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Total Life Insight

Total Life Insight

By Chaurcey Boyd
Total Life Insight (TLI),, is brought to you by Chaurcey Boyd, a Christian, a semi-retired Life/Health Insurance Agent, a semi-retired Computer Software Engineer, and US Army retiree.

TLI promotes quality of life by providing spiritual and non-spiritual decision making information and insight in a variety of life areas.
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Who Is Jesus?
The question as to the identity of the biblical Jesus is the most important question one ought to consider as early as possible in one's life.  For the answer one concludes to be right will determine one's life path not only on earth but for all eternity.  I urge all to carefully consider the question of who is Jesus!
February 12, 2021
A Word of Encouragement During Trying Times
As the Coronavirus COVID-19 challenges our faith and the strength of our foundations, it is important that we revisit what is really important in life. We should walk by faith and do so wisely not foolishly.
March 30, 2020
A Word of Hope and Warning
Many years ago the only begotten Son of God was born to save humankind from its sins according to God's plan of salvation.
February 10, 2020