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Charles and Elin

Charles and Elin

By Charles & Elin
Are you a creative who want to make your passion your living? Then this show is for you! Charles and Elin are the French-Swedish artist-couple behind For the couple, to create art is not just a vocation, but a way of life. Listen to Charles and Elin discuss creativity, art and creative entrepreneurship. They also do frequent interviews with other professionals in the creative field about their journeys both as artists and business owners.

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WORK with Your Partner! (Artist couple) #71
To work and live with your spouse can be both the most challenging but also rewarding thing to do. We launched our first business after just knowing each other for three months. Fast forward three years and we're still at it (with a baby on the way!). But what's the secret? How can you work and live under the same roof (all day everyday) without driving each other insane?! What if it ends?! These are just a few of the frequently received questions through the years. Thus, we thought to, ones and for all, have a chat with you of how we did it (and still DO IT) every single day. And hopefully it can give you the insights of how you and your partner can do it too! Access the full story: "WHEN WILL YOU GET A REAL JOB? An artist case study" - If you want to watch the YouTube video :
February 24, 2020
Back from work with Hermès in Paris #70
In this episode it's the first time that we can openly talk about what we've been up to the last few weeks... (sorry for the temporary  absence!!). It all started this past summer when we received a very  exciting phone call... Hermès in Paris had found us online and wanted us  to come and work with them during a live event this winter to celebrate  their famous silk scarves. The months flew by and we've just returned from the most exciting and intense experience in our artistic career. You truly never know which photo, video or interview will be seen by whom and where it might potentially lead you. We got a "carte blanche" to embroider whatever we felt inspired to on one of their most iconic scarves: The Brides de Gala. Thus, the most important is to never give up on your dream and keep sharing! Tune in to listen to the full experience and what really happened, Read more about your hosts: See our work on Instagram: and @_charleshenry_ Find our book: "When will you get a real job? A real time case study  about our first two years in business" at Music: @pandrezz
December 14, 2019
Clarify your priorities #69
In this week's episode, we reflect on the impact that identifying and clarifying your priorities can have on both your life and business. About a year ago we decided to stop to live nomadic and chose one place  to settle to be able to concentrate fully on growing our art and business. It's not always fun, but it's always worth it. In hindsight we've noticed what enormous steps we've been able to achieve by simplifying our lives and concentrate on our priorities (an act which  also have big support from writers such as Mark Manson). More details on how we turned out passion into our life and business in  Elin's book: "When will you get a real job": More about the hosts: Youtube: Charles and Elin Instagram: @_charleshenry_ Music : @pandrezz 
November 16, 2019
Lifestyle entrepreneurs #68
This episode gives you a reflective discussion on Elin's lack of productivity this past week, how recognising what kind of person you are will help you to better know when and how you work at your best, as well as whether we would've done the same thing again (jumped with our heads first without any initial clue of business), or made a more progressive transition into full-time artistry. We also touch upon how our daily lives look like and how it's all intertwined with work by design. As a lifestyle entrepreneur the goal isn't to separate life from business, but to create a business that supports and creates the business you dream of. If you're somewhere in between, not knowing whether you are ready to go for your dreams, whether you actually want to turn your hobby into your business, and if yes how to do it to suit your  personality - then this is the episode for you! Download "Get a real job; An artist case-study" now on Search for "Charles and Elin" on Youtube to see Charles first video tutorial Follow the hosts on Instagram: @_charleshenry_ Music : @pandrezz
November 9, 2019
What Posting My First Youtube Video Taught Me #67
In this episode Charles is sharing his experience of his first video on YouTube: doubts, expectations and especially the last minute obstacles he encountered. The link of the video : More info about Charles and Elin : Our Academy : Embroidery Design : Follow the hosts : @_charleshenry_ and Music : @pandrezz
November 2, 2019
How to deal with deadlines? #66
In this episode we round off the turbulent last couple of weeks, by talking about why we weren't able to meet an important deadline, what happened and how did we deal with it?  We also touch upon how the way you relate to a deadline have an impact on how well you're set up to successfully meet it. If you have your mind set to advance, it's important to keep a productive pace, and thereby to dissect how you can better stay on track. Lastly, have you ever thought of why you might fail to meet deadlines? Are you realistic or optimistic? The e-book "Get a real job; a real time case study" is now available on About Charles and Elin Embroidery designs by Charles and Elin Follow the hosts: @_charleshenry_ and Music : @pandrezz
October 19, 2019
Be genuine; Interview with @createaholic #65
In this episode Elin interviews Swedish Macramé artist Fanny Zedenius from @createaholic. Fanny started her journey by sharing the work that made her feel good, which lead to her first big breakthrough: a book deal. The book has now sold well over 60 000 copies and Fanny is on her 3rd year as full time creative.  But how to cease the opportunity, build an audience and be continuous in your communication? It comes down to being genuine. There's no need to be "salesy" to have a flourishing business or an ever growing fan-base. As long as you create and speak from your heart, you'll find your tribe and those who resonate with your message.  Listen to the full interview to hear more of Fanny's take on it and her experience having built a large audience on Instagram as @createaholic. Fanny's website for more info on her new book "Macramé 2": Read "When will you get a real job" on Visit our Embroidery Patterns Shop and Charles and Elin Follow the hosts: and @_charleshenry_
October 5, 2019
Are you busy being busy? #64
In this episode Elin reads chapter 19 "Are you busy being busy?", from her newly published book ' When will you get a real job?'.  It's an important episode for who feel that you don't excel or advance towards your goals. Busy-ness is in many cultures seen as a socially accepted measurement for success.  If you're busy it means that you've got things to do, which makes you important and... successful to some extent. But what are you busy doing? After the reading, Charles adds his perspective on the concept of busy-ness, laziness, procrastination and the popular notion of "fake it til you make it", which develops into a very interesting discussion.  Join us!  Get the e-book here: Learn more:  Learn Embroidery with Charles and Elin Follow the hosts: and @_charleshenry_ Music : @pandrezz
September 28, 2019
Realize your potential #63
If you've ever felt scared to charge or to say no to an offer - this is the episode for you!  In this episode, Elin reads another chapter from her book "When will you get a real job?".  The chapter talks about the importance to realize your potential when evaluating an opportunity and the respective opportunity cost.  To realize your potential will help you to recognize your value and how to charge for your work and services.  After the read, Charles adds his perspective to the events covered in the section as well as his experience in the field of pricing and entrepreneurship. "When will you get a real job?", launches 25th of September! Access it on Charles and Elin Academy or via this direct link: Follow the hosts on and @_charleshenry_ Charles and Elin - Unique Embroidery Patterns - Le Kadre Music : Pandrezz
September 21, 2019
When will you get a real job? intro + ch.1 #62
In this week's episode Elin reads the introduction and first chapter of her new book: "When will you get a real job?  A Case study of our first year as full time artists". It gives you a direct insight into her style of narration as well as whether this is the Case Study for you.  The book launches on on the 25th of September 2019. Everyone who purchases the e-book will automatically receive access to the audio-version as well.  Be sure to subscribe to the show if you find the information useful and help us to leave a review to let the content reach more people. The direct link to the book: Follow the hosts on Instagram: and @_charleshenry_ About Charles and Elin Start Embroidery Now Music : Pandrezz
September 14, 2019
Behind the scenes of the Artist Case study! #61
In this episode we go behind the scenes of Elin's new book "When will you get a real job". It's a real time case study of our first year as full time artists including what happened, how we reacted and why as well as reflections on what we would've done differently.  Thus in today's conversation Charles gets some surprising news of what motivated Elin to start the writing process... As well as some more insights into different parts of the work, why it will be self-published and much more!  This episode (and the book) is perfect for you who've ever considered to turn your passion into your living, but wonder whether 1) it's still possible with the competition of social media and 2) if you're capable of pulling it off at all. The case study launches on the 25th of September via this link: Everyone who purchases the study on the Charles and Elin Academy will have access to both an e-book version as well as the audio-book and other bonus materials. Let's get creative! and @_charleshenry_ Start Embroidery and Relax today with our Embroidery Designs. Learn more about Charles and Elin Music : Pandrezz
September 7, 2019
Project based vs. Time-lines #60
In this episode we talk about new beginnings.  How it feels like a new page and new opportunities every time you come back from winter or summer holidays. Marketing messages such as "let's end the year strong", begin to pop up as the last quarter approaches. But does one have to strategies according to quarters? Months? Weeks?  We discover one of our greatest differences with regards to scheduling and planning. Are you a person who thrives with deadlines and to be continuously productive, or do these things limit you? For example, Charles realizes how he is project oriented and need to get into a creative flow for ultimate productivity. He needs to get into his bubble and internalize his process, whereas Elin needs to express and think out loud... What kind of a person are you? Follow the hosts: @_charleshenry_ and Visit our website: and Music @pandrezz
August 24, 2019
Entrepreneurial rollercoaster #59
In theory it’s easy to say that low moments arrive as a reminder to appreciate the high tops.  But every time a low hits it’s just as tricky to get back in balance. As creatives the emotions play a big role in the creative ability and process, thus to recognise and understand your emotional state is important to give yourself best chances of succeeding.  In this episode we talk about our experience of going through an emotionally rough couple of weeks, how we deal with it whenever it arrives, and how these moments teach us about ourselves.  Furthermore we also discuss our approach to opportunities with regards to how we reason to know if an opportunity is a good fit for us or not. Do you recognise yourself?  Don’t hesitate to record a voice message and share your thoughts with us!If you find the content helpful, don’t hesitate to spread the message, give us a follow and a review  it would mean the world to us!Your hosts: @_charleshenry_ and Learn embroidery at 
August 18, 2019
Passion to Paid with Lauren Hom (Hom Sweet Hom) #58
In this episode Elin has the pleasure to interview Lauren Hom from @homsweethom. Lauren is a lettering artist who've paved her way through the world of freelancing and creative entrepreneurship with successful passion projects. In fact, it was when one of her passion projects from her college days "Daily dishonesty", took off that she gathered enough courage to quit her job and become a full time creator. Today she teaches her strategies of how to turn your passion into paid gigs through her online training "Passion to paid".   In short, this is an episode you don't want to miss as Lauren shares a ton of insight and wisdom from her experience in the creative field.   See more of Lauren at or follow her on social as @homsweethom   Your hosts: and @_charleshenry_  All about us > Start embroidery today > Great Intro Music by Pandrezz
August 2, 2019
How to start? #57
We often get asked: But how did you start your art business? How did you become full-time artists? What do I need to get started? And the list continues. Therefore we decided to make a short episode targeting the key things of how to kick-start both your artistic development and your reach. There is no secret to success and we know that you can do it too, as long as you choose to act and remain committed to your decision. It's not the tools you use that will make you succeed. Rather concentrate on the knowledge, content and service that you can bring to the table. Let's start today!  If you enjoyed this episode (and all other episodes) please leave a review! Can't wait to hear your feedback!  Learn embroidery with online courses on and unique patterns on Try one of our embroidery pattern for free here Your hosts: and @_charleshenry_ 
July 26, 2019
How to invest as a small business? #56
Who hasn't heard the phrase: "You've got to invest", or "Be sure  to re-invest in your business". Though these two statements are both true, it's very difficult to know how to actually implement it at an  early (and less lucrative) stage of your business. How can you invest in your business already from day one? And what are the questions you should ask yourself so that you can figure out what you should invest in? This episode talks about investments in various forms and what effect they have on us as "investors" as well as the potential effects  on your business. We speak from our own experience and share some insights from a recent investment we just made.   To learn embroidery be sure to check out or to try our patterns   Follow us on social as and @_charleshenry_ 
July 19, 2019
Take a break #55
Sometimes it isn't until you take a break and a step back that you realize what you should prioritize in your entrepreneurial ventures. To reach success it is necessary to work hard. But it is just as important to work smart, which is what you will be able to do if you make sure to take a break and reflect. It is too easy to get caught up in the midst of all the "have-to:s" that we forget to breathe and question whether our actions are actually taking us closer to our goals or not. In this episode we discuss how we wish we get better at taking breaks (and why) and how our recent holiday in France helped us get a greater perspective on the road we are on. Try embroidery with our free pattern and video stitch guide on   Follow us on: and @_charleshenry_   Please share and subscribe if this discussion resonated with you!  
July 12, 2019
Have courage to charge ($) #54
To have the courage to both recognize and respect the knowledge you persist is everything but easy. Yet, it's one of the most crucial things to not dig yourself a black hole for future financial sustainability of your creative endeavors. The more success you achieve, the more people will take an interest in what you offer... For good and bad. We've learnt the hard way how being nice can get you burnt.. Thus in this episode, we discuss the       importance to identify who's truly on your side and who's looking to use you. Be strong enough to value your work and demand to get paid when asked to perform services that are work related. Learn embroidery: Follow us: and @_charleshenry_ 
June 28, 2019
Limit your options for more freedom #53
We live in a time of abundant opportunities and options. But how to know  what to choose? How to know which decision will be the most beneficial?  We're currently approaching the end of our time in the house, which inevitably opens for new questions of where we should go and what to do.  In this episode we discuss our experience of limiting our choices and how it has generated a greater sense of freedom. Furthermore, Charles shared how he was able to focus and build his photography business while living in the hustle and bustle of Paris.   Learn hand embroidery:   Follow us on Instagram: and 
June 21, 2019
Social Media messes with our hormones #52
Our brains are far from adapted to the rapid technological changes that it's being exposed to. As a result, more and more people feel powerless in front of the screen, and fall victim to the algorithms of Social Media. Why is it so difficult to manage a healthy technological  balance? In this episode we discuss some of the insights that Elin recently read in the new book "Skrämhjärnan" (Screen brain) by the  Swedish psychiatrist Anders Hansen. As creative entrepreneurs it's essential to be aware of how the use of social media impacts our biology and the ability to get work done. Hopefully, this episode will help you to be more mindful of your Instagram usage and practise to not let the  algorithms change your view of yourself.   Modern hand embroidery is a brilliant way to get connected with reality, try our free Embroidery Library and pattern at   Portfolios: and @_charleshenry_  
June 14, 2019
How to be mindfully creative #51
In this episode Elin talks with creativity researcher Camolie Fagerberg. They discuss creativity in all its forms, what it is and how to obtain it. Camolie has a background in the performing arts and longed to understand the underlying processes, which brought her to a Masters degree in Performance psychology. How to perform at our best in the  arts? How to create maximum opportunity for creative freedom and fulfilment? Hear her draw on her own experiences and reflections from the field as well as her recent research paper on the connection between mindfulness and creativity. Connect with Camolie: Looking for a creative project while you listen? Head over to and download an embroidery pattern for free.  
June 7, 2019
Am I too late for independent artistry? #50
Thanks to social media, everyone has the power to take charge of their artistic aspirations on their own terms. The question is just whether it is too late to enter the game? In this episode we discuss our  perspective, thoughts and advice on how you can kick-start your dreams of full-time artistry today. Don't forget to subscribe and review if our show gives you value on your journey!   Our website:   See our art on Instagram: and @_charleshenry_  
May 31, 2019
Create your own embroidery design #49
Ready to take the next step on your embroidery journey? Our new course  "Create your own embroidery design" gives you all the keys to  successfully create unique designs and turn them into hand embroidery  patterns. Make your mark in the embroidery art by exploring your own  creative style. In this episode we give you a behind the scenes look at  the course, how it can benefit you and why online learning is so close  to our hearts.   Have a look at the course on   Our website:   Follow the hosts: and @_charleshenry_ for daily art  inspiration  
May 24, 2019
The power of creative commitment #48
We celebrate one year of weekly podcast episodes by discussing what the experience has taught us. One thing is clear: To make a commitment to  take action and to put out content on a regular basis can only lead you closer to your goals. Be prepared to feel excited to commit to a creative passion project after you listen to this episode.  Start your creative habit with our Monthly Pattern Program on:   Follow your hosts on Instagram and @_charleshenry_   Free pattern on  
May 17, 2019
Do you need art school to be a successful artist ? #47
Charles comes from a rigid fine arts background at "Beaux Arts de  Paris", whereas Elin is to a large extent self-taught. Yet both successfully work full-time with their artistry. How much does your academic background matter if you dream to become an artist? In this episode we share our personal experiences as well as the input from  popular responses online to help you figure out which route will be the  best for you. Curious to learn embroidery? Try our free pattern at:   Follow us on Instagram: and @_charleshenry_   Online courses:  
May 3, 2019
The power of the local #46
Last weekend we hosted our first local independent exhibition and it opened our eyes again. To work solely on social media with an international mindset regarding potential customers can actually do you a disservice. By wanting to include everyone you might end up excluding  your most valuable buyers. In this episode we talk about our experience of selling both online and in-person and how it has impacted our vision and motivation to continue to work within the arts as well as how to relate to the two markets (and to use both of them to your benefit).   Curious about embroidery? Try our free pattern at   Follow the hosts: and  
April 26, 2019
The Artist Syndrome #45
Have you ever felt like your art isn't good enough? Like your creativity and ideas have escaped through the window? In this episode we talk about  the evolution of the creative process. How each work goes through cycles  of ups and downs, of confidence and breakdown... How to get out of it?  How to lift yourself up?   Follow the hosts: @_charleshenry_   Learn Embroidery:  
April 19, 2019
Travel and work with intention #44
Do you dream to be able to travel and work with your passion? Do you want to build a location independent business that gives you the freedom to travel and work anywhere and at any time? In this episode we share our experiences from having done just that. We discuss what it taught us and how it made us grow as well as the potential downs and more practical aspects that are rarely spoken about. This episode will help you get a clearer idea of what to think about before quitting your job to head out on your life's adventure. Watch Elin's free webinar "Get a real job" on  Follow us: and
April 12, 2019
How to embrace change #43
In the past few weeks we've had to learn the hard way how to deal with  unpredictable change. Either through external events or internal  battles, we've discovered how to adapt and embrace the change as  something positive. Change is ultimately uncomfortable in the instant,  but it's in these moments that you're given an enormous opportunity for  growth on all levels of life. Don't let change drown you, rather let it  enrich you!   Whenever there is chaos around us, embroidery helps us collect our  thoughts. Try it out as well with our free pattern on   Follow us on:  
April 5, 2019
Find your sanity through self-respect #42
In this episode we go into a more philosophical discussion about the impact of the online world on the perception of what is real. How can we remain "dually" authentic in both the physical and online world? How does social media create invisible pressure in other areas of your life, without you physically changing? And how can we deal with the dualism of our physical vs. online reality will still remaining sane in our minds? We share our experiences and thoughts regarding these topics and how we think that self-respect and to set your own boundaries are at the heart of much of the overwhelm that we all go through periodically as a result of social media. Visit our website for freebies and to learn more: Follow the hosts:
March 29, 2019
How to Instagram Authentically with Me and Orla #41
This week Elin had the pleasure to talk to Instagram Queen Sara Tasker, from the Hashtag Authentic podcast and @me_and_orla on Instagram. She has dedicated the past five years to explore human communication through visual images on Instagram. How to grow a genuine audience and create authentic connections on a platform that is known to be everything but authentic? Sara invites us into her approach of making the most out of Instagram both personally and professionally. An approach which she also teaches in her book "Hashtag Authentic" as well as her online Instagram courses on  You can read the full show-notes at Follow Sara: @me_and_orla Follow yours hosts: and @_charleshenry_ Get started on your creative business journey today with our Free Webinar training at
March 22, 2019
What doesn't break you makes you stronger #40
The past two weeks have completely turned our lives around. Charles  mother got diagnosed with Cancer and we had to drop everything and head  to Paris. But life doesn't stop. Emergency or not, life continues and  we all need to find ways of how to navigate and manage the ups and downs  both mentally, physically and practically. When you run your own small  business you don't have to ask for permission to leave. However, you  also don't have anyone else to lean back on when shit happens. In this  episode we share with our experiences on how we've dealt with this life  changing event in the hope that it will help those of you who are facing  live's challenges.  Follow us:  Website:  Learn from us:
March 15, 2019
Anxiety is your greatest teacher #39
This is a very personal episode where we dig deep into the roots of  anxiety through personal experiences. Why do we get anxiety? How can we  get out of it? And how can our anxieties be the greatest teachers for  both our lives and business endeavours?  Follow the hosts:  Learn from us:  Visit our website:
February 22, 2019
Instagram's important reminder #38
This past week many Instagram users experienced a massive drop in  followers over night. It proved to be due to a glitch in Instagram's  system and got restored later the next day. However, the event gave us  all an important reminder: To not put all of our cards in the same  basket. How can we set up our artistry for long-term sustainability and  without being too dependent on Instagram alone?  This episode  highlights some key steps you can implement already today, to secure  yourself for an uncertain social media future.  Follow the hosts:  Our website: Learn from us:
February 15, 2019
How to find your creative identity? Interview w. @kutovakika #37
This is an incredibly valuable and informative interview with  Instagrammer and Creative photographer Veronika (Kika) from @kutovakika  on Instagram. We dig deep into understanding creativity, how to be  creative and how to get out of creator's block and to find your own  authentic voice. Kika has been featured on Instagram's page a full 6  times in just the past year, which has given her hands-on expertise on  how to continuously cut through the clutter and create unique and  outstanding imagery.  Follow her on  Visit her website:  Watch her youtube videos on creativity:  Follow us: and Our website: Learn from us:
February 8, 2019
Schedule successfully #36
In this episode we invite you into a personal conversation about  the overwhelm of being an artist and entrepreneur at the same time. When  do you make time for what? And how to balance your work with your  personal life? To just have a to-do list isn't always enough. Instead,  we explore the strategy of scheduling our time more carefully. We also  discuss the idea of habits as being a natural part of your schedule, and  how you can create better habits and thereby a more successful  schedule.  Book : James Clear - Atomic Habits Follow us on Instagram: and  Learn from us:  Read the show notes:  Music:
February 1, 2019
Victorian Arts and Crafts; interview with Niamh Wimperis #35
Niamh is currently live on BBCtwo as the embroidery representative in  the new series “The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts”. It’s an  inspiring series where artists and craftsmen get to live and work as  authentically to the Victorian arts and crafts movement as possible,  while recreating typical arts and crafts as they would have been made  back in the day. Listen to Niamh’s experience of being on the show and  how this historical era has enriched her artistry and deepened her  connection with embroidery as an art-form as well as all the  needleworkers that have come before her.   Follow Niamh on Instagram and visit her website:   Follow the hosts: and Learn from them: Read the show notes and blog: 
January 25, 2019
Embroidery as a meditative movement; Interview with @namaste_embroidery #34
 In this episode Elin had the chance to talk to embroidery artist  Jessica Long from @namaste_embroidery on Instagram. Jessica ventured  into embroidery as a way of expressing her creativity during maternity  leave, only to find herself building her own artistic dream life. Along  with arts, she also has a strong passion for Yoga, which she finds to be  closely related to her art practise with respect to the meditative  movement of the body and the needle respectively. She even gets into a  certain breathing rythm when she embroiders for longer periods of time,  which helps her stay concentrated. Today she has over 260k on Instagram  and closer to 500k unique monthly viewers on Pinterest. Make sure to  follow Jessica on:  Visit her website:  Follow the hosts: and  Learn from Charles and Elin:
January 18, 2019
How to find your own style? Interview with Fiber artist @polalab #33
 In this episode we interview Polina, a Russian fiber artist that  shares her insights and experiences as a full time artist in the past  couple of years. She also explains how she managed to find her own style  and how she works to develop it on a continuous basis (and how you can  do it too!). Furthermore, Elin gives some behind the scenes tips on how  she does most of her video posts... It's a technique that you might not  have thought about at first but that can work for anyone who wants to  make a closeup video without an assistant.  Follow Pola on Instagram:  Visit her beautiful website:  Follow the hosts: and  Visit their website: Learn from them:
January 11, 2019
Setting the intention for 2019 #32
 A New Year means a fresh start to get going on all the things  you've dream of. But to be able to know where to start and how to  continue, you must set your intentions straight. Use them as your  baseline with regards to decisions and actions that you will have to  take throughout the year. Does accepting a specific offer or opportunity  bring you closer or further away from where you intend and want to go?  In this episode we discuss our intention with Charles and Elin the  podcast, the brand and how we want to develop our artistry during 2019.  Follow us on Instagram:  See our website:  Learn from us:
January 4, 2019
Rewind of Charles and Elin; One year in business #31
For the last episode of 2018, we are interviewing each other about  the past year's experiences. What was the biggest lesson? Best location  we lived? Best art piece? Things we would have done differently?  Resolutions for the New Year and much more... This was also the year  that we launched this podcast and thus want to send out a huge THANK YOU  to all of you that have been on this journey with us since the  beginning. It has been a joyful ride and we've got plenty of exciting  things coming up for 2019 and look forward to having you with us on the  road!  If you've enjoyed the show don't forget to subscribe and leave a review to help  Follow us on Instagram:  See our website:  Learn from us:
December 28, 2018
Instagram colleagues: Interview with Emillie Ferris #30
 In this episode we talk with UK based Emillie Ferris @emillieferris  on Instagram. She was one of the first embroidery artists on the  platform and has been working as a full-time embroiderer for the past 4  years. Being your own boss is both rewarding and challenging, which is  why Emillie is grateful to have her Instagram colleagues. She sees her  audience and friends as her colleagues that gives her continuous  encouragement and feedback on her work. Listen to the full episode to  hear about her journey and thoughts on how she has been growing her  artistry and creative business.  Follow Emillie on Instagram: @emillieferris  Her website: and Etsy shop:  Follow the hosts: and @_charleshenry_  Read the summary article at:
December 21, 2018
The sky is the limit; Interview with Emily Wright #29
In the beginning of 2018, Emily learnt to embroider as a personal project and began sharing it on Instagram @salt_stitches to track her process. It didn't take long before her account went through the roof. She quickly realised that she had to be reactive and has now turned her artistry into a full-time business. Tune into the interview to hear her experiences in the past months and her reflections regarding creative entrepreneurship at large. Follow her: Shop from Emily: The hosts: & Website:
December 14, 2018
Cyberbullying is real + BIG news for 2019 #28
This episode gives you a thorough update of what's going on in business, art and life of Charles and Elin. Hear the full story behind the Cyber attacks against Charles earlier this week, as well as our experiences on having lived nomadic for the past year. Of course we also celebrate Elin's 100k on Instagram and talk about the great action for the environment to Upcycle your clothes with modern hand embroidery instead of buying new ones. To finish off a good episode, there's a revelation at the end with some BIG changes for 2019. Follow us on Instagram: and Upcycle your clothes with modern handembroidery: Visit our website: Music: @banjo_jimmy
December 7, 2018
From Conservation Educator to Fiberartist; Interview with Dani Ives #27
Life can sometimes take unexpected turns. For Dani, she went from biology and conservation to full time artistry. She always liked the arts, but didn't realise her passion and need to create until she entered the world of needlefelting. Today she is at the forefront of the needlefelting community with an Instagram audience of 114k and counting. Listen to the full episode to hear her journey on how she explores her artistry, while building a flourishing creative business. Follow her on Instagram @begoodnatured Visit her shop: Try our online courses: Follow us: and @_charleshenry_ Music: @banjo_jimmy
November 30, 2018
How a passion turned into a successful business, Interview with Nicole Twena #26
In this episode we are talking with Nicole Tweena, the woman behind Cloud Craft material shop about how she knew that she should start selling supplies, and how she went from storing stock under her couch to selling materials all over the world. We've been using materials from her shop since 2016 and couldn't be more thrilled to have partnered with CloudCraft to bring her supplies to your homes as well. To check it out please visit the following link: Follow Nicole on Instagram: @cloud.craft and her passion project to make embroidery available for kid: @stitch.pop Your hosts: @_charleshenry_ and Music: @banjo_jimmy
November 23, 2018
Even the smallest change can create a transformation in your mind, art and business #25
Today we talk about a recurring topic: Change. Change is scary both for the one making the change and for the surrounding. Change can be seen as an indication that something is wrong, but more often it is an indication that the person is trying to make things better. In order to take a step forward and advance on our goals we must make changes continuously. Moving to Lisbon is a big physical change, but it wasn't the big physical change that made the biggest impact: It was the small everyday actions since we came here that has led to a great transformation in our minds, art and business. Listen to the full episode and let us know your thoughts. Record a voice response via the anchor app: or write us a message on social media. Learn embroidery from us: Follow us on Instagram: and @_charleshenry_ Value the show? Consider supporting us: Music: @banjo_jimmy
November 16, 2018
Why online courses have a great value #24
Today we go behind the scenes of our new teaching platform , where we discuss our motivation to create it as well as our personal experiences with online courses. It is a debated topic considering the massive amount of free content you can find on the internet, but does it really bring you the transformation you're looking for without wasting too much time and energy? Would love to know what you think! Leave a voice message on the anchor app with your feedback. And don't forget to subscribe if you find our content valuable. New episode every Friday! If you are interest about teachable : To check out our courses: Our Instagram: @_charleshenry_ and Music: @banjo_jimmy
November 9, 2018
Motivation is the key to creative success; Interview with Danielle Clough #23
In this episode Elin talks with South African embroidery artist Danielle Clough, known on Instagram as @fiance_knowles. After only two years of launching her account she has already worked on incredible embroidery projects with the UN, Gucci, Adobe, Netflix, Nikee and more. She had to quit her job and shift to full-time embroidery only 3 months after releasing her work. What's the backstory? Hear her insights and experience on how to navigate as artists and creatives in this new space, why she thinks that inspiration is a worn out expression and that focus should be put on the energy you get from motivation to excel in your work and life. Find more about Danielle on her website: Follow us on Instagram: @_charleshenry_ or our website: Music: @banjo_jimmy
November 2, 2018
Value of community: Conversation with embroidery artist Layla Ortiz @coricrafts #22
This week’s podcast episode is a conversation with Layla Ortiz from @coricrafts about the value of community and her own creative journey. Thanks to the internet you’re no longer limited to your physical location, but you’re able to connect with people that value your art from all over the world. Tune in when we share our experiences with each other of being in the middle of building and expanding our creative businesses. Find Layla on Instagram @coricrafts Support our podcast on: Music: @banjo_jimmy
October 26, 2018
"Just do it": Interview with sculpture artist Ian Edwards on how to put yourself out there #21
In this episode Ian Edwards shares his powerful advise and experience on how he managed to become a successful sculpture artist. For him, there is no such thing as waiting to be discovered. Get yourself out there, reach out to people, communicate, socialise and show up. There are no hidden secrets you just have to be prepared to do the work and it can benefit you tremendously in return. Patreon : Find him on Instagram: @ianedwardsstudios Visit his website: Recommended books: Mastery - Robert Greene - Crushing it ! - Gary Vee - Music: @banjo_jimmy
October 19, 2018
Being an artblogger and artist; Interview with Sara Barnes from @brwnpaperbag #20
In this episode Sara shares her time and stress management tricks as a creative entrepreneur, how it is to be both an artist and artblogger, how to potentially make money with your blog and her tips on growing a large audience. Sara doesn't only run her own artblog but also gives us insight on her work with the known art magazine My Modern Met that receives million of views per month. You can find her on Instagram @brwnpaperbag and her website Monthly Pattern program: Time management app: Asana Recommended book: "Made of Stars", Podcast: "Design Matters" Music: banjo_jimmy
October 12, 2018
Our first Q&A session about artist things #19
In this episode we answer your questions on artistry such as "How to practise self care and stay positive?", "How do you manage work load to have time for creativity?" and even "How to know which University program to choose?!". We also share some behind the scenes of our current moving chaos and how is it to be a travelling artist? Video courses: Learn French: Music: @banjo_jimmy
October 5, 2018
Interview with embroidery artist Teresa Lim (@teeteeheehee) on her experiences working as a full time artist #18
Today's guest is an amazing embroidery and illustration artist from Singapore, Teresa Lim. This year she was awarded to be 1/50 on Singapore's list of brightest and most promising individuals that are innovators, creatives and leaders within their fields. Listen to her experiences thoughts on working as a full time artist. Learn French with Charly : Her recommended books: "The pillow book" by Sei Shonagon and "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius Instagram: @teeteeheehee Website: Music: @banjo_jimmy
September 28, 2018
How is it like to grow up, live and go to art school in Paris? #17
This is a very personal episode, where Charles shares his experiences growing up in Paris and going to art school in the artistic centre. They also explore questions of how your environment influences what inspires you and how you express and think about art. What is the difference growing up in Paris vs. in a small village in Sweden for example? And what are some valuable tools that you can learn in art school and how can you use and apply them if you never studied art? If you want to join "Learning French with Charly" head over to: Music:
September 21, 2018
What is Self-promotion and why is it important? #16
This is a big debate within the arts sphere, where there is still somewhat of a tabou around self-promotion. But the playing field has changed, with social media you are able to take your career in your own hands. Share your process, reflections and persona as an artist that will make people want to buy from you. Patreon: Music: @banjo_jimmy
September 14, 2018
Just married! + announcement on changed plans #15
This is our first episode as husband and wife, which means the beginning of a new chapter. But how can you know who is the one? Intuition? And what about preserving your freedom? Listen to Charles and Elin discuss their take on the above questions as well as the internal struggles of making a big change of plan with regards to their trip to Asia links: Website: Music:
September 7, 2018
How Did We Know That We Wanted To Become Artists ? #14
This episodes goes back to the basics: How did it all start? How did we know that we wanted to be artists? And how did we break the news to our surroundings? "Coming out" with your artistic vision can be the most difficult step in your art career. Patreon: Website: Get the book Crush it by Gary V. : Music: @banjo_jimmy
August 24, 2018
Artists better together - Interview with British artist couple and textile designers Davinder and Caroline Madaher #13
We all have dreams and the only thing that will make them come true is if you act on it. "Just do it", as Davinder says in our conversation. The couple share their stories on how they met worked as textile designers in New York and later moved back to the UK, where they went between working with design for larger companies, lecturing and freelancing as designers and artists. This is the first of many interviews to come with other artists. The goal with this podcast as well as with our upcoming platform is to be a go-to source for artists and creatives who aim to make their passion their living. To be a part of the content creating process of valuable information for creative business owners, head over to To find out more about Caroline and Davinder check out: @davindermadaher @carolinemadaher music: @banjo_jimmy
August 17, 2018
Fear of Not Making It #12
As creators we all ask ourselves if what we do is good enough. Even more so when we don't experience an immediate engagement or response to our creations. The fear of not making it, or of not being good enough can be a great hinder in the creativity of any artist - Listen to Charles and Elin's experiences on the matter and learn how they deal with times of fear and creator's anxiety Materials: Follow us on Instagram: music by:
August 3, 2018
How does Comparison and Competition affect your creative business? #11
In this episode we discuss the realities of comparison and competition and give some concrete tips on how to get out of a negative spiral as a result of comparing or competing with others. With personal examples and stories, we also give our experiences being in the creative field and how it’s almost impossible to never compare your work to your neighbour. If you’re looking for high quality handcraft and embroidery materials check out: A useful article on the topic of comparison: Podcast episode regarding disruption to create change:
July 27, 2018
How Hosting Workshops Can Be The Greatest Motivation For Your Own Artistry #10
It’s never easy to put yourself out there and to step out of your comfort zone, but the reward of doing so can be greater than you even imagine. Hosting workshops already at an early stage helped us to realise our potential and to motivate us to continue in our work. Follow us on Instagram: @_charleshenry_
July 22, 2018
Why having your own website and keeping it updated is essential. #09
The online world is constantly updating, which forces you to at least take note and reflect on how you can adapt to the new updates. This is especially important when you are dependent on big platforms such as Instagram or Etsy. In this episode we discuss why it is essential to have an updated homebase in the form of a website to able to be less dependent on big media, to better control your online presence and your business endeavours. Follow us on Instagram: _charleshenry_ Websites we talked in this episode
July 13, 2018
How much should I charge ? #08
This week we are touching on a sensitive topic: Pricing. As a creative it is always difficult to know what to base our pricing on. How much to charge? What is too much, what is too little? How does the market look like? We also discuss our new support service, where you are able to book a private idea-session with us. Pitch us your business plan and process and we are able to give you tricks and tools on how to develop further. Sometimes we all need someone who has experience from the field to bounce our ideas with, whether it be ways to increase passive income, improve social media marketing or perhaps build a good-looking website. If this sounds like something for you email: It is also the first week that we're introducing our amazing theme intro made by James Hawthorne Mrs Fischer : @thismrsfisher
July 6, 2018
What Do You Expect ? #07
In today's episode we are reflecting on expectations of all sorts. What could you expect from yourself and others? And how can expectations change the way we do (or don't do) things? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you deal with expectations as voice messages via the Anchor application at Our e-course : The Kit : Follow Charles & Elin on instagram : @_charleshenry_
June 29, 2018
Who influences who? #06
This episode is dedicated to a reflective discussion around the idea and concept of influence. What is influence? What role does social media play and who is actually influencing who? To be an influencer is a popular title, but we rarely discuss what it entails and how those that aim to influence many times are being influenced the most… What do you think? We would love to hear your ideas on voice messages via the Anchor application at Folloz Charles & Elin on instagram : @_charleshenry_
June 22, 2018
Get a Real Job ? #05
In this episode we discuss the question so many want to ask (and often do ask) "when will you get a real job". We challenge each other to talk about our art and work in a concrete way and give tips and insights into communication strategies and having an 'artist plan' To follow us in Instagram: @_charleshenry_ Learn a new craft or style and try our e-course:
June 15, 2018
Time Management + Artists = ? #04
In today's episode we are talking about how we manage (and not manage) our time. Patt Flynn, Smart Passive Income : If you want to leave feedback or ask a question, DM us on instagram @_charleshenry_ / or leave a voice message in the Anchor app:
June 8, 2018
Reasons Why We Travel #03
We decided to travel full-time, it's exciting but not always easy. In this episode we share you, our feelings about travel and creating art while travelling. workshops : If you want to leave feedback or ask a question, DM us on instagram @_charleshenry_ / or leave a voice message in the Anchor app:
June 1, 2018
Partners in Life and Business #02
Today we are talking about the challenges and the good things about working as a couple. If you want to leave feedback or ask a question, DM us on instagram @_charleshenry_ / or leave a voice message in the Anchor app:
May 25, 2018
Our First Talk With You #01
Today we talk about why we're making this podcast, our journey in the art and also about our couple. If you want to leave feedback or ask a question, DM us on instagram or leave a voice message in the Anchor app:
May 18, 2018