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Chelsea Robson IRL

Chelsea Robson IRL

By Chelsea Robson
I write and share custom songs based on real love stories. As a serial entrepreneur, I also love to showcase other businesses that I am trying or that my listeners have started.

This is also my outlet to talk self improvement, entertainment, and politics. I share my favorite books, podcasts, and new topics I'm learning about. It all comes from the point of view of a Latter-day Saint, libertarian, and Disney Nerd. Enjoy the fun!

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Grandma's Birthday - Grit, Cultural Inheritance, and How We Define Ourselves
Today I’m dedicating this episode to my grandmother, lessons I’ve learned from her and the overall impact my ancestors have had on me. I’ll even go into self- identity, Malcom Gladwell's outliers, and how we define ourselves in an ever changing world. Also, I got mail. If you would like to support this podcast, my music, and be entered to win a Free Custom Song, become a supporting member by going to Every month I help one of those members say “thank you” to one of their loved ones with a custom song- inspired by their story. If you get chosen, you could give to a loved one or you are able to nominate someone else to receive this service. We all have special people in our lives and I don’t know of a better way to share how much we appreciate them than through a custom song. It’s my way to make the world a better place by helping you “Share the Love.”
April 04, 2021
Friendship's Like a Circle - Share The Love Series
Every month I pick from the members of the site and write a song for them to give to a loved one. This month I am highlighting the song I wrote for Alex as he wanted to give a birthday gift to his long time friend, Crystal. It's full of little tidbits of their relationship and I'm really proud of it! If you would like to give a song to a loved one for Valentine's Day, visit to see all the options.  If you would like to be entered into the drawing to win a song sometime in the feature, join the membership group at -Not only does your membership get your name in the hat but you are helping provide this service for others as well. This is just my way of helping the world 'Share the Love'. 
February 02, 2021
Leave Your Light On - Book Review
Listen in on my review of a book I just finished called “Leave Your Light On” the musical mantra left behind by an illuminating spirit - written by Shelley Buck & Ryder Buck with Kathy Curtis. It’s a memoir of a mother and son as they work through the emotional progressions of cancer treatments, the death of a loved one, and lessons to be passed on. If you would like to support this podcast, my music, and be entered to win a Free Custom Song, become a supporting member by going to For all other links, visit
January 20, 2021
My Story Mentor: Interview with Creator, Stephanie Butler
Saddle up for a great interview with Stephanie Butler. The creator of My Story Mentor: Family History Guide -We talk about business ownership, how she got into that space, and how you can build deeper bonds, learn conversation starters, and possibly overcome past strife through family history.  My Story Mentor is an online course that gives you everything you need to create a personal history for yourself or family member as well as shows you how to make it an audio book, physical book, or just a collection of stories. Purchase Here: Support my music and enter to win a free custom song: Get everything else: Start Your Online Business:
January 10, 2021
Welcome Trailer
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Welcome to the Chelsea Robson IRL Podcast. I talk Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Politics. Every Episode, I try to include a little bit from what’s happening in my world, as well as a bit of encouragement for yours. Lifestyle covers things that make up my daily habits . From building my business, to my religious studies, to just cool finds online. In Entertainment, not only am I a singer and songwriter, I am a member of the press and do reviews on movies and other entertainment sources. For Politics, I’m all about liberty and free markets. I share stories of growing up in a family business and lessons I have learned. As a custom songwriter, once a month, one episode will feature an original song that was inspired by a member of my Patreon and given to one of their loved ones & behind the scenes stories in our attempt to “Share the Love”. For more information on that, visit By subscribing to this podcast, you can expect 2-3 episodes a week from my real life that I hope will help encourage and edify in your REAL Life.
December 10, 2020
An Opportunity to Make Today a Great Day
What are your goals? What are you looking to change in 2021? In this episode I am going through all the things that have happened in my goals for 2020 and where I want to improve in 2021.  For email updates on this podcast, keynote speaking information, sponsors, or information on how you can support what I do with Patreon, go to
December 09, 2020