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Recovered Life Podcast

Recovered Life Podcast

By Chelsea Anderson
Mental health. Recovery. Authentic Living. Join host Chelsea Anderson for conversations that make a real difference. Recovered Life Podcast features stories and resources from those who’ve experienced and are overcoming various mental health issues, addictions and hindrances to living our best, most fulfilling lives. We’ll also hear from their family members & supporters, as well as professionals on the front lines of this work. Recovered Life exists to instill hope, create awareness and empathy, and ensure that NO ONE has to struggle alone.
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Recovery & Holistic Mental Health, with Lindsay Erin

Recovered Life Podcast

Recovery & Holistic Mental Health, with Lindsay Erin

Recovered Life Podcast

De-Mystifying Dissociative Disorders, with J.E. Kraft
Author & mental health advocate J.E. (Jenna) Kraft joins Chelsea Anderson for a conversation about her personal story regarding Dissociative Identity Disorder. She shares about the basic symptoms of DID, what causes it, how she was diagnosed, and how accepting all parts of herself is central to her treatment. She shares an emotional story about how one of her “alters”, Anthony, has helped shape her spirituality, and basically brings Chelsea to tears. According to Jenna, the best way de-stigmatize mental health issues is to talk about them…so let’s do it! Support J.E. Kraft’s work at
October 8, 2021
Finding Self Love In Sobriety, with Christy Hughes
Christy Hughes is an author, blogger, and reiki practitioner from Dallas, TX. She’s the creator of an online community called Brave Kind, which helps to inspire acts of kindness & compassion in everyday life. As sober women in recovery, Christy & Chelsea share similar journeys from self-loathing to self love. In this conversation, they share the recovery processes & spiritual evolution that set them free. We hope it sets you free to explore new ways of viewing yourself and your recovery, and opens the door to life-giving spirituality as well! Connect with Christy on Instagram @the_bravekind and Connect with Chelsea on Instagram @justbchelsea.
September 18, 2021
From “Ex Gay” to Authenticity, with Matt Nightingale
Matt Nightingale is a father, writer, spiritual director, pastor and….gay Christian?! (Yes, they exist). His work focuses on the intersection of faith & sexuality, and especially on helping the LGBTQ+ community heal from religious wounds and shame. In this episode, Matt shares about his time spent in a mixed-orientation marriage and the “ex gay” movement. Matt and Chelsea share how they went from questioning God’s love to embracing who they were born to be. Their spiritual lives have evolved dramatically, to the point of being able to connect with those on any (or no) spiritual path. Wherever you find yourself in that conversation, you’re loved & valued here! Follow @mattnightingale across social media. Visit to check out Matt’s writing and work with both The Christian Closet and Common Sanctuary. Connect with Chelsea Anderson on Instagram @justbchelsea
August 7, 2021
Changing Lives Through Gender Affirming Surgery, with Dr. Alex Facque
Dr. Alex Facque is a board-certified plastic surgeon at the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, CA. He’s specialized in gender affirming surgery for several years. Dr. Facque joins Recovered Life podcast for a conversation on gender affirming health care and the need for better care for the entire LGBTQ community. He and host Chelsea Anderson share the mental health impact of their own coming out journeys and offer words of hope to those who are struggling. Their overall message is one of grace, understanding, and love for ourselves and others. For those new to conversations about gender diversity, Dr. Facque offers a basic understanding and encouragement to continue learning. Check out Dr. Facque’s work and follow the Gender Confirmation Center on Instagram @genderconfirmationcenter. Check out their website Connect with Chelsea Anderson on IG @justbchelsea
July 16, 2021
Let’s Have Some Empathy, Please! with Belle Loux
Join singer, songwriter, musician and survivor Belle Loux for a down-to-earth conversation on trauma recovery. Belle shared about her grief journey since losing her younger brother, her struggles with depression, how music has been a source of self expression, and how she’s using her painful experiences to help others. We also discuss how shifts in our spiritual beliefs helped us be open to receiving professional mental health services. Belle gives us ways to embrace the non-linear nature of your grief journey and practical tips on how to help loved ones experiencing mental health struggles. Check out Belle’s band, Vertigo Waves, on Instagram @vertigowaves. Connect with Chelsea Anderson on IG @justbchelsea to share your mental health story with the Recovered Life podcast.
July 2, 2021
Re-Learning to Hope, with Peter Fenton
Join Chelsea Anderson and Peter Fenton for an honest discussion on coming out, surviving our mental health crises, and using our creative work to offer hope to others. Peter is an author, screenwriter and creative. His writing and creative work inspires conversations on important cultural issues using humor and compassion. We want our stories to help others feel valued, offer insight into the mental health issues facing LGBTQ people, and inspire positive change in society. Follow Peter Fenton on Instagram @peterfent, get your copy of his book Abandon All Hope, and check out his website Follow Chelsea on IG @justbchelsea. Subscribe and share Recovered Life podcast with your friends!
June 11, 2021
Recovery & Holistic Mental Health, with Lindsay Erin
Join Lindsay Erin and Chelsea Anderson for a powerful chat on how recovery is about SO much more than “just not drinking”, but being free as our authentic selves. Lindsay shares about her journey to recovery, love for all things metaphysical, and passion for utilizing all resources available for mental health. Recovery is real if you’re willing to do the work & accept guidance from those who know how to get free. Follow Lindsay @saltylightcoach on Instagram, and check out
April 16, 2021
Making Room On The Pew, with Bailey Jo Welch-Pomerantz
Bailey Jo Welch-Pomerantz joins us to talk about growing up gay and Christian in the American Midwest, how her faith has grown and evolved, and how she’s maintained closeness with her family throughout her coming out journey. Bailey and I are also sisters in recovery, and hearing her share about the freedom she’s found was such a joy. Follow @baileyjowelch on Twitter & Instagram, check out Making Room on the Pew podcast, and visit
March 27, 2021
Mental Health Education Matters, with Kyle Kittleson
Join Chelsea Anderson and Kyle Kittleson for a conversation on overcoming depression, de-stigmatizing mental health care, the benefits of being dog owners, their experience as part of the LGBTQ community, helping others and being supporters rather than enablers. Kyle introduces us to MedCircle, the most trusted source of mental health education. Check out MedCircle for trusted mental health information from leading psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. Follow Kyle @kylekittleson on all social media platforms
March 14, 2021
March 11, 2021
March 11, 2021