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Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One

Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One

By Maddie Schock
Chatty Maddie chats with all the plus ones in her life. Tune in to the different personalities and stories of those who live around Maddie...who chats a lot.
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Abby | Aquarium Worker To Flower Farmer

Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One

Abby | Aquarium Worker To Flower Farmer

Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One

Abby | Aquarium Worker To Flower Farmer
Abby has had a variety of interests and pursuits in her lifetime. Once an English major turned Recreational Specialist. Now, she’s put her 2 weeks in at the aquarium she’s worked at for 12 years and up next....becoming a Flower Farmer! Listen to her journey and how her petal-led path brought her to this place of new beginnings — literally, the farm was purchased just 2 weeks ago! This episode is all about blooming where you’re planted and finding friends (or family) to be on your dream team.
April 22, 2021
Dad | The Retired Teacher Prodigy
I get anything but (RE)tired with this episode. My dad (the beloved Mr. Beasley to most) shares about his life in teaching and the contrast to his life in retirement. How does the free schedule of retirement compare to the comfort of a schedule and a consistent paycheck? What should us young folk do as we are in the middle of the work grind?
April 10, 2021
Tay | Target-Deprived New Mom
Happy Saturday! Today I talk with this new mom (my sister) of 6 months! She had baby Ellie nearly 6 months ago and we talk all about what the transition has been like. Blowouts, sarcastic baby eyebrows, and how you can take care of mom friends better. Trickiest thing about raising a baby in Alaska...not enough Target stores. Enjoy the first FaceTime podcast recording and the shout outs we give (watch out tea drinkers) 😝 Speaking of Poshmark: For a limited time, use my code MADDIEB823 to save $10 on Poshmark:  Check out my poshmark shop here:
March 27, 2021
Me, Myself & I | Humble Reseller Extraordinaire
I chat with the most beautiful girl today. She’s sweet, she’s a great entrepreneur, she’s humble, and SHE’S ME! Join me as I dive into my love of reselling on platforms like eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark! Ever heard of the Goodwill Bins? You’ll be making a trip after I entice you with its wonders and treasures. Take advantage of these promos if you are new to buying or selling on Posh and/or Mercari--  Poshmark: For a limited time, use my code MADDIEB823 to save $10 on Poshmark:  Check out my poshmark shop here: AND  Mercari: Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here's my invitation link : Check out my Mercari shop here: I'm also not a sponsor for Zazzle, but I do have a coupon code if you are wanting any custom made invites, business cards, or gifts:
March 20, 2021
Mariah | Homemade Kombucha Queen
Mariah joins me today to discuss my new found love of homesteading and a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Is she Laura Ingles, Annie Oakley, or the first-born pioneer of 11 children? You’ll have to decide. Learn from Mariah on how you can practice elements of a homemade lifestyle such as canning, making your own kombucha, natural home cough syrup remedies, and more!
March 13, 2021
Aidan | Award Winning Nail Gun Afflicted Fire Breather
Happy Saturday morning! Aidan, a jack of all trades that fears no fire coming out of his mouth. He shares some stories about being the last born, and really just being a curious adolescence. Nail guns, breathing fire, and his go-to’s for a first aid kit, this episode has got it all. *Don’t try any of Aidan’s adolescent experiences at home and consult your doctor before you use electrical tape and triple antibiotic ointment to cure any injury.
March 6, 2021
Billy Billz | My Cherubim-Looking Brother-In-Law
My B.I.L. (Brother-in-Law) is in the “studio” this Saturday morning. We chat about where we met, SBS all nighters, getting married at 21, and looking like a cherubim from Ezekiel. Billy is now the new record holder of most shoutouts given.
February 20, 2021
Michael | The Lederhosen Lover Husband
I’m back, and chatty as ever! This episode I get to interview my husband, Michael. We dive into Michael’s favorite board games, Michael’s love of lederhosen, and our jobs in California. A record number of shoutouts are given in this episode... listen in to see if one of them is for you. 😉 Send me a voice recording message of topics or things you’d like to hear:
February 14, 2021
Jordy | The First Born Vision Caster
Welcome to Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One Podcast! Maddie’s sister, Jordy, starts off maybe the first and last podcast episode with talk about vision boards, birth order, cats, and self start ups. Subscribe, and maybe you’ll get a notification about another episode soon! Check out Jordy’s self startup here:
February 10, 2021
Chatty Maddie 411
Listen in on the conversations, hub bub, and scuttlebutt going around with Chatty Maddie & Her Plus One(s).
February 9, 2021