ChileJam - Embrace Your Snake: Life Stories about Embracing Your FEAR and Changing the World!

ChileJam - Embrace Your Snake: Life Stories about Embracing Your FEAR and Changing the World!

By Michael Jackson
You don't have to make the same mistakes as everyone else.

I've lost EVERYTHING and have had to build again from nothing. I share stories and wisdom so you might not have to go there!

These are stories I'll share as I help people with their daily issues. At the same time, I'm growing ChileJam (and I'll make mistakes again). I'm living and doing what I'm telling you in this Podcast.

My goal is to help you avoid some mistakes and reach your goals quickly.

"Don't touch that stove. It's hot!"

Some you will want to touch it anyway. And that's OK!

As long as you don't do it again.
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You're Already Living Your Dream
Forget the concept of The Bucket List! You're already living your dream. Whatever you have on your bucket list, do it now. There's no reason to wait. What you do along the way to get to that item on the list is part of living the dream. Live in the moment. Let's talk about it.
February 18, 2020
Give, Give, Give... Receive
There's nothing more rewarding than giving. If you really want know what life is all about, then start giving more than you ever think about receiving. I truly believe that's the secret to a long healthy, wealthy, fulfilling, successful life.
February 12, 2020
Getting to Unstuck
We can say it a bunch of different ways. Focus. Decision. Goals. Today, we're calling it Clarity! Let's talk about it.
February 7, 2020
Flexibility is Focus' Long Lost Cousin
Having a solid goal is completely expected and you need it in business and in life. Being flexible about how you reach that goal it's what's going to make it easier for you.
January 30, 2020
Becoming a Musician in Los Angeles - Aaron Copenhaguen
Aaron is an ACOUSTIC GUITARIST from Los Angeles, Ca. For more than 20 Years, He has been working LIVE PERFORMANCES, CORPORATE EVENTS, WEDDINGS, PRIVATE FUNCTIONS, FESTIVALS, PRIVATE CONCERTS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, and any other type of event that requires entertainment. In this interview, he talks about what it takes to become a full time working musician in Los Angeles.
January 29, 2020
Why 2020 Will Be The Best Year Ever For Entrepreneurs
#ChileJam #EmbraceYourSnake #MichaelJ Justin Lofton Talks about Why 2020 Will Be The Best Year Ever For Entrepreneurs. These are concepts you may have heard, but Justin goes into more detail and really goes into some compelling reason why 2020 will be the best year ever. Zen Fusion Business Coaching: 80/20 Business SyncSumo
January 28, 2020
Finally Friday #1
Just a wrap up and a slide into the weekend.
January 24, 2020
There's a saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." That's easy to say and it's a lot harder to do. Let's talk about Perseverance.
January 23, 2020
Facebook And Instagram Marketing With Janet E. Johnson
Sit back and learn awesome Facebook And Instagram Marketing With Janet E. Johnson.   Janet runs a marketing agency and is a worldwide speaker with a specialty in Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising. She has more than 20 years of experience and millions of dollars earned for clients and her own business using online marketing strategies. Her career started on the internet selling on eBay in 1998. Janet is also the host of a popular marketing podcast, Business Growth Time. In her career, Janet has worked with large brands, as well as local businesses and entrepreneurs. She has been featured on National Institute of Social Media, Social Media Today, Social Media Pros, Social Media Strategies Summit, World Youth Forum, Entrepreneur, and a number of other top internet marketing publications.   Janet's Website  James Wedmore
January 22, 2020
Life Choices and Teaching Others What You Know
Each of us made choices in our lives. We have things that we know and can teach others. They have to things they know and can teach you. Let's talk about it.
January 21, 2020
3 Important Tips for Success In Life - Interview with Kristin Center
Kristin Center and Michael discuss some Important Tips To Success In Life in Los Angeles that apply to people in the entertainment work and to people who have their own businesses.    Here are some links to Kristin Center and her music:   Website:   Kristin Center Booking: Don't Comfort Me:   La La La:   YouTube Channel:
January 20, 2020
Getting Past My Fear of Failure AGAIN!
I'm going to keep talking about getting past failure. I'll speak about it over and over again. There's no reason for us to limit ourselves. We've got to be bold. We have to make bold movements. I faced mother one of my fears. Let's talk about how it how it went.
January 16, 2020
Procrastinate With Me - NOT! Michael Jackson and Eva Rale discuss Procrastination
"Procrastinate with Me," often seems to be the mantra that we have in our heads. And that sweet sound of distraction keeps us wanting more and more. Almost like we're addicted to it.  Eva Rale and I discuss what we do to avoid procrastination and, in general, how much it makes us lose focus.
January 15, 2020
Start Before You're Ready
We've all heard it. Start before you're ready. Why?  Because you'll NEVER be ready and things will never be in your favor, your time, your direction, your ANYTHING. Start NOW.  Let's talk about it.
January 14, 2020
Does Your Idea Pass the Smell Test?
It's been said, "We all have an a***ole, and they all stink except for mine." Well, let's explore that idea!
January 13, 2020
No Such Thing as Failure
Stop looking at the word failure as if it's something negative. Think of it more as a learning experience, or as I like to think of it, The Mother of all Success.
January 9, 2020
How You Know When it's Time to DeFreak (part 2)
In the second part of our DeFreaking exercise we talk about what to put in place of the things that you've removed from your life.
January 7, 2020
How to Know When it's Time to DeFreak.
DeFreaking. It's the art of getting rid of all of the negativity in your life. Let's talk about when to do it and how.
January 5, 2020
I Will Choose to Decide
NOT making a decision is still making a decision. Just let that sink in while you listen to this episode.
January 4, 2020
Without the leaf and what you're doing you won't get very far. You need Belief, Focus, and Action. Thise three things together will take you a long way to achieving whatever goals you set for yourself.
January 2, 2020
New Year's Resolution Ideas
New Year's resolutions are no more than goals in disguise. So, let's talk about some New Year's resolutions and talk about how to achieve them. Maybe that will give you some ideas about how to solve your own goals.
January 1, 2020
It's The Small Things!
Today's challenge is to do something special and unexpected for somebody. Anything. Do it to make them AND You feel good.
December 31, 2019
Mean Spirited People
There's no reason to be a mean spirited person. Honestly, what purpose does it serve anyone to be mean spirited? Is it just for the "fun" of it that some people like to be mean? I'll submit to you that life is much more purposeful and fulfilling when one leaves the mean spirit behind and embraces true acts of kindness. I'm especially down on mean teachers at school. Let's talk about it for a minute and see if there's something to learn here.
December 30, 2019
Embracing Your Weirdness
If people call your ideas weird, that means you've come up with something they haven't thought of and it's a badge of honor. Let's talk about it.
December 28, 2019
Limit Your Limiting Beliefs - How to Control Your Own Destiny
Everybody has limiting beliefs stopping them from doing some of the things that they want to do. What are yours? Let's talk about it.
December 27, 2019
Living Outside of The Box
You live outside the box as a creative entrepreneur. If you didn't you'd be just like everybody else. So then what's the point? Let's talk about it.
December 26, 2019
Merry Christmas from Michael J
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody. Embrace your snake and let's get ready for the new year! See you soon.
December 25, 2019
I'm Making A Decision Today
What happens when you make a decision? Tony Robbins talks about the power of decision making and I talk about my favorite Tony Robbins quotes about deciding.
December 23, 2019
Armchair Quarterbacks and Your Project
When you spend all of your time, money, energy, love and everything else on a project, in the end, who is it that gets to criticize it? Let's talk about
December 22, 2019
Give the Gift of Giving
What's the best gift that you could ever give somebody? Let's talk about it.
December 21, 2019
#Smallwins Scare Me
We have to remember that building our businesses is a time intensive thing and it's an emotional thing. Small wins matter. When you get one you have to celebrate it. Let's talk about it :-)
December 20, 2019
Winning Thru Failure
I don't believe in Failure! I believe in Learning Experiences. There's a very big difference. Let's talk about it.
December 19, 2019
How to Make A New Team Feel Comfortable
So to get everybody into the mood what do you do first? That's our topic for the day. Let's talk about it.
December 18, 2019
How Can Failure Make You Stronger
I don't think I ever look at anything as a failure. I'm one of those people that looks at everything as a learning experience. Why do I look at things that way? Let's talk about it.
December 17, 2019
How Do I Find A NEW Audience?
"How do I find a new audience," is a question asked by just about every business person, entrepreneur, creative soul or anyone looking to get their message out to the world. Let's talk about it.
December 16, 2019
I Killed My Distractions
What happens when you give up the hubbub, noise, and audio clutter of the normal everyday life? What happens when things become silent? Let's talk about.
December 15, 2019
Brain Swap
If you're out of ideas in your own industry, why not try and steal some from another industry? Let's talk about it.
December 14, 2019
Fear of Snakes - Fear of Winning
Until we overcome our fears, we are always going to be looking over our shoulders. Everyone has something that they are afraid of. I don't care how big, how bad, how tough you are. There is a fear somewhere in that body. Let's talk about it!
December 13, 2019
Where did my Confidence Go?
One of the biggest parts and pieces of this game is being confident. Without it, it's almost impossible to make it in this world. Let's talk about confidence.
December 12, 2019
Get Outta My Time!
I think we all have a reflexive answer to the question, "What's more important, time or money?" However, I'm not sure we actually believe what the answer is. Then again, I think we do.
December 11, 2019
Wish We Could Turn Back Time
You only have so much time and so much energy before you implode. How far do we press ourselves before we simply blow up?
December 10, 2019
Focus Your Attention
Focus Your Attention on one this and you're path to success is almost guaranteed. I often listen to Sunny Lenarduzzi. She turned me on to, "The One Thing" written by Gary Keller. It's concise and really helps get the point across of focus.
December 9, 2019
Intro to Service
This is simply an introduction to what I think about service and serving others.
December 8, 2019
Live With Passion
When you're doing the things you love, doing the things that make other people happy, and putting a smile on other people's faces, you're living with passion and living your best life. Let's talk about it!
December 7, 2019
Your Lack of Faith is Disturbing - Darth Vader on Pricing Your Service
As Darth Vader said, "Your lack of Faith is disturbing." You need to believe in yourself before you even begin to talk with anyone about pricing.
December 6, 2019
Jumping to Decision
Making rash decisions and jumping to conclusions is something we've all done. I did it today and that's why I'm talking about it right now. Let's get to it.
December 5, 2019
Gabrielle Union: Do What's Right
At some point in your life you'll be given the choice to do what's or to do what's convenient. What will you do?
December 4, 2019
The BEST Social Network
There are a plethora of social networks out there these days. But what's the best one? I think I figured it out and I'm going to share that with yours.
December 3, 2019
What Are You Worth?
There is a difference between what you are worth and how much your service or product is worth. Let's talk about that difference.
December 2, 2019
Who Are Your Friends?
You should be very guarded with your time and the people that you let hang around with you and "spend" that time. If those people aren't supporting you, then you need to remove them from your life. It's time to DeFreak!
December 1, 2019
What, How, Why
If you want to have a deep discussion with someone without running them off, try this simple technique.  What, How, Why.
November 30, 2019
Thanks for Giving Me The Chance
Besides all of the "normal" things to be thankful about and for... I'm especially thankful for being able to help those you need just a little bit of encouragement to live out their dreams!
November 29, 2019
Better Off Now?
are we, as a species, better off now or were be better off in the past? Let's explore that idea.
November 28, 2019
Give Without Expectations
If you're giving a gift, you shouldn't have expectations of getting anything in return. PERIOD!
November 27, 2019
More Cowbell : More Focus
I'm going to keep harping on Focus. That one thing that makes you better than everybody else, that makes your activities better than everything else, that one thing that makes you the best there is. It is Focus! Believe it. Try it. Do it. Focus makes you king!
November 26, 2019
Specialist or Generalist?
I think for centuries there's been a discussion as to whether or not it's better to be a generalist or specialist. As I get older I've gone from one to the other. And now I think I'm firmly rooted into my belief. It almost pains me to say that, because I believe in having an open and free mind. But in reality, the freedom comes from being...
November 24, 2019
What Happens if You Break Your Promises?
The promises that you make to yourself can turn out to be the most important promises that you ever make. Hey, if YOU can't trust YOU, who else can trust you? Let's talk about that.
November 23, 2019
My Greatest Fear - Snakes!!
I can definitely say that for most of my life there's been no love lost between me and snakes. My fear of snakes has stopped me from doing several things. I know it might sound crazy, but there are certain places I want to travel to but I'm afraid to go because I'm afraid there might be snakes. I know that most snakes are harmless and I know that they don't like people and as soon as they see people many snakes run away. But that doesn't stop my irrational fear. However, I've decided to do something about it. That's what this episode is about. I want to talk about my fear of snakes!
November 21, 2019
You Have To Keep the Band Together Long Enough
I truly believe that just about any band can make it if you can stay together long enough. The question is, "Can you do that and how do you do that?" Let's talk about it.
November 21, 2019
The Firehose of Ideas
This was the first meeting of the Five Guys from the class I took on building funnels. It was an amazing time and it was like spraying a fire hose on a Matchstick. The ideas just kept flowing.
November 20, 2019
Life: Team Sport or Contact Sport?
I can't think of one time in my life where I came up with something that was amazing and awesome and it was all me. Basically, everything I've done has been the culmination of some great plan where everyone contributed a piece of the puzzle to create something amazing. Let's talk about that.
November 19, 2019
You're Stronger Than You Think
A lot of times, saying that you want to believe it's helping you that's what's really holding you back. I've got crutches and they are holding me back from walking without them because it's comfortable. It's time to let the crutches go.
November 18, 2019
Get Out of Your Own Way
A lot of times, the only thing stopping somebody and something from growing is themselves. Just get out of your own way. Let's talk about it.
November 17, 2019
Easy Content Creation Strategy
The only want to post a LOT of content on social media is to actually create a lot of content to post. So how can you do that? Well, the best way is to use what you already have and just, "spread the love." Here's what I'm doing.
November 16, 2019
I Got to be My WHY Today!
When you execute your "Why" things are easy and life is beautiful. I got to BE my WHY Today.
November 15, 2019
Road Trip! Oh Nooo... Flat Tire.
What happens when you're on a road trip and get a flat tire? Well you change the tire. Same thing happens with your business. Let's talk about that in this episode.
November 14, 2019
You Want to Win? You Have to FOCUS!
This episode is simply a reminder. You have to create a singleness of purpose and clarity in your goal if want to achieve it. Focus and win. Get distracted and stay where you are.
November 12, 2019
How Every Mentee Can and Should also Be a Mentor
We're all learning and we're all teaching at the same time. We're both Mentee and Mentor. Learn to receive and learn to give. You'll live a lot fuller life and have a much Better Business.
November 10, 2019
Goofing Off and Taking a Break is a Good Thing
Entrepreneurs tend to think that the only thing that matters is work, work, work... That is absolutely not true. Life matters. Love matters. Giving yourself time to think matters. Here's what I have to say about all of those things that matter. Goofing off matters!
November 9, 2019
Delegate, Automate, or Die
Delegation and automation are two of the best things that you will ever do for yourself and your business.  In this episode, I discuss a couple of the tools that I use to make my life easier.
November 8, 2019
Episode - 8 Things Most People Don't Want To Do
I've found that often times people will say that they don't want to do something or don't like something when they have never tried it or experienced it. Give life a chance and things might just grow.
November 7, 2019
Episode 7 - Little things = Big Success
Nobody starts out by being a master. It's the little things that matter.
November 6, 2019
Episode 6 - Instagram Audience Building Hack
Instagram is all the rage these days. If you know how to build your audience, you're way ahead of the game. Here's a tip for doing just that.
November 5, 2019
Episode 5 - Pushing Thru
Sometimes it's all you can do just to do the smallest thing. Today is one of those days for me. However, even one step forward moves you closer to the goal. You're one step closer than you were a minute ago. And that's progress.
November 4, 2019
Episode 4 - Different, Better, or Both?
When you put yourself out there, should you be different, better, or both? I try to answer that question in this episode by showing you some of the things that I've done.
November 3, 2019
Episode 3 - Focus and Consistency
If you're going to build your business, whether it's online, offline, in your own town, or anywhere in the world you have to be consistent. You have to be focused.
November 2, 2019
Episode 2 - 9 Steps to Grow Your Social Media Audience
I have a 9-step system that I've developed so that when I'm working with people, we know exactly what needs to happen in order to help their audience grow and so they can attract their ideal clients. Today I'm going to show you all of the pieces and over the next several episodes I'm going to show you exactly how to implement them.
November 1, 2019
Episode 1 - My Epiphany: Why and HOW I Want To Help You Grow
Most people think that running a business is all about making money and being able to live a better life and buy things. I believe that's PART of what a business is and what a business can do for you. But it can be and SHOULD BE MORE.  You have the opportunity to give to your community and help others grow while at the same time you get to grow yourself. My business is a selfish endeavor because I get to help people. And by helping others I get to feel good. Helping you helps me!  I'm not anyone special and nobody knows what I do on some sort of Giant Scale. But the little things that I do help people feel better. They grow. And they help others. I want to take you along, step-by-step, as I grow ChileJam. I'm going to share my successes and my failures. I'll tell you how I did everything and you are welcome to copy those ideas, cheer, jeer, or just sit back and watch. If at any time you want to reach out and contact me, feel free. I'll definitely respond and we can have a conversation. I'm going to try and add value to this podcast on a daily basis - even if it's only 2 or 3 minutes on some days. I just want to drop nuggets that you can grab and turn into gold. I hope I can deliver on that promise. If I drop the ball, keep me honest! Push me and smack me up. So, that's it! . Let's get started.
October 31, 2019
This was the first time that I did a photo shoot with someone's pet that was going to be put to sleep that same day.
December 29, 2018