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Renegade Paradise

Renegade Paradise

By Charleston DSA
The official podcast of the Charleston South Carolina Democratic Socialists of America.
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Episode 27 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: Demanding a Better World with Charleston BLM

Renegade Paradise

Episode 29 - We Deserve Better: A Minisode About Why We Need a Federal Jobs Guarantee
In this episode, Charleston DSA Ecosocialist Working Group Co-Chair Taylor Allred reads an adapted version of a speech he delivered at recent SC Sunrise Movement rallies in support of the congressional federal jobs guarantee pledge started by Rep. Ayanna Presley. Taylor discusses why capitalism is inherently unsustainable, why a federal jobs guarantee would fundamentally shift power to workers, and how you can help us get this and other transformative reforms passed by phonebanking for the PRO Act to strengthen protections for organized labor-- the greatest power held by the working class.
May 17, 2021
Episode 28 - A People's Victory In Bolivia
In this episode, we discuss the recent presidential election in Bolivia following the US-backed right wing coup that threw the country into chaos for much of 2019. Ace returns to bring us up to speed on what exactly led us to this point, provides more context for the circumstances surrounding the election (including the US’s involvement) and what it means moving forward for the people of Bolivia. Among the topics discussed are indigenous rights, agrarian reform, the history of US meddling in Latin American elections, the history of the   Movimiento al Socialismo (aka MAS,) and more. Further reading: US and OAS help overthrow another government: Behind the coup against Bolivia’s Evo Morales: Bolivians Return Evo Morales’s Party to Power One Year After a U.S.-Applauded Coup: Silence reigns on the US-backed coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia: Masterminds of 2019 Coup In Bolivia Denounced: Bolivia parliament approves charges against ex-interim president: And finally, some real interesting wording in this tweet from the New York Times, "Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales, returned to the country on Monday, a year after his failed attempt to keep power tore the nation apart and sent him into exile. " Music: "Propaganda" by Peg & The Rejected. Licensed under CC NC-SA 4.0
December 15, 2020
Episode 27 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: Demanding a Better World with Charleston BLM
In this episode, members of Charleston DSA and Marcus from the local BLM chapter discuss the protest that happened in Marion Square downtown in honor of Kenosha, Wisconsin citizen Jacob Blake. We cover some of the demands shared by Charleston BLM, talk specifics about police tactics during the protest and attempted march, and briefly cover the reaction from local media. We then broaden the discussion to tackle some of the contradictions of how Charleston presents itself as a progressive southern city while still hopelessly clinging to a whitewashed, romanticized notion of the antebellum south. Support Charleston BLM by following them on Instagram at @chs_blm, or donate to Marcus on Cash App at $adessoent or on Venmo at @marcus-mcdonald-2 Helpful links mentioned in this episode: 1. Charleston Black Lives Matter 2. The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution 3. Black Liberation Fund 4. Charleston Activist Network Music: "Propaganda" by Peg & The Rejected. Licensed under CC NC-SA 4.0
September 09, 2020
Episode 26 - South Carolina Teachers: #EssentialNotExpendable
We talk to teachers from Berkeley and Dorchester counties find out what they think about reopening South Carolina schools. We’ll be discussing their unanswered questions, continuing concerns, and whether or not the government that claims to serve them is listening. We’ll also be touching on how the lack of broadband access in rural communities plays a role in this crisis, the weaponization of teaching to extract endless concessions and sacrifices from education professionals, and some things our listeners can do to support local teachers. Thanks for listening to our scrappy little podcast. We work hard to bring you our unique perspective on leftist news, opinion and education from the heart of the Lowcountry. If you like what you hear, please take a moment to leave a comment or rating on the platform of your choice. You can also find Charleston DSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and at our website at NOTE: When the episode was recorded, the #EssentialNotExpendable car caravan that will be happening in Columbia was scheduled for Aug 15. It has since been pushed back to Aug 22 due to inclement weather. More info at our Eventbrite link: SC school District Reopening Plans Children Can Get Severe COVID-19, CDC Says — Especially Black And Hispanic Children Harvard Epidemiologist: 'Hybrid' Model For Reopening Schools Is 'Probably Among The Worst' Options Corridor Of Shame Documentary  Two-thirds of SC educators in Survey Report Pre-Existing Conditions  SC Teacher Of The Year Responds to Gov McMasters Broadband Now How SC Students Can Qualify For Free Internet SC Teachers United SC For Ed Charleston Area Justice Ministry Southerners On New Ground Charleston Alliance for Fair Employment Music: "Propaganda" by Peg & The Rejected. Licensed under CC NC-SA 4.0
August 14, 2020
Episode 25 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: Abolishing The Carceral State
In this episode, we're featuring local activists Candace Livingston, Julie Chea and Empress talking about police/prison abolition and building a better world using the principles of investing in our communities, as well as fully understanding the power of transformative justice. Through Carolina Youth Action Project, they’ve been working on a campaign called Safer Schools Without SROs, which demands the removal of all SROs in Charleston County schools and in every public school across South Carolina. CYAP is an alliance of unstoppable girls, trans youth, and gender nonconforming youth who believe that students deserve to feel safe, supported, and cared for rather than fearful of harassment or arrest by SROs. CYAP also emphasizes that issues like sex education should go beyond abstinence-only curriculum, and reject South Carolina’s outdated and harmful Comprehensive Health Education Program. Among the topics covered: the problems with the “8 Can’t Wait” plan, what practicing transformative justice locally looks like, supporting incarcerated people, negative effects of SROs, and how to get involved with the Carolina Youth Action Project. Further reading can be found below: Carolina Youth Action Project: CYAP campaign work: CYAP Petition to remove police from Charleston County schools: Candace's commentary in the Post & Courier: Why We Need To Abolish Police In Our Schools: Further reading about the Prison Industrial Project: Pew Research Center: Most violent and property crimes in the U.S. go unsolved: Equal Justice Initiative: Increased incarceration does not reduce crime:
July 31, 2020
Episode 24 - Songs Of Liberation: Give Me That Textile Workers Union
In the late 1920's and early 1930's Textile Workers across the country engaged in a series of industrial actions which changed the landscape and fortunes of organized labor in the US forever.  This episode tells the story of two strikes of this period that occurred in the upstate of South Carolina.  In Honea Path and Pelzer, workers fought against local mill owners and anti-union forces for better conditions and several of them paid with their lives. A part of labor struggles throughout history has always been the music, a joyful and artistic silver lining that sometimes gets overlooked. As part of our Songs Of Liberation series, we'll also talk about many of the artists and songs associated with labor organizing in both South Carolina and the south in general. Below is a list of tunes for this episode: Joe Glazer - Give Me That Textile Workers Union: Dave McCarn - Cotton Mill Colic: Dixon Brothers - Weave Room Blues: Pete Seeger - The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues: New Harmony Sisterhood Band - Cotton Mill Girls: Ella May Wiggins - The Mill Mother's Lament (performed by Pete Seeger): The Almanac Singers - Talking Union: Joe Glazer - The Mill Was Made of Marble: Joe Glazer - Working Men Unite:
July 18, 2020
Episode 23 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: Unionizing Our Workplaces
In this episode, we continue our discussion on the Charleston Rebellion and potential next steps within the context of building a unified, multiracial working class, and understanding how predatory capitalists and the police work to exploit weaknesses in that unified front. We also discuss how police unions exist to protect cops, the recent work stoppage by longshoremen and warehouse worker unions across the country and how issues of racial and economic justice are intertwined, and how socialists must be able to make those connections and advocate for both of them simultaneously.
July 04, 2020
Episode 22 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: The Aftermath of May 30
NOTE: In this episode, we talked about how Camden, NJ might be an example of what police abolition could look like. A comrade sent us an article pointing out some pretty big problems with it. In the interest of being both ideologically consistent and transparent with our resources, we wanted to share it here: A number of Charleston DSA members have been involved with protests over the past few weeks in various capacities. In this episode, we talk with a couple of new members who were on the ground during some of the protests over the past few weeks. They share their reasons behind joining the local DSA chapter, their stories about what the mood was like marching down King Street, how the Charleston rebellion is similar to and different from other actions happening around the country, and try to imagine what might happen next as the struggle continues. Black lives matter. Defund the police. Socialism will win. Some leftist Twitch channels that were discussed on today's episode... A few helpful lists of local black owned businesses can be found at... Helpful visuals breaking down racial and economic inequality in the Charleston area can be found at  Peruse the South Carolina Buy Black Locally directory at And don't forget to support activists doing good work on the ground educating people and supporting protestors, this is important! Chip into the Black Liberation Fund on Venmo or Cash App by searching for @chsrebellion2020 Support the work of Mika Gadsden on Venmo by searching for @mikagadsden Support the Charleston Activist Network on Patreon:
June 16, 2020
Episode 21 - Charleston Rebellion 2020: All About Protest Marshaling
In the wake of the recent protests across the Holy City this week, we talk about the historic link between modern police departments and slave patrols of the 1700s and 1800s, how police departments disproportionately attack and murder people of color, how to increase the effectiveness of street protests using good marshaling tactics, what exactly a protest marshal does, and how to keep yourself and your comrades safe. Black lives matter. Defund the police. Socialism will win. ACTIVIST RESOURCES: Charleston Activist Network: Your Right To Organize Protests And Demonstrations: Protest Safety One-Pager from Charleston DSA: PODCASTS: Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network: Pod Damn America: Mic'd Up! Brutal South: LEGAL RESOURCES: Know Your Rights Campaign: National Lawyers Guild: CONSTRIUTE RESOURCES: Chip into the Black Liberation Fund on Venmo or Cash App by searching for @chsrebellion2020 Support the work of Mika Gadsden on Venmo by searching for @mikagadsden Support the Charleston Activist Network on Patreon:
June 06, 2020
Episode 20 - Abolish Landlords: Tenant Organizing In The COVID-19 Era
Artist and activist Effy Francis and local DSA comrade Chris Tittle talk about organizing for tenants rights in South Carolina during the COVID-19 pandemic. Effy also discusses their past experiences working for disability rights groups, the LGBTQIA+ community, and how those experiences influenced their work today. The episode continues with a wrap-up of the recent virtual townhall collaboration between the South Carolina Housing Justice Network, Charleston DSA, and other Lowcountry social justice organizations. We also go into the incompatibility of capitalism with equitable housing policies, and what you can do as a tenant to push back against greedy landlords. To support Effy, please check out their artwork on Instagram @ealeceart, or consider tipping them on Venmo @effy-francis. To read Chris' article on what we must do to protect working folks from being forced from their homes, visit To learn more about America's eviction crisis, visit for a helpful and informative dashboard. And finally, are you in a position to pledge some or all of your stimulus check to support immigrant rights, housing justice, and community resilience with your neighbors in the Lowcountry? Please consider making a donation to the Lowcountry Mutual Aid Fund:
May 21, 2020
Episode 19 - Songs Of Liberation: Red Reggae
We take a break from the COVID-19 madness to discuss something a little more uplifting. In this episode, Nick talks about socialist themes in reggae, ska and dancehall music of the 70s and 80s. If you're playing along at home, here's the track list. Dillinger - Crashie First Socialist: Max Romeo - Socialism Is Love: Derrick Morgan - People’s Decision: The Ethopians - Socialism Train: The Youths - We A Socialist: King Tubby - Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist: Victim of Capital - The Time Has Come: Don Drummond - Fidel: Johnny Ringo - Working Class:
May 04, 2020
Episode 18 - Mutual Aid In The Wake Of COVID 19
As the COVID 19 global pandemic continues, we discuss the importance of building and participating in mutual aid organizations with a comrade from Mutual Aid Disaster relief. Conversation topics include participating in hurricane relief efforts in Lumberton with Charleston DSA after Hurricane Florence hit in 2018, how climate disaster relief compares to (and has a lot in common with) the COVID 19 pandemic, how different populations are affected by natural and manmade disasters, and how it is critical for the left to get involved with mutual aid projects in order to achieve a broader goal of the complete transformation of our economy and society. Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action. Inspired by similar programs run by the Black Panthers during the 60s, the group encompasses a loosely-connected national network of activists from many different disciplines organizing around supporting survivors of natural disasters. For more information, or to make a donation, check out Be safe, solidarity forever!
April 17, 2020
Episode 17 - The COVID 19 Stimulus Package
In this episode, we talk further about the local response to COVID 19, then zoom out a bit and compare it to how other countries with stronger worker protections have reacted. Later, we break down the recent stimulus package and how it fails to address the contradictions of capitalism that have brought us to this point. Some sources for the episode... - COVID 19 Stimulus Bill: What It Means For States: - DSA National Statement on COVID 19:
April 06, 2020
Episode 16 - A Socialist Perspective on the COVID 19 Pandemic
In this episode, we interview a couple of comrades (one locally and one from the Akron DSA chapter) who work in the healthcare industry to talk about what it's like being on the ground in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, and how this pandemic affects the lives of working people. We also broaden the discussion a bit to talk about how COVID-19 is exposing the contradictions of capitalism and the drastic measures needed to protect the working class at this time of crisis. Have questions about COVID 19? Visit the CDC website here for more info. Read the official DSA statement on COVID 19 here. Learn more about what you can do to help yourself and your neighbors by visiting the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief website.  Consider making a donation while you're at it to help folks affected by medical bills, job loss, etc...
March 22, 2020
Episode 15 - 2020 Primary Fever Wrap Up
We've got another engaging panel discussion for you as members of Charleston DSA, Food Not Bombs, and a local Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer chat about the South Carolina primary election, Super Tuesday, and beyond. What was it like to be on the front lines of the campaign? What can be learned from our organizing successes and failures? How to we move that energy beyond the 2020 election? All this and more!
March 13, 2020
Episode 14 - Primary Fever Comes to South Carolina
In this episode, a few members of the local Charleston DSA and Food Not Bombs chapters have a discussion about the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign. Seen as the underdog by many talking heads, Sanders has earned victories in Iowa, New Hampshire and now seems poised to win South Carolina. The panel also discusses what got them interested in Bernie Sanders, the advantages and limitations of engaging in electoral politics, and what's on the line for voters in the Palmetto State. To find out information about your voting location, go to To find out more about Queers Against Pete, visit
February 20, 2020
Episode 13 - Solidaridad y Dignidad Para Chile
WARNING: this episode contains descriptions of police violence. Our comrade and YDSA liaison Ace stops by the studio to talk about her experiences in Chile during the mass protests against President Sebastián Piñera and his increasingly unpopular administration. The protests began in Chile's capital, Santiago, as a coordinated fare evasion campaign by students which led to spontaneous takeovers of the city's main train stations, resulting in violent, punitive actions by the national police. Since October/November of 2019, the protests have escalated and expanded across the country. Protestors have cited a wide variety of reasons for their actions such as economic inequality, political corruption, and the need for reforms in education, healthcare, and pension systems. Ace shares what it was like to stay with a host family who were members of the local Communist Party, how the protests ramped up very quickly, and stories about activists and revolutionaries she met on the front lines. Towards the end of the interview, we share some thoughts about what real, material gains for the working class in Chile might look like. Solidarity and dignity for the people of Chile!
February 05, 2020
Episode 12 - Medicare For All: Critical For An Empowered Working Class
In conjunction with our 2020 Medicare For All action week, we're talking about the nitty gritty details of Medicare For All. We go over most of the usual questions (who supports it, how it compares to a private, multipayer system, how it'll be paid for, etc...) but we also talk a little bit about the intersectional nature of fighting for a universal, single payer healthcare system, and how it will help folks here in the Lowcountry. For further reading: Economic Analysis of Medicare For All: Physician Satisfaction with Practicing Medicine: Americans Rate Their Healthcare: DSA for Medicare For All: DJD Institute: Physicians for a National Health Program South Carolina: To contact the DJD Institute, email them at:
January 09, 2020
Episode 11 - Max Elbaum's Talk at the ILA Local 422 Hall
Recently, writer and activist Max Elbaum was in Charleston to discuss his book, Revolution In The Air. The book chronicles the rise of the New Communist Movement in the United States in the 60s and 70s, and it’s subsequent decline in the 80s. It also examines what organizations like DSA can learn from the legacies of Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara, and from the various tendencies and organizations of the New Communist Movement operating at the time. This episode is a followup to the previous episode in which we interviewed Max about his book. He offers up some valuable insights about what it was like to be on the forefront of the socialist movement back then, and chats with the audience about organizing in 2019.
December 06, 2019
Episode 10 - Interview With Writer & Activist Max Elbaum, Author of "Revolution In The Air"
Recently, writer and activist Max Elbaum was in Charleston to discuss his book, Revolution In The Air. The book chronicles the rise of the New Communist Movement in the United States in the 60s and 70s, and it’s subsequent decline in the 80s. It also examines what organizations like DSA can learn from the legacies of Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara, and from the various tendencies and organizations of the New Communist Movement operating at the time. In this episode, we ask Max some questions about the book, and get his take on applying lessons learned from the activists that came before us in an age of rising inequality, fascism, and looming environmental destruction on the horizon.
November 15, 2019
Episode 9 - ICE & Border Imperialism
This episode provides additional analysis on ICE at the organizational level, discussing what role they play in US imperialism and white supremacy here at home. We also spend some time taking a broad view of border imperialism, and how it restricts and marginalizes people while capital is free to cross borders with relative ease. It's important to understand that if the working class is seeking the abolition of capitalism and a permanent transition to a socialist society, all national borders must ultimately be eliminated. We touch on that too towards the end of the episode. - You can find a link to the ICE statistics, a PDF of their arrest and removal operations for 2018 is linked in the first paragraph on their website at: - To find information on the TRAC program we used to compare Obama's first six years of deportations to Trump's: - A link Harsha Walia's book at AK Press: - Some information about migration patters and population trends were pulled from the American Immigration Council's "Immigration 101" page: - A link to reports of abuse and trauma suffered by people imprisoned in ICE concntration camps: Music by Pudge, Eddy, and Yung Kartz
October 18, 2019
Episode 8 - Our First Mini-Episode AKA "A Little Slice Of Paradise"
Not long ago, the Coastal Conservation League hosted a forum with several mayoral candidates here in Charleston. The candidates discussed the massive problem this city has with flooding, and proposed some technocratic, mediocre solutions for moving forward. We were able to score an interview with a real bonafide, flesh-and-blood candidate, Ricky Teckwhite, who is definitely not someone we just made up for laughs. We also propose some very brief solutions of our own that we'll come back to in future episodes. If you have a masochistic streak, you can watch the glorious discussion in it's entirety on Facebook. Don't say we didn't warn ya. Meanwhile, folks are doing real work here on the ground. October is looking busy as the local Fight For 15 group is hosting a "Unions For All Solidarity Day" on October 5th. Space is limited, so sign up here! The Charleston Immigrant Coalition is hosting an Immigrant Forum on the same day at the Circular Congregational Church. Make sure you get your ticket over at Eventbrite! CHS DSA comrades plan to attend both. If you wanna learn more about what we do, let's chat! Music by Yung Kartz and John Phillips Sousa. Bet you didn't expect that combination, did ya?
September 30, 2019
Episode 7 - Interview With Fernando Soto From Recursos Estatales
In this episode, we interview Fernando Soto, founder of Recursos Estatales, an online news portal for Spanish-speaking readers. Recursos Estatales' mission is to close the gap in local communities where Spanish resources are not offered to the Hispanic community. Recursos Estatales also provides news coverage in the state of South Carolina. Likewise, it is working on expansion to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, broadening their reach to a regional audience. Fernando recently spoke at the Lights For Liberty rally in North Charleston discussing the struggles of local immigrant communities under attack from a newly-empowered and increasingly fascist Immigrations & Customs Enforcement department, also known as ICE. Fernando also shares some observations about ICE both on a local and national level, as well as some suggestions on how we can fight for the rights of immigrants here in the Lowcountry. In the interview, we reference a video by leftist history YouTube channel Three Arrows connecting the concentration camps at the border with concentration camps liberated at the end of World War II. You can find it here: To find out more about Recursos Estatales, check them out at Music by: Mama Sun System
September 02, 2019
Episode 6 - DSA National Convention 2019 Analysis
Earlier this month, delegates from our chapter hit the road for the 2019 National DSA Convention. In this episode, we discuss some of the experiences we had at the convention, a broad view of how the voting process worked, and a deeper dive on a few interesting resolutions and proposed bylaw changes. Did you attend the convention? Have something to add? Email us at We might read your response on a future episode! If you didn't make it to the convention but would like to hear some of the speakers and review the resolutions and bylaws yourself, check out the official DSA website: Music by Dot Dash, The Spin Wires, and The Dread
August 29, 2019
Episode 5 - Interview With Charleston Food Not Bombs
In this episode, we interview local comrades Alex and Sam who are stalwart supporters of the local Food Not Bombs chapter. Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent anarchist collectives around the world who share free meals in an ongoing effort to build solidarity with local folks struggling with food insecurity. Food Not Bombs believes that corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in what should be post-scarcity society. To demonstrate this in practice (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food or donations from local stores, restaurants, food trucks, bakeries and markets that would otherwise go to waste. To learn more about the organization as a whole, check out their website at To learn more about the Charleston chapter, or to make a food or cash donation, find them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit their website at Please note: The interview mentions a serving location that is no longer active due to construction. Please visit Charleston Food Not Bombs' social media accounts for updated serving info. Music by: SatanasiA
July 31, 2019
Episode 4 - The Green New Deal vs. Universal Basic Income
Democrats have had their first primary debates of the election cycle, and it's definitely a crowded field at this point, but one candidate in particular has caught our attention: Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former corporate attorney Andrew Yang. Over the past few months, Yang has rose to prominence promoting a Universal Basic Income plan that he calls the "Freedom Dividend", which guarantees every American a monthly stipend of $1000. But what are the drawbacks of this plan, and how does it compare to the vastly superior Green New Deal put forward recently by Senator Edward Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Will it help workers gain back control of their economy and their workplaces, or is it a simple bait-and-switch tactic? In this episode, we compare and contrast the Green New Deal and the so-called "Freedom Dividend", provide some analysis on how these plans might look on a local level, and present both strategies within the concept of a socialist economy, framing the argument as a battle between the needs of labor vs. the whims of capital. The Lowcountry is on the front lines of both climate change and a shifting economy in favor of predatory capitalists. Understanding how these two very different approaches tackle these issues is critical. For further critical analysis on Andrew Yang and the "Freedom Dividend" 1. "Why is Andrew Yang Running for President?" by Mehdi Hassan: 2. "The Case Against a Basic Income" by Daniel Zamora: 3. "Universal Basic Income: Ruling class scam or step toward socialism?" by Tim Libretti: 4. "On The Politics of Basic Income" by Peter Frase: Music by: Peg & The Rejected, Defy The Mall, KIRK, The Dubbstyle, and Regular Gonzalez
July 04, 2019
Episode 3 - Abortion Rights Under Attack
Recently, a series of so-called "fetal heartbeat" bills have been circulating in various state legislatures. These bills are a extreme form of abortion restriction legislation which makes abortions illegal as soon as the so-called "embryonic or fetal heartbeat" can be detected, which is typically six weeks into the pregnancy and before most folks are certain that they're pregnant. Charleston DSA unequivocally rejects any attempt to restrict abortion rights and bodily autonomy. In the first segment, we analyze the difference between the various bills in different states, and how they compare and contrast to South Carolina's own so-called "fetal heartbeat" bill. In the second segment, we provide a socialist analysis of abortion rights and bodily autonomy, and explain how these bills are yet another example of class warfare. We highlight how these bills have nothing to do with “protecting life”, but are just another tool used by the predatory capitalist class to enslave us. We wrap up the episode by giving some examples of mutual aid and direct action that our comrades can use to push back against this latest push to eradicate the most fundamental of our rights: the right to control our own bodies. This episode was recorded when the state legislature was still in session. Since then, South Carolina's so-called "fetal heartbeat" bill has passed the house and moved on to the Senate. We have updated the list of resources to include contact information for South Carolina state senators. Contact your state representative: Contact your state senator: If you need an abortion here in the southeast, there are many groups across dedicated to raising funds or providing resources to help you. The National Network Of Abortion Funds: Richmond Reproductive Freedom Projects: Blue Ridge Abortion Fund: Carolina Abortion Fund: Tennessee Reproductive Action Fund: Access Reproductive Care — Southeast: Yellowhammer Fund: Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund: New Orleans Abortion Fund: North Florida Justice Fund: Central Florida Women's Emergency Fund: W.O.M.E.N.: Emergency Medical Assistance Inc.: Women's Emergency Network: Music by David Rovics, Peg & The Rejected, Neil Cross, and 27 Hearts Beats
June 15, 2019
Episode 2: #AllOutMay1 South Carolina Teacher Walkout & South Carolina Labor Struggles Throughout History
In the spirit of May Day, this episode discusses the recent #AllOutMay1 statewide teacher walkout from a socialist perspective. We also suggest some ways in which comrades might support our teachers and fellow workers, as well as how to encourage a culture of vigorously defending the right to a free, high-quality public education via direct action. We also spend a little time towards the end of the episode talking about labor history here in the region and how it connects to the current struggles within the South Carolina education system, which currently sits among the worst-ranked in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report. Additional background music from
May 23, 2019
Episode 1: We Want The World
The debut episode of Renegade Paradise, in which we discuss how capitalism and socialism are talked about in popular political discourse, and why this popular discourse is inaccurate and problematic. We also present a brief summary of Charleston DSA’s interpretation and definition of socialism.
May 07, 2019