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Two Broke Cheer Moms

Two Broke Cheer Moms

By Dominique Gallo

Hi! We are Stephanie and Dominique and we are cheer moms…. as well as other sports—moms 😅. Enjoy snippets of our unscripted and unedited musings as we are “working” in the cheer gym and talking about cheer…. and anything else that comes up! No mama drama just fun. We hit record and go. Enjoy! ❤️
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"Look, I've made no promises!"
"Look, I've made no promises!"
The moms are at the cheer gym, per usual, putting together the monthly newsletter and talking about random things and a funny story that happened to Dominique at a work conference.  Did you know you can leave us a voicemail? Yea, us either! If you want to give it shot go for it :) Click the "message" button and record your message. While you're there you can follow us on your fave podcast platform as well.
October 11, 2022
"We Need Scholarships for the Scholarships"
"We Need Scholarships for the Scholarships"
The random musings of Dominique and Stephanie as they get side track from formulating letters to raise funds for the Booster Club. Also......we still do need funds for the Booster Club
September 21, 2022