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Three San Diego natives since scattered across the U.S. get together to discuss what they all have in common; their undying love for the Los Angeles Chargers. Bolt up!
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Don’t Make it Weird
Wow! We have a lot of news to share with you guys this week. First off we are excited to announce our partnership with Fansided and Bolt Beat. We will be their Official Chargers Podcast. Now back to our regular scheduled programming. This week we look at NFL news regarding our boys getting back together in person for OTA’s. We dive into coach Staley’s press conference and try to decipher what his comments mean for our upcoming draft. Coach’s Corner looks at the importance of defensive back’s in Staley’s system. We welcome former Charger Pro Bowler Hanik Milligan to this weeks Bolt Insight. He tells us about his draft story as well as what it takes to become an elite special teamer. He gives us an amazing Marty Schottenheimer story to boot. Our fan focus this week is Sean Mitchell from Encinitas. The Craig Experience takes a look at edge rushers in preparation for the draft. We wrap this bad boy up with an epic Ask Boltfam. We got some amazing questions this week and it made for a good time. Goofy Buttholes
April 14, 2021
Two Keenan’s One Field
Another offseason episode coming in hot. We check our NFL league rumors as well as recent Penei Sewell comments. Coach Staley gave a interview for season ticket holders. We look into his comments with a magnifying glass and find some potential gems. A bombshell dropped on the Charger community and that bomb was named Dea Spanos. The claws come out and we breakdown the implications. Coach looks at who we should be looking at in terms of players that would fit our system. Our “Bolt Insight” welcomes back Jon our Charger Chat analyst. “Fan Focus” takes us north to Ontario, Canada to meet up with Eric. “The Craig Experience” takes a hard look at WR prospects. We cap this boy off with the biggest “Ask Boltfam” to date. Sit back and enjoy this whopper of an episode. Sean Rosé McVay vs. Dea the Destroyer - One night only Pay Per View Event
April 7, 2021
The Electric Pirates
Another week another chance to sit down and chat about our favorite team. We get into league and team news including the expanded season and our new addition Kyler Fackrell and Chase Daniels. Coach breaks down a high school football coach’s email from Brandon Staley. As a part of our newly rebranded segment “Bolt Insight” we chat with the OG David Duggin. Then we take a trip to the other side of the world for our “Fan Focus” with Touch of Phallus. We round this bad boy out with a healthy dose of “Ask Boltfam”. Be Our Guest
March 30, 2021
Chicken Soup For The Charger Soul
You can’t always get you want, but sometimes, you might find you get what you need. Tom “the ninja” Telesco makes some serious moves but most we didn’t see coming. We look at all the new additions as well as all of the departures and there are a lot. Our “Shamelessly Positive Tweet” gets some great responses. Coach looks at how Jerry Tillery might fare in the new system. We chat with Jon from Costa Mesa who has become our official numbers guy. He refutes PFF’s stance that with a cleaner pocket Herbert numbers will decline. Our Fan Focus is Patrick from Carlsbad, he reveals the reason for finally pulling the trigger on season tickets. The Craig Experience brings us the beginning of a six part conversation on the best players for us in each position group. We wrap this bad boy up with a hilarious “Ask Boltfam” segment. Tom Telesco’s Country Buffet
March 24, 2021
Teenage Mutant Ninja Tommy
What a day. The Chargers fire out of the free agency gate with some big time fortifiers for our offensive line. We look at the recent release of Casey Hayward and how that throws everything into question. We deep dive on our new signings Corey Linsley and Matt Feiler along with bringing back Michael Davis. We welcome John Kegley from the Locked on Charger Podcast to chat about free agency and the draft. Our fan focus introduces us to OkiDoggie. The Craig Experience returns with some new additions. We wrap this bad boy up answering all of your “Ask Boltfam” questions. TMNT Action Figure
March 17, 2021
The Swiss Army Knife
This week we dive into the excitement around free agency, so much talent so little cap space. We check in on Denzel Perryman’s status along with what the media is saying about our boy Justin Herbert. We take a left into Coach Corner as he looks at the Swiss Army Knife that is Derwin James. We chat with Jake Hefner from Chargers Brawl. He gives us some great insight on what this offseason has in store and who could be a breakout star next year. We caught up with Justin Savercool for our Fan Focus. Then follow that up with The Craig Experience. We wrap this bad boy up with all of your great questions in Ask Boltfam. Derwin James Swiss Knife Outlet
March 10, 2021
Captivating Cap Space
We are back with another offseason episode. We start off with the rumors of the league year moving to 17 regular season games instead of the usual 16. We look at key dates and what we should all be looking forward to. We cover the Tiger Woods situation along with the whack a mole that is free agency and draft rumors. We chat with Jon our analyst who looked into the finer points of Justin Herberts record breaking rookie season. Our “Fan Focus” this week features Mike Nava from San Bernadino. We answer all of your “Ask Boltfam” questions and bring this plane in for a nice soft landing. Boltup! Brisket Boys
March 3, 2021
Enough is Enough
This episode we look at the crazy world of free agency rumors. A group of unexpected sack specialists have become available. We debate who would be the best fit for our Bolts. Hunter Henry speculation heats up as the Chargers are rumored to be in the mix for Zach Ertz. What does this rumor mean for Henry’s return to the Chargers. We hear from Frank Smith our new offensive line coach courtesy of the LAFB Network. We welcome Dave from the brand new DHBC Montana to Fan Focus. We are rebranding our “Ask Twitter” to “Ask Boltfam” and welcome questions from Reddit and Twitter. Coach reaches his boiling point about draft speculation, enough is enough. The Law Offices of Duggin and Duggin
February 24, 2021
Powder Bluetooth
We are back with another fun filled episode. Coach Staley finalizes his staff and the average age for our coaching staff is impressive. We look at coach’s press conference and his plans for the future. We look at trade rumors including JJ Watt and Orlando Brown. Coach’s Corner tackles the best possible free agent to pickup up for Staley’s scheme. We welcome Eddie Garcia from Fox Sports Radio to talk about what the Chargers need to do to establish themselves in the LA Market. We catch up with Bobby Caldrone a Chicago Bolt fan in our Fan Focus. We have a wealth of questions from Reddit and Twitter that the gets the Brother’s Duggin heated. iRivers
February 17, 2021
Dumb Talking Heads
The season is officially over as the Chiefs get destroyed by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Even bigger news our beloved Herbert has been awarded Offensive Rookie of the Year. We wax poetic on our boy Justin Herbert and check out what all of his teammates are saying about him after his award. In Coach’s Corner Kyle breaks down why the Bucs were so successful against the Chiefs defensively and how that could translate for us. We chat with Steven Haglund of the Guilty as Charged Podcast about more standout players from the Senior Bowl. This is a special episode because the Charger Chat is now season ticket holders. We speak with Max from SoFi who helped us get our tickets. He fills us in on the ins and outs of becoming a season ticket holder. Let’s prove the naysayers wrong and fill up our stadium. For our Fan Focus we caught up with Josh from SoCal who was sent to the Super Bowl to represent the Chargers. We finish up by getting into all of the awesome Ask Twitter questions.
February 9, 2021
The Boomer Bowl
Welcome back! This episode we look at the newest coaching hires, horrible trade scenarios and a surprise surgery from Kenneth Murray. Coach’s Corner breaks down some standout players from Saturday’s Senior Bowl and who would be a good fit. We are excited to welcome Steven Haglund, Bolt Beat and LAFB contributor as well as cohost of the Guilty as Charged podcast. He breaks down the top offensive lineman from the Senior Bowl. We have a double dip of fan focus’ featuring Ross from Pennsylvania and our youngest guest to date. We answer questions from “Ask Twitter” and our new “Ask Reddit”. Our birthday boy Wooldog brings some amazing voices. Arachnophobics Anonymous
February 3, 2021
That New Coach Smell
We’ve got a whole bunch of new coach’s. We look at the new hires and what all of this could mean for the future roster. Brandon Staley cleans house and will be bringing in a brand new staff across the board. We cover coach Staley’s press conference and why this feels different. We have a proposal for a new theme song from @MikeEddie & @Mar_Tavius. We welcome Joe Lombardi (Offensive Coordinator), Renaldo Hill (Defensive Coordinator), and Derius Swinton (Special Teams Coordinator) to our bolt family. Coach’s Corner gives us a few players to keep an eye on for this upcoming weekends Senior Bowl. We are extremely lucky to have former Charger and current Jacksonville Jaguar, Quenton Meeks. Coach Kyle catch’s up with his former player and we get some insight on being a Charger. We hear from Craig and all of our Twitter family to answer their questions. Bosa Motors
January 27, 2021
The Wunderkind
The day has come, we have a new coach. Ninja Telesco goes into secret attack mode and hires Brandon Staley the Defensive Coordinator from the Rams. This flies in the face of everything we have heard leading up to this point. We break down what this means for the roster and go over the implications of Staley’s new defensive philosophy. Coach’s Corner sheds some light on which players will excel in this new defense and what this means for our Special Teams unit. We hear from Craig from Texas and Scott from OC who had a run in with a popular Charger in Vegas. We speak to Elliot from the Charged Up Bolts Podcast about Fandom in England. Tom Telesco’s School of Keeping Your Big Yap Shut
January 20, 2021
Age Before Beauty
We get together for our first offseason episode. We are late to the Lynn getting fired party but we have some thoughts. The Los Angeles Chargers are in the market for a new head coach and according to Tom Telesco they are casting a wide net. We breakdown the possible coaching hires along with Justin Herberts accolades including already making it to… Canton. You guys came in force for “Ask Twitter”. We hear from Craig from Texas and Jack from Australia. Our fan focus this week is Braden from Pennsylvannia. Jalen Guyton Sky Writing
January 12, 2021
Tell Me Something Good
The boys talk through the experience at Arrowhead. Getting a win, and the bad gut feelings about the future of our squad. Twitter weighs in on some hot topics and the Duggin Bro’s have differing opinions. Excited for the future,as we always are, and look forward to an eventful offseason.  Public Service Announcement
January 4, 2021
Belly of the Beast
We are here in Kansas City! Wooldog makes a grand entrance while we get ready for an epic Herbert performance tomorrow. We discuss whose sitting and who we are excited to see finish out this season. Also, the Urban Meyer news has us excited for a busy offseason! Tomorrow we see our Bolts live and can’t wait for that W!!! K, love you BYE
January 3, 2021
The Revenge Tour
What is happening? In uncharacteristic fashion we are pulling out these close games. Justin Herbert sets the rookie record for touchdowns in a season at 28. One of the best all time rookie seasons continues. We look at the game and this exciting end to the season. Coach breaks down the evolution of Herbert and how he has improved this year and what we have to look forward to. We welcome David from South Carolina to our fan focus. We dive into your ask twitters and wrap it up with our predictions for the final game of the season. T-Billy Chili
December 30, 2020
Picking the Lock
We beat the donkeys!!!!
December 28, 2020
Viva Loss Raiders
We are finally on a win streak. Our Los Angeles Chargers defeat the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday Night Football. With a last minute win over the Raiders our fan base coasted through the weekend heads held high. We break down the amazing Justin Herbert, he literally carried this game on his back and snuck out of Vegas with a victory. Coach breaks down Herberts audibles, we look at our kicking game and wonder what could have been. We welcome on Tyler from Iowa for our Fan Focus. With a huge response from Twitter we break cover all your questions including possible coaching hires. Money Badger Airlines
December 23, 2020
Herbo Strikes Back
We finally get a win in the AFC West. Justin Herbert puts the team on his back to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders 30-27. Our Los Angeles Chargers bent but didn’t break and we can all enjoy a victory Friday. Bolt up!
December 18, 2020
Game Film and Chill
We shot down the dirty birds in a nerve racking game that wasn’t decided until the final seconds. We cover the victory as well as some very disconcerting coaching decisions that continue to plague our Los Angeles Chargers. Coach breaks down the three crucial interceptions that lead to our victory. We welcome on a very special guest for our Fan Focus. We chat with Emily Warfield, Dan Fenney’s girlfriend. She gives us some great insight on being in the Charger inner circle where we hear a little about Dan and Justin Herberts relationship. We then jump into “Ask Twitter” with some new fans who recently reached out. We look at our upcoming Thursday night game with the Las Vegas Raiders. Dan Feeney’s Mullet Armour
December 16, 2020
Sunday Snafu
What a crazy game, but we finally pulled out a W. Our first instant reaction for our beloved Los Angeles Chargers in a while. Boltup!
December 14, 2020
Dirty Birds
We were invited to join the “Forever I Love Atlanta Sports Podcast” Huggin and Coach went on to talk about our upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons.
December 11, 2020
The Anthony-ville Horror
We just witnessed the biggest blowout in Chargers history. We thought it couldn’t get any worse, but boy did it. Someone has to answer for this complete melt down. We breakdown coaching in depth. We look at possible replacements. Another edition of “Ask Twitter” brings us some new Wooldog impersonation’s. We chat with Papa Dave from San Diego. We move onto the Atlanta Falcons. Lynn-Depends
December 9, 2020
Sack the Lot
Uhhh. Yeah that’s the general consensus after our unforgivable loss to the Buffalo Bills. With Lynn already on the hot seat for clock mismanagement and bad play calling what does he do? He tells us to hold his beer. We break down the loss and discuss what we would like to see the team do moving forward. In “Coach’s Corner” the play calls immediately following our defensive turnovers are discussed. And boy its what you would expect. We chat with Adam from North Dakota in this weeks Fan Focus. Ask twitter brings some hot questions. Google Translate Update: Lynn Edition
December 2, 2020
Put the Win in the Basket
We were asked to join the Bills Counterpoint podcast to talk about out upcoming game. Coach and Huggin join Clay Troia to talk about Sunday’s matchup and get the opponents perspective.
November 26, 2020
The Scary Sandwich
The sweet taste of victory. Even though the victory was a scary sandwich. We take a moment to appreciate the monumental success of Justin Herbert so far this season. We look to the horizon as some of our key players return from injury. Coach breaks down the effectiveness of our hurry up offense. For this weeks Fan Focus we are joined by Bryan from Wisconsin. Ask Twitter returns with Wooldog’s best impressions. It’s on to the Buffalo Bills. Trai Turner’s Lip Guard
November 25, 2020
Finally a W
We finally got a win, finally. Herbert was amazing and threw lazers all over the field. Our defense continued to be our defense and kept the Jets in the game.
November 23, 2020
I Know You Are, But What Am I?
And we thought it couldn’t get any worse. Our boys traveled to Miami and got another big fat L. We cover team news including all of the current hot seats. The special teams, my god our special teams is anything but. Coach breaks down why the Dolphins defense was more effective than ours. We continue to get excited about Herbert while realizing this season is slipping away. We chat with Daxten in Kentucky for our Fan Focus. Cole Mazza’s 101 Tips and Tricks
November 17, 2020
A Million Ways to Die in the AFC West
Somehow no one has pulled the broken record off of the turntable. Another Sunday and another brutal loss for our Los Angeles Chargers. We get together to discuss the game. Coach breaks down the final drive and what went wrong. Our Fan Focus features Scott from Orange County. We ask Twitter what’s on their mind and Wooldog brings the voices. We turn to next weeks matchup with the Miami Dolphins. Arnold’s in Hong Kong
November 11, 2020
The Rejects Part 1
A tough loss for us Charger fans. We are trying something new. We reached out on twitter and the first six fans to reply joined us for a post game discussion. The best way to deal with these losses is with friends.
November 9, 2020
Honey, We Blew the Lead
You can’t make this stuff up. The Los Angeles Chargers blew a huge lead against the Broncos. Coach Lynn has officially been placed on the hot seat. We break down team news, Coach looks at important Herbert plays from the game. We asked Twitter how it felt and boy did it answer. Our Fan Focus is Jacob from Iowa. We breakdown our opponent and look forward to ever important Raider Week. Lynn Gin
November 4, 2020
Herbo: First Blood
We finally got that big fat W. Justin Herbert plays lights out, we gush over him while taking a look at why the game was a nail bitter. We journey to Coach’s Corner where he breaks down the Easton Stick drive along with some secondary miscues. We welcome Rudy El Cargador to our Fan Focus. We ask twitter and boy did you guys respond. We look forward to next weekends matchup with Melvin Gordon and the Donkeys. Moons over Parhammy
October 28, 2020
Reed em and Sweep
We did it! A Charger f****** victory. Couldn't be more proud of our Rookie QB! Let's enjoy this win together!!! 
October 26, 2020
The Princess and the Coach
Our unexpected bye week is officially over. We welcome back some familiar faces from the IR. We get into league and team news. Coach breaks down potential opportunities for this upcoming week. We have a double header fan focus. Tonga from New Zealand and our very own Karen. We answer your twitter questions and look forward to our upcoming matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Princess and the Coach Trailer
October 21, 2020
Kick His A** Sea Bass
In Herbert's first prime time appearance he showed up, unfortunately his supporting cast didn’t do enough to secure a victory against the Saints. Coaches Corner breaks down some of the negative defensive plays that let Drew Brees back in the game. With an unexpected Bye Week we are sent off into the Brian song night with a sour taste in our mouths. We celebrate our 50th episode and answer some questions from Twitter. Quentin Meeks Showtime Physique
October 14, 2020
The Cover 3 Amigos
Another Sunday and another tough loss for our Bolts. We breakdown team news, and touch on the Herbert/Taylor debate. We take a knee for Coach’s Corner. Where he breaks down what happened in the 2nd half of that game defensively . Our Fan Focus welcomes back Texas Craig to talk one on one with Coach about the Gus Bradley defense. Los Angeles Chargers School for Hard to Pronounce Names
October 6, 2020
Age over Beauty
We break down this week's game against Tampa Bay. We discuss Herbert's promising performance and some of the less than beautiful executions on defense. Fear not fellow fans, there are better games ahead! The first Charger Chat debate is set up for next episode; Craig vs Coach, tune in!
October 4, 2020
Dez King and The Whiney Magoos
It was a rough Sunday for us Charger fans. We lost to the 0-2 Panthers. We get back on the saddle this week to talk about team news and get into our “Coach’s Corner”. We breakdown our upcoming opponents the Tompa Bay Buccaneers. Our “Fan Focus” this week is with Jack from Sydney, Australia. Desmond King and The Whiney Magoos Greatest Hits
September 30, 2020
The Time is Meow
We were invited to join the C3 Panthers Podcast to talk about our upcoming matchup. We get into all the latest info on both teams and learn a little bit more about our competition.
September 25, 2020
The Kid Who Would Be King
What a surprise. Our first round draft pick Justin Herbert makes his unexpected NFL debut against the Kansas City Chiefs and plays lights out. We lost the game but excitement surrounding our team is at an all time high. We talk team news and cover the drama that is our new QB1 dilemma. New segment “Coulda woulda shoulda”. Coach Duggin takes us to school on last weeks game in Coach’s Corner. Fan Focus is Craig from Texas. Cheeseburgers
September 23, 2020
Curb Your Lack Of Enthusiasm
We get the W! It wasn’t pretty but we walked out of Cincinnati with a win. We review our injury report then go over our highlights and lowlights of Sunday’s game. We breakdown our upcoming opponent the Kansas City Chiefs. Our fan focus is Jon from Costa Mesa. He returns to breakdown some of the stats of our win over the Bengals. Kelley’s Deli
September 15, 2020
Instant Reaction - Burr-owned
Instant reaction to our week 1 win over the Bengals. Boltup.
September 14, 2020
The Road Warrior
Hard Knocks has come and gone and we are into the regular season. It’s finally here!!! We get into Charger News and Hard Knocks. With the regular season returning we bring back segments: “Opponent Breakdown” as well as “Coach’s Corner” and “Bolt Predictions”. Our Fan Focus features the amazing Vili Fehoko AKA Vili the Warrior. McVays School of Hard Talk
September 9, 2020
Gone with Derwin
The Derwin James out for the season news has thrown us all for a loop. We breakdown how we replace him moving forward. We dive into episode four of Hard Knocks. A powerful episode that gives us an insightful look into the makeup and leadership of our team.
September 3, 2020
Nuts and Bolts
The season gets closer and excitement is in the air. We get into Charger news with the official return of Melvin Ingram. We also cover episode three of Hard Knocks. Our Fan Focus features Anna from DHBC Chicago. John Lott’s Warm Nuts
August 27, 2020
Soft Knocks
A full of week of waiting and we finally get to see episode 2 of Hard Knocks. Unfortunately this weeks episode landed like a wet rag. We breakdown the episode as well as cover Los Angeles Chargers news. Our Fan Focus features Jon from Costa Mesa. He crunches some serious numbers on what we should expect from Tyrod Taylor on 3rd downs. J.H.S.F.B.M.V.
August 20, 2020
It’s a Hard Knocks life for us. Our Los Angeles Chargers premiered on HBO’s Hard Knocks. We break down our likes and dislikes of the episode. We then debate what we think happens next. McVay Rosé
August 13, 2020
Splashing the Pot
Tommy KGB our intrepid GM leader comes out of nowhere and bets big by locking down Joey Bosa to a 5 year extension. We prepare for this season as more information begins to finally emerge as players are in camp. Hard Knocks is almost here and there is lots to get excited about. Big Bear Bosa Buns
August 11, 2020
This Covid offseason is almost over, players are starting to report for camp. We cover the loss of our preseason games along with the new regulations and rules brought down by the League and NFLPA. This episode being our one year anniversary we reintroduce ourselves and explain how we became Charger fans. We finish up with our last round of Rochambolt. Any Squad Any Place - Movie Trailer
July 23, 2020
A Good Day To Diehard
Happy 4th of July from the Charger Chat. We reconvene to cover Charger news as well as the Brinks truck that was pulled up to some farm in the middle of Missouri. We are lucky to have Brian Bolts the president of the “Diehard Bolt Club” join us for a special interview segment. Rochambolt The Movie
July 9, 2020
The boys get back together to go over recent news. We start to get amped up for the return of Hard Knocks featuring for the first time our Los Angeles Chargers. Our Fan Focus from Karen in Los Angeles asks who are we most interested to see on HBO. We introduce a new segment “Rochambolt” a trivia game where all rules are off. Raiders Party Clown Factory Outlet
June 25, 2020
Upside Down Quarterback
A couple week layoff has brought a plethora of news. Some good, some bad. We get into the new covid protocols and Coach Lyn’s recent statement. We re-signed some players to add depth to needy positions. Wooldog gets on his soapbox regarding Melvin Gordon’s unnecessary shots at our fanbase on his way out the door. We welcome Jack from Mexico City in our Fan Focus. Melvin Gordon’s Salty Tear Seasoning
June 10, 2020
Troll Hunters
Still in varying degrees of quarantine, the boys to get back together to go over new Charger news and notes. The Governor of California has lit a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for when our players can get back to football. Mike Pouncey is cleared to return and Mike WIlliams is a jugs machine madman. Our Fan Focus welcomes Josh from Los Angeles. He fills us in on his twitter mantra and his beatdown of the worst kind of people, Charger trolls. Bobby Holly’s Towing Service
May 21, 2020
Be Kind Rewind
The boys get together to go over all of the most recent Charger news. The NFL schedule was finally released. We breakdown some of our favorite dates and opponents for this upcoming year. We give you a preview of our upcoming YouTube video “The Three Horsemen of the Boltpocalypse”. Where we take a look at our 2020 backfield. Huggin says something blasphemous and has to hit the rewind button. Mother Wooldog’s Facemask Market
May 10, 2020
Born Powder Blue
The 2020 draft is in the books as we walk away with six draft picks. We breakdown the our new players and look at how the AFC West improved/what the Raiders did. We bring back our “Fan Focus” segment and talk to a couple of SoCal Charger fans; one of whom has been a Charger fan since conception. Herbert’s Sherbert
April 28, 2020
Instant Reaction - 2020 NFL Draft - 1st Round
With the number six pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Los Angeles Chargers select Justin Herbert, Quarterback from Oregon. We have selected the QB of the future. None of us had Herbert in our mock drafts as you will hear and feel. But we are excited about our future with our new stud QB. Then when we think the evening is over Telesco goes berserker and trades up to the 23rd pick to pick Kenneth Murray ILB out of Oklahoma. Let’s go! Bolt up!
April 24, 2020
Project Mayhem
All rest and no play makes the Charger Chat dull boys. We break down team news along with the announcement of the Chargers being on Hard Knocks. We debate the new rebranding in our segment "Fan Focus", specifically how the new Mr. Smiley graphic will be used. With the NFL draft rapidly approaching, Kyle and Kevin go head to head with their mock drafts. Trai's X-Ray
April 13, 2020
The Sacrificial Lamb
Been a tough couple weeks for all of us. We get together to bask in our love for the Los Angeles Chargers.  Gordon is f****** gone, we've added some exciting players. We get into our first mock draft leading up to the big day. Adam "Wooldog" Woolley  kicks off our mock drafts leading to the draft. Linval's Pinball 
April 3, 2020
Iron Sharpens Iron
Free Agency has arrived. The perpetually hibernating Chargers have emerged from their cave ready to eat. We get adjusted to a quarantined life while talking league news that impacts Bolt Nation. Tom Telesco makes some exciting moves, signing some huge upgrades to our Offense and Defense. One of our new players in particular has an intense rivalry with our very own Kennan Allen. We breakdown the top Defensive Line draft prospects. Bulaga Bologna
March 23, 2020
Illegal Hands To The Face
The guys get back together after some exciting Charger news and transactions. The Brother's Duggin come to you from Las Vegas. They record in the same room for the first time. Safe to say things get physical. We cover all the exciting news from a downed crane to an important contract extension. Trai Turner and Hooch
March 10, 2020
The Man the Myth the Legend
Daggumit!!! It's here, the day most if not all Charger fans we're dreading. Philip Rivers is no longer a Charger. We say our heartfelt goodbyes to Phil. Then find a way to put on our big boy pants and fight the sadness by talking some Charger news. We also continue our segment on draft prospects this week featuring Running Back's.  Phil Tribute: "Sarah McLachlan" Style
February 13, 2020
Asinine: Extremely Stupid or Foolish
Jay Glazer drops a bomb on everyone. An asinine comment sends the Charger faithful into a tizzy. We talk Philip Rivers news.  We also get into the Senior Bowl and who shined down in Alabama. We continue our draft prep this week looking at "Offensive Line" prospects heading into the 2020 draft. Pepto Glazer
January 29, 2020
Just The Tip
The beginning of the Chargers offseason and we are back. We cover the crazy playoffs so far, along with “Vrabel’s Promise”. We start our new segment by breaking down draft picks by position. This week is Quarterbacks. We also say farewell to Antonio Gates and his amazing career as he enters his retirement. “Antonio Gates First Rate Plate Estate”
January 15, 2020
Lightning Awards
Our season is in the books. Another sad and disappointing loss, this time to the Chiefs. Huggin attended the game and reports back. Rivers sad post game press conference is discussed. We host our inaugural "Lightning Awards". The season may be over but there is a lot to discuss and get excited for. Derwin's Learning Center  
January 3, 2020
Christmas Time In Hell
The losses continue to snowball towards Christmas. We drop a tough game to the Raiders. We introduce a new segment “Ask Reddit” then try and get ourselves pumped up for the season finale in Kansas City. A new team will emerge from this season’s ashes and who will those players be? And a Christmas Gift to all our Charger Chat listeners “Christmas Time in Hell” Chargers Remix.
December 25, 2019
The Wiener Gene
We drop our worst loss of the season to the Vikings. Two big AFC west opponents on the horizon and the show must go on. Coach Kyle digs deep into the gene pool to be done with the tanking talk. It’s onto Raider week! Stub Hub's Support Group for Wayward Fans
December 20, 2019
What? I Can't Get Excited
Our beloved Chargers smackdown the Jaguars. Phil's trash talk is elevated to legendary status. Austin Ekeler has an historic day and pretty much everyone on our roster scores a touchdown. We breakdown our free agents and get ready for the Vikings. Anthony Lynn's Show Up or Ship Out App
December 14, 2019
To Tank or Not to Tank
Oops we did it again. The boys get together to discuss the devastating loss to the Broncos and watch our playoff hopes disappear into the horizon. We breakdown the game and reveal our hot takes on the goal for the rest of the season. Huggin Duggin’s Cricket Warehouse
December 6, 2019
Bye Week Blues
The long break did everyone some good. We get into the Rivers hate and the Return of Derwin James. Then move onto the Broncos and what we need to do to stay get that W. We interview Pops and get into the state of the team. Denzel Perryman’s Homemade Stuffing
November 29, 2019
Viva La Bolo
We are back in the L column thanks to the Raiders. We break down what exactly happened versus the silver and black. The team travels to Colorado for some elevation training in preparation for Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Can our boys pull out another victory over the Chiefs? Only time will tell. Uchenna Antenna
November 15, 2019
Bolt Wars: Rivers Strikes Back
What just happened?!!! Did we just destroy the Packers? Yes, yes we did, a game 35 years in the making. On a short week the boys break down the dominant win over the Packers. We hear from Phillip Rivers post game and get ready for our Thursday night matchup with the Raiders. Shane Drain
November 5, 2019
Bolt Wars: A New Hope
The monkey is off our back and we finally get that long awaited W. The guys break down the game with their likes and dislikes. The decision to get rid of Coach Whisenhunt catches everyone off guard as we head into week nine against the Green Bay Packers. A very special guest joins us to help get a better grasp on our opponent. Can last weeks Bolt Prediction be matched? Only time will tell. Quessenberry Jams and Jellies
November 1, 2019
The Good News Bears
We battled the Trub and his cubs and were victorious. Kev nailed the bolt prediction
October 27, 2019
Bosa, Rivers, and Bears - Oh my!
The broken record continues as our boys drop another nail biter, this time to the Titans. Coach Kyle has some big news. We breakdown the game with our likes and dislikes from Tennessee. Lots of good came out of this game but we had alot of bad too. We prepare for our week eight matchup with the Chicago Bears by interviewing a die hard Bears fan, who just so happens to be a family member. Our Bolt Predictions are extra audacious this week as we head into a do or die game. Mitch’s Maids
October 25, 2019
The Return of the Kung
The Steelers stole it from us early and didn’t give it up. We lick our wounds and rally back as we head towards Week 7. With some notable IR players returning to the fold our excitement picks up. We cover our likes and dislikes of the Steelers game and the unfortunate lack of a home field advantage. We look at our upcoming game against the Titans and what we need to do to get back in the win column. Benjamin’s Drop Discount Store
October 18, 2019
Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
The Donkeys beat us up. We drag ourselves to the microphones to wallow in our sadness together. Only to be reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes with excitement for our upcoming games and potential return of some our playmakers. We look at our upcoming primetime game against the Steelers with our game predictions. John Lott Pick-a-Part Lot
October 11, 2019
Chewbacca Donkeys
We did it, we landed on the moon. We get back in the win column with a dominating performance over the Dolphins. Kev and Adam prep to shoot a movie while Kyle ”The Coach” Duggin breaks down what it will take to beat the winless Donkeys. Gordon's RUI Brewery
October 3, 2019
Adam and Kevin breathe the same air for the first time in ten years. We break down the the win over the "Oxygen Breathing Fish"
September 29, 2019
Oxygen Breathing Fishes
Well s*** . We should have won that game, but we can learn a lot from it. Kev went to “Thunder Alley” and met some amazing Charger fans. The highlight was a fan from the other side of the globe! We dive deep into who showed up and who didn’t. Kyle ”The Coach” Duggin always has a way of explaining things so we can understand them. He breaks it down so we can figure out what the hell just happened. Fan Focus brings us some Philly Rivers talk with Tristan from LA. We get into the Dolphins. Perryman Stop Leak
September 26, 2019
Signed, Sealed, But Not Delivered
We drop a tough one to the Houston Texans, Instant Reactions to how we felt the game went.
September 23, 2019
Run Ekeler Run
Kev is headed west to Dignity Sports Park. We breakdown the Chargers vs Lions with coach Kyle’s X’s and O’s. Out of a dark day we find light at the end of this weeks tunnel. “Fan Focus” brings us a new guest with a take on our O-Line. We look forward to Houston and the “Battle of the Watt Brothers” Austin’s Frostin
September 20, 2019
It's Merely a Flesh Wound
We have a new feature episode "Immediate reaction". Follow us after the game as we gather our thoughts. Happiness is at an all time low. Don't let this loss get you down. We are charging forward.
September 15, 2019
Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle
We definitely ruined the end of the game for Wooldog. Chargers vs Colts recap. Coach Kyle gives us some X’s and O’s, rookie mistake. Which players stood out and who we hope improve for week two. We introduce a new segment “Fan Focus” where we get to hear from die hard charger fans. We look to week two against the Detroit Lions. Interview with David “El Padre” Duggin on who his favorite son is and how we looked week one. Ty Long Johns
September 13, 2019
Big Trouble In Little Carson
Kevin’s got another confession to make... He’s a fool. The guys discuss the final preseason game, a victory over the 49ers. The Bubble, who made it who missed it. “Oh No Gordo Watch”. Coach Kyle breaks down Chargers versus Colts and we have some week one score predictions. We interview Boltgod the Unofficial/Fan Official Mascot of the Los Angeles Chargers. The regular season starts now. The Slayer Exterminator.
September 5, 2019
Behind the Jackboyz
Kevin makes a huge mistake in a fantasy football draft.  The guys discuss the preseason game against the Seabirds. Then move onto the last of the preseason games. Who's on the bubble to make the 53 man roster? Who's getting D!cked? We interview Jackboyz apparel about how they got started and connecting with the team. JJ's Just In Time Flowers.
August 29, 2019
Dr. Kev Medicine Woman
Kyle takes us on a journey to Charger training camp. Derwin James arrives in a walking boot, a hush falls over the training camp crowd. The guys review the second pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints. . Mike Wills "Wills".
August 24, 2019
Suns Out, Guns Out
Football is officially back. The guys review the first pre-season game vs the Arizona Cardinals. We are joined by our Kansas City Chief correspondent Bryan Adams to chat rivalry and fantasy. Ring-a-ding King.
August 21, 2019
Make It Look Mean
The season has started, preseason that is. The guys catch up as the players hit the field and review the sights and sounds of training camp. Henry's Hoagies.
August 14, 2019
I'm Melting
The guys catch up and discuss the most valuable players of the 2018 season. Then get into our new draft class and who we are excited for. One of our hosts melts his way through the episode. Tomlin and Son Heating and Air.
August 7, 2019
Oh No Gordo
We discuss initial reactions to Melvin Gordon's holdout. Then we take a trip to the roots and talk to our pops about how they became Charger fans and what they are most excited about for the 2019 season. King Mel's Sack Shack
July 24, 2019
Favorite '18 Moments - Part 2
Continuing discussion of favorite 2018 moments. Kyle gives us Pittsburg, Kevin gives us KC. Money Badger Loans.
July 22, 2019
Favorite '18 Moments - Part 1
The Charger social media team rules. And we relive our favorite moments from the 2018 season, Wooldog gives us Baltimore part Deux! Bosa Burgers
July 20, 2019
Any Squad Any Place
Three San Diego natives scattered across the U.S. to discuss what they all have in common; their undying love for the Los Angeles Chargers! BOLT UP! Phillip Rivers Uncrustables
July 17, 2019