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Chaotic Mum!

Chaotic Mum!

By Nina A Spencer
Hi, I'm Nina A Spencer.
The Chaotic Mum.
I am mum to twins Twice!
As you can imagine even with all the systems and strategies in place there is a certain level of chaos in our home at times.

But with my toolbox of well-being, a handful of habits that support my motherhood load and moments of calm within my days I am able to embrace the Imperfectly chaotic moments as I believe they are where the best memories are born!

Join me on my own and in conversation with guests as we navigate motherhood together.
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Taking back control in motherhood!
We can sit in victim mode or we can take control.  I sat blaming outside factors for too long now I take control of my life and live it fuller than ever before!  As always if you want to continue the conversation about today's episode head over to the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe community on Facebook.
July 08, 2022
In conversation with Sarah Almond Bushel "Let them eat cake!" Why the term fussy eater can be damaging
Hi welcome back. In today's episode I am chatting with The Children's nutritionist Sarah Almond Bushel  You can find more about Sarah here    This is a great conversation to listen to if you have little ones who are going through that stage, you know the one where one day they like everything and the next they refuse even their favourite foods!  Thanks for listening, join in the conversation in the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe on Facebook to continue the discussion about today's episode!  See you soon Mama x
July 01, 2022
In conversation - Jojo Smith from CreativSas - Self awareness and confidence to be authentically you!
In This episode, we talk about showing up to life whether that's in business or in motherhood as wholeheartedly you!  Imagine you living your best life... What would it look like? Allow yourself to dream that far.  Now imagine you had the confidence to go for it! to make it a reality instead of letting life just happen! Do you want to own your own business, get a promotion or be the best parent you can be to your kids?  Well, you can have it all if you just start with self-confidence and self-belief! Jojo Can be found here  As always if you want to continue the conversation around this podcast or any other ones that have resonated head over to the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe we are there to answer your questions and for any support you may want! 
June 24, 2022
In Conversation with Jo McMeechan - SEN Toolkit
Hi, join Nina today as she chats with Jo to talk about navigating the tricky path that is SEN.  Jo is a pediatric physiotherapist with her own practice that she runs with a holistic approach. She also champions parents and caregivers of those with complex needs and that need to gain more access to support from thier GP, School or childcare settings.  For more information, Jo can be found here: Jo McMeechan Follow my daily chaos over on Adventures  Instagram  Continue the conversation over in the community Join the Community  Work with nina: Website
June 17, 2022
In conversation With Tanya Ibberson - Take back control of your finances
As the main caregiver and well let's face it CEO of our homes often the finances get left to us!  But what if we don't know how? what if we have buried our heads in the sand for too long, are in debt, and dont know where our money is going? Well, Tanya is here to lend a hand.  Create your financial flight plan! Get out of debt, take control of your finances and fly! As always continue the conversations around this episode in the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe 
June 17, 2022
Welcome, Showing up Imperfectly
I always bang the drum for showing up imperfectly so why did it take me so long to get my podcast out? If you would like to continue the conversations following this podcast head on over to the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe where we have real conversations about the topics we talk about on the show. I'm all for embracing the imperfectly chaotic moments as I believe that is where the best memories are born!
June 17, 2022
Motherhood Doesn't have to be so god damn hard! Lets simplify
We are bombarded all the time with how we should live our lives,  We are told to spend time with our kids, go to work, keep the house tidy and clean, and take time for ourselves no wonder it feels so hard right! But what if I gave you permission to let it be simple?  If you want to continue the conversation about todays or any other episode head over to the Chaotic Motherhood Tribe. I'm there to take your questions, to support you in your motherhood
June 17, 2022
Holy Shirtballs Shes only recorded a podcast! welcome to Wabi-Sabi Brew
Grab a cuppa, put in those ear pods and get listening. Give the kids that magical babysitter so you can have a moment!  My aim for Wabi-Sabi brew is to stop that overwhelm and mum guilt, give you the tools to start you off creating your very own blueprints for life and to say a big fat NO to always striving for perfection.  Let's start living a life with fulfilment and passion for the things that truly matter.  Welcome to the very first episode.  Join the conversation at Find show notes here for links and more about todays episode
September 07, 2021