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Chluy Talk

Chluy Talk

By Hella Chluy
A variety show hosted by Hella Chluy. Important Topics, stories and conversations with other content creators, small businesses, and getting to know movers and shakers in any industry as well as up and comers the world needs to know about. New video episodes every week at
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Ep 13: Rob "Southstar" Campman - Exclusive Interview
In this episode, I catchup and interview my long time friend and Hip Hop legend, Rob "Southstar" Campman. If you're my age, you will definitely remember him from the smash single "Tell Me" from his group Smiles and Southstar. The single peaked at #28 on the Billboards hot 100 and #10 on the US Hot Rap songs (Billboards) in 2003. Rob and I talked about how met on which was a popular online forum for Asian rappers in the early to mid 2000s. From then on, we kept in contact via Aim (Aol) and social media. I had a lot of questions regarding the music industry and his rise to fame and Rob answered them all. He shared so many great stories from his humble beginnings, from rapping in the bathroom & getting invited to a local studio to record some raps, to playing basketball in a gym, which let to meeting Transcon Records in house producer, Dakari. Dakari played beats for him and invited him to Transcon studios and the rest was history. Smiles and Southstar got signed to Artist Direct Records and released their debut album, "Crash The Party," and made noise all over the world, touring with Beanie Man, doing shows and tv appearances on MTV, BET's Rap City, Soul Train, Late night with Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, The Jennie Jones show, just to name a few. Currenly, Rob has been doing podcast style Instagram lives weekly on Wednesday. His show is called "Conversations" and he has lots of great music industry guests who share their story and life advice on the platform. Make sure you check him out and support his new endeavor! There are so much gems in this interview so I hope you guys watch it from beginning to end as its very inspirational and informative, especially if you have a passion for music or just dream in general.   Wikipedia Bio: Smilez & Southstar was a hip-hop duo based in Orlando, Florida. The group was made up of Rodney "Smilez" Bailey and Rob "Southstar" Campman. They are best known for their hit single "Tell Me".[1][2]  Source:  Smilez & Southstar: Crash the Party is the only studio album by American hip hop duo Smilez & Southstar. It was released on July 23, 2002 via Artistdirect. Production was handled primarily by Dakari, with one track produced by DJ Nasty & LVM. The album debuted peaked at number 91 on the Billboard 200 and at number 24 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Source:
October 24, 2020
Ep 12: Get to Know Michelle
In episode 12, I chat and catch up with my good friend Michelle Hak of Portland Oregon. Some of you may recognize her from my "Dime" music we released earlier this year. Michelle works in healthcare and during the pandemic, she wanted to start a side hustle doing what she loves, which is eyebrows. So she's been doing it for a few months now and doing pretty well for herself and I just wanted to have a conversation with her about whats going on in her life as learn more about her on a personal level. If anyone, needs their eye brows done in Portland area, make sure you hit up Michelle at Archemy Brows.
October 17, 2020
Ep 11: Super Duper OG - Youtube & Beer
Episode 11 of Chluy Talk Podcast is different and fun but also as a disclaimer: We are not promoting alcohol abuse, and this video is for a mature audience. Please do not try any of the beer challenges at home. Quick story of how Super Duper OG and I made contact: So early on when I started my podcast, I did a live stream on my Youtube to ask my followers who wants to be on my podcast, and he reached out to me. I then, checked out his channel and saw that he runs a beer drinking channel and he's growing pretty rapidly so the rest was history. I picked Super Duper Og's brain on his quick rise on youtube and what gear he uses as far as equipment goes (mics, lighting, camera, etc) and we have some things in common like we both do everything ourself from the filming, video and audio editing, to the comedy skits. Also, he spoke about how he manages to work a regular job and only does drinking videos on the weekends, and how he's able to maintain his health. He only drinks beer, and quit hard liquor for a few years now. What I liked about this episode is that I learned some valuable things regarding how to grow on youtube by consistently releasing videos and fan engagement Youtube live streaming, as well doing Giveaways. So hopefully, some of you guys can get inspired to start a channel in 2020 and beyond, it doesn't even have to be any crazy challenges. Just find your niche and execute. Watch video episode here:
October 10, 2020
Ep 10: Tharoth Sam Oum - Little Frog
In episode 10 of Chluy Talk Podcast, I interview my good friend Tharoth Sam Oum of Cambodia. Tharoth is a martial arts fighter, specializing in the ancient art of Bokator. She is also the first Khmer female MMA fighter and it was really good to sit down and here her story. I've had a lot of questions specifically about the differences between Bokator, Pradal Serey, and Kun Khmer. She was able to answer it and also give me a better understanding of our culture and combat art. We talk about so much and I hope this episode inspires other young individuals to pursue their dream no matter what it is. Just persevere, and put in the time and work and you'll eventually get there. Listen to full episode to hear about her accomplishments as well as her experience working with Angelina Jolie in the netflix film, "First They Killed My Father," and as well as playing a starring role in the Martial Arts action film, "Jailbreak" Both films can be watched right now on Netflix. Tharoth also played a major role in the "Surviving Bokator" documentary and thats actually how we met, when she came to Philly to promote the film.
October 3, 2020
Ep 9: Narinden Lay - Portland Oregon's Realtor and My Best Friend
In this episode, I interview my best friend since childhood. His name is Narinden Lay and he's 36 years old. He's currently is in the Real Estate profession and this year alone, Narinden has 4.9M in Sales volume. We talk about how Portland, Oregon's real estate market was able to thrive during a pandemic. Aside from real estate, this episode is more like regular conversation with my buddy, we shared so many funny, crazy, sad, and happy stories from growing up in a small town called Longview-Kelso, Washington, to picking berries to earn school clothes, as well as Robam dancing (traditional Khmer Dance), and our most memorable time doing Taekwon-Do together. Narinden and I, have so much common and it was so fun to catch up with him and just hearing him talk about his work ethic is, admirable to me. I'm very proud of him and I hope you guys can get inspired or get some positives out of this episode.
September 26, 2020
Ep 8: Chhinda Som - The Khmer Naomi Osaka
In this episode, my special guest is Chhinda Som. Khmer American tennis player  was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Chhinda is 21 years old and currently plays for the 2020 Virginia Tech Womens Tennis team. She's also a member of the Cambodian National Tennis Team from 2015 to present. We had a great conversation and we touched on topics such as dealing with growing up in Rochester, her relationship with her family, dealing with racism throughout her life, as well as social justice, police brutality, and so on. I also learned that her family played traditional Khmer music in a band and how her grandpa inspired her to learn the drums and other instruments. Please tune in to the full episode to learn more about Chhinda's story.
September 19, 2020
Ep 7: Cambo Vlogs - The Khmer Speaking Expat
Pat Moriarity is an expat vlogger and youtuber living in Cambodia. His family  first moved to Cambodia in 1996 as missionaries. After finishing school back in the U.S. He decided to move back to Cambodia and start a life there. He married his wife Mey in January of 2019 and began to incorporate the khmer language in his vlogs. In this episode we talk about how we discovered each other on youtube. We discuss the pros & cons and being a youtuber and what its like to live in Cambodia, coming from America, Maine to be exact. We hope you enjoy this episode and please make sure you follow Cambo Vlogs to see his day to day life in Cambodia. So many gems in this episode and we hope it inspires anyone who may want to become a youtuber or vlogger or just anyone who has a goal in life. It's all about just doing it, rather then just talking about it. Subscribe to Cambo Vlogs on Youtube:
September 12, 2020
Ep 6: Jannie Lam - The Master Chef Beauty Queen
In this episode, I had a chance to speak with the lovely Jannie Lam. She was on Master Chef Season 9 on Fox where she made Khmer Beef Sticks. She finished top 43 of all the home cooks in America. She also competed in Miss Asian North America pageant where she was named 3rd runner up and won the current title of Ms. Asian Las Vegas 2018 and was also voted Miss People’s Choice. Jannie also competed in the 2019 Miss Global Cambodia and became the winner. We talked about her childhood, where she grew up in Oakland and her experiences with being bullied. Jannie opened about her personal life and it was good to hear her story and how she turned her life around and became the Vegas Vixen in the Kitchen. She recently moved to Austin, Texas and plans on making more content so stay tuned for that. Please watch or listen to the full episode because Jannie has a great and inspiring story. Watch Video Episode here:
September 5, 2020
Ep 5: Cashinova - The High Speed Interview
Cashinova is a Khmer-American Hip Hop artist from St Paul Minnesota. I have been following his musical journey since the "Myspace" days and watched him grow into one of the hottest artist out right now. In this episode, I got a chance to learn about his story, his creative process, and getting to know him on a personal level. He takes his craft seriously and he's all about the music and taking care of his family. Make sure ya'll follow him on all social media links below as well as stream all his music. #HighSpeedCash album on the way so be be on the look out for that! Watch video episode here:
August 28, 2020
Ep 4: Aprilynn - Your Psoria Sis
August is Psoriasis Awareness month and who better to have on @chluytalkpodcast this week then she is a Psoriasis Advocate who lives in Seattle and has been using her platform to help other women feel beautiful and sexy with psoriasis. April shares some great information on psoriasis and how she uses natural remedies to treat them. She also gets personal about running away from her family as a teen and how she overcame so many struggles in life. This episode is deep, emotional, as well as crazy and fun. Please watch or listen in full, especially if you suffer from Psoriasis or eczema. This episode is for you, and we hope it inspires you to be positive about your body and be proud of who you are. Watch video episode here:
August 21, 2020
Ep 3: Ravy Chan - Women In Medicine
This is a very special episode with Ravy Chan from the Bronx, NY. She is a healthcare provider working hard and saving lives during a pandemic where New York City, was once the epicenter. We conversed about life growing up as Cambodian American, what it was like growing up in the Bronx, dealing with bullying and racism in school.  In addition, we discussed balancing family life, mommy life, foodie life, medicine life, and much much more. Listen to full episode for a great conversation, very informative healthcare tips, and inspirational for anyone who needs to hear Ravy's Story. She is a super mom and great role model to young women wanting to pursue medicine as a career. Watch video episode here:
August 14, 2020
Ep 2: Battambong Bob - The King of Prahok
In this episode, I have a great conversation with Chad Phuong, better known as Battambong Bob of Cambodian Cuisine. We talk about him growing up in Long Beach, California "Cambodia Town" and how he got into cooking authentic Khmer Food. Chad was the trail blazer of online shipping and sales of Prahok sauces, Beef Jerky, Tvako (Khmer Sausages), pickled plums, Kroeung sauces, you name it. 10 years in the game and he is also a man of many hats. Listen to the full episode to appreciate who he is as a man, an entrepreneur, a father, a community leader, and just an overall good person.   Watch video episode here:
August 2, 2020
EP 1: JL Jupiter - The Hip Hop Anthony Bourdain
In this first episode, it was only right to interview my day 1 JL Jupiter who helped me with my Youtube career with the music videos, comedy skits, and collaborations. Now, he has become one of the top food vlogger in the Tri-state with over 80K subscribers in less than a year. We talk about struggle growing up as an immigrant, overcoming adversity, Racism, Anti-blackness within our community, The Khmer Stereo type and much more! We hope to inspire the next generation to push the culture forward and just be good human beings.  Watch video episode here:
July 25, 2020