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DENTAL BRAIN CROPS - with Chelsea Myers

DENTAL BRAIN CROPS - with Chelsea Myers

By Chelsea Myers
Welcome to Dental Brain Crops! My name is Chelsea Myers, Founder and CEO of Dental Life Coach. Dental Life Coach helps DSOs and Group Practices Develop Entrepreneurial Minded Dentists.

The Dental Brain Crops podcast is all about helping dentists elevate their practice, business, personal situation, and live the life they truly desire.

You will discover the power inside you to make lasting changes... changes that will propel you toward health, happiness, and success.
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17: Contagions and Mental Hygiene

DENTAL BRAIN CROPS - with Chelsea Myers

35: Preparing Doctor Owners Emotionally - with Emmet Scott
 In this episode, Dental Life Coach CEO and founder Chelsea Myers is hosted by Emmet Scott. Emmet is the Co-Founder and CEO of Community Dental Partners and the President at The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO). He is also an author and the podcast host for DSO Secrets -- DEO -- The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization. They discuss why emotional intelligence and vulnerability are crucial to advance the leadership development of not only your team and associates but you. Chelsea and Emmet cover the “human” experience of running a business; emotional intelligence and awareness; self-development; the discomfort of change; emotional strength; going from anxiety to confidence; delegation; viewing your leadership role through an "inside out" lens; and more. Listen to learn how to approach personal and leadership development with authenticity and vulnerability.
January 25, 2022
34: How Do You Feel?
For high performers, increased awareness often is followed by an increased desire to gain emotional advancement, because we recognize that the time and energy spent in avoiding negative emotions could be allocated in more productive ways. Increasing our awareness helps us to achieve our goals and avoid complacency or become satisfied with less than we really want.  The trick is learning more about ourselves which begins with identifying our emotions. How Do You Feel?
January 18, 2022
33: EQ for Dental Partners with Austin Hair
In this episode Chelsea and Austin Hair, of Commercial Real Estate Secrets, talk about emotional intelligence training for dentist partners. Everything from health and fitness to reaching expansive professional goals is impacted by the way that we think. 
December 20, 2021
32: Adaptability: A Superpower Worth Developing
You know… it’s funny how things work out, sometimes, isn’t it?? I had on my calendar to record this podcast today - which, as you might have noticed in the title, is all about “adaptability.” And -- it’s been cloudy all day -- and I walked into my office to record -- and heard the most incredible - theatrical - boom of thunder!! The storm caused us to lose power and now my podcaster is acting all crazy, so...A In the spirit of being “ADAPTABLE” and in staying in integrity with my plan to record this episode -- I’m doing it from my phone and I apologize in advance for any changes you notice -- we’ll -- uhh -- do our best to have it cleaned up, but if you’re noticing a difference -- that’s why.. So --- adaptability -- the superpower worth developing… What got me thinking about this was that I was coaching someone recently on fear… and making decisions from a place of fear … which, as I’m sure you know, is an uncomfortable place to decide things from -- and usually doesn’t result in your most effective or efficient decisions in relation to your goals. And as I was talking to this dentist and hearing what she was saying… I realized that the reason she wasn’t taking the action she said she needed to take was not from a lack of courage, but from a lack of adaptability. And so often I hear people talk about fear and courage as if they’re perfect opposites -- and in some cases that’s true -- but in this case she had the courage that she needed to take action -- The storm caused us to lose power and now my podcaster is acting all crazy, so... In the spirit of being “ADAPTABLE” and in staying in integrity with my plan to record this episode -- I’m doing it from my phone and I apologize in advance for any changes you notice -- we’ll -- uhh -- do our best to have it cleaned up, but if you’re noticing a difference -- that’s why.. So --- Adaptability... What got me thinking about this was that I was coaching someone recently on fear… and making decisions from a place of fear … which, as I’m sure you know, is an uncomfortable place to decide things from -- and usually doesn’t result in your most effective or efficient decisions in relation to your goals. And as I was talking to this dentist and hearing what she was saying… I realized that the reason she wasn’t taking the action she said she needed to take was not from a lack of courage, but from a lack of adaptability. And so often I hear people talk about fear and courage as if they’re perfect opposites -- and in some cases that’s true -- but in this case she had the courage that she needed to take action -- Her fear was stemming from a really firm belief that she should only take that action, though, from her ideal situation rather than from her reality. She was clinging so tightly to how things needed to be before she could take action -- because she was afraid of all of the unknowns of changing first -- that she was literally watching a really important opportunity pass her by. So I shared with her and I want to share with you now -- if you want to succeed in your role as an entrepreneurial dentist -- you HAVE to be WILLINGLY ADAPTABLE.
November 12, 2021
31: The Power of Pausing
Intentional pauses can require a heightened level of emotional responsibility.  There’s a magical combination of being an efficient decision maker and being in tune with your emotions as you’re deciding… And you’re gonna need both superpowers to reach your highest level as a dentist entrepreneur. As an dentist entrepreneur your loyalty is first to the practice, to the business. I do not mean that your loyalty is to the team member or patient in the practice who wants an immediate answer on something… Your first obligation is to the entity that takes care of all of you! Sometimes answers can be given immediately --- but there’ll be plenty of situations that you will have either knowledge, a feeling, or a combination of both --- where you will be the best steward over your practice --- if you take some time before answering. The business is counting on you to know when you, as the entrepreneur, can decide immediately and when you need to take a minute.  When you need to pause.
October 18, 2021
30: 30 Days to Make a Change
Some of you are trying to limit or kick caffeine, some of you want to reduce or quit drinking alcohol, some of you want to stop doing another pattern or behavior in your life that you no longer see as useful. And so what i’m going to do is i’m going to document my own progress over the 30 day period using what i know to be effective tools and resources so that you can have some sort of way to keep yourself going and maybe some ideas to inspire yourself when it gets hard. I’ve chosen a commitment that will require my mind and body to adapt and will strengthen me. And I know that a lot of you may have already experienced 30 days of a workout program only to quit, or 30 days of no wine and then binged… The examples of short lived victories followed by a return to previous behavior are countless. So if you’re skeptical about the efficacy of a 30 day change, I’d like you to think about those examples in your own life and what those experiences were like for you. What I see a lot of is a “white knuckling” experience...a clenched jaw as you painfully count down the days until you can go back to the thing you’ve been deprived of or quit the grueling miles you’ve been cycling.” This isn’t that. I’m not going into this willing to accept temporary deprivation. I’m not punishing myself in any way. I am - on purpose - adjusting the way I’ve been doing something, because I believe that the outcome of increased physical and mental strength are more valuable than the pleasure of continuing to do what I’ve been doing. And at the end of the 30 days, I’ll evaluate and decide what I want to do from there. Maybe I’ll do another 30 days, maybe I’ll make this a permanent thing…
September 20, 2021
29: When Under Pressure
This is important, because the way that you’re thinking about your career and the way that you’re thinking about your day to day in the practice is absolutely impacting how you’re presenting - how you’re approaching - and how you’re responding. Here’s the thing: if you knew with absolutely no doubts - that you knew how to create the results in your practice that you wanted - you wouldn’t be discouraged about the process. You wouldn’t get hung up on a bad day. You wouldn’t be worried about not making your numbers, because you’d KNOW that you knew how to make them.  So, it isn’t the goals or the metrics that are tripping you up. It’s the pressure or the stress coming from the belief that you have about meeting them.
August 27, 2021
28: How Quick is Your Rebound?
How quickly do you rebound from setbacks? Let me tell you something I know about dentists having worked with you for as long as I have now… You are intelligent, resourceful, determined, successful people. Period. And sometimes, as people with a long list of superlatives, you are really hard on yourself and think your situations of struggle are so unique that it actually holds you back from getting the support you need to move through it. our minds sometimes present things to us and the way that we say them out loud to other people can be quite different from reality. And here’s what I mean by that: In relation to conversations about rebounding - bouncing back from unexpected or difficult situations - okay… I want you to define in your mind what being “good at that” would look like. Because I think sometimes we assume that because something is painful or uncomfortable or that because we’re not enjoying going through it that we’re not good at it. And I think those are two totally separate things: how we feel while doing something and our skill level in doing it. So it’s important to remember that you choose your directive. You choose your perspective! If something is incredibly challenging for you, and you don’t like how you’re feeling as you’re rebounding, ask yourself, “How can I be the most valuable to myself and this situation?”
August 09, 2021
27: How About Nothing?
There seems to be this misconception out there that if you put things off, if you procrastinate, if you hang out in indecision land for a while...that you’re not really hurting anyone. That it’s not really a problem. Every day offers a finite amount of space for you to create whatever you want to stretch further than you’ve stretched expand beyond your current levels of comfort, skill, or ability. If you are sure you want to improve your situation, if you know you want something more...then I want to challenge you, right now, to commit to doing things differently. And what that looks like is going to vary from person to person, but what will be the same and what you can implement right now is a healthy dose of self-discipline with your time. Now, let's get to work.
July 16, 2021
26: It's 100% On You
Just like everything else in life with an opposite, owning the good things in your life comes with the counterpart of owning the bad things. All of them. Whatever you don’t like - whatever’s not working for you - whatever is causing you pain is 100% on you. And that is SUCH GOOD NEWS!!
June 23, 2021
25: What's Right with Wrong
Our minds put things into buckets - categorize things - as “right” and “wrong.” Where the things that look good, feel comfortable, are easy, and pleasurable are, of course, the “right” things. And the things that are out of the ordinary, cause us to do extra work, aren’t as we would have them be are the “wrong” things. And our brains do this constantly. Constantly scan our environments and label the things in them. And those “wrong” things can, without our even noticing, become hyper-focal points for us. We notice them and keep noticing them, and spin on them, and become increasingly aware of and often bothered by them. Which is NOT very fun! Interrupt brain… As directly as if it was under your authority - because, by the way, IT IS - and quite literally saying, “Stop. Focus on everything that is good about this situation..." It will generate a different type of fuel and it will ignite a better “mood” than the alternative focus. This Works!
May 27, 2021
24: Decide to Decide
Ideas don't create results - Actions create results - Actions come from decisions - In order to create the life you want to live you have to decide to make decisions that align with what you want. 
May 14, 2021
23: If You Don't Want to Work with Your Spouse
Working with the significant other when you don’t want to anymore. If this is you, when I bring up working together, what is the feeling that hits you initially? Don’t filter it, just take note of the most dominant feeling that you notice when I talk about working with your person. And before we go any further into this topic, I just want to point out that you know… You know if your situation is working great for you and your spouse or significant other. But for many of you that’s not the case. And that’s okay! In fact, since you’re aware of it, you’re in the power seat.
April 26, 2021
22: Self-Care is Not Selfish
Self-Care and Selfishness... What is the difference? Where is the line? Why does it matter? What I know to be unequivocally true is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not going to be 100% for the people around you. You must decide what you want and know what you need. Then plan for those wants and needs in a way that feels best to you.
April 15, 2021
21: The Problem with Shame
In order to change how you feel in your life you have to change the way you think about the steps along the way. You must change the way you think about your experiences. How you think about your journey. Part of your journey is noticing that other people are on a journey too. When you cross paths with a given person you might have thoughts or opinions about what that person is saying or doing. It is at this point that a lot of us get sucked into a pitfall of Shame.  Our brains naturally seem to think ahead and determine a worse case scenario and decide that it is probable and if it does happen the experience will be unbearable.  In a nutshell, our brain jumps to a conclusion and trys to project us from any discomfort. We then begin to experience  Shame... in advance of the experience.  Many times we start off feeling confident and comfortable in our decisions but as we begin to think about how we might be viewed by others; we begin to feel Shame. We think about how others might view us.  Shame holds us back from progress and enjoying life. Shame causes us to enter a holding pattern with decisions and goals. We simply stop moving forward. 
March 31, 2021
20: Comparison Kills
Comparing ourselves to ourselves is a common thing and it can be a bit of a grey area, because there are times that comparing our growth or our production from one week to the next can be helpful to gauge where we’re at - what we’re doing well, and what we need to do differently. But then there’s this other facet of comparison to ourselves that isn’t useful. It’s where you take something you’ve done well or are capable of doing well and you take that good thing or that potential to do good and use it as a weapon against a less productive, or less successful experience. Stimuli comes in, the brain figures out where to put it, makes connections to other pieces of similar information, and before you realize it you’ve made a comparison - drawn a conclusion - about yourself or someone else in relation to yourself or someone else. So if you notice that happening, you notice yourself observing and then thinking on something that smells like comparison, you can - if you want to - simply acknowledge the thought and then direct your brain to do another activity. It will respond to your direction. 
February 27, 2021
19: Your Bucket
I want you to imagine that there’s a fountain flowing with water that you want - you’re thirsty - You’re holding a bucket that you want to fill with the crystal clear liquid coming out of the fountain BUT!! Instead of getting right underneath the fountain - instead of positioning yourself with direct access to the liquid you want - You’re holding your bucket underneath the bucket of someone else who is thirsty - someone else who wants water - someone who you want to have water, too So you hold your bucket out, right underneath theirs, and you watch their face with anticipation as their bucket begins to fill And you have some ideas...
January 31, 2021
18: Make Good Decisions Quickly
Like many other things we get better at, making choices is a skill. And making good choices quickly is incredibly valuable! A hurdle I see in many of my clients, and its not just my observation, a lot of you tell me that you are aware… that you put things off, avoid making decisions on things, or decide and then second guess yourselves… a lot. There are two areas you can look at when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a pattern of indecision. The first is to clarify your goals - your dreams - your desired results. The more clear you are about what you’re after, the easier it will be to make a plan to get there. Now the other thing I coach on a lot is reasonableness. Some of you do have a clear idea of what you want and you do have a clear plan to achieve it. But... Your plan is unreasonable. It doesn’t agree with the other parts of you and of your life. This leads to what I coach on most and that is Getting Rid of Overwhelm and Avoiding Burnout. If you’re done with feeling overwhelmed, if you refuse to burnout and you’re ready to make the necessary changes, then we need to talk.
January 23, 2021
17: Contagions and Mental Hygiene
Are you bringing more of a common cold to the group, or are you the poster Child for positive energy? If someone else was saying the things you are saying, and doing the thing you are doing, do you think you’d be attracted to being around them more, or would they sort of repel you? Would you feel the need to re-energize after that person left? Would you need to dust off or metaphorically sanitize that person’s energy off of you? Attitudes can be contagious!
January 12, 2021
16: Procrastination and a Table for Three
Procrastination and a Table for Three: What happens to a lot of you, even those of you who have been preplanning your weeks for a long time now, is that you get to the time and date that you had decided you were going to do something... and you don’t do it! And you didn’t forget, you consciously avoided doing the thing that you planned to do. You put it off. You delay it. You procrastinate it! Which, really, is a disservice to yourself. Some of you get so frustrated with patient no-shows, or last minute cancellations... yet you do the same thing to yourself... Let's imagine a table for three with you, you, and you. You as you currently are - in this moment and on this day, you from a point in the past, and you in the future. You must honor your past self’s efforts, be an active and productive current self, and provide the highest probability of success and growth to your future self.
December 24, 2020
15: Owning Your Leadership
Owning Your Leadership: You are only ever going to be you. I want you to think about that. Think about how often and in what ways you limit yourself based on other people… Adjust Your Posture Now! Each day take steps to become more of the type of leader that you see yourself being in 5 years so that when 5 years have passed, and your 5 year older self has another goal - a further goal - that you’re at least part of the way there because you’ve been working toward it since now. Practice being the more confident leader that you want to become - Right Now. c2LEjzNGGgGoMxjsx5l6
December 09, 2020
14: How Honoring Your Calendar Brings the Results You Want
How Honoring Your Calendar Brings the Results You Want.  When you don’t schedule things in available blocks of time, the time gets filled with things. Good things, bad things, things you enjoy, things you don’t... the time passes one way or another and when it’s gone are you, more often than not, energized and impressed with how you spent it? Or did you fill your time cart with a bunch of junk that looked good in the moment... but offered little to put a dent in the health of your mind, body, soul, business, family… Is your current practice of time management providing the results you truly desire?
November 26, 2020
13: How Planning and Spontaneity Impact Your Results
How Planning and Spontaneity Impact Your Results The primitive brain resist the option of planning. Because it’s work and the brain’s default is to gravitate toward ease - to avoid things that seem “laborious.” Not planning is easy. What the primitive brain doesn’t provide you with is the reality check that while not planning may conserve effort and energy, it can cost you tons. Your lack of planning leads you to a whirlwind of things you have to do, scattered and disorganized. I’d much rather choose to put the effort into pre-planning my week than hope I have the energy for the countless fire drills of unplanned events that I’m signing up for by not scheduling for things. Planning brings freedom and lifts restrictions. Planning delivers meaningful results. The results that you want most. 
November 23, 2020
12: Why Time Awareness Matters
How aware are you of your time? What does your time mean to you? If you’re not intentional about how you use your time... you are electing to let it pass by you. Deciding where and how you spend it is where you get to create and direct. Honor that! Value that! Use it to become more of who you want to become, use it to design your life to be the way you want it to be. It all starts with an awareness.
November 20, 2020
11: How to Create More Comfort
How to Create More Comfort. People are fascinating to me! Why we do the things we do, why we don’t do the things we don’t do, and how to make permanent changes to meet our desires… And one of the strongest motivators that we have, as humans, is to seek comforts and pleasures. That’s a biological truth about the way our brains are designed. There is power in increasing the number of ways you can be comfortable!
November 12, 2020
10: How Scarcity Syndrome is Holding You Back
Scarcity Syndrome. Seriously consider where up til now you’ve been doing - or not doing - things that are… driven by an energy of scarcity. Driven by the false belief that there might not be enough, or you might not get some, or yours might run out… this could be in reference to patient referrals, case acceptance, profit, time… If this is a struggle of yours, you know how it feels and where it shows up in your life. Why are you afraid of competition? Why aren’t you sure of the value you bring to the dental community? Why are you worrying about other doctors? Look at where you’re at - decide where you want to go - and consider whether the obstacles in front of you could be incredible opportunities to grow and succeed rather than reasons that you will fail.
November 11, 2020
09: Solving Overwhelm
Overwhelm. It’s one of the least pleasant places to spin and one of my favorite topics to coach on! I think what I love about this animal of a topic is that it is totally solvable. A lot of ambitious people find themselves, at times, feeling overwhelmed. And once we solve for it, once we untangle the knots, your drive and ambition are free to fun ahead at full speed again. So let’s get to it!
October 23, 2020
08: Weeding Out Gossip's happening in our homes, our practices, and our social circles. Most people agree that it isn't great. So why is gossip so enticing? What is the brain's draw to gossip and what is the solution to nixing it? We make large investments in our time, talents, and other resources to learn to become more efficient. We strive to reach our optimal level of performance. Imagine the impact of never participating in or condoning gossip! Push back and pull out gossip by the roots. As you begin weeding out the gossip from your garden, you will find you are better able to be present for all situations. You will master a higher level of connecting with others. 
October 08, 2020
07: People Are Wrong About You
We spend so much time considering what other people might think of something we say, or how we do something. We worry about hurting other people’s feelings. We try to tailor the way we do things - we want to be who we are, as long as other people are okay with it. Own your control over your mind. Allow others to have their own opinions. Let people be wrong about you.
September 30, 2020
06: Thoughts vs Facts
Often we struggle separating our own thoughts from hard true facts. This struggle can greatly diminish our ability to be at peace, to be contagiously positive, and to be constructive in our criticism.  Are the thoughts you’re choosing offering you the inner peace and energy that you want?  Do you like the way your thoughts feel? How does thinking that - whatever “that” is - benefit you? Take a closer look, because there are plenty of thoughts we all have that aren’t factual. They aren’t absolute. They are thoughts - opinions - perspectives and they are having an impact on you. 
September 19, 2020
05: Choose In The Moment
You get to work, walk into an operatory, and within moments of greeting your patient (who is prepped and ready for their procedure) you realize that - once again - things aren’t the way you’ve expressed they need to be… We aren’t going to escape difficult people or situations. That isn’t the nature of life. But we are always equipped - completely equipped - with incredibly powerful brains that can think about things in hundreds of different ways. We can Choose in the Moment!
September 09, 2020
04: Perfectionism - What About When All is Perfect? Part 3 of 3
Perfectionism - Part 3 of 3. What about when things are perfect? What about when all has gone exactly according to plan? How about those times that you do your best work and couldn’t be more pleased with the end result…and then… 
August 26, 2020
03: Perfectionism - When Things Aren’t Perfect. Part 2 of 3
Perfectionism - Part 2 0f 3: You notice when something that isn’t how or what you’d prefer comes around. In those times how do you choose to notice your experience with that situation. Notice your thoughs. Notice the time and enegy you spend thinking about it. Notice if you have any emotional response. And then...Choose.
August 26, 2020
02: Perfectionism - What's Wrong With Being Perfect? Part 1 of 3
Perfectionism Part 1 of 3: How the striving for perfection may be unintentionally fueling negative outcomes in your life. Notice the amount of brain power you are spending on analyzing for imperfections. Our brains are still wired like that of our ancient ancestors who needed these perfectionism gifts, our brain provides, to survive in true life-or-death type living circumstances. You take these amazing tools we have - Our Brains - which are already programmed to scan for problems and inefficiencies to survive and you couple it with a profession in dentistry where that same scanning mechanism needs to be activated on a near daily basis... and you find your brain likes this, it's good at this function.  Your honed skill of striving for perfection in your field - can tend to creep into areas of a doctors’s life where they aren’t useful. Through this 3 part series we will discuss the brain and perfectionism and just what we can control and better understand how striving for perfection is affecting our life. 
August 26, 2020
01: Be Curious
If you want to be the best doctor you can be, if you want to be the best employer-associate-spouse-friend-parent-or neighbor you can be, you have to be really good to yourself. Whatever you’re thinking, wherever you’re at, you have reasons for being there. You have reasons you think the way that you do. Give yourself credit for how far you've gotten yourself up to this point and give yourself the honor and encouragement you'll need to propel to new, greater ways of living. This is going to be great and it is going to change your life! Get full show notes and more information here:
August 25, 2020