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The Spirit of Leviathan

An episode of Pathfinders Ministries

By Charlotte Millican
Welcome to Pathfinders Ministries podcast. Here you will find sermons, teachings, interviews and maybe just a few short hellos. Pathfinders exists to encourage women and help them find the path God has for them. You are not alone.
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More places to listen

Introduction to our GRIEF series at Pathfinders Ministries. Please visit You are not alone in your grief. We are doing life together.
October 2, 2019
Stalker or lover?
Jesus is a pursuer in our relationship; however, we can allow Jesus to be just a stalker in our life or he can be our lover and we can be His bride. Listen to my thoughts on my way home from work.
October 1, 2019
The Spirit of Jezebel
Jezebel is more than a character in the Bible and she is NOT your pastors wife. Find out more about what the spirit of Jezebel is and how to defeat her.
September 28, 2019
The Spirit of Python
Do you wonder why it fills like you are choking when you try to read God’s Word or pray? Do you get distracted or does Interference come your way? The Spirit of Python could be the cause. Listen to the last teaching in the series “Religious Spirits” by Charlotte Millican.
September 26, 2019
The Spirit of Leviathan
Do you walk in constant offense or do your words get twisted? We are in spiritual warfare and the enemy is using Leviathan to infiltrate our family, relationships and our churches. Learn what Leviathan is and how to stop his attacks.
September 23, 2019
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