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By Tony Marciante
A series of moments with me, Chef Tony Marciante.
I own and operate "Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant" in downtown Bethesda, MD and have 30+ years in the restaurant trade.

I know it's a tough game full of challenges, wins and moments in the middle.

I'm just trying to help you survive, then thrive as I have had the honor to.

Currently rated the #1 restaurant out of 270 places to eat in Bethesda, I've been blessed over the last 10 years...let me share some tips and tricks, stories and strategies & most importantly...develop a community around this crazy thing we're involved in!


20 Episodes
We must innovate!
Apr 25, 201810:43
Technical Listen: New Recording (bear with me)
Apr 10, 201807:08
How do you stay inspired??
Apr 9, 201810:18
The Podcast is growing...want to be a guest?
Apr 8, 201809:40
How does this sound...can I get some feedback?
Mar 31, 201810:13
How important the right ENERGY is to your business...
Mar 29, 201816:16
What's all this SOCIAL MEDIA?!
Mar 27, 201816:49
Reservations Part II + "Pick your battles"
Mar 25, 201813:49
How do you handle Reservations?! and we have a problem.
Mar 24, 201813:48
What do you do on a SNOW day?? Here are my ideas...
Mar 23, 201806:04
What is YOUR inspiration for being in the hospitality biz?
Mar 23, 201812:58
Best ways to hear feedback from your guests...and a recent "interesting" dining experience for me!
Mar 20, 201813:44
Why exactly are you listening?
Mar 17, 201808:22
It took 8 YEARS??!
Mar 16, 201808:12
How are you creating digital media for your restaurant?
Mar 9, 201813:08
Do you use takeout services like Uber Eats? why or why not?
Mar 5, 201809:20
Quick tip 836:find a handy woman...
Mar 4, 201803:00
Quick Tip #237:switch seats!
Mar 4, 201800:56
Beta Episode, how do we handle promotions?
Mar 3, 201804:21
Restaurant Owner Lessons:the Podcast
Mar 2, 201803:13
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