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The Chief Disruptor Podcast

The Chief Disruptor Podcast

By Chief Disruptor
Bi-weekly deep-dives into the disruptive trends, strategies, and mindsets from across the Chief Disruptor Community. Hear from disruptors, change-makers and innovators from across blue-chip organisations, startups, scale-ups and the public sector.

Connect. Learn. Disrupt.
Demystifying the Metaverse with Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy and Extended Reality Lead, Accenture
We are joined by Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy and Extended Reality Lead, Accenture. Over 20+ years, Nick has combined his passion for gaming and immersive experiences with his digital transformation expertise gained at Google, Spotify, IBM IX, Yahoo!, and Atari. Now, at Accenture, he is helping organisations leverage opportunities presented by one of the most disruptive and hype-fuelled technologies: the metaverse. This episode explores the driving forces behind the growth of the metaverse, analyses the scepticism and mystery that is present across the business, media and public domains, highlights the importance of addressing interoperability and provides some predictions for the future. Connect. Learn. Disrupt.
September 23, 2022
Preparing for the Future of Work with Josh Reynolds, Future Workplace Adoption Lead at Lloyds Banking Group
This week, we are joined by Josh Reynolds, Future Workplace Adoption Lead at Lloyds Banking Group. Josh joined the people function group at Lloyds Banking Group during the pandemic and was involved in defining their hybrid, hub and home working strategy and, more recently, has been tasked with bringing the ‘vibe’ back to the office. Together, we explore the link between disruption, innovation and people, workplace tech, the role of the office and the workplace of the future. Connect. Learn. Disrupt
August 30, 2022
How to Disrupt an Age-Old Industry with Dan Garrett, CEO and Co-founder at Farewill
This week, we are joined by Dan Garrett, CEO and Co-Founder at Farewill. Farewill was founded in 2015 with the aim to make death simpler, more affordable and customer-centric. Through offering innovative products, such as online will-writing and direct cremation, and a customer experience that differs vastly from the type offered by solicitors and funeral directors, Farewill is now the UK’s favourite will-writer. We explore purpose-led disruption, the formative years for founders and inventors, challenging norms around the death industry through customer-centricity and running a hyper-growth start-up. Connect. Learn. Disrupt.
August 12, 2022