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CM Conversations

CM Conversations

By Charlton Morris
A podcast brought to you by Charlton Morris, where we speak to thought leaders from the markets we serve.

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Live Webinar: How to Master Reimbursement in Medical Devices & Biotech
It’s crucial for Medical Device and Biotech leaders to understand the intricacies of healthcare reimbursement! Only then, will your business truly benefit from it. In this live webinar, hosted by CM Medical, we went in search of expert reimbursement advice - speaking to Deborah Rizzi and Steven Haken of Odelle Technology. For more info about this topic, email us at And for the full video recording, please go to
October 12, 2021
Why the World Needs to Properly Embrace Water Reuse.
This episode is all about water reuse. And to speak about this topic, we were joined by Guillaume Clairet, Chief Operating Officer & Alejandro Sturniolo, Global Head of Water Reuse & Strategic Partnerships at leading water and wastewater technology company, H2O Innovation. Together, we discuss the importance of water reuse to combat drought, as well as the impact that reuse systems have had in the areas they’ve been successfully implemented. We also ask Guillaume and Alejandro about how we can remove the stigma surrounding re-used water. And we discuss examples of industry leaders that are working hard to educate the public about this.
October 6, 2021
Live Webinar: How to Take Advantage of Data & Optimise Your Lab
In this live webinar, hosted by CM Life Science's Lucy Smith, we discussed taking advantage of data to optimise your labs.  To do this, we were joined by a panel of leaders from the digital lab solutions space including:  Robert Pemberton, the CCO of Elemental Machines Erwin Seinen, the CO- Founder of ElabNext Amanda Allen, the Senior Director of Operations at Scorpion Therapeutics During the conversation, our experts talk about how data translates in the lab world, the challenges and strategies surrounding data maturity and what lab data will look like in the future. For more content like this, please visit 
October 6, 2021
Live Webinar: How Has Attracting Talent in Water Changed?
The water industry's talent market is going through an exciting, but challenging transformation! In CM Industrial’s latest live webinar, we spoke to water industry leaders about how they’re attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. Our expert panel included: Erin Rothman, CEO of StormSensor Ken Bockhurst, CEO & Chairman of Badger Meter Lukas Loeffler, Managing Partner of LLIMC LLC From the webinar, you’ll find out how these industry experts are diversifying their tactics to attract, retain and hire the best talent in water industry. This event was created in partnership with The Water Council. If you’d like to be involved in future webinars like this, please get in touch. We also create podcasts, articles and videos about the industry. For more water content like this, you can also visit the webinar host, Alex Mason's profile page.  
September 27, 2021
What is the Future of Cardiology in Latin America?
In this episode, Henry Bell discussed the future of cardiology in Latin America. He was joined by Luis Fonseca, the General Manager for Canada and Latin America at Inari Medical. 
September 9, 2021
Which Future Trends Will Shape the Water Industry?
In this CM Industrial Live Conversations, Alex Mason, our Senior Consultant, spoke to Cameron Lippert, the CEO of PowerTech Water. They discussed emerging trends and changes within the water sector, as well as PowerTech Water’s exciting technology and growth plans!
September 8, 2021
How to Implement Digitalisation & Operational Excellence
CM Industrial's Danial Olufunwa speaks to Joost van Helden, who's a Senior Program Manager of Digital Execution at Eni. Together they discuss the implementation process for digitalisation and how your company can go about achieving operational excellence. For more content like this, please visit And as always, if you have any questions about this episode, please email us at
September 6, 2021
Carbon Neutral Mining: Mission Impossible?
Improving the environmental impact of mining has long been a priority for the industry. So much so, that organisations such as FLSmidth have committed to initiatives like MissionZero - a sustainability programme to reduce emissions in cement and mining to zero by 2030. In this live CM Conversations episode, I speak to Mikko Keto, the President of the Mining Industry at FLSmidth. We discuss why his company made this commitment, the impact it’s had on business, how they’re progressing with this goal. For more content like this, please visit 
August 23, 2021
How to Break America in Medical Imaging
What challenges must be overcome to ensure a successful expansion into the US medical imaging market? And what lessons have been learned by those imaging leaders that have been there and done it? To find out, CM Medical spoke to a panel of medical imaging leaders, who have enjoyed success in the US market: Ben Panter, CEO of Blackford Analysis Kyle Frye, President of SyntheticMR For more content like this and information about CM Medical as a search firm, please visit If you have any question about the podcast or would like to be a part of a future episode, please email
August 19, 2021
How are we Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials?
While CROs and healthcare have continued to raise awareness about the lack of diversity within clinical trials, actually addressing the issue remains a huge challenge. So, what are companies doing to improve the situation? And what practical steps will be taken to ensure more diverse clinical trials in the future? To find out, we spoke to a panel including three clinical trial experts in a live webinar: Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee John Reites, CEO of THREAD Stuart Goldblatt, former Chief of Organisational Effectiveness at Covance and a current operational effectiveness & strategy leader. Together, we spoke about decentralised trials, telehealth, engaging rural populations and more. To receive  a downloadable PDF of all the event's major takeaways, click here. This is only the beginning of addressing diversity in clinical trials and I'm aware of how important diverse voices are.  So, CM Life Science will continue to provide podcasts, articles and webinars on this. If you’d like to get involved or know anyone who would – please get in touch. Our email is For more about Elisabeth, your host for this podcast, please visit her profile page.
August 16, 2021
Convincing the World That Waste Management is Getting Smarter
How do we convince the world that waste management is smart? And how do we get the public to engage with its new, smart systems and technology? In this podcast (which was hosted as a live webinar), we asked those big questions to two global leaders in smart waste technology: Georg Bassenge, Director of Europe at Ecube Labs & Head of Business Development at emz - environmental technology GmbH Theo Kik, Managing Director at Mr. Fill & Smart City Lease B.V. From the podcast, you’ll find out how these industry experts are changing perceptions about waste management processes, how they’re convincing municipalities & governments to invest in our industry and how they’re getting the general public to engage with their technology! For more content like this, visit And if you'd like to join us on a podcast or webinar, please get in touch by emailing
August 11, 2021
Can Modular Construction Solve the Skills Shortage in the Hi-Tech Construction Industry?
The talent shortage in the construction industry is nothing new; it's a problem that has burdened the sector for a number of years. With the Data Centre, Life Science and Healthcare markets all seeing a huge rise in activity over the last 18 months, the talent gap is starting to severely affect these hi-tech construction markets. Construction companies are fighting for the best talent and many are struggling to find the right people. So how do we solve this issue? Gratefully, Modubuild's Talent Experience Specialist Ciara O'Dwyer was at hand to give the inside scoop on how internal talent specialists are tackling this challenge and whether modular construction can truly bridge the talent gap in our industry.Modular construction is seen by many as the future of the industry and requires new skillsets that previously weren't as vital within the construction process. This is opening up new possibilities for people to enter the construction industry, who may not have previously considered the sector as a career option.If you have any questions about the podcast, please don't hesitate to email me at And for more of my content, please click here. For more about CM Industrial and what we do as a search firm, click here.
August 9, 2021
"Always be Visible and Always be Available"
Starting a new role is daunting at the best of times. But starting a role remotely in a leadership role in a pandemic is a whole new challenge. But that's exactly what Thierry Faye had to do when he started his role as Senior Marketing Director with Markes and SepSolve this year. In this episode of CM Conversations, Thierry shares his tips on hitting the ground running and building a team without meeting them, as well as the importance of investing in relationships. In his words, you should always be visible and always be available.  If you're starting a new role or planning to hire yourself, this episode has some fantastic tips for you to take away. For more great content from the Life Science space, visit
July 8, 2021
How to Stand Out in a Saturated AI & Medical Imaging Market
In this episode of CM Conversations, we talk to Peter Chang - who’s Co-Director at the UCI Center for AI in Diagnostic Medicine, as well as the Co-Founder & CEO of In our discussion with Peter, we talk about AI in medical imaging and how this market has become so saturated over recent years. In this podcast, Peter also offers advice on how companies can improve their offering and future-proof their business to really stand out in the medical imaging marketplace. Whether you’re from a commercial, technical or medical background; I think there is something valuable here for everyone to takeaway. For more content like this, please go to
June 29, 2021
What's Next for Lateral Flow?
Lateral flow tests have been crucial in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be a major part of the world’s return to normality. In this live webinar, we asked three experienced commercial leaders about their insights, advice and predictions on the future of this market. Our panel included: Leigh Thomas - Senior VP, Director of Global Sales at Abingdon Health Angus Urquhart - Sales Director at Katalyst Laboratories Robert Miller - President of Drummond Scientific To get in touch with the host of this event, Nathan Sharpe, please give him an email at  If you'd like to collaborate with CM Life Science on future content or learn about our offering as a search partner, go to
May 27, 2021
Adopting Additive Manufacturing in Local Supply Chains
3D Printing has had a major impact on global supply chains, with the technology allowing manufacturers to print small runs of products from a wide variety of materials. This type of manufacturing requires less physical stock, creates less waste and doesn’t require mass shipping – which is much better for the environment. While we have begun to take advantage of these benefits – and many others – we know we can do more to truly harness the full potential of 3D printing and further embrace localised manufacturing. To find out how, we spoke to Gregor Reischle who's Global Head of Industrial Additive Manufacturing and Program Manager Supply Chain Intelligence at TÜV SÜD – a company that’s work hard to build trust in localised manufacturing with its comprehensive portfolio of testing, certification, auditing and advisory services. For more information about CM Industrial and the work we do in this market as a global search firm, go to
May 25, 2021
Point of Need Diagnostics with Genomtec
In this episode, CM Life Science's Adam Hargreaves catches up with Miron Tokarski, CEO of Genomteca company operating in the field of clinical diagnostics. Also joining them was Magdalena Kicińska, Marketing Partner at Genomtec. During the conversation with Miron, Magdalena and Adam they discussed the innovative work being done by Genomtec, the market landscape as a whole and how they’re standing out in the wider space.  For more content about the Life Science industry, please visit and if you have any feedback about this episode we'd love to hear it. Please email
May 20, 2021
Overcoming the Challenges of Pump Sustainability
Right now, pumps account for 10% of the world energy consumption – which is a lot for a single industry. And with an increasing population and growing infrastructure, the number of pumps is only going up. So, if we don’t want to drain the world’s energy sources, then it’s vital that we make our pumps more energy efficient and sustainable. In this CM Conversations episode, we discuss this with Jon Ander Agirrebengoa, who’s Managing Director of Emica Pumps – which is a Spanish pumps manufacturer that works with its clients to achieve more sustainable solutions. If you'd like to learn more about your host, Will, or CM Industrial's search partnership offering; go to
May 18, 2021
Keeping Up with the Data Centre Demand
In this live episode, we spoke to data centre construction expert, Alan Lurie. With decades of experience in construction, Alan was well-placed to tell us about the future of the market – which has seen a real spike in demand recently. In the webinar he shares insight on: - How to future-proof your data centres - What today’s clients are looking for - And how general construction companies can break into the space For more info about CM Industrial, please go to Please feel free to contact this event's host, Andrew Hanlon, by emailing
May 17, 2021
How to Normalise Mental Health Conversations at Work
Today’s episode is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Week.  For it, we're joined by Workplace Mental Health Specialist, Jaimie Shires - who’s partnered with Charlton Morris since 2017 and helped build our wellness program.  In the episode, our Head of People, Rebecca Cook, and Jaimie talk about how your workplace culture can impact mental health, the balancing act that leaders must master to support their employees’ and Jaimie offers her advice on how to improve your personal outlook on work. We hope that this inspire you and your business to talk about mental health more openly at work, challenging the stigma that surrounds this topic. If you'd like to learn more about our wellness program or what life is like at Charlton Morris, please go to
May 10, 2021
"Every industry seems huge until it's not, so grow your network with respect and kindness."
In this episode, CM Life Science's Joe Bakali catches up with William Melnyczenko, Global Business Development Director of Digital Solutions at Mérieux NutriSciences - North America. Together, they speak about the highs and lows of finding a new role during lockdown, as well as Will's experiences during his onboarding process.  For more content about the Life Science industry, please visit and if you have any feedback about this episode we'd love to hear it. Please email
April 29, 2021
The Water Industry: Bridging the Talent Gap to Embrace Digital Technologies
CM Industrial's Lyle King, a recruitment consultant for the global water and wastewater markets, addresses the talent gap in his industry. In this CM Conversations episode, he speaks with Garry Tabor, MD of ATi (a business that was recently acquired by US-based Badger Meter) and  Samantha Vince, Head of Water Quality at UK water company, Bristol Water. In their discussion, they talk about how digital solutions are changing the landscape of the water industry and the importance of finding the right talent to support this trend. For more water-related content and info on CM Industrial's recruitment services, go to
April 21, 2021
What's Changing for Data Centre General Contractors?
The data centre industry is booming. Infrastructure is projected to reach $200 billion worldwide by the end of the year and there’s a newfound optimism throughout the sector. Even with the challenges of 2020, Europe’s data centre market has managed to prosper. Within this exciting industry, the role of General Contractors is going through a transformation. In this live #CMConversations episode, we discuss these changes and tackle questions like: • Are we starting to see a more integrated approach to design & build construction projects? • Is the Uber model coming to construction? • How will self-performing contractors like DPR evolve? • is Pre-fabrication, modular construction the future for data centres? • Who will be the most important person on a construction site in the future? • Which technology do you see being the next big thing for use in data centre projects? To do this, your host Henry Longhurst - an executive recruiter that serves the space – speaks to Damian Farr who’s the European Managing Director of DPR. Damian is an experienced engineering construction professional with a strong international project track record, delivering complex major engineering projects in the power, mission critical, technology, life sciences and health sectors. For more information about the podcast, please get in touch with your host Henry by emailing You can find out more about the #CMConversations series by going to – where you’ll also learn more about CM Industrial’s recruitment service too.
April 9, 2021
How Can Telehealth and Digitalisation Be Used to Improve Mental Healthcare?
In this episode, CM Medical's Business Consultant and specialist recruiter within the telehealth & digital health space, Herbie Laidlaw, discusses how telehealth and digitalisation can be used to improve mental healthcare. Joining Herbie in the discussion is Maurice Chiang, CEO and Co-Founder of Prairie Health - a company providing members with personalised mental health treatment, medication management and ongoing support. If you have any questions about the episode, please email For more telehealth-related content, please visit
April 6, 2021
How to Take Your Medical Device to Market
In this episode, CM Medical's Principal Consultant and specialist recruiter within the cardiology sector, Henry Bell, discusses how a medical device can be taken to market. To do this, he's joined by Steven Haken and Deborah Rizzi from market access and reimbursement specialists Odelle Technology.  If you have any questions about the episode, please email For more medical-related content, please visit 
March 22, 2021
“The only way we’re going to beat this pandemic is by giving every nation all of the tools to fight it.”
POC diagnostics has played a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 and is critical to the success of the numerous mass vaccination programs that are underway right now. In this episode of CM Conversations, our specialist recruiter in this space, Nathan Sharpe, talks to Jonathan O’Halloran, who is CEO at QuantuMDx – a diagnostics company that’s sought to support the NHS and UK throughout the pandemic by scaling up its Q-POC rapid POC testing device. Together, they discuss the future of POC Diagnostics, the role it has to play in helping the world return to normality and the trends that Jonathan believes will be influential over the next 12 to 18 months. For more diagnostics content like this, please go to (where you can also find an article about this conversation).
March 16, 2021
How is Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence Impacting the Desalination Markets?
In this episode, CM Industrial's Business Manager and specialist recruiter within the water and wastewater sector, Lyle King, discusses digitalisation and artificial intelligence within the desalination markets and what impact it is having.  Joining him to discuss the matter is Mike Dixon, the CEO and Founder of Synauta - which is a cleantech start-up collaborating with desalination innovators across Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North America. If you have any questions about the episode, please email For more water content like this, please go to 
March 16, 2021
How Technology and Data is Creating Autonomy for the Mining Industry
In this episode, CM Industrial's Director, Ben Robinson, discusses the latest technology and innovations that are helping to create autonomous solutions within the mining space. To do this, he's joined by a market expert, Nick Hare, who is the President of Hexagon's Mining Division - aiming to be the number one smart technology partner for integrated life-of-mine solutions. If you have any questions about the episode, please email For more industrial content like this, please go to
March 15, 2021
How to Attract Great Talent to Your Life Science Business
In this live episode, join life science recruitment experts Eleanor Doolin and Adam Butler as they discuss how the best businesses from across the life science space are winning the war for talent. For more information about CM Life Science and to see some of the content we produce, go to
March 12, 2021
Why is AI a Game-Changer for Minimally Invasive Surgery?
In yet another episode recorded via LinkedIn Live, Jordan Burgin,  a recruitment consultant with CM Medical, discusses the impact of AI on minimally invasive surgery. To do so, he's joined by an expert and industry leader in the space, Todd Usen - CEO of Activ Surgical. If you have any feedback about the episode, Jordan would love to hear it. You can email him at For more med-tech content like this, please visit
March 10, 2021
How to Nail Virtual Hiring (Live)
Join Charlton Morris' Director of Marketing & Communications Kris Holland as he speaks to Jerome Richards, who co-leads CM Medical, about how to nail virtual hiring. We're not talking about 'using Zoom' - everyone's mastered that in the last 12 months. Instead, we discuss how to optimise the virtual hiring process to ensure you get the most out of it. Whether you're looking to hire or looking for your next role, you'll come away from podcast ready to nail your virtual hiring strategy. For more information about Charlton Morris, go to If you have any questions about this podcast or would like to learn more about the company, then please email Kris at
March 4, 2021
What Does the Future Hold for Smart Buildings?
This episode is special. It's our first ever CM Conversations recorded via LinkedIn Live. For it, we're joined by Deepinder Singh who, as CEO of 75F, is an absolute expert on smart buildings and all things building automation. In the episode, hosted by a global recruiter in the space, Lewis Martin, we discuss the future of the industry and the technologies involved in welcoming people back to smart buildings after a global pandemic. We hope you enjoy listening. If you have any questions, please email our host Lewis at For more smart buildings content like this, please go to
March 2, 2021
“Dentists are radiologists, surgeons, business-people and more. If AI can help them do all this better, there’s so much potential for the space.”
In this episode, CM Medical's specialist recruiter, Dominic Turner, discusses the advantages, challenges and future of AI in the dental space. To do this, he's joined by a market expert, Wardah Inam, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Overjet - which is a company dedicated to implementing AI technology into the dental industry. If you have any questions about the episode, please email For more med-tech content like this, please go to
March 1, 2021
"Let’s take the word ‘waste’ out of ‘wastewater’ because it has valuable resources."
There’s a growing awareness about how we use and reuse our water. This has hit new heights recently because of the Netflix documentary, Brave Blue World. It’s really opened people’s eyes to the innovations that could help us build a future for sustainable water. In the documentary, the Director of Innovation and Technology at Aqualia, Frank Rogalla, speaks about how we can produce biogas from wastewater. The potential of this energy source is enormous. So, to learn more, we invited him onto CM Conversations. In this episode, our water specialist, Alex Mason, talks to Frank about the important work he’s involved with at Aqualia, plus the value of wastewater and how we can build a future for sustainable water. We hope you enjoy listening. If you have any questions, or would like to chat about your hiring needs or advancing your own career in the water industry; please email Alex at For more water content like this, please visit and subscribe to CM Conversations.
February 9, 2021
“You see Google, Apple, Samsung, all these tech giants, jumping into healthcare because they know that data is the future.”
CM Medical's Henry Bell hosts this episode of CM Conversations, which is all about cardiac digital health and data.  To take on this exciting topic, Henry's joined by Ken Nelson - Head of Digital Health, Diagnostics, & Monitoring at Biotronik. Ken has spent over 20 years in the cardiovascular device market, working at the likes of Boston Scientific, iRhythm Technologies, BioTelementry Healthcare, Bardy Diagnostics and now Biotronik.  Together, Henry and Ken discuss how cardiology is becoming more data-dependent and what he thinks about the future of the space. We hope you enjoy listening and if you have any feedback about the episode, please feel free to email Henry at For more med-tech content like this, please go to
February 5, 2021
“You can practice orthopaedic procedures again, again and again just standing in your kitchen."
Daniel Spencer, CM Medical's specialist in recruitment for the spinal, orthopaedic and digital health markets; welcomes Chris Scattergood, the COO & Co-Founder of Fundamental VR, onto the CM Conversations podcast. With COVID-19 lockdowns happening across the globe, VR technology has become even more important to the way surgeons work and learn. As a result, this has motivated a new wave of adoption for the innovative technology. Chris and Fundamental VR are at the centre of this. Together, Daniel and Chris discuss the value of VR technology for surgeons, Fundamental VR and the impact of COVID-19 on the space. If you'd like to chat with Daniel about any of the topics in the podcast or his recruitment services, please email him at For more med-tech content like this, please visit
February 2, 2021
“When you look at the world with a function-first perspective, people will adopt and engage with your technology.”
Our specialist recruiter in building automation, Lewis Martin, spoke with Prasan Kale who is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Rise Buildings.  Rise Buildings are an exciting company that are innovating in the PropTech space bringing to market a robust occupant experience and property operations platform that consolidates multiple software and hardware solutions into one, fully-integrated platform. For more content like this, go to
January 19, 2021
“It doesn’t matter where you come from, people want to partner with an employer that’s making a difference in the world.”
CM Life Science’s Business Consultant, Nathan Rigby, hosts as we welcome CJ Harris to the CM Conversations podcast. CJ is a champion of diversity and inclusion. She has a wealth of experience in the life science sector, currently working as leader of the talent acquisition and learning development team at Luminex Corporation. Luminex is a biotechnology company which develops, manufactures and markets proprietary biological testing technologies with applications in life sciences. Thanks to CJ, it also has a forward-thinking recruitment strategy that embraces diversity and inclusion.  We wanted to find out about the successes and challenges CJ has experienced, building diverse and inclusive teams in the life science arena. If you’d like to speak to us about the podcast, please email
December 9, 2020
"We started to look at the international connections from Wuhan airport and thought - this is going to be big”.
For this episode of CM Conversations, our Director of Operations Tom Maskill spoke with QIAGEN CEO Thierry Bernard.  Since being appointed as CEO in October 2019, Thierry has had a baptism of fire into the top job of the $1.5B diagnostic powerhouse. We were honoured to have him join us to give us his take on the last 12 months and how he has guided QIAGEN through unprecedented challenges. If you have any questions about this conversation or would like to get in touch with us directly, you can do so at Learn more about QIAGEN here Follow Thierry on LinkedIn here Follow Tom on LinkedIn here
November 25, 2020
"You often don't have to persuade people there's a need for change, you just have to show them how to do it"
For this episode of CM Conversations, Ben Thompson & Jerome Richards, Directors at CM Medical, spoke with Rob Jenkins and Will Flack from F&J Agile Solutions.  They discussed the importance for companies to be adaptable in an ever changing world and announced an exciting new partnership between CM Medical and F&J.  If you have any questions about our partnership, or any of the topics we covered, get in touch at Learn more about F&J Agile Solutions here.
November 25, 2020
“Politicians need to approve chemical recycling if they’re serious about sustainability.”
In this episode, Bilal Ahmed, our specialist recruiter in the waste and recycling markets for CM Industrial, was joined by two representatives from Biofrabrik Technologies: COO Marc Fröse and CTO Benjamin Richter. Biofabrik are an innovative German company that have some truly pioneering technologies in green chemicals and waste-to-energy. Their environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions could transform the waste and energy sectors, combating global issues like the plastics crisis. Here’s what the three of them discussed in their CM Conversation. If you'd like to speak to Bilal about the podcast, please email him at For more content like this, visit
November 11, 2020
"In a few years, you could be controlling your rig with an app from your smartphone."
Our ground engineering specialist, Michael Walsh, was joined by Riccardo Milanese who is a Business Development Manager at Enteco. Together, they discussed how digitalisation has become one of the hottest topics in ground engineering. Riccardo talked us through what Enteco can offer today's market, plans for the future and what has slowed down adoption of this technology so far. If you'd like to talk to Michael about the podcast or his recruitment services, email him at
November 2, 2020
"I travelled across Asia for four months to prove that I could run this company from my laptop."
Our business consultant who specialises in recruitment for the CDMO & pharmaceutical space, Tatenda Musakanya, sits down with the founder and Managing Director of Norman Health, Jan-Wilem Eleveld. What’s interesting about Norman Health is their set-up. Everything is done from Jan’s laptop. Despite this, the company still have all your traditional back-office functions like marketing, finance and so on. But they’re carried out by multiple contractors, meaning Jan is the only official Norman Health member of staff. Tatenda caught up with him to ask: what inspired him to give up his C-level status and start at fresh? What the difficulties are there in running a company single-handed? And how has his business model coped amid a global pandemic? If you'd like to speak to Tatenda about the podcast, email him at
November 2, 2020
“As a patient, this technology would have changed my life.”
Our recruitment consultant specialising in critical care, Becky Rowlands was joined by Tim Fitzpatrick who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ikona. While serving in the US Navy, Tim suffered a flight-related injury that led to 18 life-altering months of surgeries and wound care. Once recovered, he threw himself into equities trading on Wall Street where he met clinicians and researchers who were using virtual reality to transform the patient experience and train healthcare providers. Tim saw this as an opportunity to bring reassurance to patients in wound care - something that he’d lacked during his recovery. So, in 2017, Tim launched IKONA with his two co-founders to combine clinical care, storytelling and neuroscience on a VR platform. Here’s what happened when Becky caught up with Tim.
October 29, 2020
Breaking the Mould with Azul 3D
Ben Cheetham, our recruitment consultant specialising in additive manufacturing, is joined by James Hedrick who's the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Azul 3D.  James is member of the renowned Forbes 30 Under 30 list and started his first ever company at the age of 16. The profits from this company went towards paying for his college tuition at MIT. He then went on to earn his PhD at Northwestern University with Professor Mirkin, where he developed the seminal technology that’s at the core of what Azul 3D do. Azul 3D are a 3D printing company and they’re looking to change the way additive manufacturing is used. Here’s what happened when Ben and James caught up and talked about the future for Azul 3D and the additive manufacturing industry.
October 22, 2020
"When you have diversity, people see you for who you are and not just as a part of the minority."
In this episode our business consultant, Abbel Kisanji, addresses the topics of discrimination and diversity.  Recruiting in construction and agricultural machinery, he's noticed a lack of black professionals. This is especially true in leadership roles. However, as a black man that talks to people in this space every day, he'd also never experienced racism or conscious discrimination first hand.  To find out more about the lack of diversity in these industries, he spoke with Michael Miller, a black professional who has over 19 year’s experience in construction as an environmental engineer and who is now President at Sustainable Soilutions.   Abbel was also joined by Michael's friend, Edward Gonzalez, an Account Manager at Mellott Company.
October 21, 2020
“We’re the only company in the world that have taken polyethylene films and rigid polypropylene fully back to nature”
For this episode of CM Conversations, our Associate Director and specialist recruiter in the plastics and chemicals space Oliver Davies spoke to Niall Dunne. Niall is currently the CEO of Polymateria, a London based business who have developed a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics, called biotransformation.  For more information on Polymateria, visit their website, You can follow Niall on LinkedIn here You can follow Oliver on LinkedIn here Don't forget to like and subscribe to CM Conversations wherever you get your podcasts. 
October 13, 2020
“If this works the way we think it’s going to work, it will change medical practice”
In this episode of CM Conversations, it's the turn of imaging specialist and Business Manager Cameron Ramsden. He spoke with Bob Proulx, Chairman and CEO of Imagion Biosystems.  Imagion are blazing a trail in the world of imaging with their fascinating technology, which utilises nanoparticles to help detect cancer with better specificity and sensitivity, without exposure to radiation.  They covered the technology, what it's like to be classed as an FDA 'breakthrough' device and what the future holds for Imagion and the imaging market in general.  If you'd like to get involved in the conversation, email us at Follow Cameron on LinkedIn here Follow Bob on LinkedIn here
October 7, 2020
Unlocking the True Potential of Cannabis
CM Life Science's Associate Director, Jack Shute, spoke about opportunities in medicinal cannabis with Pierre van Weperen who is Managing Director at Grow Biotech UK and Chair of the Board at Dutch National MS Society. Grow Biotech are working with manufacturers to make a broad range of medicinal cannabis products available in the UK and their R&D team creates and patents new technologies for Medicinal Cannabis producers to create better, cost-effective medicines. Pierre talked passionately about unlocking the potential of medicinal cannabis, making it available for those who need it in an affordable way.
September 30, 2020
How the Water Council Is Breeding Innovation
In this episode of CM Conversations, Alex Mason, our specialist recruiter in the water industry spoke with Dean Amhaus who is CEO of the water council. "We're the of the water industry" were Dean's words as he passionately spoke about the council's work connecting companies, universities and talented individuals within the water industry.  He also shared his ideas about developing the sector, exciting new technologies and what he sees as the future of the water industry. If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, or even be a guest yourself, get in touch with us at
September 23, 2020
Overcoming Adversity with SIFI
In this episode of CM Conversations, our ophthalmic specialist James Pickering spoke to Fabrizio Chines, CEO of SIFI. SIFI specialise in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the eye care industry.  Throughout the conversation, James and Fabrizio discussed being a CEO in tough times and how to encounter, and recover from, crises.  If you'd like to get involved in the conversation, or even be a future guest yourself, get in touch with us at
September 23, 2020
Revolutionising Building Technology with Artificial Intelligence
In this episode of CM Conversations, our building technology specialist Lewis Martin spoke with Rainer Wellige, Chief Revenue Officer of Brainbox AI. Brainbox are one of the most exciting companies in the building technology space, as their artificial intelligence-based platform promises building owners savings of up to 50% on their electricity costs. If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, or even be a guest yourself, get in touch with us at
September 17, 2020
“Young women should be able to find women who they want to emulate”
In this episode of CM Conversations, our lab equipment specialist Lucy Smith spoke with Melissa Gammell, Vice President of Business Development at Matphil Technologies. They discussed all things women in biotech, Melissa’s career to date and how to get more females involved in STEM. If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, email
August 25, 2020
“Mental illness is becoming mainstream, and there’s no magic pill to treat it”.
In this episode, Business Manager and neuro med tech specialist John-Joe Walker spoke with CEO and serial entrepreneur Janne Huhtala about all things neuro med tech. You can follow Janne on LinkedIn here: Follow John-Joe on LinkedIn here: If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, drop us an email to
August 18, 2020
“For me, the biggest thing I had to learn was listening”
In this episode, our specialist in the lab equipment space, Lucy Smith, spoke with CEO of Elementar Americas Ryan Titmas. Lucy spoke to Ryan about what it takes to get to the top, as well as some of the lessons he’s learned in his career so far. You can follow Ryan on LinkedIn here: Follow Lucy here: Or get involved in your own CM Conversations by contacting us at
July 23, 2020
Revolutionising Ultrasound with ENDRA Life Sciences & TAEUS
In this episode it was all about medical devices, as we caught up with Renaud Maloberti, Chief Commercial Officer for ENDRA Life Sciences. ENDRA have developed an innovative technology for the ultrasound space called TAEUS and Renaud told us all about that, as well as ENDRA’s plans for the future. You can learn more about ENDRA and TAEUS here: follow Renaud on LinkedIn here: and read, watch and listen to the latest content from CM Medical at
July 17, 2020
The Unknown Unknowns of M&A
Even if you’ve been through the process, you may not be aware of exactly what goes into M&A deals from behind the scenes. Today, we’ve tried to look into that in a little more detail, through a conversation with Transaction Liability Team Leader from CFC Underwriting, Grant Hollis. Grant and his team at CFC are responsible for underwriting an M&A deal once it’s been agreed and he talked a lot about trying to account for all the ‘unknown unknowns’ of a deal. Read more about CFC Underwriting here: See Grant’s LinkedIn profile here: Get involved in the conversation yourself by sending us an email to
January 21, 2020
How a Desire to Be a ‘Diabadass’ Helped Start a Leading Med Tech Business
Before he founded global diabetes management platform One Drop, Founder, CEO and diabetes patient Jeff Dachis was tired of feeling like a patient, and wanted to feel more like a ‘diabadass’. So, when he eventually started up the business and designed One Drop’s products, patient wellbeing was always right at the heart of everything they did, and now continue to do. After gaining global exposure in the short time since the company was founded, this is a fascinating insight into starting a medical device business with the consumer, or patient, at the heart of it. Learn more about One Drop here: Follow Jeff on LinkedIn here: Get involved and contribute to the conversation yourself at
January 21, 2020
‘Just In Time’ Pharma Packaging
In this episode, we delved into the Life Science space for a conversation with Mark Rohlfing and Natalie Balanovsky from international pharmaceutical business, Almac. We discussed their brand new service offering, Almac Adapt and talked about the huge impact it promises to have on the global pharmaceutical market. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this podcast, and for you to join in the conversation! If you have anything you’d like to add, get in touch at Learn more about Almac Adapt here: See Mark on LinkedIn here: See Natalie on LinkedIn here: Read our latest content about the Life Science space here:
January 21, 2020
Making Smart Buildings Even Smarter
Today we’re looking at the industrial sector and more specifically at the internet of things and smart buildings space. We spoke with John Petze, Partner at Skyfoundry and Executive Director of Project Haystack, an opensource initiative designed to streamline working with data generated by the Internet of Things. As technology continues to race forward in different directions, making sure that the information that tech creates and communicates is a key enabler to continued progression. Read more about Skyfoundry here: Read more about Project Haystack here: See John’s LinkedIn profile here: Read our latest content about the Industrial space here: We’d love to hear your opinions on this too – join the conversation at
January 21, 2020
The 4 Day Week
As businesses prioritise the wellbeing of their employees, the concept of working a 4 day week is shifting from distant pipedream to reality for a range of organisations around the world. To find out more about what a 4 day week involves, we spoke to one of its biggest champions, Charlotte Lockhart. She is CEO of the 4 Day Week consultancy and travels the world with her husband Andrew Barnes promoting the virtues of the initiative. Read more about the 4 Day Week here: Buy Andrew’s book (UK) here; Do you have an opinion you’d like to contribute to the 4 day week conversation? Would it work in your business? Get in touch at
January 21, 2020