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Adventures of A Music Educator

Adventures of A Music Educator

By cherthemusic
Hello! I'm Cherylyn and I'm a music teacher from Malaysia. I love sharing my experiences in teaching and other stuff like technology, gardening, movies. Tune in to listen to my learning journeys, funny stories and teaching tricks!

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Revamp in progress and a whole lot more experiments! | Episode 23
Just me talking about the new formats I explored in podcasting and some new video skills that I have learned and its taking a toll on my laptop.  Connect with me here! 
June 15, 2021
The Changing Landscape of Music Centre Business in Malaysia | Episode 22 | Guest Amanda Ong
Music learning is mainly provided as an enrichment programme in Malaysia. What is known as music academies or schools elsewhere is known as music centres here in Malaysia. Since the pandemic, the music teaching business is badly impacted and the industry is going through some growing pains as business owners accept, adapt and adopt new ways of running the business.  In this video podcast episode, I'm joined by Amanda Ong, the owner of Fusion Music Studio Puchong and a member of my online learning community, Music Teacher Meets Technology. Amanda shared some of the progressive decisions she made for her studio. Tune in to find out more!   ----  View video Podcast --- Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:52 Guest intro and education background 04:45 How Amanda started her own music centre 10:15 The norms of managing the business (i.e. staffing) 12:32 A brief explanation of the Malaysian music teaching business 13:20 The integrity of music teachers and how Amanda overcome staffing problems   14:50 The service offered to parents and students 17:55 Other services provided by music centres 19:40 Teachers as entrepreneurs 21:40 Teacher branding 24:56 How Amanda started to see the importance of branding 26:26 Cher's aspiration & niche in her own career 29:05 Don't focus on competition and just move forward 31:31 Amanda's success stories and trusting staff 33:47 The initial difficulties 36:27 Shared experience but different coping mechanisms 39:52 How Amanda get her teachers to ease into the new norm 42:40 Training tech to senior teachers 43:55 Zoom fatigue 44:34 Handling large class size online, class management and handling lesson objectives 48:10 Preparing materials for online lessons 49:30 Teaching older students 52:44 Feedback from teachers, parents & students 54:30 Online toddler music class 56:12 Amanda's game plan -"Start local, go global" and advertising the school's programme 59:12 Social media marketing 01:01:26 Mindset reset 01:02:47 Amanda's hope for the industry 01:07:01 How you can contact Amanda [Check podcast show notes]  --- Amanda Ong, Fusion Music Studio Puchong   Cherylyn | FB | Insta | Spotify | Many more  Podcast music from
June 08, 2021
Music Research During A Pandemic | Episode 20 | Guest Lee Voon Foong
The pandemic has affected education worldwide and scholarly pursuits in music research is not left out. In this video podcast, I'm joined by Lee Voon Foong to discuss about some of the challenges and changes in the field of music research during this trying times. Is going virtual the only research method now? We also discussed a little about how the pandemic has affected music teaching and the learning attitudes of music teachers.    Timestamps  00:00 Host intro 00:35 Guest intro 07:55 Topic intro 09:07 Brief overview of Voon Foong's research 11:20 Type of research he is doing 14:14 Finding his research participants 15:19 Getting information from music teachers 17:28 Challenges during the pandemic 21:15 The new norm of research 24:00 Using survey in research 25:34 Is the pandemic discouraging qualitative research?   27:46 Significance of research observation 29:51 Challenges of experimental research 31:07 Opportunities in research now 32:03 Challenges in virtual learning - Latency, teacher experience in virtual class 33:39 Self-efficacy of music teachers in teaching and learning 37:50 The attitudes of music teachers towards the pandemic 40:05 The difficulties of teaching wind instruments virtually and how it affects audio suppression in video calls 42:56 Closing thoughts by Voon Foong 46:25 Phd???? 47:55 Connecting with Voon Foong ------- Connect with Cherthemusic Social Media Platforms  Follow my podcast on Spotify  Connect with Voon Foong ---------  Music from
June 03, 2021
Episode 20 | My Journey on Youtube Algorithm, SEO Tools and Developing Video Editing Skills
This episode is about my journey on Youtube Algorithm, SETO tools and developing video editing skills. I shared about my experience revamping my Youtube channel and how I learned some tricks from SEO tools. Watch video podcast here: Connect with me here! : Background music from
May 28, 2021
Episode 19 | A Google Meet Hack for Teaching Drawing
Here is a solution I shared for teaching drawing in Google Meets.  Watch Video Podcast ------------ Connect with me here! :
May 20, 2021
Episode 18 | Differentiating Students in the Virtual Classroom | Video Tutorials and Independent Learning
An update and continuation of my journey in differentiating in the virtual music classroom. In this episode, I share how video tutorials can be helpful during a live virtual lesson.  ------------ Connect with me here! :
May 18, 2021
Episode 17 | Differentiating Students in the Virtual Classroom | Worth it or no way?
It's tricky navigating tech tools in the virtual classroom. What one student has, the other may not. In this episode, I share my experience teaching my secondary students on creating video collage with an app available on the mainstream platforms, Android and iOS.  ------------ Connect with me here! :
May 17, 2021
Episode 16 | Transcription tool in Soundtrap
A mini sharing about my experience using the transcription tool in Soundtrap. Have you used it before? Let me know at ------ Connect with me here! :
May 16, 2021
Episode 15 | Inspiring Teacher | Teacher Appreciation Month
It is Teacher Appreciation Month! In this episode, I share my thoughts about the inspiring teachers and mentors in my life and how they influenced my growth as a teacher. Click to watch the video of this episode ------ Connect with me here! :
May 14, 2021
Episode 14 | Quick update
Just a very quick update on what's happening and I finally appear on camera for this podcast. Frazzled me is just real life.    Click watch the video of this podcast here ------ Connect with me here! :
April 25, 2021
Episode 13 | Adjusting to new routines, discovering my superpower and Remote Mouse app
Have you ever felt your week passing by in a blink of an eye? That's how I felt in the past two weeks. In this episode, I share some new experiences I got from school this week [funny story spoiler] and discovering my new superpower while doing teacher training in Google Slides.  Find show notes here ------ 00:00 Intro  00:26 Crazy week!  01:00 Funny story about my students 02:50 Hitting my daily walking goals  04:40 Discovering my superpower while conducting Google Slides training  06:50 Remote Mouse app for presentation []  08:15 Adjusting to new routines 08:45 Outro ------ Connect with me here! :
April 04, 2021
Episode 12 | Cool Tech - Loom for Education & Work
I've been using Loom for awhile now after discovering and exploring it for the past two months and I think it's a really cool piece of tech for work and lessons.  Click to watch the video demos ------ 00:00 Intro  00:26 New discovery - Loom  01:19 Using Loom to submit classwork  02:05 Using it for communicating with others  03:09 Features of Loom  03:40 Loom on Google Chrome as an extension  06:15 Pricing of Loom  07:50 Loom on mobile device  08:50 Conclusion  09:58 Outro ------ Connect with me here! :
March 28, 2021
Episode 11 | Going with the flow
Just like music, time does not stop. It does not wait. In this episode, I shared about an awesome episode I heard from Top Cast and a new thing I learned from it: keystone habits.  ------ Connect with me here! :
March 25, 2021
Episode 10 | Piano teaching today is interesting and challenging
I find solutions for my private studio and continue to maintain the interest of my students. In this episode, I share about how important it is to go beyond method books for piano teaching and go the extra mile to create or find supplements to lessons. Below are useful links I shared about in this podcast episode. My TpT store Resources I recommend for piano teaching:  Fishing for Pairs Hoppy Frog Musical Dominoes Musical Instruments and Country Origin Flashcards ------ Connect with me here! :
March 21, 2021
Episode 9 | Building a digital presence and finding my identity
You lose nothing by trying something new. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google: ------ Connect with me here! :
March 21, 2021
Episode 8 | My last day at a local music studio
I started this chapter of my life two years ago and now it has (temporarily) comes to end as I pursue other priorities in life. In this episode, I share my experiences working at a local music studio. ----- Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 7 | Reflections on the pandemic year from the teaching lense
The whole world recently observed the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdown. My friends and I reflected on this during an online gathering. In this episode, I share about how the pandemic affected my career and the experiences it gave me. ----- Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 6 | "One step, then another"
Paul Potts of Britain's Got Talent fame in 2007 has his own bio pic now and you can stream to watch on Netflix. In this episode, I share my thoughts of this movie production and the important lesson I learned from the story. ----- Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 5 | How I reach out to global educators and fix a Google Slide bug
If you have not kick up a storm before, my little adventure might interest you! Google Slides was buggy near mid-March and boy, don't mess with teachers during the pandemic! In this episode, I share how I connected with educators around the world to solve this problem and get Google's attention!  ------- Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 4 | Why I start a podcast
My butt must have been itching to do it for awhile now but I have finally started it! In this episode, i share how I came across Az Samad, and Bobby Rose. It's my wish to collab with other Malaysian music educators.  Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 3 | Virtual School Exams
School exams are not spared from being different during the pandemic. In this episode, I share my first time experience invigilating the school exams VIRTUALLY. Yep, you got it! Tune in to listen to my story.  ----- Connect with me here! :
March 20, 2021
Episode 2 | Creating a pocast video and adding audio visualizers or audio spectrum effects
While I'm still figuring out how I want this podcast to work, I decide to try creating a Youtube video version. In this episode, I share how I research on creating audio visualizers with my video editing software.  Connect with me here! :
March 19, 2021
Episode 1 | How I became a music teacher
I shared about my love for Penang Island, my experience working at an IB school, my transition from working to studying my Masters and a bit about my private piano teaching.  ------ Feel free to connect with me at these links!
March 19, 2021
Cherthemusic Podcast Trailer
Follow and subscribe to Cherthemusic's Podcast: Adventures of A Music Teacher. Cherylyn is a music teacher from Malaysia. She teaches the music classroom and private piano studio. She has many interests like movies and technology. Tune in to look for teaching inspiration or get insights into a music teacher's life.  --------------------------------------------------------- Connect with me here! :
March 19, 2021