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The Self-Care Series

The Self-Care Series

By Cherith Fluker
Welcome to The Self-Care Series with Cherith Fluker. This is the podcast where we talk all things self-care, self-love, and self-improvement. I want to help you to be unapologetic about putting yourself first.

Each week, we will explore topics to help you get clear about what self-care means. You’ll leave motivated to start or nurture your self-care routine and inspired to help someone else on their self-care journey. Let's go!
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35. How to Stop Being Nosy
Raise your hand if you like asking people personal questions? You know those questions that you probably shouldn't ask, but that satisfy your curiosity, so you ask them anyway? If you are guilty of asking intrusive questions, consider yourself nosy. If you're nosy, don't worry. You're not alone. There are lots of people in the world who use the word nosy to describe themselves. Today, we're talking about how to stop being nosy! 
March 01, 2022
34. How to Be Heavy on the Self-Love
In this episode of The Self-Care Series, we’re talking about how to be heavy on the self-love! The world is currently experiencing a “self-love crisis” with 1 in 2 people lacking self-love. Let’s talk about how to change that! If you want more information about self-love, head over to my blog where I talk more about How to be Heavy on the Self-Love In this episode, I refer to self-forgiveness techniques that work. You can find those techniques here. Exercise is an important part of self-care. Learn more about the benefits of exercise here.
February 22, 2022
Episode 16: More Self-Care Suggestions for Teachers
Teachers are nearing the end of arguably the toughest 1st semester ever! It is more important now than ever for teachers to take time for self-care so that they can regroup, recharge, and get ready for the 2nd semester of this unconventional school year.
February 15, 2022
33. How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
In today's episode, I'm sharing tips for how to stop comparing yourself to others.  Have you visited my blog? I'd love to see you there: I'd also love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel:
February 08, 2022
32. Self-Care Tips for Bloggers and Content Creators
On the show today, I'm sharing self-care tips for bloggers and content creators.  Have you visited my blog? Here's the link:
February 01, 2022
31. 15 Self-Care Activities that take 15 Minutes or Less
Do you struggle to find time for self-care? In today's episode, I'm sharing 15 self-care activities that take 15 minutes or less.  Even the busiest woman can make time for these self-care activities.  Need additional resources? Grab my ebook, Comprehensive Guide to Self-Care.  Need a self-care playlist like the one I mentioned in the show: Have you visited my website?  Here's the link: 
January 25, 2022
30. Self-Care for College Students
Today on the podcast, we're talking self-care for college students I'm sharing tips to help you balance all the things while you're in college.  For additional tips, visit this link: Self-Care for College Students You can also follow me on Instagram at @cherithfluker
January 18, 2022
29. Self-Care for Empty Nesters
Are you an empty nester?  If you're like me, you weren't too excited about this huge change in your family dynamics.  However, we also have to accept that this is a natural progression of life.  The empty nest is the perfect time for you to shift your focus to you and practice self-care regularly.  In this episode, I'm sharing tips for incorporating self-care into your life.  In this blog post, I share more tips for self-care for empty nesters.
January 11, 2022
Episode 28: Self-Care Strategies for Challenging Times
Hello Friend! Welcome to The Self-Care Series with Cherith Fluker. This is the podcast where we talk all things self-care, self-love, and self-improvement. I want to help you to be unapologetic about putting yourself first. Each week, we will explore topics to help you get clear about what self-care means. You’ll leave motivated to start or nurture your self-care routine and inspired to help someone else on their self-care journey. Today,  I’ll be sharing some self-care strategies for challenging times. Let’s talk about it. Here is the blog post that I mentioned in the podcast.  Hope to see you over there!
January 04, 2022
Episode 27: Forgiveness vs. Being a Doormat
On my blog, I wrote about forgiving someone who continually hurts you.  Forgiving others is important.  Harboring bitterness and hatred in your heart is detrimental to your own well-being.  So, I’ll always be #teamforgive because ultimately, forgiveness is more for you than it is for the other person. Let’s talk about true forgiveness vs. being a doormat. While I am a huge proponent of forgiveness, I know that it is a process and that it can take time.  Some offenses take longer to forgive than others.  But, the ultimate goal is to forgive others so that you can have the peace and healing that you need to move forward. You can read the full blog post here. You can view the YouTube video here. You can also follow me on Instagram and facebook.
July 08, 2021
Episode 26: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Do you struggle with trying something new? Do you have something that you’ve been wanting to try, but have just been too scared to try it? Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, but you could be missing out on something wonderful by staying in the same place.
June 29, 2021
Episode 25: 10 Habits of Self-Care that You Should Start Right Now
See related blog post here: Get your FREE Self-Care Journal Starter by subscribing to my email list.  In this episode, Cherith shares 10 habits of self-care that you should adopt on your self-care journey.  Affiliate links for Shower Tablets discussed in this episodes: Body Restore Shower Steamers Vick's Pure Zzzs Shower Tablets Visit Cherith's Blog or YouTube channel You can also find Cherith on Facebook or Twitter
June 22, 2021
Episode 24: How to Establish and Maintain Closeness in Your Family
In this episode, we'll discuss how to establish and maintain closeness in your family.  Cherith shares 6 tips for being intentional about improving and maintaining family relationships.  See related blog post here: How to Establish and Maintain Closeness in Your Family In the podcast, Cherith talks about forgiveness.  See related blog posts about forgiveness here: Forgiveness vs. Being a Doormat Self-forgiveness Techniques that Work How to Forgive Someone Who Continually Hurts You Forgiving Yourself: Tips for Moving on After You've Messed Up Find Cherith on Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram
June 15, 2021
I'm back!
If you follow my blog and are subscribed to my email list, you know that I decided to take a little break from the podcast.  But, I'm back and ready to hang out with you!  I've missed you! Are you following my blog?  If not, come join me!  I know you'll find something that you love. I mostly talk about self-care on my blog, but I also throw in some parenting and family topics and fitness over 40 (the struggle is REAL)!  If you're not subscribed to my email list, make sure to join so that you're in the know about what's happening on my blog, this podcast, and my YouTubeChannel!  
June 09, 2021
Episode 23: Finish Strong
We are 3/4 of the way through a very interesting school year. On this episode, we will talk about how to finish this year strong!
March 09, 2021
Episode 22: What I Have Learned from the COVID-19 Classroom
In this episode, I’m sharing some of the lessons that I’ve learned from the COVID-19 classroom.
March 02, 2021
Episode 21: Building Confidence in Your Students
After the unconventional school year that we have had, some students may be struggling to remain confident.  In this episode, Cherith shares some strategies for building students' confidence. 
February 23, 2021
Episode 20: Providing Accommodations in an Online Learning Environment
Many students are learning in new ways this year due to the pandemic.  Similarly, many teachers are teaching in new ways.  This episode discusses ways that teachers can provide accommodations in an online learning environment. 
February 16, 2021
Episode 19: Tips to Avoid Teacher Burnout
In this episoide, Cherith shares tips for avoiding teacher burnout.   Click here to visit the Whatcherithinks blog.  Click here to join Cherith's Facebook group, The Self-Care Series by WhatCherithinks.  
February 09, 2021
Episode 18: Falling in Love with Teaching
This has been a difficult school year.  Some teachers may have forgotten why they fell in love with teaching in the first place.  In this episode, I am going to try to help you remember why you fell in love with the profession.  
February 02, 2021
Episode 17: Celebrating the Holidays in the Midst of a Pandemic
Here are four quick tips for celebrating the holidays during this pandemic.
December 22, 2020
Episode 15: How the Pandemic has Affected the Mental Health of Children (LaTasha Toney Interview)
On this episode of the WhatCherithinks Podcast, Cherith sits down with LaTasha Toney.  Toney is a licensed independent clinical social worker.  She has worked with everyone across the life span in the home: in residential treatment facilities, in the community and in hospitals.  Currently, she works in inpatient psychiatry.  She is passionate about educating individuals about mental health and mental illness and helping them to learn ways to manage their mental health and mental illnesses.   In addition to her 9-5, Toney also blogs about Mental Health and related issues at She is available to facilitate discussion on topics related to mental health, mental illness and coping with life to parents, teachers, community groups and whoever will listen! On the episode,  Toney speaks of several agencies in the Greater Birmingham (Alabama) area that can provide additional resources and guidance regarding mental health.  Those resources are listed below: Psychiatric Intake Resource Center (PIRC) - 205-638-7472  Open seven days a week, year around from 8am-11pm Jefferson Blount St Clair Mental Health Authority 205-595-4555 Ask for Children's Services Eastside Mental Health Center Jefferson County 129 East Park Circle Birmingham, AL 35235 (205) 836-7283 (Phone) (205) 836-9594 (Fax) Blount County 1002 2nd Avenue E Oneonta, AL 35121 (205) 625-3882 (Phone) (205) 625-4201 (Fax) St. Clair County 625 15th Street N Pell City, AL 35125 (205) 338-7525 (Phone) (205) 338-7557 (Fax) United Way 211 -- just dial 211 from your cell phone to get resources Safety plan: Great resource for educators and parents Great article on how anxiety can show up as behavior problems. Resource for teachers
December 08, 2020
Episode 14. Interview with Author Janea D. Harris
This is episode 14 and Cherith is interviewing poet and author, Janea Harris.  Janea and Cherith first met several years ago when they worked together as consultants for an education solutions company.  Janea uses creative writing to help children gain a better understanding of complex topics. As an educator, she learned that children often discover lasting life-long lessons in the books that they read. She has written two children’s books, but today we are focusing on her latest book, “Through the Window of Winter the Rabbit.”  It is an uplifting story that touches on the various emotions that children are feeling during the pandemic and provides reassurance that this will come to an end. To purchase a copy of Through the Window of Winter the Rabbit, click here.  You can learn more about Harris' other works or purchase copies using the following links:
December 01, 2020
Episode 13: Interview with Julie Emory-Johnson and Lisa Lawrenz of Inside Voices
Today on the podcast, Cherith interviews Julie Emory-Johnson and Lisa Lawrenz.  Julie and Lisa have partnered to launch Inside Voices, a Birmingham (Alabama)-based educational consulting company.  They want to bring joy back to the workplace for teachers by providing them with opportunities for autonomy and professional engagement. Tune in to this episode to learn more about Inside Voices.  You can visit for additional information or to get contact information for  Julie or Lisa.  Inside Voices officially launches on December 1, 2020.  
November 24, 2020
Episode 12: Becoming a Teacher During a Global Pandemic
Today on the WhatCherithinks Podcast, Cherith interviews a former student, Abbey Graves.  Abbey is currently completing a practicum, which puts her one step closer to becoming a secondary social studies teacher.  At a time where several teachers are contemplating leaving the field,  Abbey shares why she is optimistic and eager to have her own classroom soon. 
November 15, 2020
Episode 11: Tips for Being an Effective Online Teacher
Many teachers have been thrust into online teaching this year and are still feeling like a fish out of water. In this episode, Cherith shares some strategies for effective online teaching.
November 07, 2020
Episode 10: Another Dose of Encouragement for Teachers
When I first launched the WhatCherithinks Podcast, I published a bonus episode called Back to School Encouragement for Teachers.  Well, we're only a few short months into this school year and I thought teachers could use another dose to help them get through this semester.  Tune in to Episode 10 for more encouragement for teachers!
November 03, 2020
Episode 9: Building Culture and Community in Schools During a Pandemic
In this week's episode of the podcast, I'm sharing ways to build culture and community in schools during a pandemic. Building culture and community in schools has always been important, but it is especially important now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Teachers, students, staff, administrators, and even parents are feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty that comes with the pain and the inability to create a sustainable plan due to ever-changing data and information surrounding covid-19.
October 25, 2020
Episode 8: Study Tips for Online Classes
In this episode of the WhatCherithinks Podcast, Cherith shares some study tips for online classes.  For transcripts of this episode, visit and click podcast. 
October 20, 2020
Episode 7: Self-Care Tips for Teachers
Teachers are experiencing burnout earlier this year than in previous years. It is important that teachers take a step away from the stress to focus on self-care. This episode suggests ways that teachers can take care of themselves while in the midst of what most would call the most difficult school year ever.
October 13, 2020
Episode 6: Books that Teach Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
This episode list books that can help increase cultural sensitivity and awareness. Links to the books can be found here:
October 06, 2020
Episode 5: Transitioning from School Teacher to School Administrator with Dr. Christy Shepard
In this episode, Cherith talks to longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Christy Shepard to discuss the transition from school teacher to school administrator.  Though this episode serves to inform those aspiring to become school administrators and those who are just starting in the role of school administrator, there are several takeaways that might interest anyone hoping to catch a glimpse inside the school administrator role.  You don't want to miss this conversation.  
September 29, 2020
Episode 4: Preparing for Success in College with Charles Morris
In Episode 4 of the WhatCherithinks Podcast, Cherith talks with a former student, Charles Morris, who now works in Higher Education. Though Charles has held several positions at his current institution, Cherith’s interest was particularly piqued by his work in the Academic Success Center. After they reminisce about Charles’ days as a student in her 11th grade English classroom, they go on to talk about preparing and retaining students for the rigor of college. Charles shares some very practical tips and strategies that students can use to stay on a successful path.
September 22, 2020
Episode 3: How Outside Influences Affect Education with Cordell Fluker
In Episode 3 of the WhatCherithinks Podcast, Cherith sits down with her husband, Cordell, to discuss the impact that outside influences play on one’s overall educational experience. The two agree that classroom education is very important, but that things learned outside of the classroom play just as much of a role in a person’s success. Cordell jokes that he has “some college”, but that experiences with his family has taught him so much. Experiences such as gardening and pig farming coupled with his Auburn education has molded him into the man that he is today.
September 15, 2020
Episode 2: Dear New Teachers
This episode provides tips and encouragement for new teachers beginning their first year during the Pandemic. What a time to be entering the field of education! Best of luck to all new teachers. You’ve got this!
September 08, 2020
Episode 1: Returning to College in the Midst of a Pandemic with Jordan Fluker
It is finally launch day for the WhatCherithinks Podcast! Thanks so much for joining me! In the first episode of the podcast, I am sitting down with my son, Jordan, who is a sophomore Chemical Engineering student. Jordan’s traditional freshman year came to a screeching halt in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He, like many other college students, completed the year virtually. Even though Jordan had an unconventional ending to his freshman year, he is ready to tackle sophomore year. Tune in to today’s episode to hear the details. Visit for the show notes.
September 01, 2020
Back to School Encouragement for Teachers
This bonus episode gives listeners a glimpse into purpose of the WhatCherithinks Podcast. In this episode, Cherith provides encouraging words to educators as they prepare to face a school year that is sure to be unlike any other!
August 14, 2020
WhatCherithinks Podcast Trailer
This is the promotional trailer for the WhatCherithinks Podcast. The podcast will air weekly beginning September 1, 2020.
August 10, 2020