Tony Marciante

Tony Marciante

Tony Marciante
A series of moments with me, Chef Tony Marciante.
I own and operate "Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant" in downtown Bethesda, MD and have 30+ years in the restaurant trade.

I know it's a tough game full of challenges, wins and moments in the middle.

I'm just trying to help you survive, then thrive as I have had the honor to.

Currently rated the #1 restaurant out of 270 places to eat in Bethesda, I've been blessed over the last 10 years...let me share some tips and tricks, stories and strategies & most importantly...develop a community around this crazy thing we're involved in!


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Podcast Intro Take 1 - 3_13_18, 12.35 AM

It took 8 YEARS??!


It took 8 YEARS??!

It took 8 YEARS??!
Quick insight due to a table that's in today...listen in for what took 8 years, pretty amazing. Love to hear your feedback, and incase you want to ask a question or be a guest on the show, leave a comment or download the Anchor app! Thanks for listening, rock the day!
March 16, 2018
How are you creating digital media for your restaurant?
Lets talk how to shine with your digital media!
March 9, 2018
Do you use takeout services like Uber Eats? why or why not?
Would love to hear your thoughts on takeout services... we love them!
March 6, 2018
Quick tip 836:find a handy woman...
Quick Tip: Find a handy man or woman...
March 4, 2018
Beta Episode, how do we handle promotions?
Great to have a friend calling in a poignant question about promotions… How do we best handle them in the restaurant industry? a little feedback from what I do… Love you hear YOUR thoughts! Chef Tony
March 3, 2018
Restaurant Owner Lessons:the Podcast
I an launching a podcast (shocker) around restaurant owner space!
March 2, 2018

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