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Be Your Divine You

Be Your Divine You

By Cheryl Naomi Davis
I discuss spirituality, economics, politics, sociology, health, and wellness (mental, spiritual, physical), topics that intersect with society, culture, faith and belief. It takes courage to listen to others then identify and assess my own strengths or flaws. But my goal is to share my journey of self-discovery and to fulfill my divine purpose in this world. #Truthtellersresistance #Thinkopenoutloud
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Women Who Lead: Nonprofit Organizations

Be Your Divine You

Women Who Lead: Nonprofit Organizations

Be Your Divine You

Mindset Divine, Why Coaching Helped
Deborah Morgan the CEO of Directed Arrows and Karen Gatling, CEO Sacred Hands join this episode to share their experience in my Mindset Divine Covenant Coaching Program.  Coaching has helped me to achieve their goals.  Finding the right individual can make a idea or dream come to life.  Find out more about Directed Arrows on Amazon and Sacred Hands on Instagram.
February 7, 2021
Welcome to 2021 and Be Your Divine You Podcast
Thank you for your support. What episodes are planned for 2021
January 8, 2021
Women Who Lead: Nonprofit Organizations
BYDY begins a special series entitled, ‘Women Who Lead’. One of the most significant national organizations in the country is Blacks In Government and Ms. R. Lawson, the President of Western Region IX (BIG) joins the program to share her thoughts about our incoming female of color, Vice President Elect, and her own experiences as a female of color leading a nonprofit organiztion. “Women put your shoes on because there is a lot of glass on the floor from that broken ceiling.”
November 11, 2020
Social Activism, Faith, and Voice
Special guest emerging journalist Caleb Brown shares his insights on being young in this society and why participation with information us what can give life meaning.
November 3, 2020
Social Activism, Faith, and Voice.
Caleb Brown, author, journalist, and student at Howard University is our special guest. These are excerpts of upcoming episode.
October 31, 2020
Courage To Live Your Dreams
Special guest, Carl Foster stopped by to discuss his experiences with having courage to live his dreams.  He has worked behind the scenes with artists in film, theater, education, and business.  He is the CEO of the Platinum Group,  a firm who's goal is to assist emerging thoughtful leaders to translate their knowledge into powerful ideas that impact the world one conversation at a time.  
September 11, 2020
Courage To Live Your Dreams - Trailer
Special guest Carl Foster, CEO of the Platinum Group shares how to envision our goals and embrace our dreams.  These excerpts are from an upcoming episode entitled, Courage to live your dreams.  Discussing courage and dreams from a faith perspective, those who share faith as a factor in life, will be stimulated to think outside of the familiar; there is more to experience and share with the world.   
August 30, 2020
Faith & Empathy
Special guest Ramika Lawson is invited back to continue our discussion on empathy. The question arose during our last meeting about how faith impacts empathy.  We have faith in our social, judicial, religious, and political systems. How can those who have faith in them lack empathy?  
August 29, 2020
Bonus soundbite - Empathy
Special guest Ramika Lawson joins me in a discussion about empathy. In this soundbite she sites Rep. John Lewis to define empathy.
August 14, 2020
Empathy, the divine characteristic needed in our society.
We have more in common than differences. We are connected. When we see injustice, we must rally around victims, speak out, and support change. But, many don’t. Why?
August 12, 2020
Be Your Divine You
I am an educator, Certified Christian Life Coach, and cleric.  I enjoy discussing sociology, politics, economics, and wellness (mental, physical, and spiritual).  We are complex beings who share a common divine purpose to be light & love.  To ‘be your divine you’ is to take the journey of self-discovery, and to emerge each day more and more authentic .
July 23, 2020