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The Other Half : Conversations With Men on Gender Equality

The Other Half : Conversations With Men on Gender Equality

By Chiara Condi
Gender Equality is an equation. We need the other half of humanity to hear us and listen if the world is to change in our favor. Here are the influential men of our world (CEOs, athletes, actors, etc) who are making a difference in their everyday lives at home and in the workplace, role models and change agents, for a more equal world we can all be proud of.
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Amir Orad, CEO Sisense, Talks Gender Equality

The Other Half : Conversations With Men on Gender Equality

Episode 7; Sridhar Iyengar, CEO Elemental Machines Talks Gender Equality
In this episode Sridhar Iyengar, serial entrepreneur shares his point of view on many subjects from tech startups (of which he has founded 3) and newborns (he only has one so far).  Sri tells us about his previous adventures  and building a company with values and why that has become more important to him to transform these into concrete objectives. Sri tells us about the importance of having women in boards, including his amazing board member Uma, as well as considering women in product design, a lesson he learned from his previous company Misfit Wearables. He also tells us about learning how to navigate the world as the son of Indian immigrants in Tennessee and what he learned from his father by not going to his high school prom. Sri tells us about his musically inclined mother who taught him to always fight for his rights. He discusses sharing a workplace with his wife, a biomedical engineer, who contributes immensely to the team at Elemental Machines. Sri shares how his own experience, as well as seeing the women around him struggle, has made him see the need to build  the world differently, as a more inclusive place for everyone, including his own daughter, to whom he will teach that she can be absolutely anything she wants.
May 29, 2020
Episode 6 Mohannad El- Khairy, Partner E-11 Capital Talks About Gender Equality
In this episode we interview Mohannad El Khairy, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, founder of E-11 Capital. Mo tells us about why he supports feminism today, and why he uses his flexibility to support his wife’s corporate career and care for his children, which has earned him the title “modern man,” when it should just be normal. He tells us about how it is important to raise children with perspective and awareness and about how inspired he was by his own mother, a bold Palestinian artist. Mo delves into how his own background growing up in many countries, including as a Palestinian immigrant in Canada, taught him the value of inclusion. He tells us about why the culture of Silicon Valley needs to profoundly change to catch up with the future, to become more inclusive and impact oriented rather than simply growth focused. We talk about building entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Middle East and why there are more female entrepreneurs percentage wise than in the Silicon Valley. We talk about Mo’s experience building the Bloomberg of the Middle East, the fact that 80% of his staff in Beirut was female, and selling the company to Thomson Reuters and moving to Silicon Valley and why Silicon Valley is in need of a deep culture change.
May 11, 2020
Episode 5: Zahid Torres Rahman, CEO Business Fights Poverty Talks Gender Equality
For the fifth episode of The Other Half we chat with Zahid Torres Rahman, the founder of Business Fights Poverty, a network of over 25,000 professionals at the intersection of business and social impact working together to solve concrete challenges. Zahid provides vivid stories about the long line of inspiring women in his family, beginning with his grandmother who overcame many obstacles to pursue an interracial marriage and his own mother who raised him.  He tells us about his experience raising two daughters, his own paternity leave and the importance of teaching your own daughters that they are enough. Zahid was profoundly influenced by numerous experiences, including arriving in the UK as an immigrant at the age of three and his experience teaching in Zambia.  All of this made him want to build a more connected and inclusive world.  He tells us about how it served as the foundation for Business Fights Poverty, which he built with his wife Yvette.  Built on strong values and ideas, it won awards for the flexibility it offers its employees. Zahid tells us about the innovative ways it brings about social impact and the importance of leveraging the private sector to create lasting social change, including gender equality. We also discuss why these new partnerships are more crucial than ever given the new complexities and challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis. Stay tuned and join the discussion on the BFP website for how businesses can respond to the current rise in gender based violence.
April 5, 2020
Episode 4, Todd Krim, Mr. Charity, Talks Gender Equality
On our fourth episode of The Other Half we are joined by Todd Krim from L.A. also known as Mr. Charity.  Todd connects celebrities with causes that they care about to help charities promote their work.  In this episode he tells us about coming to the realization that women are not treated equally, do not have the same rights and pay, which has turned him into a supporter. He talks about the power of using Hollywood as a voice and a platform for positive change and his work finding influencers and celebrities that have authentic connections to causes. He tells us about his connection to his amazing mother, who was smart, creative, compassionate, outspoken, strong, and had great values and ethics. She was the one who inspired his life mantra, to “make the most of every day.”  Todd tells us about designing the The World is in Your Hands Campaign with Justin Wu to educate and inspire people to take action now to combat climate change he launched with  Antonio Banderas, Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson. Perhaps a great idea for what we can all do for gender equality.  Everyone can be an actor of change and, through education and individual actions, we would create massive change.  He also tells us that this is the time for men to stand up for women.
April 5, 2020
Philippe D'Ornano, CEO Sisley, Talks Gender Equality
For our third episode we interviewed Philippe D’Ornano CEO of Sisley, one of the leading cosmetics companies in the world. Philippe tells us about how it has been to work as a man in a female dominated industry and leading a company where the workforce across all levels is mostly female. Philippe’s values have largely been inspired by the work of his mother and father who founded the company, upon which he continues to innovate. Philippe guides us through the importance of looking at motivation to hire humans based on their worth and the importance of living in a society where everyone can express their full potential. He advocates for why government-supported maternity leave is a good idea. Philippe also promotes his commitment to gender equality through the Sisley Foundation, which engages in countless projects to bring about inclusion of marginalized women who have been through homelessness and prostitution in France and around the world.  He also supports the importance of having female role models in fields in which they still are too few, which is why he created the Women in Cinema at the Arcs Film Festival for independent film. Finally he tells us about raising three girls with plenty of curiosity and empathy and their latest joint poetry project, “Bêtes de Compagnie”.
March 24, 2020
Episode 2 Christian Vit, Actor
For the second episode of The Other Half we interview Christian Vit, an Italian actor who lives in London and has played in several well known series, including Holby City and Game of Thrones. We talk about the numerous inequalities in the movie industry, including the enormous pay gap between male and female actors. Christian tells us why this is unjustified and unacceptable, as well as his prediction that this will change in the future. According to Christian the future of cinema holds a much greater place for women who are heroes and leaders. It is not surprising that Christian holds such values, he is the son of as he terms it a mother and father “team” in which no individual was more important than the other. His team consists of female mentors and agents.  As a foreigner in London and in the English movie industry, he also tells us about his own experience with diversity.
February 5, 2020
Amir Orad, CEO Sisense, Talks Gender Equality
This is The Other Half, a show where men talk gender equality with Chiara Condi On this episode Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense shares stories about growing up with a business executive mother, Serving in the Israeli intelligence corps, Being married to another entrepreneur, and how these experiences shape his life as a CEO, husband, and father. And that's all for this episode. Please subscribe, leave us a review, or visit our website at This episode of The Other Half was edited by Lee-Sean Huang. Until next time.
December 15, 2019