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Chlo Jacks Nursing Journey Podcast

Chlo Jacks Nursing Journey Podcast

By Chloe Jackson
Join me on my Nursing Journey where I will talk to guest speakers about all things nursing and healthcare. I am really excited to be starting my first ever podcast! This podcast offers inspiration and new learning to nursing students and newly registered nurses about the experiences, potential routes, and progressions of nursing professionals. Expect an episode every month! You can also follow my nursing journey by following my blogs and vlogs on my website at and my socials Twitter- @chlojaconhermac. Facebook @ChloJackonHerMac and Instagram @chlojackonhermacc.
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Bonus Edition* Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy with Gillian Douglas Lead Chaplain for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

Chlo Jacks Nursing Journey Podcast

Professor Alan Glasper -Children and Young Peoples Nursing Author
In this episode you can hear about the journey of well known Children and young Peoples nursing author Alan Glasper! This is a very inspiring podcast that you don't want to miss!
October 03, 2022
Karen Jackson- Clinical Nurse Specialist (CAMHS)/Independent Prescriber
In this episode you can hear from one of my inspired role models for becoming a nurse, my lovely mum Karen. Karen shares her journey as a nurse, shares her nursing highlight and shares a bit about what student nurses can expect from placement at CAMHS, and why newly qualified nurses should consider working at CAMHS. We hear Karens answer to Elise's question which was posed in the previous episode, and Karen poses a question for Retired nurse and children and young peoples author Alan Glasper! 
September 05, 2022
Elise Renson Neonatal Transport Nurse
In this episode you can hear from Elise Renson who talks about her nursing journey, what student nurses and newly qualified nurses can expect from neonatal nursing and about her roles as a neonatal transport nurse. Elise also explains the qualifications that can take you into a career in neonatal nursing. We also hear Elise's answer to Danns question!  This episode was recorded in November 2021
August 02, 2022
Dan Gooding Pediatric intensive care and Emergency care nurse
In this episode you can head from Dan Gooding, who has experience in Paediatric Intensive care nursing and Paediatric emergency care nursing. Dan shares his nursing journey, what students and newly qualified nurses can expect from these specialisms , advice for students who have dyslexia and Neurodiverse difficulties. We learn about the potential educational opportunities for woking in these fields and advise for how to decompress after a traumatic day in A and E. I hope you all enjoy!
July 07, 2022
Digital Health - Lisa Gartshore
Within this special episode we hear from guest speaker Lisa Gartshore, SCN in Practice Improvement and Development for Mental Health in NHS Lanarkshire. Lisa discusses her nursing journey and her progression into digital health care. We learn about her role within digital health care. We dive into how digital health care has evolved and what the future looks like for digital health care, and we discuss Lisa experience of undertaking the digital health care leadership programme. Lisa also shares some resources that students can utilise to enhance their digital health knowledge. Hope you enjoy this one folks! 
July 02, 2022
Royal College of Nursing 2022 Congress Event!
In this episode we hear from Julie Lamberth (Chair RCN Scotland Board), Vicky Keir, (who is part of the RCN Congress Agenda Committee),  and Dawn Marr current Board Member (Grampain) and former RCN Student Committee Member (Scotland). These 3 super guest speakers provide an insight into what congress is, who its for, how you can sign up for it and just everything you need to know about Congress 2022 (which will be in person!) It sounds like congress is a packed full week and leaves you walking away with a buzz! I hope you all enjoy this special episode of the podcast! We are all looking forward to meeting you at this years congress. For more information about congress click on this link
June 03, 2022
Becky Hepworth Children's Community Nurse Team Leader Isle of Wight
Within this episode of the podcast you can hear from Becky Hepworth; Children's Community Nurse specialist from the Isle of Wight. Becky shares her nursing journey, some insight into what students can expect from a community children's nursing placement and why newly qualified nurses should consider community nursing as their first nursing post. We also learn about the progression routes within Children's Community nursing and hear about a course that can be undertaken. Becky oozes passion for community nursing and family Centred care! This is a must listen episode!  
June 01, 2022
Julie knight- Community Staff Nurse for Schools
In this episode you will hear from Julie Knight about her experience as a children's nurse. Julie talks about her role as Community staff Nurse for schools, we learn about the difference between a community staff nurse for schools and the school nurse role. Julie explains the developmental routes to becoming a registered school nurse and Julie offers some fantastic advise for student nurses! Enjoy folks! This podcast was recorded in September 2021. 
April 27, 2022
CYP Nursing Specialisms- Caroline Reid - Nurse Manager for the Clinical Nurse Specialists, Community Nurse Teams and Home Ventilation teams.
In this podcast you can hear from Caroline Reid, Clinical Nurse Manager for Community and Specialist Nurse Teams. Caroline discusses her nursing journey and provides advice for student nurses. Caroline also discusses the role of the specialist nurse at home start, and dives into what the future holds for specialist nurses. Hope you all enjoy! 
March 28, 2022
Isla Fairley - CYP Diabetes Nurse Specialist
In this episode you will her from Isla Fairley who is a Children and Young Peoples lecturer and Academic Team Lead at Robert Gordon University. Isla specialised in Children's Diabetes care. Isla shares her nursing journey to date, provides excellent advise to student nurses and newly qualified nurses and shares what to expect as a Diabetes nurse and why this would be an excellent area to practice in. Isla also explains the potential development plans that can be undertaken to become a diabetes nurse and the beauty of secondments on successful completion of any nurse registration. Enjoy folks! 
February 28, 2022
CYP Nurse Specialism- Roald Dahl Children’s Epilepsy Specialist Nurse Jo Campbell
In this episode you can hear from Epilepsy Nurse specialist Jo Campbell who shares her fantastic journey in epilepsy nursing care and how she developed her career in Epilepsy nurse care, and what to expect from this CYP specialism. Jo discusses some qualifications that are beneficial obtain before specialising in this role and offers to superb advice for students who have a placement in this area and how NQN's can progress in this area! Jo shares her passion for quality improvement and positive patient and family centred care! We hear Jo's reply to Richard's question around the impact covid-19 has had on children's services and Jo poses a question for our next guest speaker! 
February 01, 2022
Nursing Leaders- Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland Professor Alex McMahon
In this episode we learn about the journey of nursing leader Professor Alex McMahon, we hear about what inspired Alex to go into nursing and about what is involved in his his role as Chief Nursing officer for Scotland and his advise on how student nurses can be successful! Alex inspires us by highlighting that anything is possible and there is no wrong path!  Alex also poses a question for all nursing professionals which you can get involved with Via my twitter feed. 
January 07, 2022
CYP Specialties - Richard Leece- Oncology and Respiratory CYP Specialty
In this episode we hear from Richard Leece; a Children and Young People Lecture at Robert Gordon University. Richard specialises in Paediatric Oncology and Respiratory Care. We gain a fantastic understanding of what both these specialisms entail and why newly qualified CYP nurses should consider these 2 CYP nursing specialities! Richard offers some fantastic advice to student nurses and we hear Richards answer to Shona Wands question from episode 3.  Richard also poses his question for the next guest speaker! Enjoy folks! 
December 28, 2021
CYP Specialties - Shona Wands- Health Visitor
In this episode you can expect an overview of the day in the life of a Health Visitor. Shona talks about the specialist qualifications required to carry out the role of a health visitor and discusses her own qualifications which have supported her in her career. You can expect to hear about what students can expect from a placement with the health visiting team and why this would be a great specialist career choice following the successful completion of a nursing qualification! 
November 29, 2021
CYP Specialties- Natalie McDonald and Katies Anderson (Emergency Care & Preoperative Care)
In this episode you will hear from 2 nursing specialisms  Emergency Care and Preoperative Care. Natalie and Katie are both Children and Young People and practice education lectures. They go into great detail as to what you can expect from both of these specialist CYP areas, and they share some really fantastic advice for student nurses and newly qualified nurses! This is definitely not one to miss! 
October 25, 2021
CYP Specialties - Interview with Angela Horsley (MBE)
Within this Podcast we are inspired by Angela Horsley's Breadth of Experience within the Children and Young Peoples Nursing. We learn about the work Angela has been involved in and her inspiring MBE achievement surrounding her commitment to CYP nursing. 
September 04, 2021
Nursing Leaders- John Lee- Professional Advisor to Scotlands Chief Nursing Officer
In this Episode we will hear from John Lee Professional Advisor for Scotland's Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland, and Nursing and Midwifery Education and NMAHP Research. John shares his inspiring Nursing Journey in both Australia and the UK.  We learn about what Johns current role entails. We explore Johns thoughts around the influences of under representation of males in the nursing profession. We also learn a bit about Johns experiences as a 150 leaders mentor and what students can gain from the programme. John shares his inspiring advice on how Student nurses can be successful in their nursing journey! We will also hear Johns reply to Caroline Hiscox question! John also posed a question for Amanda Croft who at the time of the recoding was who was our previous Chief Nursing officer for Scotland - this question has been answered by our new Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland; Alex McMahon who you can hear from in episode 6 of series 1. 
July 26, 2021
Bonus Edition* Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy with Gillian Douglas Lead Chaplain for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
In the short time I have spent within my nursing studies I have come to see that spiritual care is a hugely important part in a persons overall care. I approached Gillian Douglas: Lead Chaplain for Mental Health & Learning Disabilities at NHS Grampian to ask if she would share her knowledge of Spiritual Care to gain a fuller understanding of what spiritual care is about and why it is important. As Gillian will explain in her video Spiritual care is not only about someones religious beliefs (which it is vey commonly perceived as) but it is a huge part of person centred care and understanding and recognising what is important to someone, and it can be pertinent to someones recovery while receiving care. Gillian also expresses that this service can be used by staff and students too. 
June 30, 2021
Nursing Leaders- Interview with Professor Caroline Hiscox Chief Executive NHS Grampian (Nursing Journey and Successful Leadership)
This podcast explores Professor Caroline Hiscox's journey within nursing and what Carolines Role as Chief Executive of NHS Grampian entails.  Professor Hiscox also shares her advice for student nurses on how to be successful and provides a very inspiring answer to the Question Jane Ewen poses about how to be a successful leader. This podcast is filled with inspiration! 
June 28, 2021
Nursing Leaders- Interview with Jane Ewen- Nurse Director, Excellence and Innovation at NHS Grampian
In this episode you can expect to learn about Janes Nursing journey and how she got to where she is today. Janes discusses what her current role entails and dives into what it is like to have a strategic management role in health care. You can also expect to hear Janes advice for student nurse and an insight into the opportunities for new nursing graduates! You will also have the opportunity to hear Janes answer to Dr Heather Bains questions from the last episode and at the end hear what Janes question is for Chief Executive for Grampian: Caroline Hiscox! NOT TO BE MISSED! 
May 24, 2021
Nursing Leaders - Professor Susan Dawkes Nursing Journey
Welcome to the first episode of Chlo Jacks Nursing Journey podcast. In this episode I am joined by Professor Susan Dawkes- Head of the School of Nursing Midwifery and Paramedic Practice. Susan shares her inspiring nursing journey and provides an insight into her experience in cardiac nursing and cardiac rehabilitation. She also offers some super advise for student nurses and poses a tough question for our next guest speaker!  
March 29, 2021
Chlo Jacks Nursing Journey Podcast- Trailer
Chlo Jack's Nursing Journey Podcast Trailer 
March 09, 2021