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China Factor is an independent online news and analysis website that covers China’s politics, business and military.
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When it comes to matching China, are hypersonics the answer?
Pentagon isn't panicking yet over China's lead in the hypersonic missile race
January 21, 2022
US Marines have a new weapon to combat Chinese forces
American troops have a game-changer against the People’s Liberation Army in the ‘Ship-to-Shore Connector’
January 12, 2022
Why it is life or debt for China’s economic miracle
Real estate risks threaten to create a nightmare scenario for Xi and the Party elite
January 11, 2022
China is hooked on an ‘anti-foreign’ cocktail of paranoia
Every aspect of state-run media and online chat rooms have been infected by the ministry of propaganda
January 10, 2022
Red warfare, defense pacts and China’s threat
Taiwan’s forces simulate urban battle plans as F-16s scramble in war scenario amid defense cooperation deals
January 08, 2022
Spying software targets China’s critics across the globe
A surveillance system network is being used to mine data and stifle democratic debate
January 05, 2022
Digital dragnet tightens China’s censorship grip
Hong Kong’s freedom of speech crackdown is just part of a broader global strategy to silence Party critics
January 03, 2022
Enter the dragon and President Biden’s China conundrum
In 2022, US President Joe Biden will wrestle with a chain of complex challenges from global rival China
December 31, 2021
President Xi’s bullying tactics trigger an Asian arms race
Allies of the United States in the region are starting to confront Beijing’s saber-rattling on the high seas
December 30, 2021
China continues clampdown on ‘free speech’ in Hong Kong
Stand News is the latest media site to be targeted by the national security police in a massive raid
December 30, 2021
Why China’s Navy poses a big threat to the United States
Beijing could call up a fleet of 460 ships by 2030 as the battle of the sea lanes escalate
December 29, 2021
China’s number is up in fake figures controversy
Secrecy is an integral part of the ruling Communist Party – so is distorting data
December 28, 2021
China could make it ‘Hell in the Pacific’ for the US
The People’s Liberation Army forces have become a sophisticated weapon that could rapidly take Taiwan
December 23, 2021
Is China’s relationship with the EU kaput?
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s telephone chat with President Xi Jinping is unlikely to repair the damage
December 22, 2021
WHO calls for China to release missing virus data
Origins of the Covid-19 pandemic still remain a mystery after nearly two years
December 21, 2021
China needs the US and Australia to keep the lights on
Up to 50% of the country’s liquefied national gas is imported from Beijing’s biggest critics
December 21, 2021
Stealth shakes up China-US high-tech battle
Beijing has weaponized technology theft to steal top-secret data to threaten US power
December 20, 2021
China’s unholy alliance threatens Pax Americana
Could a Beijing and Moscow pact consign the United States’ world power status to history?
December 17, 2021
Former finance minister calls out China’s dodgy data
‘There are insufficient figures reflecting negative changes’ in the economy, Lou Jiwei tells a business forum
December 16, 2021
China-US space race hurtles into the outer limits
‘Satellite killers’ and ‘spaceplanes’ illustrate the growing threats that are out of this world
December 15, 2021
How Apple has played the numbers game in China
CEO Tim Cook’s alleged ‘secret $275 billion deal’ with Chinese officials could trigger fresh security concerns in the US
December 15, 2021
Invading Taiwan would be a high-risk gamble for President Xi
Logistics challenges could sink China’s operation before the fleet left home ports
December 14, 2021
China forced to rethink its economic strategy
There are long-term issues facing Beijing that tinkering with borrowing costs will not solve
December 13, 2021
Beijing shoots from the lip in China’s G7 row
China's state media slams ‘coercive’ policy claim aimed at the world’s second-largest economy
December 13, 2021
China Factor makes it a year to remember
We have moved from strength to strength in our first year – finishing with a monthly traffic gain of 40%
December 13, 2021
Digital dogfights, AI supremacy and China-US tension
The race for cutting-edge military technology underlines the intense rivalry between Beijing and Washington
December 11, 2021
China’s ruling party orders women to be ‘baby’ machines
No Communist Party ‘member should use any excuse to not marry or have children,’ state media reports
December 10, 2021