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Food with Sauces Best

Food with Sauces Best

By char sauce
Im chef Charlene Sauce. Here we will talk about food, my launching business and foods we find while traveling.
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Episode 14: The REAL Chef Debate
I get into some heated thoughts on what makes a real Chef and who should be allowed to wear a Chefs hat and jacket. Is Culinary school an absolute? I say NO! But education is a must and passion for the craft. Have a listen.
May 22, 2021
Episode 13: Easter Dinner Ideas and The Chicken Box Sub
I give some tips and ideas for having an awesome Easter Feast as well as share news on my new signature Maryland Sub for Baltimore..The Chicken Box Sub! Don't forget I'm in Maryland April 19-23
March 28, 2021
Episode 12: Superbowl food talk 2021 and my Trip to Ocean City Maryland
Hey guys! In this episode I talk all about the dishes I made for this year's Superbowl before I embarked on my eventful food tour to Maryland. I then share all about my trip and discuss the dishes cooked and offer tips on smothered chicken as well as telling you where to find all my videos and photos of my food. Dont forget to check out my YouTube Charlene Sauce on YouTube and subscribe!
February 18, 2021
Episode 11 : Who deserves to be called Chef and my food craft journey
I discuss the ongoing social media topic of who deserves to be called Chef. I also discuss how to keep going and striving and educational things you can do to build your skills if you cannot afford Culinary school . I know I can't lol. Lastly the importance of always evolving, staying focused and not giving up on your food career dreams. Its a real love and passion for those of us really dedicated to it.
January 22, 2021
I discuss how hard it can be to get other foodies, marketers, influencers to give you your fair shot EVEN if you are paying them for the marketing. Many food influencers and such are very closed minded and not interested in helping market new and upcoming Chefs and cooks..EVEN when you are paying them to. I know I expect nothing for free. This is especially terrible among the people of color in the Culinary industry. Let's build each other up ..theres enough money for us all.
December 31, 2020
Episode 9 : My love of Gouda, Goat and Ricotta Cheeses
Hey guys. In this episode I discuss my love for cheese especially Gouda, Goat and Ricotta cheeses and all the many ways I use them in my recipes and how they can also make great gifts for your family and friends during the Holiday season. Have a listen!
December 9, 2020
Episode 8 : Spices and which ones I must have
On this episode I discuss the seasonings and spices that I use to build flavors that I simply cannot live or cook without. Have a listen and then go check your pantry and make something awesome!
November 10, 2020
Episode 7 | My food fun in Miami
So I'm back from Miami and updating you on foods I tried, a local market and foods I cooked and that my daughter and I cooked.
October 23, 2020
Episode 6 | The Tomahawk steak and seafood feast
In this episode I get into some of what I did when I cooked my Tomahawk steak and seafood feast. I also talk about my dislike to my local stores Louisiana Seafood Boil seasoning. OLD BAY IS KING!
September 29, 2020
Episode 5 | Let's discuss the Italian delight Braciole
Hey guys! Listen to this episode all about a future upcoming cooking video on Braciole!
September 2, 2020
EPISODE4 | Update on new opening date
I've had to move unexpectedly so things have been pushed out. Listen to this episode to get the update and explanation #foodpodcast
August 16, 2020
Episode 3| Memories of your favorite home meals
Remembering all the meals that your Granny,Aunties and loved ones cooked that still to this day make you feel cozy and think of home. FOOD PODCAST
August 2, 2020
Episode 2 | Let's Talk About Lasagna and its origins
Lasagna that delightful Italian dish that fills us with warmth and delight.. My third favorite meal after Spaghetti and Maryland Blue Crab, There are many different versions of it and boy are they all tasty. Have you ever wondered about the origins of it? I have so lets sit and learn it together. I had fun learning this hope you will too. Plus a little insight into how I prepare mine.
July 25, 2020
Episode 1 Meet Chef Charlene Sauce !
Welcome to my podcast all about food, travel and my favorite foods.  I also talk about #bigfreedias cooking show and how similar our cooking styles are. Learn about my business and its goals in this first episode.
July 17, 2020