to teaching you the skills that you need to scale up your business or your career in an ethical way without sleazy tactics. Listen in to hear my story and how I went headfirst into my first business at 26, the things I learned along the way and how I successfully made shifts and changes along the way...hint my first year in business I felt like a vampire since I never actually saw the sun. Catch the show live every Wednesday at 11 am PST or right here on the podcast the following week! As always my CarePackage list is off the hook! Subscribe to that here --> or join me on Messenger -->
October 8, 2019
My 4 Step Strategy to Get Unstuck
I can't get this thing figured out, I'm stuck with no clarity, and I feel like I'm doing a million things at once!! This is likely a familiar scenario for many of us. You work hard day in and day out but all of a sudden you find that you can get through a specific situation. Maybe it's a problem at work you would have easily solved in the past, but not it's presenting as a severe roadblock. Or in your everyday life, you're beginning to forget things and can't seem to focus on your day. The bad news is that when you're stuck, it can feel like you're stuck in a well with no way to climb out. But the good news is that you're not alone in the world with this problem. Many people have suffered in this regard. If you want to find out how to get unstuck, I have a simple 4 step process you can follow to reshape and redefine your life. Listen to this episode to find out the exact process! Then head on over to and jump on my brand new Care Package list where I dig into my deepest thoughts and most profound ideas!
September 27, 2019
The Career Life Reset with Phyllis Ginsberg
In this episode, I talk with Phyllis Ginsberg who in the middle of a successful career as an expert in high-conflict divorce cases, found herself becoming overwhelmed by her stressful life. She was on the path of career and life burnout, and it was beginning to take a real toll on her body. She tells the story of rescuing herself. A true story of finding herself and working to understand her true identity and what kind of life left her feeling fulfilled. Through many ups and downs she found her way and used it to create the life she wanted! Check out her books: Tired and Hungry No More - Not Your Ordinary Guide to Reclaiming Your Health & Happiness And Brain Makeover – A Weekly Guide to a Happier, Healthier & More Abundant Life. (Both books are available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.)
September 6, 2019
9 Steps to Remove Burnout Once and for All
Burnout can completely kill your progress, creativity and any hope for a stress-free life. The problem is if you don’t deal with it you end up in a perpetual state of suck. Where you never feel good about your work, yourself or your ability to stay on track. You start to feel like it doesn’t matter anymore. Like you’re always going to be stuck and that you’re never going to be able to figure it out.  And the biggest problem is that you’ll begin to feel as though this is just the way life is.  You’ll slowly accept that this is it and the way it’s always going to be.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can remove the burnout and live a stress-free and happy life.  You can finally save time for yourself and say no when you can’t or don’t want to.  And you can finally stop taking your work home with you. Listen to this episode for my 9 steps to removing burnout!
August 9, 2019
The One Trick You Can Use to Fast Track Success
You’re stuck or you can’t see to push the boundaries like you used to and no matter what you do it seems like the needle simply doesn’t move. So you work, and work and work and work until you’re at the point to where you think being stuck is just a fact of life now. The biggest problem is that once you're in this mindset you’ll start to believe that it’s true and you’ll start to allow it to become a reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can move the needle and fast track your success to finally get unstuck and to finally get to exactly where you want to be. Listen to this podcast for my thoughts on how you can accomplish this! Watch my free training at
July 25, 2019
The Three Secrets to Work Smarter NOT Harder
Your life is built by your own design, but what if your life is a mess? This is a huge problem faced by almost everyone at some point in their lives and you really have to learn to define the specific things in your life that “move the needle” for you. And from that you use a specific technique to find a way to prioritize that it to a level where nothing else is in the way. Listen to this week’s episode to find out what the 3 things you need to do in order to move the needle are!
July 13, 2019
How Leaders Inspire
Do this, do that, right now, because I said so!! That is not how a leader should approach any situation. In fact, that is a sure fire way to inspire those who follow you to hate you and to build animosity toward you. The leader needs to understand those who follow him or her deeper than they even realize themselves. The leader then needs to inspire and motivate and create a feedback loop. That way they are always in the know of what's needed, what's working, and what morale looks like. Once you build a group of people who are inspired to take action under you... You'll establish a following of people who will go to the ends of the earth for you, Because they believe in your vision and what you represent. Leadership is about inspiring people to take action. Listen to this weeks episode to find out how to create that inspiration and motivation!
June 27, 2019
The Stories We Tell
I'm not good enough, I'm not skilled enough, that person is a jerk! All of these are stories you create in our own head and based on the situations you experience in your life. These situations reshape and redefine the world you see and your thoughts on the people in it. You can go through life hating someone because of any issues you had with them years ago. The big reason you carry that hate is that you've created a story in your head that you were in the right in the current situation. You do this to justify your part in the situation and to place yourself in a place of goodwill rather than seeing it from an objective position. This becomes a big problem when trying to interact with coworkers, repair relationship, and it's a significant problem when trying to be a good leader. All of these require empathy and stepping outside of your own head to find and identify the stories people create in their heads. In this episode, I talk about how you can step outside of your own and the incredible amount of power it gives you to become a better human and a fantastic leader!
June 21, 2019
The Hitman of Networking - Eric Malzone
In this episode, I interview my good friend Eric Malzone... He was raised in the middle to the upper middle class in silicon valley before it was even silicon valley or when there were corn fields rather than Priuses. He has experience with CrossFit in the original days before it blew up and become a sensation, but after a few tough experiences he came to a shaking realization that life is fragile and he needed to work to live the life he had always dreamed of so that he didn't regret the things he didn't do. Which led Eric to pursue his nomadic lifestyle! We had a fascinating conversation about the integration of wellness, fitness, and the health coach into the healthcare ecosystem and how we must learn to embrace technology as part of our lives and ecosystem. And if we're going to be considered professionals as health coaches, it starts with learning to understand how to communicating for success and a high-level understanding of the character states of a conversation so that potential clients see you as professionals!
June 14, 2019
Pain is Not Candy's never fun to experience either physically or emotionally. — Day in and day out you experience in some way, shape or form, it hits everyone at some point or another, and no one can confidently say they have never experienced. — Day by day, the pain grows, and you begin to feel as though it's never going to get better. — You have some sort of vision as to where you want to be, but you can't seem to figure out how to get there or how to get over the gap that is holding you back from getting there. — But the big problem is that if we only look to the future and where we want to be, it doesn't drive us to move away from the pain. — People as a whole will work harder to move further away from pain rather than towards pleasure. — So if you want that future, you've always dreamed of create a plan of action to move away from the pain. — Think about how amazing it will be to have that pain erased from your life and then take action and make it happen! — Listen in to hear the process you can use to move past pain and into the life or business you've always dreamed of!
June 13, 2019
The Secret To Effective Communication
Listening and empathy make for a powerful combination in your ability to communicate.
May 24, 2019
Julien The Scaling and Real Estate Samurai
In this conversation, I talked with Julien about scaling his jewelry company to 7 figures and beyond and at the same time investing in real estate properties over the course of several years.
May 9, 2019
How To Walk Into Any Room And Dominate
The room is full of people, they're all staring at me, and I think I need to turn around and high tail it out of here. We often don't feel adequate, justified to be there or we lack the self-confidence to see outside the box we have created.
April 25, 2019
My Story and How the Culture of Care Movement Was Created
Listen in to hear about the birth of using my voice via ChansLogic to help people realize their true greatness and potential and to build this Culture of Care!
April 14, 2019
Why You Cant Just Shrug It Off
When you suffer from feeling down, anxiety, depression or overwhelm it's easy for those who are not going through it to tell you to just "shrug it off." But the problem is it's not that simple.
April 6, 2019
Kate the Keto Ninja |#ChansLogic People Project 021
Keto is a pretty big deal right now but is it all it's cracked up to bein a sea of programs and a sea of diets? Find out in this episode as I talk with Kate about all things Keto!
March 20, 2019
The Top Way to Succeed in Removing Depression and Overwhelm | #ChansLogic - Culture of Care 009
I know that as a person deep down inside you want to feel good about the world, you want to feel good about yourself and you want to believe that you can without overwhelming fear and doubt holding you back. You want to walk into the office and be excited to start the day, without the fear that you’ll screw it up. That’s what today's show is all about. The top way to remove that depression, anxiety, and fear that creates these beliefs and ultimately leaves you frozen in fear.
March 9, 2019
The Comparison Trap | #ChansLogic - Culture of Care 008
We see people at work in situations we envy and situations that make us feel better about ourselves. We hear about what's going on in the community at the dinner table and sometimes wonder why we don't have it all. These thoughts are completely normal... But we can't let them consume us. We can't let them put us in a mindset to where we don't feel good enough. We can't begin to believe those emotions and thoughts.
March 3, 2019
The Useful Purpose of Self Doubt | #ChansLogic Culture of Care 007
We often don’t believe in ourselves, doubt our ability to do new things and as a result, become frozen in fear. As time goes on we begin to believe that we can’t, we begin to find ways to prove that we can’t in order to justify our beliefs. But with self-doubt breeds an opportunity to create pathways to success. In essence, we learn to master our thoughts and challenge our long-held beliefs.
February 23, 2019
Why Empathy is the Key to the Next Level | #ChansLogic Culture of Care 006
Empathy is the key to learning and understanding what people are going to do and how they are going to react to situations before they even do it. All too often we become stuck, because of difficult people, bosses, friends, co-workers etc frustrate us to the bitter end. But the problem is that we all live on our own head and in our mind, we believe what we are thinking is right. Learn to understand this and you can create new situations, and opportunities and lessen difficult situations!
February 16, 2019
The Gut Brain Connection | Culture of Care Episode 005
The gut is likely the epicenter of not only our physical health but also a centerpiece of our emotional health and well being as well. Many people struggle on a daily basis to try and understand why they think and feel the way they do. Why they can remove certain thoughts... Why they can avoid taking certain actions... But in a very interesting way, the microbes in your gut and the microbes in different areas of your body have a very unique impact on your overall health.
February 8, 2019
Captain of Your Fate or Prisoner in Your Head | Culture of Care 004
Imagine taking the chance, controlling your life. Embracing fear. Embracing uncertainty. Because it leads to a better tomorrow. Break the chains holding you back. Take back your life. Wake up tomorrow with the entire world in the palm of your hand. With the confidence to shake the entire world and the feeling that you’ve accomplished everything, you dreamed of. It starts with you and ends with you.
January 31, 2019
The Man with Many Hats with Jeremy Jones | Culture of Care 003
In episode 003, I talk with Jeremy Jones who comes from an engineering background after switching from being an art major. We dive into his martial arts career in Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, Shootfighting, and teaching. He hated his engineering job but found a love for fitness, which grew into a 4 location ownership in a CrossFit affiliate. Eventually selling his CrossFit Gyms JJ now creates workout programming for thousands of gyms around the world:
January 25, 2019
The 8 Steps You Need to Bring You Closer to Living Your Best Life | Culture of Care 002
In episode 002, I talk about the 8 key steps that will bring you closer to living your best life. 1. Practice Self Love  2. Positive Influences  3. Remove Negative People  4. Be Mindful  5. Embrace Your Past 6. Live in the Present  7. Sleep Well, Eat Well and Move  8. Solution Mindset
January 17, 2019
The 5 Pillars of Optimal Wellness | Culture of Care 001
Welcome to season 3 of my podcast where I'll dive into weekly topics of Mental Health, Nutrition, A special guest, and the topic of the week! In this episode, I talk about the 5 pillars to optimal wellness: 1. Mental Health 2. Social Health 3. Nutrition or Gut Health 4. Fitness 5. Sleep All of these work together to make you whole and one without the others make the entire system fail.
January 10, 2019
Own Your Eating with Jason Ackerman | People Project 020
In this episode, I talk with Jason Ackerman. Jason has had an interesting life growing up, Getting pummeled daily and building a tough demeanor through wrestling. Which developed into a career that took him into college. And from the love of fitness, Jason opened and sold three different CrossFit gyms. Before creating and designing an individual based healthy eating program called Own Your Eating. Based on hitting your macros and living your best life!
December 20, 2018
Native American Culture in a Modern World W/ Patrick Marcellais | People Project 019
In this episode, I talk with Patrick Marcellais about his life, In the world of the Native American Reservation. The good things about it and the incredible culture. And the struggles to maintain their own identity and culture in a modern world, That tries to assimilate them into its own. Lastly, we talk about what can be done to fight the red tape associated with attempting to make a change... Between the tribe, the state, and the federal government.
December 13, 2018
The Hijacked Brain w/ Sam Morris | People Project Ep 018
In this episode, I talk with Sam Morris about his addiction to cocaine and alcohol the deep and compounding depression it caused and the cataclysmic cascade it brought upon his life... We dive into his tennis career, asthma and food allergies, DUIs, Car accidents, falling off buildings, cancer and rebuilding his life to ultimately help others walking the same path through addiction that he walked before. Until one fateful day at 4 am he had a moment that completely changed his thoughts and his life.
December 6, 2018
The Art of Being Humbled w/ Mike Manning | People Project 017
In this episode, I talk with Mike Manning about growing up in a big city with a small town feel, joining the Marine Corps, becoming a police officer, re-enlisting in the Marine Corps, becoming a firefighter and opening a gym that he still owns today. We dive into why a culture of common experience and a common bond is built in small tribes of people who sweat, suffer, and go through trials and tribulation together and what being humbled ultimately does to create a very polite and respectful culture.
November 29, 2018
Free Your Mind w/ Angela Anderson | People Project Ep 016
In this episode, Angela and I dive deep into unlocking the potential of your mind and relieving the burden many of us feel on a day to day basis. The set of beliefs and programs buried in our subconscious that run the show and force us to feel as though we are at war with ourselves. And finally that it's really about tapping into what your current set of beliefs are and then creating enough change to have a big enough impact that you grow and become stronger!
November 22, 2018
Your Life By Design w/Dai Manuel | People Project Ep 015
In this episode, I bring on Dai Manuel. We talk about his experience as a child being morbidly obese, what happened to him when he hit rock bottom and looked at himself in the mirror at 15 in complete despair. How he built a 17-year career that he ultimately left...To move his entire family to Bali to live the life he wanted to live! Finally, we talk about how he approaches living with a rare autoimmune disease, Neutropenia and what he's done to manage it. Follow Dai on Instagram: @daimanuel
November 15, 2018
Sleep, Sunlight and the Circadian Rhythm | People Project 014
In this episode, I'm joined by James Murray. We talk about living with technology and at the same time maintaining optimal health. More specifically his story of becoming sick from seemingly mysterious and not being able to figure out exactly what was wrong with him. Until he learned how to dial in his sleep and light exposure in a 24/7 world. Sleep is arguably the single most important aspect of your health and if it's out of wack wee can never hope to achieve optimal mental and physical health.
November 8, 2018
Do You Know Your Unique Selling Proposition?
In this episode, I wanted to talk about a topic that is often neglected...The unique selling proposition of your business and your programs or what problem do you help people solve? It needs to be very specific and relate directly to the problems and pain points your customers feel in order to ethically and effectively sell your services to the right people!
November 3, 2018
From Grind to Glory w/Jessica Page | People Project Ep 013
In this episode, I talk with Jessica Page about her life, finding a love for fitness, opening a gym and getting married in the same year, facing 2 bankruptcies along the way and finally pulling out of it and selling her gym To pursue the S3 supplement success system and her new project Grind to Glory. This is an incredibly insightful and powerful look, Into the often hidden, emotionally taxing and depressing world of entrepreneurship and small business ownership...MUST LISTEN!
October 25, 2018
The Work, Life, YOU Balance | People Project Ep 012
In this episode, I work through strategies for finding your ideal work, life, and YOU balance. Often we get sucked way too deep into the work aspect and as a result, everything else suffers including the you time that we all need.  Don't forget that your happiness has to come first or the rest of your life and those around you will suffer!  Find your balance in work, your family and spend time on YOU!
October 18, 2018
The Pursuit of Happiness with Gus Kalathakis | People Project Ep 011
In this episode of the People Project I sit down with my friend Gus and we talk through his serious struggles with seeing initial success in his life, losing it all through gambling and injury, contemplating suicide and finding a way to get the drive and heart to make a commitment to pulling out of it all and living his dream! Powerful and gripping. This is a must listen!
October 4, 2018
Be Bold. Be Disruptive. Be Different. with Stuart Brauer | People Project 010
In this episode, of the People Project, I talk with Stuart Brauer about his adventures in the fitness industry and what he's done to go from selling fake report cards in high school to college to the Globo gym industry to park Bootcamp operator and finally to creating his own dynamic! We discuss: -What hold you back from your goals -The cold calculated sales driven Globo gym  From CrossFit to Urban MVMT  -Being disruptive Find out more about Stu:
September 27, 2018
The Transmigrant w/ Kristi Duarte | People Project 009
This week I'm joined by Kristi Duarte, where we talk about religion and not in a traditional sense. Rather we had an incredibly insightful conversation on the growth of religions, ideas that have come about to increase conversions and methods that have evolved to maximize retention.  Be sure to check out her book:
September 19, 2018
Are You Unrelatable? w/Sean Pastuch | People Project 008
In this episode, I sit down with Sean Pastuch from Active Life. We talk about mistakes he made, the journey to building what he has today and all the disasters (literally, we talk about a hurricane at one point) that happened along the way, his road to personal development and soul searching to find out who he is and what truly makes him happy and drives him to continue to pursue a great life! Find out more about Sean at
September 13, 2018
People Connect with People Pt 2 | People Project 007
In this episode, I sit down with Jim Crowell from OPEX Fitness again and talk about: -Finding your ideal clients -Understanding who you can and can't work with -Why people are looking to build better versions of themselves -What the why behind what people want really is -Creating a consistent experience people both want and need and what you can do to make a great experience that scales across the board for customers and staff! You can find more info about OPEX here:
September 6, 2018
Quality of Action is Determined by Quality of Emotion w/Tyson | People Project 006
In this episode of the people project, I sit down and talk with Tyson Sharpe an Emotional Fitness Coach. We talk about how you can wire your brain to overcome fear when you feel stuck And how the quality of the action you take leads to the quality of emotion you feel. Finally that you can plan and visualize your future from the present
August 23, 2018
That Gnarly Feeling | People Project EP 005
In this episode, I sit down with Eli Kerr the Founder of Gnarly Nutrition. He's an interesting guy who started school in business and went the route of recreation therapy with a focus on wilderness and adventure therapy. And ultimately ended up founding a supplement company focused on whole health and nutrition products! We talk the theory of flow, his story and how recreation therapy ended up being a major contributing factor in the way Gnarly was formed.
August 16, 2018
Excellence is Earned Not Given with Chris Mello | People Project EP 004
In this episode, I talk to Chris Mello about his journey from Southern California to South Dakota. Then we dive into why you need to enjoy life in the way that makes the most sense to you and always work to be the best version of you! Finally, we dive into Chris's core concepts of temperate which means discipline, Sober of Mind which means serious, Vigilante which means determined, Cautious which means careful and it all comes down to humility!
August 8, 2018
People Connect with People, Building The Gymmin Dream | People Project EP 003
In this episode, of the People Project, I sit down with Jim Crowell CEO of OPEX an organization that provides the next level of education for professional coaches and gym owners. We talk about what it takes to build a successful gym, why people tend to connect with people, what the long-term game looks like, why branding is so incredibly important, Sales and why faking the funk with your brand doesn't make any sense!
August 2, 2018
Would Your Life Story Be Worth Reading w/ Doug Holt? | People Project 002
In episode 002 of the People, Project I sit down and talk with Doug Holt about his life story, the evolution of his journey and what made him sit down and take a long hard look at where he was headed then we finish with some questions about what makes us tick, the most difficult things for us to do and why failure is a road to success!
July 26, 2018
Chasing the Island Life with Heath | People Project 001
Welcome to the #ChansLogic People Project where I interview interesting people from all over the world and from all walks of life! In this very first episode, I interview my good friend Heath and we talk about his journey to opening a few different gyms, transitioning out of those And finally opening and building out his latest facility in the dream he's always imagined! Want to be a guest? Fill out this form >
July 12, 2018
Clarity and Direction | #ChansLogic Ep 054 final
In business and in our lives we often move our direction to what seems like the right place or to where we can help other or even worse to what other people think or say is the right way. The key to getting past all of this is to understand that you need a specific purpose and a simple path to follow. If you stray from that path it becomes incredibly difficult to become successful!
July 2, 2018
The Spiderweb of Business Growth | #ChansLogic Ep 053
In this episode, I talk about the strategies you can employ to grow your business from several different angles. We never want to depend on one avenue for growth, because if that avenue goes away it crushes our business!
June 19, 2018
The 3 Stage Hiring Process | #ChansLogic Ep 052
In this episode, I talk about the 3 step process I use to interview, hire and vet out potential candidates I'm looking to hire. It's interesting in that you can pull the best combination of candidates out with the interview, tasks and real-time tests to ensure they know what they are doing and can perform. Signup for my 100% grade A awesome content digest:
June 14, 2018
Focusing on the Good in People |#ChansLogic Ep 051
In this episode, we talk about why we should start focusing on being kind rather than judging people based on our own preconceived thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Kindness starts with being empathetic and putting yourself in other people's shoes before you make judgemental calls about them or their appearance! Let's connect:
May 23, 2018
The Elephant and the Rider | #ChansLogic Ep 050
In this episode, we talk about the Elephant and the Rider or the two different ways people think and react to situations, information and the content we put in front of them. The Elephant is the irrational, brash and emotional side of the brain. While the rider is the analytical, thoughtful and critical thinking side of the brain.  Speak to the elephant first and the rider second! Be sure to subscribe to my messenger and text to be first to get cool stuff and new info -->
May 10, 2018
Tactical Marketing Advice at MadLab Pro Coach Day
My talk from MadLab Pro Coach Day was FIRE! I gave some tactical advice EVERYONE should be doing and if you listen to one thing from me this is it!  Learn how to tell stories, create an experience, and create ads that leave people excited and compelled to join your brand!
May 1, 2018
Building Brands, Scaling Business and Finding Quality Work | #ChansLogic Ep 049
In this episode, Connon Gillivan and I sit down and talk business. We get into building, managing and scaling, hiring friends and dealing with staff, and finally what it takes to vet and hire good freelancers. And if you listen to the end I threw a pretty fun question that Connor nailed with a hilarious story! Be sure to jump on my messenger and text list: Learn more about Freedup:
April 12, 2018
The Team Dynamic | #ChansLogic Ep 048
In this episode, we talk about managing and leading your team, how to be a good leader, dealing with the frustrations of staff that doesn't get work done or make excuses and the level of confidence it takes to believe in yourself and your vision! Message me Law to get my 10 laws of marketing delivered to you via Facebook Messenger:
April 7, 2018
Fluff to Tuff Healthy Eating | #ChansLogic Bonus Episode
This is a healthy eating talk that I did recently for Natural Grocers in conjunction with StoneAgeFuel. We talked about healthy eating for weight loss, autoimmune disorders, and athletic performance, keeping it simple, the science behind it and what to do when you're stuck. I had a great time with this and really enjoy coming back to my roots in health, wellness, and nutrition. If you guys enjoyed this episode I'd love to hear your feedback! Message me with your feedback:
March 30, 2018
The Evolution of YOU | #ChansLogic Ep 047
Life is a constantly evolving experience and business is often the same. What we start with will often evolve into something different or a variable of what we originally had anticipated. The key to this is understanding that it's your journey and you need to make sure that it's the journey YOU want to live. Never, ever live a life to please others or live a life out of fear of what people might say. Be sure to jump on my messenger and text list:
March 24, 2018
Maintaining Your Sanity When Running a Business | #ChansLogic Ep 046
Welcome to #ChansLogic Ep 046! In this episode, Steph and I talk about how much mental strain running a business can create, how to cope with it and what to do to make sure you don't set yourself up for failure. I think it's important for business owners to be able to talk about this stuff to understand that they are not alone!
March 17, 2018
Building A Culture of Caring Amongst Your Staff | #ChansLogic Ep 045
In this episode, I talk about the process of team building, how to make your staff feel as though they are an important part of your business and what it takes to create an experience that inspires and motivates prospects and potential customers to want to be part of what you do! Resulting in a business you can count on to last for decades! I'm doing a lot on messenger and texting right now. If you want to be in on the action head over to my messenger and get on my list -->
March 9, 2018
Your Funnel From Start to Finish | #ChansLogic Ep 044
In this episode, Steph joins me again and we talk about what a funnel is, how it should be organized from beginning to end and what you need to keep in mind when building your funnel for your business. I'm doing a lot with messenger and text messaging now to send new info, cool content and sometimes free stuff. You can opt-in here:
March 6, 2018
Creating Effective Calls to Action | #ChansLogic Ep 043
In this episode of my podcast, I talk about something that has been on my mind lately after a great question I answered a few weeks ago. In this podcast, I go over the strategy to build and create calls to action that drive the right leads to your business and not just random leads.  It all comes down to building an effective relationship and telling the stories your best customers can't wait to tell! I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed talking about it! Please leave a review if you listen to it! Listen on iTunes Listen on SoundCloud Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening! Please leave me a review if you like this episode! Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
February 19, 2018
What Makes You, Your Brand and Your Staff Special? | #ChansLogic Ep 042
In this episode I talk about why you need to understand the exact reasons why you're special without being humble. If you don't know this or can't do this without being confident in yourself you'll never be able to build a team to strengthen your weaknesses! Listen on iTunes Listen On SoundCloud Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
January 31, 2018
Pricing Strategies | #ChansLogic Ep 041
Listen on iTunes Listen on SoundCloud Listen Everywhere Else In this episode, I talk about pricing strategies and how you can create price points to best showcase your products and all the amazing features you offer! I hope you like this episode and if it helps you out please let me know!  I love hearing about all of your success stories!
January 20, 2018
The Sales Process | #ChansLogic Ep 040
Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else In this episode, I talk about sales, the sales process, what it means to build a relationship with people to set up the sales and what the difference between sales and enrollment are. We always talk about telling your story, being human and really focusing on connecting with people, but if you don't have your sales process organized you'll never be able to get people to purchase your product or service! Like the episode? Leave me a review! Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
January 10, 2018
Infusionsoft Mastermind Chat Building a Relationship with Customers | ChansLogic Ep 039
A few weeks ago I headed to Salt Lake City from an Invite from Infusionsoft so speak with a group of certified partners on the importance of building your brand and building a relationship with customers.  This was one of my best talks yet and we were able to really dig into why it's so important to build the highest level experience possible with BOTH employees and customers and why your brand and building the identity and differentiation in your brand is so incredibly important to be able to stand out in a sea of competitors and in a commodity driven market. Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
January 2, 2018
Getting Back Into The Swing of Things After Long Periods of Travel | #ChansLogic Ep 038
This episode is all about my thoughts on how you can get back into the swing of things after a long periods of travel or after frequent traveling. I hope you enjoy it!
December 22, 2017
The Customer and Employee Experience | #ChansLogic Ep 037
In this episode of my podcast, I talk about why it's so important to go the extra mile in every single phase of the customer journey and in every single phase your employees go through when working in your business. Remember to always give an incredible amount of value and work to ensure everyone has a great experience. We want to continuously make people feel special and truly show that we care! Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
December 12, 2017
Helping People Feel As Though They Are Part of Your Story | #ChansLogic Ep 036
In this episode I talk about how you truly work to create a feeling among customer and staff that they are truly part of your story!
December 5, 2017
Marketing For Real Estate Professionals | #ChansLogic Ep 035
In this episode of the #ChansLogic Podcast, we answer a question about what we would do to market for real estate professionals. It comes down to community and building community and excitement around the community where people are looking to live. Solve their problems of the why, the where and the what and you'll have people who can wait to move in! Ultimately you should be focused NOT on the house, but in the reason as to why people would want to live in the area and what makes it somewhere they can be excited about. How can you help someone to feel as though they are part of that communities story? Listen on itunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
November 11, 2017
How To Make Your Business Run Without You | #ChansLogic Ep 034
Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Welcome to #ChansLogic Ep 034! In this episode, we talk about how you can and should build a business that can run without needing you there all the time.  Your focus should be on growing and evolving the business and you can't accomplish that if you're always focused inside it! Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
November 4, 2017
Marketing, Culture and Leadership Chat at the Infusionsoft Mastermind
Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else I am so excited to bring this conversation I had at a recent Infusionsoft Mastermind event that I was invited to attend in Silicon Valley. We talked about building the relationship in your brand, culture, leadership and had a great chat about audio and why it's so important right now. It's so incredibly important to understand that that way your audience perceives your brand will make or break your ability to play the long-term game! This stuff comes from my heart and soul and I can't wait for you to listen to it!! If you do listen to it PLEASE let me know what you think. I thrive off your feedback! Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
October 25, 2017
Culture and Sprout Social | #ChansLogic Ep 032
Welcome to this episode of the #ChansLogic podcast! We shot this episode from the Chicago Airport a bit before we took a red-eye flight to San Francisco. This one is really about the time I spent at Sprout Social HQ in Chicago working on a new project and what I saw in the culture they had. When it comes down to it one of your most powerful motivators is culture and if you can get it right with your staff and employees it will be the one thing that keeps them pumped and excited about what they do! listen on itunes listen everywhere else Thank you for listening!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
October 20, 2017
Intelligence, Triggers, Learning, Gimmicks, | #ChansLogic Mashup Vol 011
Welcome to volume 011 of my weekly mashup! In this episode I talk about: Defining Intelligence and what it means to be intelligent Emotional Triggers in Your Marketing A rant on why you should stop playing into gimmicks The different ways people learn  Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
October 9, 2017
Youth Weightlifting Caffeine and Kilos Invitational Wrap-up | #ChansLogic Ep 030
Welcome to #ChansLogic Ep 030! In this episode, we talk about the recent weightlifting meet we went to, how it went, how we approach these kinds of meets with young athletes, what a program devoted to youth weightlifting and sports performance looks like and why it must be different than an adult program. Listen on itunes listen everywhere else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
October 6, 2017
Replicating Yourself | #ChansLogic Ep 029
Listen on itunes Listen everywhere else Welcome to #ChansLogic Ep 029! In this episode, we talk about how you go about replicating yourself and creating a staff environment to where you're comfortable giving them tasks, duties, and responsibilities that you are confident they can perform at a level that you expect. A failure on your staff to work to a level you need and at your standards is a failure on your ability to teach them exactly how you want it done and mentor them until they get it right. Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
September 29, 2017
Writing and Engaging on Social Media | #ChansLogic Ep 028
Welcome to #ChansLogic Ep 028! In this episode, we talk about how to write on social media, your blog and how to communicate with and engage with people on your social platforms who are new to your brand! Listen on iTunes Listen everywhere else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here Out of the Cave Media Newsletter (as referenced in the show):
September 23, 2017
#ChansLogic Mashup Vol 010
Welcome to episode 010 of my weekly mashup! In this edition I talk about:  The Fact That You Have To Speak Up My 10th Law of Marketing How Long Should My Content Be? Leadership and Displaying Your Company Vision Thank you for listening or watching! Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
September 21, 2017
Communication | #ChansLogic Ep 027
Welcome to episode 027 of the #ChansLogic Podcast! In this episode, we talk about communication, how to create effective communication and what tools you can use to leverage your communication in the most effective way to manage communication from your staff to your clients! Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
September 15, 2017
#ChansLogic Mashup Vol 009
Welcome to vol 009 of my weekly mash-up! In this edition I cover: Empathy My 9th Law of marketing Kindness Priming Trust in your team As always, thank you for listening and if you listen to my mash-up on iTunes I would really appreciate it if you left a review! Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
September 11, 2017
GoPucc and The Journey Through Entrepreneurship | #ChansLogic Ep 026
In this episode, I talk with my good friends Brandon and John about their journey through entrepreneurship, the trials, the wins and the struggles along the way! You can find GoPucc and help them fund their product at: Kickstarter   Or on social at: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| Website  Listen on iTunes Listen Everywhere Else Thank you for listening or watching!  Let’s connect on: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat | Podcast| Twitter Subscribe to my Newsletter here
September 6, 2017
Evolving in Your Business | #ChansLogic Ep 025
In this epiosde of the #ChansLogic Podcast we talk about the importace of constantly growing and evolving your businss and brand to ensure you are always relevant in your market!
September 2, 2017
#ChansLogic Weekly Mashup Vol 008
In this edition of my weekly mashup I talk about how you can't judge a book by it's cover, my 8th law of marketing, the fact that all of your followers matter and so much more!!
August 26, 2017
Local Business Development | #ChansLogic Ep 024
In this episode, we talk about ways you can go out and market your business and build your brand offline and in your local community if you own a local business.
August 23, 2017
Weekly Mashup Vol 007
In this edition of my weekly Mashup, I talk about: -Reacting and responding to stress when the situation is beyond your control -Leveraging your strengths -Not giving up when you miss once -How to market on Instagram
August 16, 2017
Trust Based Marketing Chat, Showcase YOUR Culture
Some great content in this talk I gave to a group of business owners while I was at the CrossFit Games!
August 10, 2017
Weekly Mashup Vol 006
Welcome to another exciting episode of my weekly Mashup! In this edition, we cover: putting in the work, LinkedIn, Theory vs. Practicality, and my 6th law of marketing!
August 1, 2017
Personal Branding for Fitness Coaches | #ChansLogic Ep 023
In episode 023 of the #ChansLogic Podcast, we talk about why it's incredibly important for coaches to establish and build their own personal brand!
July 27, 2017
Weekly Mashup Vol 005
Welcome to volume 005 of my weekly mashup! In this edition, we talk about putting YOU first, Google Posts and much more!
July 24, 2017
UG Series Affiliate Day Talk
My talk from the UG Series Beach WOD Affiliate Day to gym owners. This was a solid talk!
July 13, 2017
Weekly Mashup Vol 004
In episode 004 of my weekly mashup, we talk about motivation, procrastination, Mondays and the Snap map,
July 6, 2017
Failure | #ChansLogic Ep 022
In this episode we talk about failure and how to deal with it!
July 1, 2017
Weekly Mashup Vol 003
Welcome to episode 003 of the weekly mashup! In this edition, I talk about: -How do you get people to care about your content -Listening to your community -Strategic planning -SEO in 2017
June 27, 2017
Leadership | #ChansLogic Ep 021
In this episode we talk about leadership and what it takes to be a great leader!
June 24, 2017
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