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Sir Charles It All About Love it about wanting to be love and giving love and beenig love and sharig

Sir Charles It All About Love it about wanting to be love and giving love and beenig love and sharig

By Charles Rogers
Sounds of love music to put you in the mood for 💘 music that touch the heart and mind music you can feel music that will make you move and bob your head i call it feel good music you just cant stop moving singing with so much feeling and it getting funkey up in here Sir Charles he got the blues it cover it all great intertainer Sir Charles @ great singer great sound the sounds of love it some great love songs lije Nothing you can do,Let it be the night,Baby i love you,Keep it coming my way, and HAY NOW it great entertainment for the family and and friend misic for the soul great show friend

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Please come back
It all about music
May 25, 2020
My Facebook friends
Sir Charles the dog the houndog
May 23, 2020
Sir Charles at his best play his great music songs you never heard songs will make you move it love
Sir Charles the rising sun for Moss Point Ms a great song writer music you will love you just can't keep still you it t Move to his grove the music is about love and what going on in life a universal language of love were the world can hear because love is what we need in ower life and in this world people's search there hole live looking for love some never find love joy peace and happiness this music is about heart akes pain Sir Charles been making music all his life Started from childhood always had love for music started from a early age from his mother she love writing songs she wrote a great song call hi heel sneaker she never got credit for her work one day I was sitting at home I was writing a song and my mother she said son I got a part for that song she told me she wrote that song when she was caring me and all the thing she need it at the time was to bring her words to life that what I do today a singer songwriter she wrote us songs to sings in church and that were it all started from in the the church I have written over a hundred of songs in the m day and still writing and recording and writing it in the heart music have touch my spirit and I can feel the joy it give put me at peace with in myself I sing about love and that what come out and that what I give to the world love peace of mind to me it all about love and family and friends you don't have nothing without your moral support around you people's that always been there through your hard times bad time the people's that show compassion in love and respect for you is a feeling that they give and you know ginuwine it sad to go through this world all by yourself no one you can call you own so this is the reason that I write love songs put you in the mood for love there's nothing no greater than love to be loved and give love and that somebody love you back there's nothing wrong with that so keep me in loving keep on share and imma keep on writing love song trying to bring people together in love
May 23, 2020
Sir Charles at his best some of Sir Charles new and oldest coming your way stright out the pound
Sir Charles from his latest to his greatest songs
May 18, 2020
Sir Charles aka Houndog
Sir Charles sing his song music you can feel music to touch the heart feel good music
May 16, 2020
Sir Charles music the rising star from Moss Point Mississippi the music you can feel music of love
My music is all about love and happiness music that make you feel good music to touch your soul
May 14, 2020
Sir Charles back at it doing it for you
You know it all about singing this good music to you music you never heard before I try to cover it all it very all about love with the dog
December 22, 2019
It all bout the good music you can feel
It about music you can feel music make you feel good make you pay your fees move your head
December 20, 2019
Sir Charles Singing his love songs
My music is all about love and heart akes and pain about beening togher and at some time leaving it all about life
December 12, 2019
Sir Charles songs
Sir Charles Singing to you
October 27, 2019
Hay Now
This Song is all about partying
October 22, 2019
This song heater
This song is for all the heater out there
October 22, 2019
Am running
I just cant take no more it about a women cheat in
October 22, 2019
Going back in the pass
Am just doing my thing
October 22, 2019
For grow people no kids aloud
This will make you laugh
October 22, 2019
Sir Charles music She coming this way
This music is love
October 22, 2019
My music is all about love heart akes and pain songs you can feel
I am a singer songwriting who write about love and it about the women that what i sing about love
October 22, 2019
Nothing but 💘 coming from the 🐕
Sir Charles singing his 💘 songs it all about 💘 sending love out to the 🌎
July 2, 2019
Sir Charles getting you in the mood for love
It all about love in my music music you can feel
July 1, 2019
The 🐕 just keep on doing it
Sir Charles the rising star singing his sings
June 29, 2019
The \uD83D\uDC15 on the prowl
Sir Charles putting on a show sing the songs he love to sing
June 29, 2019
The one only Sir Charles Aka Houndog the rising star from Moss Point ms singer-songwriter
My music is all about love heart akes and pain
June 29, 2019