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Chillin, Vibin, Witchin

Chillin, Vibin, Witchin

By Elena
Tarot, mystical, witchy, mental health, empowerment, real life shit. I cannot forget about 80’s-90’s horror, tv and 90’s in general. I plan on having guests that will bring their own magic and insights on all things witchy and real life.
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Ep. 2 My Reading Style
In this episode I decided to go from reviewing a movie to walking you through a tarot spread. This will show you how I read the cards and also give you a peak at a tarot spread that I created inspired by one of my favorite movies, A Nightmare on Elm St. Here is the link to access the spread mentioned in the show as well as pictures of the cards I pulled. IG:mars_elena_tarot
July 23, 2021
Ep.1- The Witch behind the podcast
Hi Soul Fam ! In this episode I talk about who I am, what I plan to do with the show and really just a safe space to come chill, vibe and witch out with. I plan on reviewing 80'-90's horror/slasher films and add tarot and astrology to the mix. How? Well you will have to stay tuned. I even created a tarot spread inspired by the movie I am reviewing in episode 2. I plan on releasing the next episode in two weeks and hopefully provide an episode twice a month! Today is a Full Moon in Capricorn. It is a Strawberry Moon, perfect to launch my podcast and celebrate! Enjoy and until the next one! Ciao.  Ways to connect with me:  IG @mars_elena_tarot email:
June 25, 2021
The Intro-Tarot Vibes
Hi loves! On the very first episode I just fuck around and talk about how I found tarot and a little more about what I plan on for the next episode! You can connect with me via IG:⁣ @mars_elena_tarot ⁣ ⁣ Other podcast that I am hosting on:⁣ The Tarot Coven Cast ⁣ ⁣ Website:
September 2, 2020