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flawed code

flawed code

By Cher Scarlett
Just a girl standing in front of a community, asking them to love her
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Git Real && Stop Cherry-Picking

flawed code

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This is the beginning of a series of my documenting my very real experiences with attempting to make my fragmented psyche whole. A lot of modern "destigmatization" of mental health disorders and illnesses is about separating the illnesses and disorders from some of their less socially accepted symptoms. This doesn't destigmatize mental health issues: it further stigmatizes it. I want to help develop empathy and awareness around these symptoms, and recognize when it's time to get help for your loved ones, or even better, help those suffering convince themselves to take steps to get help or make improvements to their lives to help them cope. 💓
April 08, 2020
You've hit the wall: pay to continue living
This is a story about my experience growing up in poverty, being homeless, and escaping it. About how missed opportunities take away the possibility of ever being truly free of the debts I incurred while poor.
October 21, 2019
Git Real && Stop Cherry-Picking
We need to start listening. Listen to Transcripts:
September 01, 2019