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Leading through challenge

Leading through challenge

By Chris Desmond
The Leading through challenge show explores how we can improve our ability to lead during adversity.
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Being an invaluable leader with Grant Verhoeven
Grant Verhoeven is an expert on career clarity and transition. He loves to help people step up to the next level and get clear on the next steps. We chat through these topics + Understanding what makes us invaluable as a leader + Strategically increasing our value + Understanding our strengths as leaders + What we should be doing now Grant Verhoeven Feeling like you are walking a career tightrope?
July 01, 2020
The pathway to leadership is through service with Filipo Levi
I'm joined by Filipo Levi today, leadership speaker and coach who builds stronger high performance teams. Filipo is a former professional rugby player and International Rugby captain. Today we cover - Servant leadership - Developing kindness as leaders - Building resilience - Operating in high performance through challenge - How we can understand our teams better - Filipo's leadership influences
June 17, 2020
The courage to be wrong with Alia Bojilova
Leadership, resilience, and curiosity expert Alia Bojilova joins me for a conversation all about  - How we can bounce forward  - Overcoming challenges  - Why being wrong is so important  - How to know where we need to put our attention  - Letting ourselves evolve  - How we can be more curious  - How we can head towards our purpose better and faster
June 07, 2020
The Avengers of Leadership with Elizabeth McNaughton
Elizabeth McNaughton, Co-founder and director of Hummingly joins the Leading Through Challenge show.  Elizabeth has a long career in leading disaster and crisis recovery and brings these insights along with  - How leaders can find elegant solutions  - Why we need to look after ourselves as leaders  - How we lead others to where we are  - The importance of diversity in our leadership perspective  - and how to assemble the Avengers of Leadership
May 24, 2020
Leading for mental health with Grant Pritchard
Grant Pritchard, in-house lawyer, technology enthusiast and workplace mental health advocate at Spark -- New Zealand's leading telecommunications, media and digital services company joins us for a conversation.   We cover off  - The benefits of mentally health workplaces  - Giving your team permission to care for themselves  - How to build a mentally healthy workplace  - Acting decisively  - Transparency of communication  - Being humble about your mistakes  - Lead from where you are  - Lean on the people around you
May 17, 2020
Deliberate Leadership with Sam Gadd
CEO of Humankind, Sam Gadd joins me to talk through Being deliberate in our leadership Strengthening workplace culture Where we fall down as leaders What our role as a leader is How we should be communicating What leaders should be doing right now
May 10, 2020
The power of flexibility with Gillian Brookes
HR professional and expert on flexible work practices, Gillian Brookes joins me to help us understand the power of flexibility. We cover - Why flexibility works - What to measure to find out if flexibility works for your team - How you can become more flexible - What leaders should be doing right now
May 03, 2020
Do you even want normal? With Alicia McKay
Strategy, change, and leadership expert Alicia McKay chats shit with me today. Learn about - Shifting out of reactive superhero mode - How we can lead with innovation - Setting up sustainable systems - The big brave questions we should be asking to develop radical thinking
April 26, 2020
Leaning in to possibility with Digby Scott
Digby Scott works with purposeful, adaptable leaders to help them create magic in a complex, turbulent world This one is all about leaning into possibility to see what can come out of it. Digby teaches us about staying in the moment, and separating fact from fiction. We talk through our sense of purpose and cultivating a sense of purpose in others. And Digby unpacks developing an experimental mindset and how we can create a minimum viable experiment. Digby Scott website Blog post 
April 21, 2020
Lead yourself through adversity with Joel Bouzaid
One of the most important abilities in leading through a challenge is being about to lead yourself. In this episode we learn how to lead ourselves from survival through to revival with leadership expert Joel Bouzaid
April 14, 2020
Welcome to Leading Through Challenge
The Leading through challenge show explores how we can improve our ability to lead when navigating adversity. When things are going well, leadership can seem easy. Things happen the way they are supposed to, great work gets done in a timely manner, and everyone has a positive attitude. However, being a leader isn’t supposed to be easy, and thankfully we are supplied with a consistent stream of challenges. We’re currently in the midst of one of the biggest challenges that we’ve faced for a while. There is a lot of uncertainty, there is a lot of fear, and there is a lot of opportunity to lead Leaders are champions of challenge and need to provide guidance and support to make tough times easier for others. If you fear challenges, that fear will be passed on to the people who follow you. Our role is to lead our people through navigating a challenge and to enable them to come out the other side stronger. In the show we chat with experts in leadership, trainers, coaches, mentors, and practitioners. Each of the guest brings a different viewpoint on leadership and practical tips on how we can lead better through challenge.
April 10, 2020