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Chaos Corral

Chaos Corral

By Corralling Chaos LLC
The Chaos Corral shares how to create authentic leadership and high-performing teams. Our insights will help your business overcome barriers that block success.
We've talked with a range of senior executives to bring you new tips, tricks, and strategies. We'll help you build company cultures to drive business growth and professional evolution.
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Look In The Mirror Special Podcast w/Cara Valentino
Welcome to our "SPECIAL PODCAST" on Racial Justice and Equity. There's more going on in the workplace than just trying to figure out when to go to the office or work from home. And racial justice is more important than ever at work AND beyond.  In this podcast we listen to Cara Valentino about how RTI is making a difference in the community, and how each of us can start our journey to learning more about this important issue. Thank you for listening. Learn more about RTI's journey for Racial Equity and Inclusion here Here are the resources Cara mentioned during the show. Harvard IAT Project Implicit  To take the free test Agree to terms and conditions A list of 15 possible test appear, scroll down and select the “Race IAT” To learn more about Racial Justice tools check out RaceForward.Org Download free assessment toolkit here
July 16, 2021
Strong Cultures Conquer Uncertainty
Uncertainty is always around the corner. Markets shift, laws are changed, geopolitical policies are unpredictable. And then there are the totally unexpected events such as 100-year floods, earthquakes and you know the rest, after what 2020 was like. In this episode, Ranya Hahn of Participate Learning shares with us how their values and culture guided them as they adjusted to the unusual and difficult market landscape that was 2020. Hear their unique story to success.
April 26, 2021
"Building Curiosity Muscles"
In this episode of Chaos Corral, Paul Winston, Director of Human Resources at Gregory Poole Equipment Company, shares with us his insights on how being curious is an important competency for 'Authentic Leaders'. He'll explain how being 'curious' has helped his career, and how it helps one's relationship power.  Listen and start your curiosity exercise plan today.
April 13, 2021
Understanding 'HARII' Values
In this episode, we had the honor of learning from Christine Peterson, President of Protus3 about "HARII" values. For Protus3, these values reduce chaos and secure the foundation of behaviors for a culture that serves their team and clients well. Listen and decide for your self how to align with your company values and behaviors.
April 02, 2021
The Importance of Authentic Leaders
In this episode, we are grateful for Ostra Jewell's insights on 'The Importance of Authentic Leaders' She'll share what she has learned over the years of being an HR leader. She'll share topics such as: Being a Manager or a Friend, Aligning values to management, The importance of being a strong manager
March 23, 2021
Authentic Leaders 'Imposters or Imposter Syndrome'
In this episode, Tim Toterhi shares insights and experiences related to 'Authentic Leadership'. Learn how he connects Attila the Hun and Rocky Balboa to authentic leadership. Listen to this podcast and discover what it takes to avoid being an 'Imposter' and how to overcome 'Imposter Syndrome'
March 15, 2021
SuperPowers of Authentic Leaders Featuring Dora Alvarado
We hear the term "Authentic Leaders" being used a lot these days. What does it really mean to be an Authentic Leader? In this podcast, we interviewed Dora Alvarado, and she shares with us that authentic leaders are people that transform everyday behaviors into 'SuperPowers'. Hear her insights on how you can unlock your natural superpowers, such as: Courage Vulnerability Influencing Grit
March 08, 2021
Creating High Performance Teams w/Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry, CEO of Kyamanox, talks with Jerel Bonner, your host of Chaos Corral, and discusses authentic leadership behaviors that create high-performance teams. Stephen will shine his expertise on: How do Kymanox leaders make employees feel special? Psychologically Measurable  And one very special CAVEAT Listen for his gems of insights.
February 23, 2021
Authentic Leadership: Performance vs Development, Humble Inquiry, and Challenging Upward
Jim Sheegog, President of Rowhill Consulting, has decades of experience helping leaders and teams in the pharma, energy and aerospace industries. He joins Managing Partner Ted Benson to discuss the power of authentic leadership. Topics include balancing current performance vs long-term development, “humble inquiry,” the art of “challenging upward,” and authenticity through self-awareness, empathy, and respect.
February 14, 2021
The Power of People
Enjoy a fascinating conversation with Preston Linn, Relationship Manager at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University. Preston is a master of connection in biotech, biomedical engineering, and beyond.  He joins Ted Benson to discuss “The Power of People”: culture, development, connection and collaboration.
December 06, 2020
The Value of Learner Responsibility
In this episode, Jeff Cobb, Managing Director of Tagoras, and host of Leading Learning joins Jerel to talk about where the corporate learning is today and where it is heading in the future. Jeff shares numerous insightful gems, including who is going to be leading your personal and team growth. And it's not the Learning & Development or Organizational Development folks. Find out who it is by listening.
November 29, 2020
Skill gaps, gamifying development, and the ROI of learning agility
Vinod Uniyal, IBM CTO of Talent and Transformation Innovation, joins Ted Benson to discuss skill gaps, the gamification of development, the ROI of learning agility, and the role of AI in the future of learning.
November 22, 2020
Managing in the Middle with Kim Rose
In this episode, Jerel Bonner hears from Kim Rose MBA,  on the best ways to 'Manage the Middle'. Kim is the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Integration Solutions of ICON plc.  Kim is a seasoned leader in the pharmaceutical industry and has managed teams with diverse focuses. Today we talk about the most important group of team members to manage. Those in the middle of the bell curve. She answers tough questions as how do you keep them engaged, even though they are not on track to be high performers. There are plenty of great gems to keep these individuals happy and motivated.
November 08, 2020
Entrepreneurship, Liquid Death, and 3 Keys to Company Culture
“Culture is incredibly important to the soul of a company.” Join us for a fun, insightful chat with Marshall Brain!  The NCSU professor and creator of “How Stuff Works” joins Ted Benson to discuss entrepreneurship, “Liquid Death,” and 3 keys to intentionally building company culture.
November 01, 2020
Leaderships 4th Evolution - Collaboration for the 21st Century
In this episode Jerel Bonner interviews Edward M. Marshall Ph.D, and Adjuct Professor in Management at the Fuqua School of Business, and the Pratt School of Engineer, at Duke University. We discuss the principles and focus of his new book "Leadership's 4th Evolution". 
October 25, 2020
The art of measuring value, how tracking and measuring your value will help you in your career.
Jerel Bonner discusses tracking behavior as a way to measure change and provide value to yourself and your organization.
September 12, 2020
Growing your company culture intentionally
In this episode, Ted Benson covers the difference between companies that allow their culture to "happen" versus high-performing teams where culture is intentionally cultivated.
September 11, 2020
What is learning agility and can you practice it?
Jerel Bonner discusses learning agility and how having an abundance mindset allows you to develop the skills you need to stay at the top of the talent pool.
September 11, 2020
Culture is accumulated climate and climate is accumulated behavior
Ted Benson, Founder and Partner of Corralling Chaos speaks to managing and growing your company culture.
September 11, 2020