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Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal

Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal

By Chelsea Swift
Start your morning with positive pep talks! Find daily weight loss advice, gym motivation, healthy mentality tips, girl talk, spiritual lessons, daily oracle messages, and spiritual lessons LIVE on every episode. xo - Chelsea
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Question: Does Alcohol Cause Anxiety? 10 Healthy Tips For Overall Wellness
Today I am throwing down all the realness aka 10 healthy tips for overall wellness that I've learned over the course of 9 years. I also get really personally about my interal battles with becoming overweight, losing 50 pounds, binge eating, binge drinking, being addicted to partying, under eating, overexercising, anxiety fueled by alcohol, addiction to cigarettes and how I was able to conquer all of these toxic habits and transform them to build a better lifestyle overtime. The truth is, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, which is why I always promote being kind; and sometimes, the battle you hide from other people, is also a toxic pattern you ALSO hide from yourself. Whether you are here to learn more about my "successful" weight loss story (I say this with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila, happy cinco) or you're here to learn more about how alcohol may be affecting your anxiety; I always encourage you to talk to a specialist about your personal needs; everything else, is just inspiration; so my goal is not to say "follow my lead" but instead, to just be honest about my personal experience and to shed some light on toxic habits that may be holding you back, not just from your weight loss goals, but also your mental, spiritual, and emotional goals. Destroy What Destroys You. Is The REAL Topic. So, if you're ready, press play. xox - Chelsea | 
May 10, 2021
Dont' Motivate Me, Inspire Me.
Never here to motivate, only here to celebrate and stay IN SPIRIT as we turn up the vibes and inspiration: Today, I get into some truth bombs to keep ypu authentic and I remind you that what really inspires you and what you're really attracted to you, is actually, within you. Tune in to tune up and listen to me throw down 5 inspirational truths that will hopefully help guide you to your own personal growth, goals and soul. xox - Chelsea | 
May 7, 2021
The Art of Allowing Positivity
How many times is it just EASIER to think negative? I hear you - that's why being positive is a daily practice, that takes time and that's why I'm always here to just simply REMIND you of your natural state of being, which is, love and joy. (Like, for when you forget, obvi 💅🏻) Today's topic? 5 Ways To Retrain Your Brain With Daily Exercises To Add To Your Routine!! I personally started applying these exercises in 2015, when I hit a mental rut and it changed my life; here are 5 daily positive reminders and exercises to get your back into the flow of positivity and allowing. Enjoy! xo - Chelsea | 
May 1, 2021
Meet The Moment: 15 Present Moment Reminders
Meet the moment: good and bad, like a wave, it's so important to center into your here and now, no matter what takes place. Today, I am throwing down 15 ultimate "present moment" reminders to help you shake it off, center into truth and enjoy the moment today and everyday. This is a podcast episode for “those days” the ones not going your way, the ones you resist, and the ones that make you want to hide in bed. We’ve all had those days, so, even if it's not your best day and you’re not happy, I want to remind you that being happy and having a great day doesn’t mean that everything is all good, it simply means you can see the good in each day or at least center into a present state. Let’s get back to presence! Come on in for our daily pep talk xox - Chelsea | 
April 30, 2021
Girl Talk: Dating Advice and Weekly Relationship Questions
Kicking this pep talk off with 5 ultimate single, dating, relationship tips. Yes, I typed that right. Whether you are married, single, newly dating, hating eachother during the Pani or loving your little nesting season as we continue to Netflix and quarantine; these tips apply because we are talking about my favorite 4 letter word: LOVE. (What?) Anyways. I touch on: Surface level relationships versus In- Depth relationships; and I bring in some wisdom from my experience on how to cultivate love within yourself, your life, and ALL of your close relationships. Tune in to tune up! xox | Love, Chelsea | P.S To write in for the weekly and be featured on the show: or DM me on IG: @chelsea.swift
April 23, 2021
10 Positive Mentality Spiritual Reminders
Welcome back to your favorite show, today I am throwing down 10 positive mentality reminders to help you get back into good spirits. (wink, clink)  Starting with, happiness! Do you think money, a car, a relationship, a dream job or person will bring your happiness? Or will happiness bring you that dream job, dream person, car, money? Let's get you in the zone, back on a positive vibe and remind you how blessed you are to be ALIVE. Always a vibe, enjoy the show! xox - Chelsea | New Daily Gratitude Journal on (peep it on my blog: and New Daily YouTube Videos are now up!! Check them out xox
April 7, 2021
7 Ways To Get Back Into Alignment
Do less, attract more? Welcome back to your fav podcast! Today I am throwing down all the realness on how to find your zen EVEN if life is throwing you a few curve balls (that's all of us) but channeling your inner excitement (regardless of what's happening on the outside) is a lot easier than you think! Come on in for a great pep talk on getting back on your VIBE and definitely listen until the end if you want to hear a FIRE channeled spiritual message that I got during meditation. I honestly, hesistated to share it at first (which is why it wasn't in the first half) but then it aligned so perfectly, I had to share it with you xoxo Hopefully this brightens your DAY! and don't forget, I'm now on YouTube!! Same name: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal - check out my channel after this! Love you!! - Chelsea
March 20, 2021
Spiritual Awakening 101: 8 Points Of Power To Reach Enlightenment
Hello my beautiful spirit animals! Welcome back to your favorite podcast,  this morning I open with a guided oracle card message, an inspiring positive quote and then of course, I jump right into our EMPOWERMENT pep talk! xox Today's topic? 8 Points Of Power (hint hint: my full book on this topic, coming summer 2021, YASSS! All the vibes!) But, today's a sneak peak and I basically cover a snap shot of each power point to help align you with positive energy and feel more light in your life. Enjoy!! xox - Chelsea | Don't forget to DM me or message me on the blog: | for weekly advice, personal tips or even just to send in feedback! I'd love to hear from you! :) Namaste friends!
March 15, 2021
Greek Life, Coming Out & Dating Apps featuring one of my BEST college friends, Matt!
Each week, I love being a source of positive energy and bringing in fresh insight and perspective! This week, I catch up with one of my BEST friends from college, Matt, who does JUST that! We chat about all things, from college stories, greek life, Matt coming out as gay, post college (and why he waited), and of course, dating apps and baby carrots. Anyone not feeling like they're living life "traditionally" or afraid to "come out" or even afraid to just "be yourself" - this podcast is for you!! Hopefully, this will help you live in your truth and take a note or two about not being afraid of who you are and just going for it. Listen to us LAUGH, as we catch up on life and end on a positive spiritual note. (Hint: Matt also reads tarot!!)
March 11, 2021
Hello Spring, Hello New Energy
Guess who has a YouTube Channel?! YASSS! New motivational videos every morning aka come drink your coffee with me - just search youtube for my channel: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal - and today's podcast pep talk is all about bringing in the NEW energy! Hello Spring, Hellow New Energy - Giving you 4 tips to spring into action and get organized for the new season, answering weekly questions and reporting on all things spring, spiritual news and new energy! Don't forget to share this podcast with like-minds and hopefully, I'll see you on today's YouTube video after this! xox - Chelsea | 
March 11, 2021
5 Ways To Believe In Yourself Again
Seeing Possibility! Welcome back to your favorite podcast, today I'm opening with a story I wrote (YAS, Story Time!) and throwing down 5 ways to help you believe in possibility and of course, begin to believe in yourself again. Always a vibe, come on in - Chelsea xox | 
March 3, 2021
Weight Loss Motivation - Mood Boosting
1st we kick this episode off with our: Daily Spiritual News: Talking about the *New Moon In Virgo* & all the oracle card and intutive energy updates!! Not into spiritual vibes? That's okay, skip ahead about 15 minutes- where we start our Weight Loss Motivation with 6 tips that apply to SOUL much more than weight loss, they also apply to your life, bae. I'm talking goals, confidence, believing in yourself, seeing it as done - and of course, inspiring you to never give up! xox Welcome to our daily chat, our pep talk begins now! - Chelsea xox | 
February 28, 2021
Weight Loss Mentality Clarity
Kicking off this morning with spiritual news! YES! Bringing back the daily spiritual message and of course, throwing down 5 weight loss menality clarity tips to help you REALLY get to the bottom of why you're losing the same 10 pounds, just to regain it. Hint: Alot of people suffer from lack of weight loss, not because of what they eat, but because, of what's eating them. Welcome to our daily pep talk - our chat begins now! Come on in oxox - Chelsea | 
February 26, 2021
Start Your Day With Positive Energy
Raise your hand if you need to raise the vibes? Same boo - so I did a quick LIVE realtime podcast that will hopefully help you channel the POWER of your feelings to rise up in calmness, clarity, positivity and most importantly, pass that amazing energy on to the next person you see xox Happy to bring back our affirmation cards, let me know if you're loving those and don't forget to check out my online shop on | Loving the podcast + support the shop = more podcasts each week xox Love you, thank you for listening and enjoy today's pep talk! - Love, Chelsea xox
February 23, 2021
Monday Motivation 2021
Is it really HERE?! YAASSS! Your Monday Motivation has offically arrived! Applying this to mind, body, soul - and throwing down 5 tips to get you motivated today. Listen on Monday's or ANY day you're not feeling it. Volume and vibes up bae's xoxo I'll see ya on my online shop. Love ya xox - Chelsea  | - link to visit my online shop for all things amaze. Like, do I ever disappoint you, though? File that under NEVA. 
February 22, 2021
Spiritual Awakening: Balancing Your Crown Chakra
Your spirit animal strikes again! This time? I'm talking energy, energetic balance, how your energy can manifest physically, within your thoughts, feelings and emotions; and of course, how to balance it all; starting with your CROWN chakra. So, let's get weird, spiritual and of course, keep it 100% real as I share my own personal experience with egocentric crown symptoms and what I did to balance this energy center. Enjoy! xox 
February 14, 2021
5 Positive Tips To Start Your Day
The first positive mentality pep talk of 2021! Not feeling today? Stuck in a rut? Here's 5 reminders that you are powerful and you can create anything! Cheers! xo - Chelsea
January 29, 2021
Spiritual Teachings: Fears
Chapter 2 of our spiritual lessons, which I feel are so necessary for 2021! Today, I want to help release you of any fear with our topic: 7 Steps To Unblock Your Subconscious Fears. This podcast is two 30 minute segments! 1st half: Dismantling and facing your subconscious fears with acceptance and welcoming. The 2nd half: Bringing you back to your conscious awareness with gratitude, love and truth. Enjoy and may this podcast, light the way to your most enlightened day! xox - Chelsea | More on: 
January 12, 2021
Spiritual Awakening: Consciousness
Chapter 1: Consciousness. Welcome to our first spiritual pep talk of 2021! Todays topic is designed to bring more awareness, peace and presence into your life. I start off by dismantling the ego and showing you how to identify your emotional pain body to help better understand your current state of consciousness. I wrap up this episode by showing you 1. how to change your belief system 2. how to stop identifying with old belief systems and 3.  how to begin to experience presence by removing stories that no longer work for you. It's way beyond think positive, let's think "present" today. Enjoy! - Chelsea xox -
January 6, 2021
Who's ready for 2021 Resolutions? Yea, me neither.
This year has been anything but the to-do list we wrote down last Janaury. So, let's chat all things chill, talk 2020 lessons, blessing, reflect, chil-lax, and get into a positive mindset while we may (or may not) re-write that 2021 resolutions check list down. xoxo - Chelsea | 
December 29, 2020
7 Holiday Weight Loss Tips
Holidays, Am I right? Let's all chill our wine and talk about staying balanced during cookie crumble season. Enjoy! xo - Chelsea
December 5, 2020
New Beliefs, New Mood, New You
Welcome back! Today, I am giving you 5 positive beliefs to help you raise your positive vibration - and crush this last month of 2020! You've got this, we've got this, 2020 can't stop us, let's go!
December 3, 2020
5 Popular Weight Loss Tips Redefined
Diets, Exercises, Weigh-In's - Today I'm throwing down all the healthy mindset shifts to make sense of your weight loss process and keep you on the healthy track after all, health is wealth. xo - Chelsea | Check me out on Patreon and 
November 17, 2020
Gym Motivation To Get You Through Your Workout
Reporting LIVE! Welcome to our Positive Pep Talk, Today's Topic: Gym Motivation, grab your headphones, let's get your workout done! xox - Chelsea | Write Me: | Blogs:
November 16, 2020
Real Weight Loss Tips
1st half: Weights vs. Cardio debate and some helpful tips on weight loss that took me like, 2 years to get :) | 2nd half: How to reduce stress to lose weight off your mind and body. Enjoy!
November 12, 2020
12 Positive Mindset Tips
#1. Push Through Podcast - Show UP for yourself today, no matter how you feel, with these 12 positive mentality tips! - Enjoy! xoxo - Chelsea
October 21, 2020
Gym Motivation Has Arrived
Feel like working out? Me neither. BUT, let's get your booty moving, get the positive energy flowing so we can invest in our health today. Aka let's get your workout done xo Chelsea - Enjoy!
October 15, 2020
5 Healthy Habits To Start Your Week
Do you want to be less stress and more productive? This is the episode to start your week off on a healthy note and no, it doesn't include adding an apple to your lunch bag, Enjoy xoxo - Chelsea | Dont forget I have a new podcast show and weight loss program on Patreon! For $25.00 a month, you get a - 30 Day EXCLUSIVE Weight Loss Program | on Patreon only | Download Patreon, and join my page (Chelsea Swift) to listen to my personal podcast weight loss coaching series!
September 14, 2020
Daily Weight Loss Motivation
5 Tips To Get You Motivated Today! Out with the old and in with the new! Also, be sure to check out my new 30 Day Weight Loss Program on Patreon xox - Chelsea 
September 9, 2020
Healthy Tips For A Positive Day
10 Health Tips: I added to my routine to help with my gut bacteria, nervous system, weight, and stress management. Enjoy! xox - Chelsea
August 17, 2020
7 Popular Weight Loss Tips Debunked
Today, I'm taking some popular mainstream dieting tips and translating them for you to help keep your mindset on track and crush your goals! - Chelsea xoxo | Newsletter sign up: | Weekly Write Ins: | DM ME on Instagram: @chelsea.swift
July 13, 2020
Girl Talk: 10 Commandments
Happy Vibes Babes! This Girl Talk Includes: 10 Ways To Know If He's Into You aka clearing your mind of the fantasies and giving you real facts to level up in life; Followed By: 10 Girl Talk Standard's, in case you forgot how amazing you are and how much you deserve love, respect, clarity and honesty, I'm here to instill this in youe heart space. I also answer this week's relationship questions and end with our daily oracle energy message! xox | Write In Your Stories Annoymously To : (or) 
July 3, 2020
10 Weight Loss Mentality and Motivational Tips
Don't forget to check out personal custom weight loss plans, free recipes, skinny drinks, oracle card readings on my blog: | DM your thoughts! I would love to hear from you on Instagram: @chelsea.swift 
May 19, 2020
Motivation + Positive Energy
Welcome to our positive pep talk of the day! I get it, someday's it's hard to get into that state of mind but I promise this *GIVE AS IF* method really works! Here are 5 ways to create more positive energy, happiness and success in your life. xox - Chelsea | Instagram: @chelsea.swift + @chelseaswiftblog | 
March 3, 2020
Weight Loss Motivation | Habits
Habits create our success in weight loss and in life! But, breaking those habits? Easier said than done, I know it more than anyone. Our 1st pep talk includes: a mindset exercise to help you face and break that bad habit this month. The 2nd power pep talk includes: keeping your eye (and mind) on the prize while we keep your motivation levels high. Enjoy! xo - Chelsea
February 10, 2020
Weight Loss Motivation
Healthy Weight Loss Motivation: begins with your mindset! What you focus on = you amplify = you attract = so let's focus on what we really want! | Today, I am sharing my primary healthy living tips so you can feel good *now* as you "lose weight". My goal is to help you refocus on your true "WHY" - which is typically how you think you'll feel when you get there and get into that way of thinking today so you can master your day + perfect weight + life. Let's get you back into a positive head space. Enjoy! xoxo | | IG: @chelsea.swift (DM for comments + questions) 
January 31, 2020
Weight Loss Motivation
1200 calories? 60 minutes of cardio? Let me clear the way to real healthy sustainable weight loss. Enjoy! 🥂
September 19, 2019
Weight Loss Motivation
Apply this method to your perfect weight 👌🏼 Dropping mindset tips + tricks to help you achieve your goals faster 💕🔑🏄🏼‍♀️
August 1, 2019
Motivation Station
Do what you love, forget the rest.
February 4, 2019