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Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles

Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles

By Chip Baker TSC
Interviews for Inspiration and motivation from people of all walks of life. Live. Learn. Serve. Inspire. Go get it!
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TSC #92- Laura Templeton

Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles

TSC S2 #119- Joe Roland IV
Joe is an Assistant Principal at Conroe Independent School District. He is an experienced President Of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. He is a strong business development professional with a Masters in Educational Leadership. #joerolandIV #assistantprincipal #cisd #operations #educationalleadership Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
January 15, 2022
TSC S2 #118- Dr. Stephen Petteruti
Stephen Petteruti, DO, is a longtime Warwick, Rhode Island, physician who maintained a family private practice with a large client base until 2014. Since he established his new practice Intellectual Medicine 120, Dr. Stephen Petteruti has focused on providing tailored care that helps delay the aging process. Stephen Petteruti, DO, hosts the weekly radio program Intellectual Medicine with Dr. Petteruti, which has a mission of enabling people to achieve 120 youthful years of life. Also a fiction writer, he authored The Cancer Machine about a medical student who discovers a cancer cure and must navigate corrupt executives and pharmaceutical-industry authorities in order to reveal this treatment to the world. #dr #stephenpetteruti #author #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
January 09, 2022
TSC S2 #117- Audrey Cavenecia
Audrey Cavenecia is an award winning podcaster producer, a co-host with legendary Coach @petecarroll on @amplify voices and the host of the Unlikely Leadership Podcast. @unlikelypodcastwithaudrey Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
January 01, 2022
TSC Topic: Actions with Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola is a life coach at The Handel Group. In this topic session she discusses taking the proper actions. @vanessa_hgcoach @handelgroup #lifecoach #thehandelgroup #vanessacoppola #tsc #gogetit #interviews #topic #relationships $50 off of Inner.U Life, using coupon code “SUCCESSCHRONICLES” Inner.U LIFE is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever. Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 15, 2021
TSC Topic: Relationships with Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola is a life coach at The Handel Group. In this topic session she discusses relationships. @vanessa_hgcoach @handelgroup #lifecoach #thehandelgroup #vanessacoppola #tsc #gogetit #interviews #topic #relationships $50 off of Inner.U Life, using coupon code “SUCCESSCHRONICLES” Inner.U LIFE is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever. Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 15, 2021
TSC Topic: Experiences with Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola is a life coach at The Handel Group. In this topic session she discusses experiences. @vanessa_hgcoach @handelgroup #lifecoach #thehandelgroup #vanessacoppola #tsc #gogetit #interviews #topic #experiences $50 off of Inner.U Life, using coupon code “SUCCESSCHRONICLES” Inner.U LIFE is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever. Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 15, 2021
TSC Topic: Clarity with Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola is a life coach at The Handel Group. In this topic session she discusses how to find clarity. @vanessa_hgcoach @handelgroup #lifecoach #thehandelgroup #vanessacoppola #tsc #gogetit #interviews #topic #clarity $50 off of Inner.U Life, using coupon code “SUCCESSCHRONICLES” Inner.U LIFE is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever. Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 15, 2021
TSC S2 #116- Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore is a successful business owner. She is doing big things with her So Unique Hair company. @souniquehair #ashleymoore #souniquehair #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 13, 2021
TSC S2 #115- Pat and Conner Combs
This father and son duo have both done amazing things in baseball with their careers. They are the owners of Combs Capital Partners. They help families grow and use their wealth in a way that impacts the world for generations to come. @combscapitalpartners #combs #combscapitalpartners #familyimpact #tsc #gogetit #interviews Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 12, 2021
TSC S2 #114- Ricki Garza
Ricki Garza is a Business Transformation Consultant. She specializes in Strategic Business Process Improvement, System Migration, Software Implementation, Product Management, Operations, and Mentoring. #RickiGarza #leadership #leadershipmindset #breakingdownbarriers #womensupportingwomen #tsc #gogetit Chip Baker Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
December 02, 2021
TSC S2 #113- Raven Magwood
Raven Magwood is a published author, motivational speaker, and filmmaker who is truly a force to be reckoned with. Although only in her 20s, Raven has dedicated her young life to one thing: inspiring people around the world to become the best versions of themselves. After publishing her first book at 12 years old, Raven was invited to give a keynote speech for Stedman Graham at an educational conference in Charlotte, NC. From that point onward, she knew that she wanted to continue empowering audiences on a greater scale. Since giving her first speech, Raven has traveled the country providing individuals with the tools they need to unlock their full potential. Described by many as an achievement expert, she often uses personal stories from her own life journey to provide insight to others about how to accomplish their own dreams. Raven has worked with tens of thousands of students, educators, CEOs, business leaders, youth activists, and many more! Although Raven stays very busy, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. When she’s not writing, speaking, coaching, or shooting a film, Raven enjoys shopping, volunteering at church, traveling the globe, and solving Rubik’s cubes. Key Accomplishments: National Gymnastics Champion at Age 11 Published First Book at Age 12 Graduated as High School Valedictorian at Age 16 with a 5.1 GPA Graduated from Clemson University’s Calhoun Honors College at Age 19 Honored as one of Clemson University’s Roaring Ten (Honors Top 10 Graduates of Past Ten Years) President of Raven Magwood Foundation Award-Winning Filmmaker Published Author of 4 Books Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
November 28, 2021
TSC S2 #112- Christian Cephus
Christian Cephus is the athletic coordinator at York JH. He does many things in the community and in church to make a positive difference. @ccephus1   #coachcephus #yorkjh #conroeisd #tsc #gogetit   Social Media Links   Youtube Channel  LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter @chipbaker19  Linktree  Online Store  Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
November 27, 2021
TSC S2 #111- Annie Koshy
Annie Koshy is a Branding Strategist, Author, Global Speaker, ARTographer, Radio Host and Actress. She encourages individuals to be true to their personal story and branding. As an award winning model, actress, photographer, media professional and emcee with a flair for community leadership, Annie uses her vast experience to help individuals and companies develop their brand strategy. @anniejkoshy #annijkoshy #BrandingStrategist #Author #Global Speaker #ARTographer #RadioHost #Actress #tsc #gogetit
October 01, 2021
TSC S2 #110- Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson is a long time educator. She does leadership development and executive coaching. She is a Senior Associate at N2Learning and an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. @amyruth740. Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
October 01, 2021
TSC S2 #109- Tony Martignetti
Tony Martignetti is a leadership coach, entrepreneur, idea generator, people connector, and a curious adventurer. He brings together practical experience, formal training, and extreme curiosity, to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change. He loves helping people find clarity in their lives, so they are energized, fully present, and unstoppable. He is the host of the Virtual Campfire Podcast. @inspiredpurposecoach #tonymatignetti #inspired #purpose #coach #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
September 09, 2021
TSC S2 #108- Blythe Landry
Blythe Landry is a dually mastered LCSW/MSW and M.Ed with 20 years-experience helping clients globally recover from trauma, grief and addictions.  This work is accomplished through 1:1 client interactions, small-group trainings and larger group, corporate trainings.  While there is a relational and practice cohesiveness with all direct service work, Blythe meets each client and organization where they are and offers individualized training and recovery interventions based on unique need(s) and goals. Blythe’s belief is that nobody’s story is too painful to be heard or healed. Even yours. @blythelandrycoach Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
September 09, 2021
TSC S2 #107- Steven Toliver
Steven Toliver is an author, minister and experienced administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. He is the author of “We Wear The Mask”. @steven_toliver #author #minister #administrator #education #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
September 07, 2021
TSC S2 #106- Dr. Jim Knight
Dr. Jim Knight is the Senior Partner at the Instructional Coaching Group. His group designs professional development for coaches, teachers and leaders so students experience better lives. @jimknight99  #jimknight #instructinalcoaching #professionaldevelopment #educators #uil #kansas  Social Media Links   Youtube Channel  LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter @chipbaker19  Linktree  Online Store  Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
August 31, 2021
TSC S2 #105- Coach Lewis Caralla
Coach Caralla is the Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Georgia Tech University. @lewcaralla @lewiscaralla @georgiatechfb #coach #lewiscaralla #georgiatech #strengthandconditioning #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
August 15, 2021
TSC S2 #104- Donnie Henry
Donnie Henry is a visual artist that turns memories into reality through industrial pop medium. He also performs with his band Remedy. @donniehenryart #donniehenry #houston #art #artist #hotelregina #tsc #gogetit Social Media Links Youtube Channel LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter @chipbaker19 Linktree Online Store Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles Podcast
August 15, 2021
TSC S2 #103- Denise Franco
Denise Franco is a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Franco Real Estate Group. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and loves empowering women. @ddenise_franco @francorealestategroup @exprealty_ #denisefranco #realestate #elpaso #entrepreneur #mentalhealth #womenempowerment
August 05, 2021
TSC S2 #102- Andrea Bitner
Andrea Bitner is an ELL Teacher, Reading Specialist, Author, Speaker and Encourager. She has worked with students in grades K-12 through her twenty years in public education from all around the world. Her work as an ESL Instructor, Reading Specialist, Literacy Coach, Presenter, and English Teacher inspired her to continue to share the great news: Learning a second language is an asset, not a handicap! She hopes to inform, influence, and inspire all readers and leaders to accept, respect, and admire any ELL student that crosses their path. She recently released her book “Take Me Home”. @andreabitnerbooks #andreabitner #teacher #ell #specialist #author #speaker #tsc #gogetit
August 05, 2021
TSC S2 #101- Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin is the Executive Director of Creative Partnerships for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He has worked for FCA for 29 years and created and started Fields of Faith in 2004. He is the author of “Empower: The 4 Keys to Leading a Volunteer Movement”. #jeffmartin #fca #tsc #fieldsoffaith #empower
July 29, 2021
TSC S2 #100- Art Berlanga
Art Berlanga is an educator, football coach, and speaker, who teaches and coaches young people and adults to achieve both personal and professional goals. He believes the key to accomplishing goals and success is no different from the every day teenager to adult, or from school campuses to major corporations. Success occurs when belief, vision, and persistence all work together. @coachaberlanga #coach #educator #speaker #mindsetcoach #semperfi #tsc #gogetit
July 15, 2021
TSC S2 #99- Tamesha Allen
Tamesha is an author, inspirational speaker, educator, youth and young adult advocate, and scholarship strategist. She help others clarify values and passions, achieve a sense of balance, deepen their alliance with God, and grow through life transitions. @tamesha_speaks #tameshaallen #author #speaker #advocate #tsc #gogetit
July 07, 2021
TSC S2 #98- Andrea Freeman
As a mindful business coach and peak performance planner Andrea works with creative entrepreneurs to support them in their evolution.  She operates from the foundational principle that businesses develop alongside the individuals who run them.  Meaning the higher your consciousness the greater the impact you make in the world.  It’s her personal joy to work with business owners to help them align with who they are at their core - with their unique personal gifts and unstoppable power.  @afreeman_insta #andreafreeman #consultant #clients #leadership #tsc #gogetit
July 02, 2021
TSC S2 #97- Shari Alyse
Shari is a Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Joy Coach. Her first book “The Little Book of SOUL HUGS” became a pocket-sized cheerleader to many, and opened the doors to her career as a writer. After a life-changing three-month solo journey to Italy, she wrote her most recent book, “Love Yourself Happy: A Journey Back to You.” It is now an international Best Seller. Today, she is an International Motivational Speaker, known as “America’s Joy Magnet”. Through her experiences with relationships, loss, sexual abuse, self-exploration, and self-discovery, she has learned to overcome her self-imposed blocks and become who she is today. Now, her mission is to help you find your voice, own your power, and set yourself free so that you can live a joy-filled life! @sharialyse #sharialyse #author #speaker #coach #tsc #gogetit
June 14, 2021
TSC S2 #96- Dr. Joe Perez
Having received advanced degrees in secondary education, Joe began a ten-year career as a high school teacher providing instruction in economics, Spanish, Bible, and computers. While in his teaching career, he furthered his graduate education, earning a doctorate in education with a double-minor in computers and theology. His career focus changed to IT in the early 1990’s when he started as a Computer Consultant at NC State University. Three promotions later, Dr. Perez ended his successful 25-year career at NC State as Business Intelligence Specialist when he took another promotion to become Senior Business Analyst at the NC Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in the fall of 2017 and has since been promoted to Senior Systems Analyst and Team Lead. In addition to his full-time analytics/BI leadership role at DHHS, Joe was named Chief Technology Officer at a North Carolina corporation in October 2020. With more than 11,000 followers on LinkedIn and several professional certifications, Perez has stayed active in the IT, HHS, and higher education communities as a much sought-after resource, highly-recommended international keynote speaker, data analytics & visualization expert, and specialist in efficiency and process improvement. In 2020 alone, Perez spoke at more than two dozen conferences hosted by nine different countries on five continents.
June 14, 2021
The Captains Leadership Series: Session 4- The Secret Sauce for Leaders
Captains Leadership Series with two amazing U.S. Marine Corps Captains. Captain Lakyra Pharms and Captain Olaolu Ogunyemi have some great experiences and share them in this Leadership Series. @smiley_lnp @captaino06
June 09, 2021
TSC S2 #95- Rachel Richards
At age 27, former financial advisor Rachel Richards quit her job and retired. She now lives off $15,000 per month in passive income. Rachel Richards is the best-selling author of “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together.” She is an entrepreneur, professional speaker and investor. @moneyhoneyrachel #rachelrichards #moneyhoney #retire #tsc #gogetit #financialadvisor
June 09, 2021
TSC S2 #94- Kathryn Burmeister
Kathryn Burmeister is an author, speaker and lawyer. She is an unconventional, animal-loving lawyer dedicated to making a difference. Born out of passion for helping others, adherence to integrity, and a commitment to honesty, Kathryn has had the great benefit of opening her own practice to promote these ideals while guiding clients to their legal solution.
May 21, 2021
TSC S2 #93- Derek Koonts
Derek Koonts is the Assistant Athletic Director in Klein Independent School District. He had a great career as a runner on the Sam Houston State University. Out of college he went to Klein ISD, worked at a couple different schools, coached some elite athletes in track and is now the current Assistant Athletic Director. @Derek_Koonts #derekkoonts #shsu #kleinisd #assistantad #goodguy #caresforkids
May 21, 2021
The Captains Leadership Series: Session 3- Effective Communication When Leading
Captains Leadership Series with two amazing U.S. Marine Corps Captains. Captain Lakyra Pharms and Captain Olaolu Ogunyemi have some great experiences and share them in this Leadership Series. @smiley_lnp @captaino06
May 21, 2021
TSC S2 #92- Destiney Jones
Destiney Jones is an educator that as achieved some very cool things throughout her career. In this episode she discusses some life lessons learned and her definition of success. #destineyjones #tsc #gogetit
May 11, 2021
TSC S2 #91- Christine Smith
Christine Smith is considered the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Networking, 4 to 4 Expert, Intentional Networking Coach, Process Strategy Consultant and an Idea Genie. She teaches people how to network INTENTIONALLY, coaches people to up their networking game to always have a full sales funnel, coaches people on how networking can be used as a prospecting tool and does brand building and reputational management in the 21st Century. #christinesmith #networking #consultant #coach #tsc #gogetit
May 11, 2021
The Captains Leadership Series: Session 2- Defining Leadership
Captains Leadership Series with two amazing U.S. Marine Corps Captains. Captain Lakyra Pharms and Captain Olaolu Ogunyemi have some great experiences and share them in this Leadership Series. @smiley_lnp @captaino06 #captains #leadership #marinecorps #tsc #gogetit
May 06, 2021
TSC S2 #90- Mike DiCioccio
Mike DiCioccio is the Founder & President of Social Chameleon, a Podcast Producer and the Host of Mike'D Up! Mike leads with a service above self mentality, seeking ways he can make a positive change within his community and in the world. He is the host of MIKE’D UP!, a podcast with a mission to help inspire people to be brave and bold in pursuit of their dreams! @mikedicioccio @socialchamelioninc #mikedicioccio #socialchameleon #podcast #producer #host #tsc #gogetit
May 06, 2021
The Captains Leadership Series: Session 1- About the Captains
The Captains Leadership Series with two amazing U.S. Marine Corps Captains. Captain Lakyra Pharms and Captain Olaolu Ogunyemi have some great experiences and share them in this Leadership Series. The first session is “About the Captains”. @captaino06 #captains #leadership #marinecorps #tsc #gogetit
May 04, 2021
TSC S2 #89- Dr. Sarah Thomas
Dr. Sarah Thomas is a Regional Technology Coordinator in Prince Georges County, MD, and Affiliate Faculty at Loyola University. She has a passion to helping educators connect globally.  This is the rationale behind the EduMatch project, which she founded in September 2014.  The project belongs to all EduMatchers, and together they have grown it to include Voxer, guest blogging, and a weekly Twitter chat/podcast. @sarahdateechur #drsarahthomas #edumatch #techcoordinator #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
April 25, 2021
TSC S2 #88- Max Borges
Max Borges in an entrepreneur who in 2002 founded the Max Borges Agency - A tech-focused public relations firm. By studying the habits of business and strategy icons, he built his agency to more than 50 employees and $10 million a year in revenue. Max is also a tech investor, author and host of the Unconventional Genius Podcast. Max lives in Miami Beach with his wife and three children. #maxborges #entrpreneur #miami #maxborgesagency #tsc #gogetit His new book!
April 23, 2021
TSC S2 #87- Samantha Burke
Samantha Burke is the founder of a non-profit, author, and motivational speaker. She harbors deep passion for giving back to the world through inspiration and motivation. Her journey has led her to the wonderful opportunity of working for the Pass the Torch for Women Foundation as the Vice President of Programming and Development. @passtorch4women #samanthaburke #passthetorch #tsc #gogetit
April 16, 2021
TSC Hangout and Highlight- Mikado Hinson
Mikado Hinson is the Director of Player Development for the Texas A&M Aggie Football Team. He is from Olathe, Kansas and served on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in Houston since 1998. Hinson also served at the University of Houston, where he spent 14 years (2000-14) as the Team Chaplain and Character Development Coach for the Cougar football program. During that time, Hinson was also the Team Chaplain for the Houston Rockets from 2000-08, and served on the FCA National Chaplain’s Task Force from 2010-13. He became a licensed and ordained minister in 2005. Hinson earned a BS in mass communications with a concentration in broadcast and journalism from Norfolk State University in 1998. He enjoys spending time with family, boxing, ring announcing, reading, teaching and preaching. @kadohinson #mikadohinson #texasa&m #aggies #football #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
April 16, 2021
TSC S2 #86- Santiago Meza
Santiago Meza is from California. He is an educator that does lots to spread positivity. His messages of faith are inspiring. @santiagoam115 #santiagomeza #rootedinstrengthca #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
April 09, 2021
TSC S2 #85- Sejal Thakkur
Sejal Thakkar was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with honors from University of Illinois at Chicago and Cum Laude from Northern Illinois College of Law. After moving to Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area in 2000, Sejal gained extensive experience in employment law. She currently trains a variety of public and private sector clients. She has a passion to use her experiences and her legal knowledge to educate others on the topics of civility, discrimination, bullying, and harassment. #sejalthakkaar #legaltrainingninja #trainxtra
April 09, 2021
TSC S2 #84- Jeff Kubiak
Jeff taught for ten years as an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6 and has eight years of administrative experience. He strives to connect with students by bringing them real world experiences, getting to know them, engaging in lessons and play, and becoming a part of the learning process. Jeff has always looked at education from a different lens: as someone who hated and struggled with school. Jeff vows to always do his best to help increase opportunities for all students to feel heard, included,  celebrated,  challenged and safe. Jeff works hard to push back against the old model of education. He believes that equity, inclusion, compassion, and kindness should be embedded in schools, and societal norms. Jeff loves children's literature, and believes reading and writing are critical to overall academic growth. "One Drop of Kindness" was his first children's book. Jeff hopes that It's Me will open up conversations that empower those who have been marginalized, biased, or stereotyped. He hopes to continue writing books that inspire others to help make our world a better place. @jeffreykubiak #tsc #gogetit #onedropofkindness #kidsfirst #jeffkubiak
April 07, 2021
TSC S2 #83- Wade Lightheart
Wade Lightheart is an Author, Athlete, Nutritionist and Expert on Fixing Digestion. He is a 3-Time Canadian national All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as a vegetarian, former Mr. Universe Competitor, host of The Awesome Health podcast, Wade Lightheart is one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has authored numerous books on health, nutrition, and exercise which have sold in over 80 countries. He has been in the health industry for over 25 years, coached thousands of clients, and is sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice on how to optimize their health and fitness levels. @bioptimizers #wadelightheart #author #athlete #nutritionist #bioptimizers #tsc #gogetit
April 07, 2021
TSC S2 #82- Lakeasha Williams
Principal Shine On Lakeasha Williams is a social justice transformational community leader with over twenty years of experience at every level in education. @principal_shineonlakeasha #principal #flatbush #newyork #shineon #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
March 28, 2021
TSC S2 #81- Tracey Bissett
As Chief Financial Fitness Trainer of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., Tracey educates and empowers individuals, notably young adults, and entrepreneurs to take control of and live their financial lives with confidence. She specializes in showing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Practice Owners and CEOs across all industries who are ready to take charge of and grow their business and results, the skills needed to increase their financial acumen so they can confidently create their dream outcomes for their lives and businesses. @bissettfinfit
March 28, 2021
TSC S2 #80- Tayelor Spears
Tayelor Spears is a teenager that is the author of the book “Spears Makes Her Point”. It features 22 packed articles with a range of topics that give you a sneak peek into the mind of an African American teenage girl. Tayelor was raised by two educators, including an ordained minister who intentionally positioned her around different demographics her entire life to make her well rounded. Spears talks about real issues teenagers face. #tayelorspears #author #tsc #gogetit
March 21, 2021
TSC S2 #79- Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes has been working in hospitality industry for a while. He is an experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of having success in the hospitality industry. He has worked in all levels of hotel management and is currently the GM at The Omni Hotel at The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia. #ramonreyes #neworleans #atlanta #omni #thebattery #hospitality
March 21, 2021
TSC S2 #78- Dr. Tim Lewis
Dr. Tim Lewis is a Sports Strategy Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, Business Strategy and Partnership Leader and Speaker. @tllewis2022 #consultant #speaker #leadership #dr #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
March 10, 2021
S2 #77- Jyotsna Ramachandran
Jyotsna is a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, and is an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book. She founded Author Success Academy to help aspiring authors finally finish their book, get it professionally published, market it into a bestseller, and use that position to grow their business. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 400 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing. @jyotsna.ramachandran
February 26, 2021
TSC S2 #76- Rich Perry
Rich Perry is the co-author of Bankroll Your Mind – an International #1 Best Seller in multiple business, success, and leadership categories – along with a few other titles in the personal growth space. He hosts the 10-Minute Mentor with Rich Perry weekly podcast and Daily Minute with Rich podcast and vlog, as well as a weekly Instagram Live Series. As an entrepreneur, communicating a powerful message to connect with his audience on a deeper level is necessary for the continued success and prosperity of his business. Cultivating this relatable and authentic relationship with his audience is paramount, and it’s one of the many ways he helps his clients grow. He shows his clients how to develop and deliver a meaningful message, build brand loyalty by creating stronger customer relationships, and design a winning strategy and system to maximize growth. @CoachRichPerry #tsc #gogetit #interviews #socialmedia #richperry
February 25, 2021
TSC S2 #75- Laurie Lewis
Laurie Lewis has changed the lives of thousands through the practice and coaching of Intermittent Fasting. Laurie works with people around the world. Her technique is a culmination of her 20-year personal study of nutrition, a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, fastidious research and her own personal practice of Intermittent Fasting, Her keen listening, caring style and no-nonsense approach helps her student achieve their goals. Without a doubt, Laurie is committed to you achieving yours. In March of 2020, Laurie published  Celebrating Your Vibrant Future, an intermittent fasting workbook.
February 20, 2021
TSC S2 #74- Barbara Bray
Barbara Bray is an author, speaker, podcaster, coach, and difference-maker who is passionate about transforming teaching and learning. She takes personal and professional learning deeper by empowering agency for all learners. @bbray27 #barbarabray #rethinklearning #podcast #author #speaker #coach #educator
February 13, 2021
TSC S2 #73- Ken Williams
Kenneth C. Williams is a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal. He shares his experience and expertise as a recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in education and leadership. As the Founder of Unfold The Soul, he works exclusively with K-12 School Leaders and Superintendents to help them leverage the collective expertise of staff in new and more effective ways. @unfoldthesoul #kenwilliams #speaker #trainer #coach #georgia #tsc #gogetit #theimpactofinfluence
February 12, 2021
TSC S2 #72- Kelly Oubre Sr.
Kelly Oubre Sr. is the President at BeastDevelopMental. Kelly Oubre Sr. Is the father of a professional athlete who has specifically made it a point to be involved and active in every step of his son’s journey. This active involvement has come with its share of Pain Points that were identified early on and converted quickly into Power Points.   As a business major, Kelly Sr. saw the benefits of not only nurturing his son through his formative years, but also implementing a three dimensional approach in his years of preparation for success at the professional level. @beastdevelopmental Check the website to find out more:
February 08, 2021
TSC S2 #71- Zandra Jo Galvan
Zandra Jo Galvan is the Superintendent of Greenfield USD. She is an ELITE team member dedicated to the arduous task of saving student lives! #AllmeansAll #GreenfieldGuarantee #ProudLatinx #CALSABoardofDirectors #ACSAREG10BoardofDirectors #NSR #sistercircle @zjgalvan
January 31, 2021
TSC S2 #70- Steve Rogers
For over 25 years, Steve Rogers has made a significant impact on Houston's urban social scene and night life with venues like The Office, Skybar, MBar, Glo, Belvedere, Sugarhill, Prospect Park, and the latest being The Bar 5015. He is a strategic investor, business man and influencer. @iknowstevetoo
January 31, 2021
TSC S2 #69-Dr. Basil Marin
Dr. Basil Marin is a transformational leader who is dedicated to excellence and possesses the knowledge and relationship building skills necessary to successfully serve as an Assistant Principal. His administrative experience in curriculum, instruction, assessment, human resources, financial management and community relations has afforded him the ability to develop learner-centered systems and processes to innovatively meet the needs of all students while accomplishing the goals of the school district. @basil_marin #basilmarin #leader #relationshipbuilding #speaker #inspiration
January 17, 2021
TSC S2 #68- Coach Jason Holzer
Coach Jason Holzer is the Co-Founder of 4D Athletes, Post-Traumatic Growth Best Selling Author, Storyteller & Certified Thought Coach for Athletes and suicide prevention. @jholzer #coach #jasonholzer #4Dathletes #bestsellingauthor #thoughtcoach
January 16, 2021
TSC Topic- Being Positive In A Negative World with Robert Harper 2
Robert Harper II is a motivational and keynote speaker, minister, educator and author. He is a native Houstonian that has a message that is full of hope, passion and sincerity. In this topic session he discusses what it takes to remain positive while in negative situations. @robertharper2 #robertharper2 #speaker #uh #minister #educator #houston #bepositive
January 16, 2021
TSC S2 #67- Thais Gibson
Thais is a personal development expert, author, and teacher who has worked with thousands of clients across the globe to help them transform their life, relationships, and overcome substantial challenges. She is certified in over 13 different therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing and more. She has created and tested cutting-edge approaches to healing all areas of your life that are truly long-lasting and results-oriented. This is because she recognizes that for real change to exist, it must take place at the subconscious level. @ThaisGibson #thaisgibson #personaldevelopment #expert #author #teacher #transform #tsc #gogetit
January 15, 2021
TSC Hangout and Highlight with Lisa C. Willis
Lisa C. Willis is a specialist in the field of leadership development.  She exemplifies the championship mindset compiling an impressive track record during her stellar athletic career. She is a WNBA 3-point Leader, Latvian (European) National Champion and the first woman to coach in the New York Knicks Basketball Franchise. She is the author of the best selling book, “When the Buzzer Sounds: A guide to transition players from the court to life after hoops”, helps current and former athletes feel empowered by their playing experiences so they may emerge as leaders. @lisawillis40 #lisacwillis #ucla #wnba #goldmedalist #coach #speaker
January 15, 2021
TSC S2 #66- Luke Shankula
Luke Shankula is the CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing Group. As a leading Mortgage marketing expert, Luke focuses on helping people and believes in impact over income. With his result-focused services, he aims to help people systemize their work and go beyond lead generation. Besides running a successful 7-figure mortgage marketing agency, Luke has spoken at several Legion of Loan Officer events. You can click here to learn more about his 10 application guarantee: app-guarantee
January 09, 2021
TSC S2 #65- Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes understands first hand how hard it is to break unhealthy mindset patterns and to believe you deserve more. She suffered through years of silence, hiding the shame of what she’d been through, until she realized she didn’t have to believe the lies anymore and that she deserved to be free, happy and loved. Identity coaching is about helping you uncover what you believe about yourself and taking steps to stay in truth, while letting go of lies. Some of the things she went through are; an abusive past that included physical/emotional abuse, abandonment, homelessness, parental abduction and date rape. She is a certified Life Coach and certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Management. @sharonhughesofficial @thegirlinthegarageofficial #sharonhughes #thegirlinthegarage #lifecoach #certified
January 09, 2021
TSC Hangout and Highlight with Q. Divine (Year in Review)
Q. Divine and Chip Baker discuss some of the things that have taken place in 2020 and what is to come in 2021.
December 31, 2020
TSC Hangout and Highlight with The Ogunyemi Brothers
In this hangout and highlight session we highlight some great guys, from a great family, doing great things. Dr. Clement Ogunyemi is an author, keynote speaker, financial and coo consultant. He is the founder of 4Q Financial Management and Consuling LLC. @drclemento Josh Ogunyemi is an entrepreneur, author, founder of Excel U Branding and Consulting. He is also the Co- Founder of @KennedysCourage. @josh.ogunyemi Captain Olaolu Ogunyemi is a Captain in the US Marine Corp. He is also a musician. Dan Ogunyemi does work with diversity and has been receiving big accolades for the community work he does. They are all highly educated and doing big things to make a positive difference in the world. @danielogunyemi_06
December 23, 2020
TSC S2 #64- Treveal Lynch
Treveal Lynch is an author and self worth specialist. He helps people discover their worth in this world. @iamthepossible
December 23, 2020
TSC S2 #63- Adam Jablin
Adam Jablin is a #1 best selling author, speaker, recovery mentor and certified life coach. @adamjablin
December 16, 2020
TSC S2 #62- Coach Braxton Harris
Coach Braxton Harris is the Head Football Coach at Howard Payne University. @coach_bharris
November 28, 2020
TSC S2 #61- Dr. Brad Bellard
Dr. Brad is a performance coach, speaker and best-selling author. He helps high achieving men succeed at work without neglecting their life and fulfillment. @dr-bradmd
November 28, 2020
TSC S2 #60- Cortez Bryant
Cortez Bryant is a New Orleans native that went on to Jackson State University on a music scholarship. He is the long time manager of rap superstar Lil Wayne who was instrumental in the creation of Young Money Entertainment. He also was the manager for Drake and several other high profile artist. He founded Bryant Management and is involved in lots that provides positivity to our world. @tezzington
November 27, 2020
TSC S2 #59- Professor Steven Cleveland
Professor Steven Cleveland is an Ethnic Studies Professor at Cal State East Bay and filmmaker. He has an amazing project that he is working on with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Charles Burnett about Martin Luther King Jr. A KING IN PARADISE is a documentary film that explores the untold journey of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s five days in Hawaii during September 1959, from a multi-generational point of view. Grateful for the opportunity and truly looking forward to the film. @theproflife
November 14, 2020
TSC Topic- Be You with Tarrance Price and Robert Harper 2
Tarrance Price and Robert Harper 2 are both men of great character that are doing big things to make a positive difference in our world. They both have a faith based background and have some neat life experiences. In this topic session they discuss what it takes to be YOU. @price_tarrance @robertharper2
November 07, 2020
TSC S2 #58- Jackie Hermes
Jackie Hermes is the CEO @accelity, Co-founder @wewmke, speaker and startup advisor.
November 01, 2020
TSC S2 #57- Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski is a Personal Branding Pro and Edutainer. She does Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Strategy, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Consulting, Training and Executive Coaching. @thinknatalia
November 01, 2020
TSC S2 #56- Simone Hicks
Simone Hicks is a teacher, preacher, motivational speaker, and personal leadership expert. He has the Better People Podcast. An essential function of this podcast is to encourage and inspire all people to see the strength and ability within themselves. He helps people to make sense of many confusing things about life. He remembers his self in high school, the past students from economically disadvantaged areas, the men and women who worked their fingers to the bone for little pay and people who were confused with life. What they all had in common was a need for inspirational support and a lack of knowledge of how to achieve their dreams. The Better People podcast is a good place to start.
October 25, 2020
TSC S2 #55- Dr. Julie Ducharme
Dr. Julie Ducharme is an award-winning author, national title holder, speaker, consultant and CEO of JD Consulting Solutions, Julie’s Party People and President and creator of Synergy Learning Institute. For the last 17 years, Dr. Ducharme has been working with corporations, colleges, and universities throughout the country as well as internationally. Dr. Ducharme holds a BA in communication, MBA with a specialization in marketing, and a DBA with a specialization in Leadership. Dr. Ducharme is published author with a wide range of specialties from her children’s book, Amy the Clumsy Angel, Women in Senior Leadership Positions in Academia, Award winning The Refractive Thinker: Social Responsibility, best paper at the IBAM conference and her most recent book Leading by My Ponytail; Why Can’t I Wear Pink and be President. Dr. Ducharme is also a professor and consultant for many universities where she designs curriculum and guides doctoral students on their research journeys. Dr. Ducharme’s goal and passion is to empower women and lift up women to aspire to make a change.
October 18, 2020
TSC S2 #54- Marques Ogden
Growing up in a single-parent home with a father that inspired perseverance and fairness, Marques learned how to define his values and set goals. Ogden attended Howard University from 1998-2002 where he played Division I football. Ogden then followed his dream and his brother Jonathan’s footsteps, eventually getting drafted into the NFL in 2003. Overall, he played for five years as an offensive lineman with the Titans, Bills, Ravens, and Jaguars. Following his NFL career Ogden started Kayden Premier Enterprises, a construction company in 2007 which quickly escalated to being a multi-million dollar construction firm. 2013 it all crashed down around him when Ogden got involved with a bad business deal, he ended up losing everything. Ogden became a SPEAKER to help others succeed where he failed. As a keynote speaker, executive coach, and corporate trainer his passion is to create value for every client. Ogden’s clients consist of AXA Advisors, The Home Depot, JP Morgan and Chase, to name a few. @marquesogden
October 14, 2020
TSC S2 #53- Heather Macy
Coach Heather Macy is currently Greensboro College: Assistant Director of Athletics & Head Women’s Basketball Coach. She is an Elite Performance CEO at Two Feet In Coaching. Her philosophy of impacting and influencing is based upon building confidence, instilling discipline and keeping the intent based upon, YOU winning. @2feetincoaching @2ftnHeatherMacy
October 04, 2020
TSC S2 #52- Vernon Fox III
Vernon Fox is probably most known for his tenure in the NFL for 8 seasons (2002-2009). Playing for the San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, & Denver Broncos all 2 seasons. He graduated from Cimarron-Memorial HS, where his jersey was retired. He then went on to Fresno State University where he received a bachelors degree in Sociology, while excelling in both athletics as a 2-time All WAC Conference Defensive Back and academically as a National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame post graduate award finalist (Academic Heisman) & Academic All American. Aside from athletics, Vernon has served in ministry for over a decade and is ordained as a licensed elder. He works as a youth leader and associate minister at the City of Refuge Church of God in Christ (Las Vegas, NV). He serves as a motivational speaker throughout the country, is a youth advocate, and lends his support to numerous charities. In 2013 he accepted the position as head football coach at Faith Lutheran High School and helped lead them to their first state championship. He has received two Coach of the Year honors and his teams have earned 6 championships in 7 seasons, including 2 academic state championships. He has been married to wife Tai for 15 years and they have two beautiful children. @vernonfox3
September 26, 2020
TSC S2 #51- Kenny Lloyd
Kenny Lloyd is the CEO of Tava Lifestyle. He spent 15 years building multi-million-dollar empires as an executive and distributor for several major global network marketing companies. As a powerhouse in Ardyss International and Total Life Changes. He has helped over 14 families to become multi-million-dollar earners in direct sales. His father, Earl Lloyd was the first African-American to play in the NBA and is in the NBA Hall of Fame. He started Tava Lifestyle 3 years ago and the mission is  to change lives by helping individuals earn an additional income all while living a healthy and active lifestyle. The name Tava translates into English as Ark.
September 20, 2020
TSC S2 #50- KG Smooth
KG Smooth was born and raised in Dayton, OH, the birthplace of funk music. KG is a very multi-talented man. He can sing, dance, write, produce, vocal arrange, host and entertain. KG got his start in radio in the year 2000 in Cincinnati, OH at WIZF, 100.9 The Wiz, now 101.1 The Wiz, where he learned all he could and did the best at everything he did. He then moved on to Cleveland, OH, where he served as afternoon and midday host on heritage station 93.1 WZAK, where he was dubbed “a breath of fresh air” with his smooth delivery. After this time in Cleveland, KG then moved to Columbus, GA to do mid-days on WKZJ, K92.7, where he became a staple in the community. KG is now shaking up the airwaves in Houston! You can listen to KG Smooth weekends on the Quiet Storm on Majic 102.1 FM from 7-10 pm M-F. @kgsmooth
September 13, 2020
TSC S2 #49- Justin Rambo
Justin Rambo is a dreamer who has turned his dream into a reality. He is a speaker, author, life coach and the Founder of Versatile Success LLC. His mission is to motivate, inspire, develop, and empower a world full of dreamers. @mr.personal_development @vspodcast
August 31, 2020
TSC S2 #48- Coach Tim Bowens
Coach Bowens is the Head Football Coach at Clark Atlanta University. He played college football at the University of Alabama and has made a tremendous impact throughout his coaching career. @Tim_Bowens
August 29, 2020
TSC S2 #47- Lisa Fabrega
Lisa Fabrega is a writer and an inner leadership mentor for high performing women who are here to live in their highest expression and change the world. Her clients include Oscar nominees, 7 figure business owners who are transforming large communities with their gorgeous work, transformational coaches who are here to elevate the world around them, corporate leaders bringing more soul and creativity to the workplace, and any women at the top of their game who is ready to take things to the next level. @lisafabrega
August 23, 2020
TSC S2 #46- Thomas C. Murray
Thomas C. Murray is the Director of Innovation at #FutureReady @aal4ed, the author of Personal and Authentic, Keynote Speaker and Former School and District Leader. @thomascmurray
August 15, 2020
TSC S2 #45- Niki Spears
Niki Spears is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Co-Founder of The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey. She has a very successful background in education. She is passionate about shifting culture in organizations by embracing a leadership mindset, empowering each team member to take 100 % responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and results! @nikispears4
August 09, 2020
TSC S2 #44- Victor Pisano
Victor Pisano has 20+ years in the Pharma Industry, specializing in Sales, Sales Management, and Managed Markets. He is a Certified Speaker, Coach and Mentor at John Maxwell Team and Certified Trainer for Jon Gordon. He is the Leadership Architect at Charge Up. He is a great guy that is doing big things to make a positive difference! @vlpisano @charge_up_today
August 04, 2020
TSC S2 #43- Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward is a retired professional basketball player, college football Heisman Trophy winner and Davey O'Brien Award winner and a National Basketball Association player. He won the College Football National Championship with the Florida State Seminoles in 1993. Ward played for nine years with the New York Knicks and started in the 1999 NBA Finals. He later had short spells with the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets, before retiring in 2005. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006. @realcharlieward @charliewardofficial
July 05, 2020
TSC S2 #42- Chip Baker
In this episode Coach Greg Robinson interviews Chip Baker. They discuss The Success Chronicles, the personal and professional growth Chip has had and his definition of success. @chipbakertsc @chipbaker19
July 05, 2020
TSC S2 #41- RJ White
RJ White is the Owner of Vipers Pro Men’s Basketball Team. She is a networking junkie that loves collaborating and giving back to the community. She owns several successful businesses. @th3_real_rjwhite
July 05, 2020
TSC S2 #40- Greg Culpen
Greg Culpen is a FCA Character Coach, worship leader and Hawassa Hope Sponsor/Missionary. He is doing some great things to make a positive difference. @thegr8BigWa
June 06, 2020
TSC S2 #39- Montse Azaguirre
Montse Azaquirre is a TV professional , video producer, voice over artist and meditation & mindfulness practitioner from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As a TV professional for over 20 years, she has worked on some of the biggest shows in the country such as The Voice and I'm a Celebrity Get me outa here. She has worked in news, documentaries, commercials, reality TV and more. Her passion is telling a compelling story through video. Her Voice over work has covered, corporate and commercial.
June 05, 2020
TSC S2 #38- Pat Woodcock
Pat Woodcock is a strength coach and personal trainer. He helps men build their optimal body and life. He has had some very cool experiences as a professional football player and coach. @elitecoach
June 01, 2020
TSC S2 #37- Tyler Cerny
Tyler Cerny is a Sales Expert who has sold over $1 Million by dedicating his career to finding this solution. He has identified key contact points within the sales process and creates a tailored strategy for each company that partners with him until he has found the most cost-effective way to drum up new business. Tyler has an uncanny ability to evaluate your sales process and identify gaps within 15 minutes.
June 01, 2020
TSC S2 #36- Batouly Camara
Batouly Camara is the Founder at Women and Kids Empowerment. She was a dedicated, driven Division I Student Athlete and Sport Management Major at the University of Connecticut. She played for the UCONN Womens Basketball team. Her focus is on empowering and creating equitable opportunities for young women around the world through sport youth development programs. She is knowledgeable of administration and management of sport programs and killed in public speaking, leadership, and community building. @toolyyy
June 01, 2020
Andy Pettitte Interview- North Houston FCA
Andy Pettitte is a former professional baseball pitcher who played 18 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), primarily for the New York Yankees. He also pitched for the Houston Astros. Pettitte won five World Series championships with the Yankees and was a three-time All-Star. He ranks as MLB's all-time postseason wins leader with 19.
May 28, 2020
TSC S2 #35- Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Confidence Architect that strengthens the health of organizations by developing its people. He is the founder and president of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, with two decades of experience in the arena of Leadership Development & Team Building, Sales Training, Customer Service, and Confidence Coaching. He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny. His high-energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made him a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations including the U.S. Air Force to develop their officers. He gives organizations the success principles, leadership skills, and champion's mindset to develop and build a winning team.
May 25, 2020
TSC #34- Tim Williams
Timothy T. Williams, Jr. is a leading national expert on police procedure, use of force and wrongful convictions. He has over 29 years of active law enforcement experience and over 40 years of experience working in the Criminal Justice System. Mr. Williams proudly served in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as a detective, ultimately ascending to the rank of Senior Detective Supervisor and retiring from the elite Robbery-Homicide Division. Mr. Williams is currently the founder and CEO of T. T. Williams, Jr. Investigations, Inc., a company based in Los Angeles, California, that provides industry-leading expertise in cases throughout the United States related to police procedure, use of force, and wrongful conviction. Mr. Williams consistently appears as an expert and contributor on various network, cable, and radio programs including 2020, Good Morning America, CNN, CBS News, Fox News, and Inside Edition. Mr. Williams has numerous accolades and he is a nationally sought after speaker regarding police procedure, use of force, and wrongful conviction cases.
May 25, 2020
TSC S2 #33- Elizabeth Greever
Elizabeth Greever Is Co- Founder and CEO at EverSan Cooper. She is involved in real estate investments, flipping houses, helping families and building connections. She is doing lots to make a positive difference in the world.
May 13, 2020
TSC S2 #32- Ganon Baker
Ganon Baker is regarded as one of the premiere basketball skill trainers in the World. Ganon trains players from the NBA, NCAA, high school and middle school levels. His relentless passion, work ethic, and competency for the game has the respect of players and coaches all over the World. Since June 2001, Baker has been traveling all over the Globe impacting the game of basketball. He has been to 45 countries and counting working with players and coaches on their game. NBA/WNBA players crave his knowledge and energy for getting them better. Ganon has worked with and shared the court with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Brittney Griner, Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen, Tamika Catchings, Skylar Diggins, and many more. College coaches constantly connect with him about working out their players during the off season as well as basketball wisdom. They search him and his workout videos out for new and refreshing ideas on player development and team concepts. Nike and Brand Jordan hire Ganon year after year to work with their High School and top European players. @ganon_baker_
May 13, 2020
TSC S2 #31- Mills Rodgers
Mills Rodgers is an author, educator, & high content school speaker. He has published his book titled Success Is A Process, Not An Event; he bases his presentations on insights from his book. He speaks on issues related to diverse student populations, with a focus on special education students. @rodgers_speaks
May 06, 2020
TSC S2 #30- Rachel Baribeau
As the first known female sports reporter to participate in a professional football training camp, her pursuit of delivering an authentic account to her fans is relentless. Ms. Baribeau is a graduate of the Auburn University Broadcast Journalism program and as a master of her craft, she’s delivered insightful commentary to millions of sports enthusiast via national broadcasters such as Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo, and SiriusXM. Captivating, her various posts include roles such as Sports Editor, Sports Radio Talk Show Host, Sideline Reporter, Internet Anchor, Field Reporter and Host of the College Football Playoff National Championship. Rachel’s ability to “transcend layers and pull out the real story” is actively sought after in covering the SEC, NFL, NASCAR, and Pro Football Hall of Fame, among other notable championship games and Fortune 500 appearances. @RachelBaribeau @ctnkingandqueen #RachelBaribeau #sportscaster #imchangingthenarrative #beaKING #beaQUEEN
April 19, 2020
TSC S2 #29- Pastor Alan Clayton
Pastor Alan Clayton is the Senior Pastor at The Ark Church in Conroe, Tx. During this interview he discusses his life story, things he is proud of and his definition of success. @thearkchurch
April 15, 2020
TSC S2 #28- Dr. Shaun Woodly
With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Woodly helps teachers break the cycle of underachievement in urban and culturally diverse classrooms. This is done with targeted, research-based strategies to promote the highest levels of achievement. His services and programs facilitate a paradigm shift in the way teachers approach motivating and relating to students, creating the path for willful engagement from students in each and every lesson. @teachhustleinspire
April 15, 2020
TSC S2 #27- Candis Hickman
@candishickman is from Australia but is currently doing big things in Miami, Florida. She is the host of @becomingknownpodcast, creator and host @becomingknowntv and a personal branding coach.
April 08, 2020
TSC Topic: The Importance of Being In The Proper Environment with Robert Harper 2
Robert Harper II is a motivational and keynote speaker, minister, educator and author. He is a native Houstonian that has a message that is full of hope, passion and sincerity. @robertharper2
April 03, 2020
TSC S2 #26- Anika Jackson
Anika Jackson is the creative director at Anika Jackson PR. @anikajacksonpr She is a Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Executive. She is a Philanthropist and community volunteer focused on education, women's health and anti-human trafficking. She has a broad experience in product launch marketing, events/sponsorships, media/public relations, online marketing, strategic partnerships and sales strategy. Interested in working with brands to help them establish a core constituency or re-ignite their brand identity and audience. Her Specialties are: non-profit management, fundraising, events, promotions, magazine launch marketing, events/sponsorships, non-endemic sales, creating media plans involving print and disc media as well as custom marketing opportunities for clients, internet marketing, public relations, product placement, collateral creation.
March 24, 2020
TSC S2 #25- Rob Mack
Rob Mack is a celebrity happiness coach, the author of “Happiness From The Inside Out”, a love coach, the host of Good Morning La La Land and podcast host. @robmackofficial
March 22, 2020
TSC S2 #24- Ash Cash Exantus
Ash Cash Exantus is one of the nation’s top financial educators. Dubbed as the Financial Motivator, he uses a culturally responsive approach in teaching financial literacy. He is also a speaker, bestselling author of many books and the Founder & CEO of MindRight Money Management® a financial education company that blends psychology & personal finance. Ash is best known for helping people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, & resources needed to live their best lives. @iamashcash
March 15, 2020
TSC S2 #23- Michael Lane
Michael Lane is the managing director of Success Resources. He is a successful Entrepreneur having started and run 9 business's (1 business successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange). He is considered an Expert in the touring space having run more than 1200 events in the last 15 years. He is passionate about the entrepreneur scene and is one of only a few who specialize in educating Entrepreneurs. As well as other companies in Live entertainment, Touring such artists as: Nelly, B.O.B, Lupe Fiasco, Ashanti, Tyga, Ja Rule, Eve, Chingy, Bow Wow, Clinton Sparks, Omarion, Sean Kingston and many others. Michael's primary business Success Resources is the world's largest Education Seminar company. This year SR will be Successfully running 500+ entrepreneurial events in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Europe and the UK. He is an exceptional leader. Building and maintaining trusted commercial relationships with many local and international celebrities, speakers and businesses including Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mark Bouris of Yellow Brick Road, Sir Richard Branson and many more. @itsmichaellane
March 07, 2020
TSC S2 #22- Carrie Bohlig
Carrie Bohlig is a business coach, keynote speaker, mentor and advocate from Wisconsin. She provides a unique combination of one on one mentorship in addition to providing platforms & systems. She helps her partners launch & scale their own private franchises as a side hustle outside of their full-time career.  She has helped many professionals scale-out of corporate all together as a result of developing automated income. @carriebohlig
March 03, 2020
TSC S2 #21- Johnny Shelton
Johnny Shelton is the Team Chaplain and Spiritual advisor for the Baltimore Ravens. He is an Experienced Sports Chaplain with a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry. He is skilled in Discipleship, Leadership & Listening. He is a community and social services professional with a Master of Divinity - MDiv focused in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the founder of Attitudes In Motion, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to transforming the mind-set of today’s youth & their families. @ravenschaplain
February 25, 2020
TSC S2 #20- Tammy Thomas-Bowser
Tammy Thomas-Bowser has been a product development Sr. Specialist at JcPenney Corp. with over 10 years accounting experience specializing US GAAP, preparation of asset, liability and capital account entries. She is the founder of the app Rodexly, which focuses on helping everyone monetize their skill set and Snag My Wedding, which is a platform that gives couples a platform to resell their entire wedding. She has insight on what it takes to build something from an idea then execute it. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines. @tabowser @snagmywedding
February 16, 2020
TSC S2 #19- Kimberly Hambrick
Kimberly Hambrick has created a company that focuses on helping others to showcase their strengths, providing them with tools and strategies to create their next step, and building their confidence to achieve their dreams. In addition, she is an Executive Director with the John C. Maxwell team and certified as a Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker; and Associate Certified Coach through International Coach Federation. She is the host of The Cannoli Coach podcast which focuses on sharing stories about how to overcome obstacles, celebrate successes, and create the life you imagine.
February 08, 2020
TSC S2 #18- Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks is managing partner at The Brooks Element that was founded in 2019. He has over twenty-five years of experience in higher education and athletics (NCAA and SWAC). Kelly is passionate about facilitating opportunities for individuals and organizations to produce positive transformation in their lives and the lives of others.
January 26, 2020
TSC S2 #17- Coach Randy Jackson
Coach Randy Jackson is a 30-year coaching veteran and currently the head football coach and athletic coordinator at 5A North Forney High School in Forney, Texas. In 2016 Coach Jackson took the leap and published his first book, Culture Defeats Strategy.  It has sold over 7,000 copies and is described as 'the bible of coaching culture' and a 'paint by numbers system to create a culture for any program'. Coach Jackson has mentored hundreds of players and coaches over the years.  He is now striving to be a true 'anteambulo' and 'clear the path' for coaches across the United States and the world.
January 25, 2020
TSC S2 #16- Nadia Noel-Anglade
Nadia Noel-Anglade is a ”People Nerd”, Storyteller, Connector, Speaker, World Explorer, Questioner, Life Long Learner and Master Networker. With 15+ years of experience, she founded the Networking Embassy to connect people with an exclusive Network of Masterminds and key decision-makers to lead them toward their next breakthrough.
January 12, 2020
TSC S2 #15- Les Patterson
Les Patterson is a creator, author, writer and journalist at Gain the Red Edge. He is the Chief Storyteller, founder and creator of Red Edge Mentoring. He helps people discover the persuasive power of story to enhance themselves, their teams and clients.
January 11, 2020
TSC S2 #14- Kira Day
Kira Day is the founder at The Passion Centre. She conducts programs that launch custom passion ventures and align people to what they love. She has created a series of flagship programs, using a research-based methodology, to help navigate her clients back to their internal truths. Truths that are found through uncovering intrinsic drivers and motivators that her clients know about but may not have language for, and also the ones that more often than not, they just don’t know about.
January 07, 2020
TSC S2 #13- Dr. Marcus "Goodie" Goodloe
A Compton, California native, Marcus Goodie Goodloe, Ph.D. travels around the country mentoring students and educators, business professionals, athletes and entertainers, and faith communities on a range of issues including cultural and interpersonal relationships, leadership, emotional intelligence, team and synergy, character formation, and faith. He is the author of the book, “KingMaker: Applying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Leadership Lessons in Working with Athletes and Entertainers” (2015), and co-author of “Habits: Six Steps To The Art Of Influence” (2017). In 2016, Dallas Baptist University established the Marcus Goodie Goodloe Scholarship in his honor.
December 24, 2019
TSC S2 #12- Nolen Davis Record Breakers Summit 2020
Nolen Davis & UP Social Network will set the Guinness World Record for "The Most Live Performed Speeches in Multiple Cities in 24 Hours". Coming to the Houston area January 18, 2020.
December 15, 2019
TSC S2 #11- JaMaury Norris
JaMaury Norris empowers and educates Youth & Young Adults on the importance of financial literacy for the purpose of creating financial stability and building generational wealth. He feels that the majority of our youth graduate from high school without the proper a financial foundation to transition into adulthood successfully. It is his passion to make sure he provides a sound financial education through his speaking presentations and programs. @jamaury.norris “If you change your mind you can change your life!” JaMaury Norris
December 07, 2019
TSC S2 #10- Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson is an Executive Coach at The Handel Group. He is a leadership coach with an international reputation advising CEOs and their Boards on talent and human performance strategies. He moved to Silicon Valley twenty years ago drawn by the creativity, innovation, and transformation occurring in this technology zone. His mission is to help leaders, their teams and their organizations build the capacity to bring their full potential to their businesses and compete to win. His clients are many of the leading Venture Capital and Private Equity teams and their portfolio companies. Learn to Human Better with Lauren Zander's online coaching course, Inner.U. Sign up now with your SUCCESSCHRONICLES coupon and get $75 OFF! Receive lifetime access to Inner.U with your subscription which includes: 12 audio coaching sessions from Lauren Zander, 1 free private coaching session with an HG coach, 14 homework assignments, and the interactive Promise Tracker to accelerate your accountability and track your promises and consequences. Get Started at: On the web: HGLife.Coach On Instagram @handelgroup
December 02, 2019
TSC S2 #9- Keda Sharber
Keda is a photographer, storyteller and filmmaker that does amazing work. She has a cool story of achieving success. @imagesbypapillon
November 28, 2019
TSC S2 #8- Jonathan George
Jonathan George is CEO at JG Entertainment where he and his team does consulting, branding and artist development. He is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 26 he was named the Grand Champion Winner on Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star”. Over his career he has worked with some of the top artists in the music industry and is the Human Hit Maker. He is continuing to make a huge positive impact with his Unleash Your RockStar movement. @jonathangeorgee
November 21, 2019
TSC S2 #7- Dr. Jasmine Singh
Dr. Jasmine Singh is a resident Physician in Psychiatry, is involved in mental health awareness and is an art and fashion enthusiast. She is involved in lots that is making a positive difference in our world. @thejazzydoc
November 12, 2019
TSC S2 #6- Steven Kuhn
Steven Kuhn is a decorated United States Army combat veteran, speaker, author, and consultant who, with his team of specialists, help Leaders and their senior direct reports improve their quality life through the consistent, conscious application of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency.(HIT)
November 03, 2019
TSC S2 #5- Monique Jackson
Monique Jackson is a producer, author, publicist and actress. She is involved in strategic branding and marketing. She started her career working on Soul Train and you have seen her on several shows such as The T.O. Show, Life After and The Other Side. She has worked with major movers and shakers such as Terrell Owens, Artists at Def Jam Records, Niecy Nash, Laila Ali and many more. She has been blessed to achieve some amazing things and has made a major positive impact on our world. @moniquejackson1
October 22, 2019
TSC S2 #4- The Reyes Family
The Reyes family consists of four children. They are all super successful and doing amazing things to make our world a better place. Their family path and story will blow you away! @dreamcareerdoctor @johanareyeszeno @jerryreyes78 @ramonreyes
October 06, 2019
TSC S2 #3- Frank Agin
Frank Agin is a professional networking expert, an avid connector of great people, entrepreneur, speaker, author and podcast host. He owns AmSpirit Business Connections, which is a membership-based business that furthers the entrepreneurial spirit in America by educating, connecting, and inspiring small business America to work together to share important information and valuable connections, as well as create business opportunities for one another. @frankamspirit
October 03, 2019
TSC S2 #2- Danielle Wright
After spending her career working in higher education, mostly in athletics, Danielle Wright launched Wright Relations, LLC in February 2014, a boutique branding and communications firm. Wright Relations works diligently to provide clients with in-depth and rigorous strategic consultation to help them bring their vision to life. They work to help clients establish and implement measurable actions to take their brand to new levels.
September 23, 2019
TSC S2 #1- Dr. Chaz Austin
Dr. Chaz Austin is a professor, author, and workshop facilitator. He trains people on how to self-market for the Gig Economy. He has been a college professor for almost 20 years, teaching a wide range of courses in business and communication, specializing in career training.
September 18, 2019
TSC #150- Tamika Milburn
Tamika Milburn is the owner of the Atlanta Monarchs and the Philadelphia Reign Women’s Pro Basketball teams. The monarchs was the first pro wbb team to bring a championship to Atlanta and the Reign is the 1st pro web team there in over 20 yrs. She the Owner and CEO of Playmakers Basketball Royalties and Founder/Managing Director of Atlanta’s Young Misses. Players Basketball Royalties is a community based organization providing competitive playing opportunities and career advancement opportunities to professional basketball players. Their goal is to be an avenue for high caliber players to continue to advance their careers or even restart their careers while giving back to the community that supports them. Atlanta's Young Misses, Inc. is 501c3 non-profit organization formed in 2013 that aims to capture young females during their most impressionable and vulnerable times and mentor and shape them to become successful young ladies regardless of their socio-economic status and gender. The organization provides low-cost, income based after-school services to 3rd through 8th grade females who are determined to be socially, academically, or economically disadvantaged based on factors such as household income, current academic standing, parental units, and other social and socio-economic factors.
September 10, 2019
TSC #149- The Relationship Series with Scott and Tawnya Landis
Scott and Tawnya Landis are a successful couple that have been together for over 20 yrs, entrepreneurs and marriage coaches. Their company is Marriage Architects. They help couples take their marriages to the next level. They coach on how to design and build their dream marriage. @marriage_architects @tawnya_landis @scott.landis.56
August 31, 2019
TSC #148- Todd Caponi
Todd Caponi is author of the award winning book, The Transparency Sale, a speaker & workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC, and Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE. Previously he served as the CRO of PowerReviews, building them from the ground up into Chicago’s fastest growing tech company. He's also held sales leadership roles with 3 other tech companies, including ExactTarget, where he helped drive the organization to a successful IPO and a $2.7B exit through the acquisition by @tcaponi
August 28, 2019
TSC #147- Jon Jack
Jon Jack is a motivational speaker, student-athlete consultant and entrepreneur. He is making a positive difference in the lives of many. @jonjackix
August 21, 2019
TSC #146- Traci Neely
Traci Neely has had an amazing college career as an athlete. She then went on to be in the coaching profession and was the Assistant Athletic Director for the University Interscholastic League. In this role she impacted many in a positive way by hosting some of the major Texas High School Competitions and implementing policies and procedures to give athletes opportunities. She is currently President at Rank One Health.
August 13, 2019
TSC #145- Logan Letney
Logan is an outstanding young man that comes from a great family. He was a dual sport athlete in high school and has achieved many accomplishments. He is headed to TCU to play baseball. @letneylogan
August 12, 2019
TSC #144- Dan Willis
Dan Willis is a business consultant and digital media creator. He is considered the Millennial Motivator. He has a youtube channel and is a public speaker. Check him out! @millenialmotivator
June 11, 2019
TSC #143- Sparkle Sanders
Sparkle Sanders is a professional and motivational speaker, personal growth and life coach, marketing strategist, leadership trainer and is certified by The John Maxwell Team. She helps others find the spark they need to be great in their careers, relationships, experiences and life. 
May 17, 2019
TSC #142- Chip Helm
Author and speaker Chip Helm has gone from a dental school drop-out to a National Sales Manager of a multi-billion-dollar medical device company. He has worked tirelessly over the last thirty years to perfect the art of developing and maintaining long-term relationships to help drive sales success. His strength is communicating practical mentoring and leadership wisdom to professionals in any stage of their sales career track.
May 15, 2019
TSC #141- Courtney Kessinich
Courtney Kessenich is involved in lots that is making a positive difference. She is Mrs. DC International 2019, mental health advocate for 
May 15, 2019
TSC Topic: Encouragement with Tarrance Price
Tarrance Price is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chaplain/Campus Director at West Virginia University. In this Topic session he hits on several points to encourage people to push through the struggles of life. Get ready….his words will bless you! I am thankful that God has allowed me to cross paths with him in my life. Truly a blessing! @price_tarrance
May 11, 2019
TSC #139- Robin Wiggins Towle
Robin Wiggins Towle is an actor, producer and writer. She is Mrs. Utah International 2019. She was top 6 in Mrs. America pageant and is the founder of sign_wolfpact. She played the part of Dora in Lost at Desert. @mrs.utah_international2019
May 05, 2019
TSC #140- Trent Shelton
Trent Shelton is a former NFL receiver who is currently the founder and president of a Christian-based non-profit organization, RehabTime. He was raised in Fort Worth, played at Baylor, is a motivational speaker and one of the top self worth coaches. @trentshelton
May 05, 2019
TSC Relationship Series with Jason and Nikki Pinkney of Ezekiel Family Services
Jason and Nikki Pinkney have been together for 29 years and married for 24 years. They have created a marriage over the years that all can learn from. So many amazing tips to have a successful marriage/relationship in this episode. 
April 28, 2019
TSC #138- Jon Gordon
Jon Gordon is a best selling author, speaker and positive leader. Jon Gordon's best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. He is the author of 16 books including 6 best-sellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team. Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Atlanta Falcons, Campbell Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Pirates, BB&T Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, Bayer, West Point Academy and more. Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.
April 28, 2019
TSC #137- Nicole J. Carr
Nicole J. Carr is the founder and Ceo of @passion2purpose1, an author, speaker and trainer. She empowers people to reach their true greatness. @nicolej.carr
April 21, 2019
TSC #136- Reginald "Bruh Man" Ballard
Reggie Ballard is an actor and comedian. He has been on several shows and performed all over the world. He is best known as “Bruh Man” from the Martin show. @bruhman_5flo
April 21, 2019
TSC #135- Robert J Moore
Robert J. Moore is the Founder at Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. Magnetic Entrepreneur helps individuals create opportunities for themselves to develop empowering behaviors, and ultimately, shape their lives towards better outcomes.Robert teaches entrepreneurs how to tell their personal story, so they can stand on stage without being nervous or having speaking anxiety. Learning how to have stage presence and being able to share their story with thousands around the world can bring their business to an entirely new level. @robertj.moore
April 19, 2019
TSC #134- Monica Crofton
Monica Crofton is a credit analyst @croftonfinancialgroup. Crofton Financial Group is a full service financial management company with over 16 years of experience. They assist clients with credit repair, credit rebuilding and personalized debt elimination strategies. @croftoncreditconsulting
April 19, 2019
TSC #133- Karen Briscoe
Karen Briscoe is Principal of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) and author of "Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day". Over the years, the group has sold over 1,000 homes valued at over $1 billion. Karen and her family are active members of Trinity United Methodist Church in McLean, Virginia – their home since 1994. It was at Trinity Church that Karen met Sue and Jerry Huckaby and joined the Sue Huckaby Team. Sue said that their "partnership was made in heaven". Karen is an Associate Broker in Virginia and a Certified Luxury Home Market Specialist with the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. She works with both Sellers and Buyers in McLean, Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Alexandria, Reston and Oakton, Virginia.
April 19, 2019
TSC #132- John Schiavo
John Schiavo is a pro hockey player from Long Island, New York. He was on the IIHF World Inline Gold Medal hockey team in 2017. @jschiavo44
April 12, 2019
TSC #131- Dr. LaTarsha Holden
Dr. LaTarsha Holden is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and personal development coach at 3 Elements Inc. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and has an incredible story of overcoming. She has gone from homeless to a political candidate and also gone from GED to Doctorate in Leadership Studies. @latarshaholden6 
April 05, 2019
TSC #130- Tay Mitch
Tay Mitch is a social convener in Houston, Tx. He is involved in lots that empowers creators, tastemakers and entrepreneurs. He is a big time businessman. He has been involved with music business with @kirkobangz, a part of @themidasgroup, has a signature hat @wearbrims and is an ambassador for @martellofficial cognac.
March 31, 2019
TSC #129- Taylor Faridifar
Taylor is an up an coming star in the business world. He is a good hearted guy that works hard at making a positive difference in our world.
March 09, 2019
TSC #128- 4 Chicks Chatting
The 4 Chicks Chatting are a power group of women involved in lots of cool things. They have a podcast where they talk about business and personal development, humor, inspirations, empowerment and whatever comes to mind. The 4 Chicks consist of Robyn Graham @robyngrahamphotography, Kristin Smedley @kristensmedley, Kathy Marcino @kmmdisc and Mary Fran Bontempo @maryfranbontempo.
March 08, 2019
TSC #127- Jeermal "Mr Me Too" Sylvester
Jeermal “Mr. Me Too” Sylvester is a youth and business manager, entrepreneur, influencer, certified youth specialist and B.O.S.C. certified speaker and life coach. @mr_me_too_indy
March 05, 2019
TSC #126- Joel A. Freeman
Joel A. Freeman has a long list of things that he has done to make a positive difference. Check out some of the things. Chaplain for NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 20 seasons, Accomplished author, Internationally sought-after conference speaker & workshop facilitator, Multiculturally astute, Philanthropist, Magazine publisher and Award-winning film maker of “Return To Glory”. @joel.a.freeman
February 28, 2019
TSC #125- LaRonn Harris
LaRonn Harris is the Southwest Regional Promotional Manager for Atlantic Records. His area consists of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and parts of Mississippi. He organizes artist appearances, radio shows, community and philanthropic work. @iamlaronnharris #laronnharris #atlanticrecords #southwestregional #promotionalmanager #artist #concerts ##appearances #radioshows #philanthropy 
February 21, 2019
TSC #124- Melahni Ake
Melahni Ake is the creator and host of Everyday Leaders 50 in 50 podcast and Senior Executive Influencer in the Medical Device Industry. She has discovered that her greatest strength is to add value to others by connecting people to their purpose through creating programs that inspire them to explore, develop and share their passions.  She simply believes we all have the potential to help each other realize and live our dreams that inspire positive change in the world.  Specialties: Leadership Development Consulting and Coaching,:  Corporate and Personal Development, Strategic Market Development @everydayleaders50in50
February 17, 2019
TSC #123- Rochelle T. Parks
She is a Woman of God, Wife, Mother of 3 children, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Health & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Speaker and Friend to many. With more than 20+ years of experience in the health and wellness arena, she truly believes that this is the work that God has called her to do. Nothing gives her more pleasure than to help someone to just feel better. @roctrepar HER BACKGROUND INCLUDES: 30+ Years Military Veteran 20+ Years Health & Wellness Experience 18+ Years Personal Training Experience  5+ Years Health & Wellness Ministry Experience
February 13, 2019
TSC #122- Dr. George C. Fraser
Dr. George C. Fraser is a Cleveland based author, entrepreneur and speaker focusing on improving networking skills, building wealth and improving diversity and inclusion. In 2011 Fraser was inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum. He has been awarded over 350 awards and citations from around the world to include 3 Honorary Doctorates, a Chaplaincy and a Ambassadorship. He has put on the popular PowerNetworking Conference for the past 15 years...selected by Forbes Magazine in 2015 as one of "The Top 5 Conferences Not to be Missed by Entrepreneurs".
February 03, 2019
TSC #121- DJ Rasta Root
@djrastaroot is the owner of @smokinshells, has done brand management for some very notable people and is road manager/DJ for Dwele. He was the Co-manager of the group A Tribe Called Quest. @atcq
February 03, 2019
TSC #119- Nicoletta Weinstock
@Nicoletta.Weinstock is a personal branding expert. She is originally from Germany but currently lives in Marbella, Spain. She competed on her national team in handball and snow boarding. She is driven and super focused which allows her to be successful. 
January 29, 2019
TSC #118- Tilicia Johnson
Tilicia Johnson is a student of life, personal development coach, mental health specialist and community change agent. @tiajohn_dotcom
January 23, 2019
TSC #117- Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas is a millennial career accelerator. He has been involved in lots to promote career growth through his #careermatters program. He inspires greatness from the classroom to the boardroom. @brianthomasspeaks
January 18, 2019
TSC #116- Robert Wells
Robert is from the UK and is a slinger, entrepreneur, budding speaker, life ready host and army veteran. He helps people minimize their regrets. @wearelifeready
January 18, 2019
TSC #115- David Chen
David Chen is an entrepreneur that has an amazing story! He is a former Deloitte partner, on advisory boards with Common, is a motivational speaker and has done deals with Sharebert, Blockchain, Micamp and Faze Clan. @davidchenpanda
December 31, 2018
TSC #114- Mia Hall
Mia Hall has one amazing story! As she says, she has gone from the hood to Harvard. She got her masters degree from Harvard, is a blogger, wrote for BET and Bleacher Report, worked for NBA as a community manager for the Brooklyn Nets, and does @networknbeats networking events. @mia_hall19
December 30, 2018
TSC #113- Dr. David Abbasi
Dr. Abbasi is an orthopedic surgeon originally from the Chicago area. He does lots in his field to help others.
December 27, 2018
TSC #112- Ms. Cat
Ms. Cat is involved in lots in the entertainment business. She has her hands in broadcasting, film, networking and events. Her latest film “Screwed Up Christmas” is out now for the holidays. @mscattv
December 16, 2018
TSC #111- Randy Spelling
Randy is the son of the late legend film and TV producer Aaron Spelling. He has been involved with lots of things in the entertainment business. @randyspelling
December 12, 2018
TSC #110-Tips On How To Raise Successful Kids with The Ogunyemi Brothers
The Ogunyemi brothers are a part of a very successful family from Ruston, Louisiana. Clement, Lou, Dan and Josh have amazing parents and they discuss some things that they were taught growing up. Their family is deeply rooted in faith and they all are musicians. Individually they have achieved some amazing things. Great tools that we can all learn from.
December 06, 2018
TSC #109- J. Prince
J. Prince is the Founder and CEO of Rap-A-Lot records and a very successful business man. He has been involved in so many great things and started the careers of some of the top artists to ever be involved in the music game.
December 02, 2018
TSC #108- Karla Leal
Karla Leal is a health coach @bloomingtonnutrition, a linkedIn and marketing CRM expert @foxmoreandjuliette, has a marketing agency and is a tv host and co creator of @margaritasymimosastv. She is involved in lots of cool things!
November 29, 2018
TSC #107- Coach Derrick Pearson
Coach Derrick Pearson is an amazing man that has achieved some very cool things in his life. In this interview he discusses his life story and his path to success. @derrickpearson
November 23, 2018
TSC #106- George Rice
Coach George Rice helps students, athletes and professionals transition from LEARNER to LEADER to CHAMPION. He is a motivational speaker that is involved in lots of positive things. @coachrice11
November 09, 2018
TSC #105- DaVita Garfield
DaVita Garfieldis a business system coach and consultant, speaker and author. She helps women, entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their goals. @davita_empowermentnow
November 07, 2018
TSC #104- Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz is a teacher, coach, involved in martial arts and all around good guy. He has had some great learning experiences in his life and uses those now to make a difference in the lives of others. @chrisortiz3946 @thegiantsshoulder
October 31, 2018
TSC #103- Coach Willie Fritz
Coach Willie Fritz is the Head Football Coach at Tulane University. He has achieved some very cool things in his career and has made a positive impact on the lives of many.
October 23, 2018
TSC #102- Coach Edniesha Curry
Coach Edniesha Curry is a pioneer! She is the fourth lady to coach men’s college basketball. @Coachednieshacurry is the only lady currently coaching Div 1 men’s basketball. She coaches at the University of Maine.
October 16, 2018
TSC #101- Chelsea Vaughn
Chelsea Vaughn is the Founder of the Non-Profit Humble Over Hype. She does lots to inspire by speaking engagements and by her organization Humble Over Hype. @ceochels @humbleoverhype
October 02, 2018
TSC #100- Trent Miller Part 1
Trent Miller is the Head Football Coach at Spring HS. In Part 1 of episode 100 he discusses his life story, the path of his career and the process that went on before he got the job that he currently holds.
September 30, 2018
TSC #99- Brian Keith
Brian is an author and entrepreneur in the Dallas, Tx area. He is making a positive difference in our world. @briankeith360
September 26, 2018
TSC #98- Karen Prechtel
Karen is a certified pro mindset coach, motivational speaker, a weight loss success story and works to raise cancer awareness. She is located in California and is doing big things. @kprechtek
September 16, 2018
TSC #97- Adina Howard
Amazing R&B singer, Adina Howard, discusses her path to success and what she has learned from it.
August 24, 2018
TSC #96- Kevin Williamson
@_kwilliamson played football and graduated from Clemson. He is a sports performance coach and is currently with the New York Knicks.
August 24, 2018
TSC #95 Rob "YB" Youngblood
YB is considered to be “The Connector”. He connects people and increases their visibility, credibility and profitability. He is doing some amazing things! @ybtheconnector
August 21, 2018
TSC #94- Michelle Mras
Michelle Mras is an international keynote speaker, TEDx Colorado Springs speaker, success coach, corporate trainer and author. @michellemras
August 19, 2018
TSC #93- Relationship Series with Glenn and Sheri Brooks Jr
Glenn and Sheri Brooks Jr. are relationship gurus! They have seven books and do relationship coaching and consulting. They drop some amazing relationship info that all can learn from. @glennpbrooksjr @sheriabrooksjr
August 04, 2018
TSC #92- Laura Templeton
Laura Templeton helps businesses develop 30 second commercials for networking, building relationships and growth. She helps them find the word that connects with their drive. @30secondsuccess
July 29, 2018
TSC #91- P. K. Kersey
PK Kersey is a speaker, image changer, social media manager. He is the best selling author of the great collaboration book "Suited For Success". He is the founder of that suits you where he donates suits to young men and offenders to help them get jobs.
July 29, 2018
TSC #90- Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn is a husband, father, crossfit'r, entrepreneur, financial adviser, speaker and purpose evangelist. He has a podcast "Impact Entrepreneur Show". Check him out @theimpactmike
July 21, 2018
TSC #89- Misha Fayant
Misha Fayant is a Masters Elite powerlifter, speaker, coach and author. She has one cool story of overcoming many things to achieve success. @mishafayant
July 13, 2018
TSC #88- Bryan Carrington
B. C. is a Houston, Tx native and is the Director of Recruiting for The University of Texas. His story is a very good one! @BCarringtonUT
July 10, 2018
TSC #87- Jorge Sierra
Jorge Sierra was shot at age 17 with his mother by his side. It caused him to be in a wheelchair. He has made it through some major adversities. He now inspires students to let go of their mental wheelchair and walk in their purpose. Such an amazing story! @a.jorgesierra
July 07, 2018
TSC #86- Tina Brigley
@tinabrigleycoaching is from Windsor Ontario Canada and is a health and transformational life coach, a motivational speaker and was a speaker at Tedx Windsor. She has lots of positive energy and brings some heat in this episode.
June 30, 2018
TSC #85- Entrepreneurship Session with Tony Thompson
Was very fortunate to have a fire session with the powerful speaker from St. Louis, Tony Thompson. We had a great session on ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Sooo much heat on this one! We discussed the process of me creating the success chronicles and some practical tips to be successful as an entrepreneur. I am so thankful to know him. @tonythompsonstl
June 30, 2018
TSC #84- Relationship Chronicle # 2- James and Stephanie Dillard
The Dillards are a couple that are in education. James is the head baseball coach at Bryan HS and Stephanie is an administrator at Bryan HS. They both have athletic and education backgrounds and are making positive influences on the lives of others.
June 30, 2018
TSC #83- "Catfish"
Catfish is an old school cat that still thinks that he is cool and smooth. Lol! He also can’t seem to get my name right! Hahaha! You do not want to miss this funny chronicle! @kdotblue is super creative and brings lots of witty lines.
June 14, 2018
TSC #82- Justin Su'a
Justin Su’a helps elite athletes perform on purpose, with purpose. He played baseball at BYU and is a Mental Performance Coach for the @browns and @redsox. He has also published books. Lots of good inspiration and motivation comes from him. @justinsua
June 14, 2018
TSC #81 Jamie Broderick
Jamie Broderick connects women to their greatness and each other. She is a Tedx organizer that has a great network and is making an impact! @jamie_broderick
June 14, 2018
TSC #80 Crystal Robinson
Crystal Robinson is a life coach and is dedicated to empowering women to DOMINATE life through the enrichment of their mind, body and soul. She has a great movement! @dominatewithcrystal
June 14, 2018
TSC # 79 Charles Woods
Charles Woods is a Conroe native that has achieved some amazing things. He is currently the principal at Klein Intermediate in Klein ISD. His story of overcoming is one that is truly inspiring.
June 14, 2018
TSC #78 Derrick Wagoner
Derrick Wagoner is a high school graduate of Conroe High School. He currently attends college at the prestigious United States Military Academy, West Point. He is on the boxing team there and has and will achieve many great things in his life.
June 14, 2018
TSC #77- Blake Jamieson
Blake Jamieson is a pop art artist from San Francisco, California.
April 26, 2018
TSC #76- Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. She was a teen mom and now uses her story to inspire and motivate teen moms.
April 26, 2018