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By Chigozie Nwokoji
A free space for honest conversations about trending social issues across the world, analysis on mind-boggling concepts, poetry, games, and everything else in between. for your suggestions and opinions
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The Nigerian Movement-- Peter Obi's Candidacy; Takeaways and Encouragement. Ft Mr Anthony.
I've been unapologetically apathetic about Nigerian politics until now. With the rise of something I see as a Nigerian Movement that began from the #Endsars, I am more participatory now. And this is one of the ways. This is the best time to participate in Nigerian politics with the emergency of a credible, transparent, honest and educated candidate with such an impressive and accessible track record. This is beyond a Presidential election for me. It is a loud cry for that change we've looked toward with so much hope from so many years of having to manage and muster such a bad and deplorable system. Your views are very welcome.
July 17, 2022
Toxic Work Environments; The Red Flags to Note to preserve Your Mental Health. Ft. Ernest Chigaemezu
I'm so delighted to eventually get the chance to discuss toxic work environments on a broad scale with a good friend. We're both speaking from firsthand experiences and dropping a few nuggets to help you, the listener, easily spot those attributes that constitute unhealthy work engagements and make timely decisions to preserve your mental health or manage the situation, whatever be the case. But, more importantly, we're glad to be airing our views and letting out pent-up our grievances on this issue via this platform.
June 28, 2022
10 Popular Word Choices you Shouldn't Try to Correct for a Typical Nigerian. Ft Esther Utomi.
Another of our laid-back midweek episode: We got down to analysing a few of those rampant, slangy and funny words that have stuck with typical Nigerians ( for instance, we know all seasoning cubes as maggi, full stop.) And we are leaving enough enough room for contributions as there are many other word choices like the ones we treated on this episode.
June 22, 2022
A RELAUNCH-- Apologies and Recap.
In the spirit of RELAUNCH I'm apologizing for having stayed away and leaving my dear listeners hanging ( some of whom have run away though), and in that bid, doing a rundown of my top episodes so far. Please take a listen; you might want to even look at those episodes I've talked about here and keep your fingers crossed for the next episode, which promises to be engaging! @Weeklyspills on instagram.
June 18, 2022
The Almajiri System of Education; Pros, Cons and Useful Suggestions ft. Mr Anthony Bata
This is my way of making the most use of my time here ( Yobe state, northeast Nigeria); driving home points on issues that are prevalent in the Northern part of the country. For the record, this is not in a bid to condemn this system of education but to analyse and draw attention to ways it could be safer, healthier for the kids involved and be more beneficial than it already is for the parents, the Mallams and the society at large. @weeklyspills on instagram. And for your useful suggestions and comments.
September 12, 2021
"VILLAGE PEOPLE"dem dey abi dem no dey? ( How we've come to see the workings of juju and diabolism.
Borne from my leaning to do a laid-back episode in pidgin sometimes, we got chatty about superstitions and diabolism, ' village people' stories we've and how we've come to understand and deal with them in our different ways. And yes, we're so opened to hearing from you too. Ft Mercy Isaac again, the beautiful voice you heard last week, with her undilluted vibe and energy. for anything you want to share with us or you can explore the audio messaging feature of the app.
August 07, 2021
Highpoints and Lowpoints of Residing in Yobe Thus Far: The Corp Member Experience. ft Mercy Isaac
I finally came around to dropping something new after about six months. And here is it; our experience about the typical Northerner and the Northern lifestyle, here in Damaturu, from the dominant sensibilities, culture, attitude to life, and just how it's been living here generally, categorizing all these into all those that have made us feel unusually glad and those that have simply dampened our spirits.
August 01, 2021
Regular Love Punchlines That Scream Fake! Ft Anna and Fortunate
We are here to help people feel love and yet 'stand' in love this season, as opposed to 'falling' in love, revealing some weird, crazy, popular, plastic punchlines that simply do not work because they do not indicate true emotions. Do enjoy.
February 13, 2021
Sexual Harassment; The sidelines, Identifying the tendencies, and subjective methods of dealing.
We cannot discuss certain issues enough to get the sort of positive responses we need. A lot of sexual harassment issues have been swept under for some time, badly approached by the system; a lot of people have been sidelined overtime, and there's this rampant silence culture, which shouldn't be the case
February 08, 2021
Shooting Shots and Paying Bills: Who Should Do What? Ft Anna, Samson, Khadija.
In a laid back and chatty manner, we're discussing who should pay the bills or make the first move before or doing a relationship. Although society demands this of men, but we find that it isn't always the case, especially in our time. Send your views on IG @weeklyspills
January 15, 2021
Education and Work for the Hausa, Muslim Girl. Ft Khadija Shuaib( My Hausa girlfriend)
In the spirit of changing negative stereotypes, this week's episode deals with the Islamic religion as it pertains to Hausa female adherents' education and work; and how certain mistreatments of women we may have associated with the Hausa Muslims overtime is rather a matter of individual extremist beliefs than a fault of the islamic religion in itself. Remember it's for your own views.
January 09, 2021
Unlearning Senseless Hatred: My Gender Identity is my Business! (Part2)ft Ernest Chigaemezu
As an addendum to the previous episode, we discussed navigating through social norms of gender identity as well as the intolerance of sexual minorities in Nigeria. for your opinions, we'd love to hear from you. Or @weeklyspills on Instagram.
January 03, 2021
Unlearning Senseless Hatred-- "My Gender identification is my business!" (part 1)
Our misconception about the difference between Sex(the genitalia) and Gender has contributed to the hate we've shown outwardly or subtly towards men who are in touch with their feminine sides or women who are in touch with their masculine sides. This has made it important that we seek to be informed about things that are uncommon to us, accept people and simply quit the unnecessary hatred!
December 30, 2020
Our Yobe NYSC Orientation Camp Experiences. Ft Warri, Radical, Ofor, Da Pence, Osy and Olamide.
We made out time in the middle of our tight schedule to laugh and share our orientation camp experiences so far, many of which are different in certain angles. Quite Interesting vibes from start to finish. for your views and suggestions.
December 24, 2020
Pidgin to English Translation ft EllaB and Franklinwite.
I was put on the hot seat on today's midweek with pidgin slangs to translate, and I had great fun flopping big time! Lol. and @weeklyspills on instagram
December 09, 2020
"My Mama Say":Dedication to late Mrs Florence Ehima ft Franklinwyte
On this mid-week show, we relive beautiful moments Frank had with his mum before she passed on. @weeklyspills, on Instagram, for your opinions and suggestions
December 01, 2020
Writers' Honest Feelings Over Rejection Emails. Ft Chizaram, Precious, Sharon, Ada, Ernest, Kathryn.
Everyone in every walk of life has had to deal with rejections, but our reactions go to prove how far we can really go. Writers bare their chests about their feelings over rejections.
November 28, 2020
Conflicting Angles to the Constitution( part 2): The several, conflicting Rape Acts
Continuation on the convo about contradicting sections of the Human Rights emphasis of the constitution, much worse; disregard over rape victims and the subtle denials that boys/men and spouses can be raped. weeklyspills For your opinions and suggestions. @weeklyspills on instagram, for your dms and comments.
November 21, 2020
The conflicting angles/sections of the Nigerian Constitution( part 1)
Ft Samson and Jideofor Confidence, we discuss the sharia law, especially as concerning Rahama Sadau's case and also sub-sections of the 1999 constitution that aim to clamp down on citizens' rights to life, dignity and expression., for your opinions and suggestions. And @weeklyspills on Instagram, for the dms and comments.
November 21, 2020
Ex Boyfriends/Girlfriends That Won't "Go For Good" -A collabo between Weeklyspills and Astoldbymali.
Using Simi's hit song, Gone For Good as a premise, we discuss the very nagging issue of ex boyfriends and girlfriend who keep dropping green, pink, red light after breakups. A collaboration between and, for your opinions and experiences.
November 15, 2020
MY PAPA SAY: spontaneous pidgin proverbs from typical African fathers
Let's let our heads down a little and share some of those often used pidgin proverbs from our dads.
November 06, 2020
#EndSARS Dogs or Just Thugs: Things No One May Have Told You About Thugs.
Thugs have been known to be helpless, willing tools in the hands of politicians overtime in Nigeria, to frustrate democratic demonstrations. So, how do we convince them to do otherwise? It is, of course, possible!
October 29, 2020
#EndSARS Analyzing the busting of warehouses and wanton destructions
We got talking about the senselessness in the destruction and the biggest headline: Busting of Warehouses, from the angle of moral compass and a sense of political responsibility.
October 26, 2020
#EndSARS Upside and Downsides part 2. And a new perspective to the President's Address
We're given another, different view to the President's speech by another friend plus insights on the way forward.
October 24, 2020
#EndSARS Analyzing the President's Speech/ The Upsides and Downsides of the Protest Thus Far, part 1
We're putting into perspective all that was said by the President in context of our agitations and gloominess so far, and equally taking a look at the beauties and uglies of out peaceful protests. And an interesting overview on motivations behind the protest!
October 22, 2020
#EndSARS Do not say Rest in Peace if you intend to stop Protesting
Friends share opinions about why we should not relent in our agitations. We can all already picture a better Nigeria and we can make it achievable!
October 21, 2020
If this isn't the most dangerous thing to tell a girl, then what is?
What we see on the internet should in no way influence how we choose to raise our girls. Childhood orientation matters a lot. THE GAME: say this three(3) times and at fast but fluent speech: WE SHOULD NOT CHEAT OR SHORTCHANGE THE GIRL CHILD. #500 airtime to the winner!
October 14, 2020
Religiosity and Spirituality: Your Definition of what you call Faith
In a moment of crazy happenings, many have felt shortchanged by the restriction on church activities. We're taking a broader perspective
October 10, 2020